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Everyone: hi, beautiful.

[ Sighs ] Oh, no. Did I miss the fireworks? You sure did.

[ Sighs ] Which means that you did, too. Being here with you, I am missing nothing. Have I told you that you are the best husband in the entire universe? Not enough. Look, I just want you to get better so that we can have decades of 4th of julys ahead of us. That’s the plan. Good. So, um, now that we’re past the worst of it, be straight with me. How bad is the fallout? Well, I-I-I called weeks ago to make an appointment with a genetic specialist, and, um, they keep calling to reschedule. And I wanted to see if I could get fit in as soon as you possibly can. Thank you. Um, the soonest date you have, please, because I-it’s urgent. Urgent? Portia, what’s going on? Can I make a confession? You’re the cop, not me. I have been wanting to do that for a long time. Sonny: Who bought carly’s half of the hotel? Real estate agent would not say. I should have just gone with my gut. You know, I offered to buy carly’s half of the hotel back from the stillwater people. She turned me down flat. I should’ve just ignored her. I should have done it anyway, and we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. You cannot blame yourself because carly is independent to a fault. Yeah, we know that, but why couldn’t she have just said yes to you or to me? Now we’re stuck with some buyer who is clearly not going to let her keep it. Unless she has a guardian angel.

[ Door closes ] Carly, I bought your half of the metro court. You? Yeah. Just closed the deal. You’re unbelievable. Your petition to get wiley didn’t go your way, so, what, you want to stick it to me and my family and take something else that I love?! Just the opposite. I didn’t buy the hotel for me, carly. I bought it for you.

This was a-a consult for a patient. Uh, an urgent consult. I may have overstated just a bit.

[ Chuckles ] I bet that gets quicker results. It certainly does.

[ Chuckles ] So what brings you by G.H.? Uh, certainly not a fireworks mishap, I hope. No, nothing like that. I just wanted to give you an update. Did you find evidence that trina was set up? No. But thanks to marshall, we now have a lead. You’ve been waiting a long time to kiss me? I’m glad you finally did. Yeah? Oh, unless… what? Well, I told you that I wanted a distraction tonight. Was that all this was? Oh, definitely not. Well, actually, maybe. I-I don’t know. You don’t know? I mean, you should probably check to make sure. Don’t you think? It’s the responsible thing to do. Exactly. The only thing that you need to worry about is resting and recovering.

[ Sighs ] So it’s that bad? No, it’S… brando, I am so embarrassed. Why? Why? I had a breakdown on live television. Dr. Collins is holding me here. Maxie and lucy must be fielding all kind of questions. Hey, they got it covered. It’s just, oh, I feel awful. This is the second time that I have majorly messed up. It’s not fair to them. Can you believe the cafeteria ran out of hot dogs on the 4th of july? Well, that has to be illegal.

[ Chuckles ] You’re awake. How are you feeling? She is stressed, so please tell her that everything at deception is fine, that lucy and maxie are handling pr, that everything will be back to normal in no time. It’s my mess.

I should be there to clean it up. It is being handled, and everyone is far more concerned about you. Well, this timeout was much needed. I feel so much better now. Tomorrow, I go home, and back to business as usual. What’s that look? We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I want to talk about it now. Is something wrong? What aren’t you guys telling me? Olivia: Hey. Hey. How’d the kids like the fair? Oh, they loved it. They loved it. They’re all back at your place now, all safe and sound. Good. Thanks for taking them. Yeah, yeah, it was fun. Um, is carly around? Well, I haven’t seen her for a minute, but I’m sure she’s around here somewhere. Yeah, we just heard that someone bought carly’s share of the metro court. Wait. You think it was me? Was it? I kind of wish it was, actually. I thought we’d have more time to strategize. You’ve been doing a lot of that lately, like strategizing, uh, on carly’s behalf. It hasn’t really been doing anybody any good, though, has it? Okay, are you guys going to clue me in, or are you just going to keep speaking in code? I tried to sell nina crimson so that I could reimburse carly so she could keep the hotel.

That’s what you were doing in nina’s office? That’s a great idea. Yeah. Unfortunately, it wasn’t great enough to work, though. Yeah, but you had to try. I did. I did. She wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for me. You bought my half of the hotel? I did. To give it back to you. No strings attached. I don’t know what to say. You don’t have to say anything, carly. I don’t think it was right that you lost everything just because you wanted to help your son. That’s not fair. Believe it or not, I just wanted to do this for you. If you’re sincere… I am. …Then something’s in it for you. What is it? Good pr? What, nina? Do you want to reinvent yourself by being my financial savior? Oh. You’re just praying that wiley finds out about this one day. Is that it? No, I — I understand that what I did to you was unforgivable. What you did to my family. I understand that. Okay, so, what, you’re going to give me back my hotel and it’s going to make up for everything, is that it? No! Nothing that I ever do will fully repair the damage that I caused you. The damage? You mean ripping my family apart and turning sonny into a man his kids don’t even recognize? No, nina, you can never repair that! Okay. Okay. So you agree that I owe you? Hell, yeah, you owe me. Okay, then let me do this for you.

what’s the new lead? Okay, well, one of marshall’s band members, um, jack — I think his name is jack. Yeah. Jack gave us the name and the address to the bartender that trina and josslyn found — oz haggerty. Now, he’s the same man that sold esme that burner phone. The one that was planted in trina’s bag. Well, that’s wonderful. Yeah, well, when we went back to the bar and we went to his apartment, he was nowhereto be found. We figure he’s lying low, ’cause the cops were called up to the highsider. Wait, so he hasn’t been back to work since then? No. Shady, right? Yeah, it’s very shady. But what if you don’t find him? It’s just another dead end. Hey, don’t do that. Don’t lose faith. Me and curtis are nowhere close to giving up on exonerating trina. There’s already another plan in motion. We need to discuss treatment options for when you’re released. Treatment options? I already told you I’m feeling so much better. I was just really stressed out, okay? Sasha. I mean, come on. Under normal circumstances, I would have been fine, but putting a baby carrier on me that soon after liam’s death, that’s not normal. I — I get that. I really do. But you hadn’t seen the baby carrier yet when you took those pills. The pills. Yeah. You found them on me after you brought me here. Brando… that was just a one-time thing to help me deal. I swear. It wasn’t just a one-time thing. Gladys: I told him the truth, that you admitted to using uppers to get through the ipo. Because I was stressed. I told him that, too. Did you also tell him that I stopped? I’ll let you two talk. Brando… listen to me. I’m okay. I don’t need any more treatment. I love you. And I’m worried about you. You don’t have to be. I am done with the pills. You have to believe me. I want to more than anything in the world, but I can’T. Drew, you can’t — I set the whole thing in motion, olivia, okay? I met with an executive consultant. She pitched me the idea of merging aurora and elq. I thought it was a great idea. I got on board. I got michael on board, pitched it to ned, which turns out was a big miscalculation. I think the less said about ned switching sides, the better. In order for the strategy to work, I had to inflate the stock value of aurora, which is a legitimate tactic. The merger went through, the stock would have held its value. But with that said, I should never have let carly get involved. As if you can stop her. Yeah. Once carly sets her mind to something, that’s it. We all know that. I just [Sighs] Think all we can do now is support her. And she’s going to need a lot of that right now because she’s got some tough times ahead of her. Car’s ready, boss. Visiting hours will be over soon. Thank you, dex. I’ve got to go check in on, uh, sasha and brando. Oh, yeah. Please, please, that poor girl. Give her my best, all right? I heard what happened. That’s just so awful. Listen, I know carly is not going to want my help, but if she needs anything, I’m here, okay? Yeah. We’ll let you know. Yeah. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Brick? Yeah, thanks for calling me back. Listen, um, I need you to check in on some information for me. Yeah, yeah. Right away. Now? After months of posturing, you want to do what’s right now? T-that’s not fair. Fair. You want to talk to me about fair, nina? Ever since I got back from — we got back from nixon falls, I have been trying to make up for my mistakes. Is that what you call sleeping with my husband and dragging us all to court, so you can force yourself on wiley? He’s my grandson! Okay, can we try to think about this practically? All right, I know there is nothing that I can do to balance out the scales, but maybe this will tip it a little bit more towards the middle. And that is all that I want. I’m sure you believe that. I’m sure that you have convinced yourself that you are really trying to make amends, because the truth is far less flattering. You bought my half of the hotelso sonny couldn’T.

I’m sure he told you that he was going to offer to help me. Yeah, he did. And that just kills you, doesn’t it, knowing that sonny dropped everything and ran to my rescue? No, it didn’t kill me. I expected it, actually. I know that you and sonny will always be connected. That’s what happens when you share children. Right. Funny you mention that, because michael is sonny’s son. And yet, sonny sat in that courtroom and listened to your lawyer attack michael, and he did nothing. That is why I am turning down sonny’s offer to help me, and that is why I am turning down yours. You had your attorney accuse michael of being violent towards women, and nothing could be further from the truth. And thank god the judge could see through scott’s lies. And thank god michael could keep his cool and defend himself. But the fact that it happened at all is on you, nina. What you did to my family, sleeping with my husband, that’s nothing compared to what you did to michael. I will never forgive you for what you did to him in that courtroom. And I would rather crawl on broken glass than ever take anything from you. You’re such a saint. And your attorney attacked me for all the things I did in my past. I had to do what I did. You backed me into a corner. I don’t care, nina! I don’t care if you believe all of your lies. And I don’t care if sonny believes every single word. You can’t come in here and cry a little and say pretty things and give me back my hotel and expect everything to be okay. This place is yours. I will be out by the end of the week.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door slams ] I really am sorry that I cost you your business partner. Hey, did you hear me? I told you, it’s not your fault.

[ Sighs ] Come on. Honestly, you don’t blame me, not even a little bit? Might things have gone a little different and michael had not tried to drive ned out of his family company… the intention was never to ice out ned. By the time you told ned about the aurora merger, the thing was already a done deal with no place for him in the family business. Okay, that’s just not true. Okay, no place he wanted. So ned, the guy who led the charge to reclaim elq for the quartermaines ends up siding with valentin? You cannot be okay with that. I stand by my husband. Fair enough. I just wish that the members of this family were not constantly at odds with each other. Yeah, well, it seems to be the quartermaine way. Yeah. You know, before the vote, I told michael that this merger could be the one thing to really kind of cement my place in the family.

[ Laughs ] Well, you got that right. You are a quartermaine through and through. I was trying to protect the family from valentin. How’d that work out for you? Not great. But it’s nobody’s fault but ned’S. I mean, what he did was incredibly selfish, olivia, and it burned a lot of people in the process. Well…you got burned by the quartermaines for the first time. Don’t worry. It won’t be your last. Welcome to the family, drew. So I was able to use one of my P.I. Connections to, uh, access the known associates of the bartender. So we should have the name and the addresses any minute. And you think that that’s where he is? Well, that is, uh, the hope. Yeah, but why? Well, because he knows he’s connected to the crimes that trina is accused of. I’m sure that, uh, he’s scared that if he gets drawn in, that it’ll be trouble for him. And who knows? Who knows what else might be unearthed from his past? So if we can, uh, get this bartender guy to admit that he sold that phone to esme, it could blow this case wide open. The trial starts tomorrow, curtis.

[ Cellphone rings ] I know. Here he is right here. Okay. All right. Hey, what do you got for me? Marshall, I wanted to thank you for everything that you’ve been doing to try to help trina. I-I really appreciate it. Hey, no, no, no, portia. You — you raised a wonderful young woman. The fact that all these people out here are willing to go to bat for her is a testament. That’s a testament to that. And I just pray that it’s enough and that we can end this finally once and for all. Of course. It’s official. Not a distraction. You? It’s definitely not a distraction. I really like you, rory. I like you, too. Like, a lot. And you’re obviously a great guy. Oh, no. What? Here comes the “but.” I wanted you to kiss me. I really enjoyed it, and I don’t regret it. But… see? This can’t happen again. Do you mind if I ask why? It’s complicated. I mean, you’re so awesome to me and my friends, except for the time that you arrested spencer and cameron and — now, hold on. Are you backing off us because you’re still hung up on spencer? How’s sasha? Thank god you’re here. I messed everything up. W-what do you mean? I knew sasha was struggling. Right. But she asked me not to tell brando, so I didn’T. And if I’d been up front with him, it wouldn’t have gotten this bad. You thought you were helping your daughter-in-law, right? Yeah. And I only made everything worse. We can only do what’s best in the moment. If you ask me, all you’ve done is stepped up for sasha.

[ Sighs ] Then why does it feel like I’m failing her? It’s not failing, okay? You’re trying. That’s not failing. You know who would have been proud? Mike. You think so?

[ Chuckles ] I know so.

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughs ] You told me that my mom was overreacting about you using again. She was. Like gladys said, I only needed some help to get through the ipo. By the time she found out, I had already stopped using. Yeah, but the point is, you lied to me. You lied to me. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that. I lied to you because why worry you over nothing? I didn’t want to start our life together that way. Which brings me to my next question.

[ Sighs ] Were you using drugs when we got married?

I was not high during our ceremony. But I — I did take some pills the morning that I proposed. That does not change anything, brando. How can you say that?! Because pills or not, I wanted to marry you more than anything. Being your wife makes me so happy, brando.

You make me so happy. You make me happy, too. Okay. So, those drugs, they have nothing to do with my feelings for you. I just — I just needed a little something to help with the stress and the — the pressure. But it’s over now. Look, sasha. Look, I-I’m an addict, too, remember? And the road to sobriety, it’s not a straight line. You had a setback. Yeah, a setback. That’s all it was. And I will be there to help support you to get through it. And we’ll make sure that you’re fully comfortable with the rehab plan. Rehab? Yeah. I mean, you can’t just snap your fingers and think you can get yourself back on track. I was stressed. You think that’s the last time you’re going to feel that way? There are therapists that can help you deal with those triggers. Okay. I’ll go to therapy. Done. Rehab therapists. Brando… I just want to go home with you. You need more than I know how to give. And I care about you too much to pretend otherwise. I’d ask you to do this for me, but we both know that this is something that you have to do for yourself.

[ Door opens ] Sonny’s here, but I can tell him you’re not ready for visitors. You should go talk to him. Thank him for coming, but I’m — I’m — I’m not ready. Think about what I said. Hey. How you holding up? I really appreciate you coming by, but this isn’t a good time. No, I understand. Anything I could do? I wish I knew how to get through to sasha. Listen, you’re going to figure it out. You just keep showing her that you love her, that you’re going to be by her side. Eventually, she will start listening. Spencer and i were never together. He has absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on between you and me. And — and what is that exactly? Let’s be real. My trial’s tomorrow, and I am no closer to proving that esme set me up. And if I’m convicted — that’s a huge “if.” If I am, what future do you and i possibly have? You definitely love your husband. You are damn right I do. I just hope that you see that I was trying to do what’s right by the family. I — I mean, I did not deserve what ned did. Yeah, but that’s the thing, drew. It’s not about who deserves what. These are quartermaines. Mm. For better or for worse. Yeah, and a lot of times, it’s for the worse. D-do they love each other? Yes, they do. But they just cannot help giving in to their worst impulses. I just thought that we could come together against valentin. Instead, ned turned against us. Yeah. And that kind of thing is going to happen again and again. And when it does, you’ve got a choice to make. You either hang on to your bitterness and you drive the family further apart… or? …Or you choose to forgive and you bring together the people that you love. Until the next time someone stabs you in the back. Yeah. And, um, that will happen. It’s just the way it is. What can I say? I wish it wasn’t the case. But [Sighs deeply] If I can accept it, so can you. Hey. How are you doing? Um… I don’t know. The most surreal, twisted thing just happened. All right, listen, I got to — I got to go. I’m sorry. You going to be all right? Yeah. Yeah. Uh, thanks again for coming, man. Yeah. Gotta go. Let’s go.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

I’m here to check on sasha. I’m guessing that’s why you’re here, too? I need to talk to you in private. Give us a minute. Sonny, is something wrong? Come on. Sorry about your wife. Thanks. She’s going to be okay.

[ Scoffs ] No offense, but you don’t know that. The odds look good with the support system she’s got. Between you and sonny, you’ll get her through whatever’s going on. I wish I had your confidence. You’re a vet, right?

[ Sighs ] Marines. Fought in iraq. So you’ve seen and experienced some pretty rough stuff. You’re still here. I’ve heard you’re a vet, too. Yeah. Army. Afghanistan. Whereabouts? I had a buddy that was stationed at bagram for a while. We were there, too, which isn’t that big a coincidence. A lot of units end up there. Then they sent us to kandahar. How many tours? Ah, just the one. Gladys, please, I need you to have my back on this. You — you saw how I stopped taking the pills the first time. You didn’t stop for very long. But I’ve learned my lesson now. I just — I can’t push myself so hard at work anymore. I — going forward, I’m going to make a point to take more down time. Sasha, you’re acting like this is no big deal. It isn’T. You just had a break with reality on national television. Okay, okay, that part was a big deal, but that was an isolated incident. They forced me to model a baby carrier. Okay, all right, so you’re just going to go through the rest of your life being triggered by infants and anything related to them?

[ Sighs ] Sasha, honey, it’s clear you haven’t processed losing liam, not to mention everything you’ve been through since. Why are you fighting this? Get the help you so obviously need. Been meaning to say thank you. Thank you for what? Well, allowing me to stay with you and curtis. That’s, uh — look, I’ll be out of your hair as soon as I’m able.

[ Laughs ] There’s no rush, really. Really. Nah. This is one hell of a time, portia, what with trina’s trial and all this. No, no, no. It’s — it’s fine, marshall, really. I — we love having you. Ah, thank you. There is something that I wanted to tell you, too. You know that I’m well aware of the stigmas of mental illness. I mean, even to this day. And it took a lot of courage for you to open up to us about your diagnosis. Well, better late than never, right? Yeah, I think so. Don’t you? I’m grateful things are finally okay between me and my son. Schizophrenia usually presents itself in the early 20s, so you must have been living with symptoms for a while before you realized what they were. Mainly paranoia — just thinking the government was watching me. And actually, that wasn’t going on that long before my arrest, so… really? Yeah. Paranoia was your, um — was your only symptom? Well, it’s possible I might have wrote off some other things, but I don’t think anything overly abnormal. Oh! Please tell me that your contact found something that can help trina. Nina? Yep. Nina bought your half of the hotel? Yeah, as a gift for me. Isn’t that sweet? What’s the angle? Oh, there are tons, but mainly, she wants to ease her conscience after all the hell she unleashed on me and my family. But as always, all roads lead to wiley, so I’m sure she’s just doing this so she can ingratiate herself with him. What’d you say? I said hell no. That’s what I figured. Are you surprised? No. Just part of me wishes you’d taken her up on it. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. We were partners, and I made a decision that has left you twisting. But, olivia, I mean, no matter how bad I feel, I-I-I can’t accept nina’s offer. I won’t accept her offer. I sympathize. I get it. I do. It’s just the thought of running this place with her… you know what? I got to go. Uh, I promised leo that I would tuck him in, so… will you please kiss him good night for me? Of course, honey. We’ll talk tomorrow, right? Yeah. You’re committed. I’ll give you that. You said you were going to dig yourself out of this hole by yourself, and look at you. Offer number three turned down flat. Nina accused michael of being violent towards women in open court. Yeah, I turned her down. I could be starving and destitute, and I wouldn’t accept a damn dime from that woman. I get that. So… what’s the plan now? Sonny, stop! You’re freaking me out! Did — did you buy carly’s half of the metro court? Yes, I did, and I’m actually surprised that you hadn’t beaten me to it. Well, she doesn’t want my help. Why?Why? Why what, sonny? Why did I buy the — the half of carly’s — yes, why? Okay! Because I wanted to give it back to her. And? And she accused me of being self-serving. Do you blame her?

uy just e-mailed me a listof all known associates and their addresses. Taggert’s going to help him check them out. That’s wonderful. Yeah, so by tomorrow morning, we should have all the evidence we need to fight these charges against trina and put an end to this ridiculous nightmare. Need to get started. Yeah, um, it’s late, dad. Why don’t, um, you let me take you home, and I can look into these leads myself? No, son. Not happening. Marshall, really. Portia, I’ve lost enough time with my family. I don’t intend to waste any more of it. And you and trina, you’re part of that family now. How do you argue with that? You don’T. Everything’s going to work out. How do you know? Because I have faith. We’ll get the answers we need to exonerate you. That means more to me than you know, rory. But until this trial is behind me… you have to take life one day at a time. More like hours at this point. So how about for the next couple of hours, we just enjoy the here and now, no worrying about the future or what tomorrow might bring, just you, me, and the pleasure of each other’s company? What do you say? I say yes. Do you know anything about the stars or constellations? Just that they’re really beautiful. They really are. Do you know how frustrating it is to keep telling people that you’re fine and no one believes you? I do not need to be shipped off to rehab. We just want what’s best for you, sasha. Oh! And both brando and dr. Collins think you would benefit from some more specialized treatment. And it doesn’t matter what I think? Of course it does. But maybe it’s a good idea to get some outside opinions, not to mention professional ones. I appreciate them trying to help, but they’re wrong. I do not need to go to rehab. And in 24 hours, it won’t be anyone’s decision but my own. I enlisted right out of high school. I don’t regret serving, but I almost died so many times, I lost count. Yeah, I know what you mean. A guy in your unit dies, you don’T. Was there a reason, or was it just random? Either way, what are you supposed to do with the life you get to keep? I decided not to tempt fate. You know, when my enlistment was up, I got out. I’m going to go grab a coffee. You want something? No. I don’t have a plan, but hell will freeze over before it involves nina reeves. Copy that. Look, you decided what was important to you. You stuck to it. That — that takes guts. Or a serious stubborn streak, right? Yeah. Well, that too. It’s just my family is all I really have right now, and I’m not going to do anything to risk losing them for anything or anyone. Do we need to do another toast to — to rising again?

[ Chuckles ] I would settle for just finding my way. Right now, I’m feeling really lost, and I don’t like that feeling because it’s foreign and it’s scary and it’s — it’s not me. I know.

[ Sighs ] Nina: I expect carly to think the worst of me. But not you. Nina, that’s not what I meant. You and carly had been going at each other’s throats. That’s your history. Why wouldn’t she think that you’re being self-serving? You have a point. Right. But carly is not 100% wrong. I bought her half of the metro court because I was trying to repair some of the damage that I caused. Are you being serious now? Yes, sonny! Which would not only make me feel better, but this is the reason — I wanted to maybe make things a little easier for us to move forward. All that pain… wouldn’t it be nice if it was behind us? Well, it is better that you bought it than someone else. We can’t undo the past. We can only make peace with it. Have you? I haven’t been clear with you lately. Things have been up in the air. But I-I do want to be with you. And what– whatever it takes, wherever that leads us… …I’m all in.

[ Chuckles ]

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