Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jan wondered if she should go see Evan at the prison. She thought about seeing him at the prison. She wanted to be Shawn’s wife. She knew she would lose him forever if he found out the baby wasn’t his. Ciara came in at the end of her conversation with herself. Will told Leo that they buried his cousin Abby. Leo didn’t realize it. Will knew he didn’t care about what happened. Rafe thought Chloe stole a bracelet. Nancy didn’t believe Chloe would steal anything. Rafe said that it was a distinctive bracelet. It looked like the same bracelet that Abby had. Clyde told Rafe that Chloe didn’t give her the bracelet. He said he did gave it to her.

Clyde told Rafe that he was a parolee so he didn’t think anyone would believe that he bought the bracelet legitimately. Rafe wanted to know where he got the bracelet. He said he bought it from a guy. Leo ran into Chad. Chad was about to walk away when Leo stopped him. Jan was able to cover up what she said to Ciara. They talked about Ciara and Ben leaving town. Clyde assured Rafe that he didn’t know the merchandise was stolen. Rafe wanted to know more about him. Clyde couldn’t describe the guy. He said he paid in cash. Rafe realized that he didn’t have any proof he bought the bracelet. Leo continued to talk to Chad about Abby. Chad yelled at him about the lies he told the newspaper. Leo told him that he felt bad for his kids. He told him that he felt bad for Thomas. Chad wanted to know how he knew his son. Shawn arrived at the hospital and saw Ciara with Jan. They were talking so she took Ciara’s keys. Shawn and Ciara went to see the baby. Jan felt she needed the keys more than Ciara and Ben. Ciara didn’t notice that Jan took her keys. Leo told Chad that Gwen was how he knew about Thomas. Rafe wanted to take Clyde to the station for questioning. Nancy was upset and wanted to help him. He said that everything would be straightened out.Evan was waiting for Jan and wondered what was taking her so long. Shawn went back to Jan’s room and noticed she was missing. Jan had the baby with her and planned on going on an adventure with him.

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