GH Short Recap Friday, July 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Gregory and Alexis have a heated discussion about the scathing opinion editorial he wrote about The Invader. Alexis agrees to publish the opinion piece in the paper and online and, if the readers agree with his opinion, Alexis will consider Gregory’s suggestions to improve The Invader. If the readers think that the paper is fine the way Alexis is running it, Gregory will shut up and stick to teaching journalism.

Cody and Britt get matched up on Society Setups…question is will Britt go on the date with Cody.

Elizabeth signs herself out of Shady Brook and heads back to work at the hospital but Britt and Terri refuse to let her return to work unless she goes to HR and gets medical clearance to return to work. Elizabeth tells Finn she is ready to restart her relationship with him, but Finn is worried Elizabeth will relapse although he only shares his feelings with Kevin not Elizabeth.

Anna finds out that Valentin signed himself out of the hospital after a week and she wonders what he was up to while he told her he was at the hospital. Valentin puts a pill in Laura’s iced tea in order to make her sick just like Victor wanted him to do but he regrets it and spills the glass of tea before Laura can drink it because Laura tells him Anna thinks they are kindred spirits. Victor isn’t happy when Valentin tells him that he failed at his mission to make Laura sick.

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