GH Short Recap Friday, July 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chase tells his dad and Finn that his suspension has been extended because he punched Linc in the face to defend Brook Lynn. Gregory and Finn tell Chase to fight for the job he loves.

Brook Lynn asks Sonny to help her get Linc to retract his statement, but Sonny says he can’t help because if word got out he did a favor for Chase people would think Chase was a dirty cop.

Olivia offers to buy Carly’s half of the Metro Court from the investment company and Carly could pay her back in installments. Carly turns down Olivia’s offer because Olivia would be using Ned’s money.

Nikolas and Ava sign the divorce papers changing the divorce agreement so that Ava gets half of Nikolas’s money. Nikolas agrees to help Esme get her internship back at Spring Ridge.

Sasha gets some pills from the sleazy photographer and takes a pill before she leaves to go and do the Home and Heart Shopping Channel presentation.

Spencer tells Cameron that he is going to lie to Esme and tell her he found her mother in Portugal, but in exchange for the information, she will have to give him a recorded confession to posting the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Spencer knows Esme will want to see a DNA test so, he asks Cameron to get a DNA sample from Carly and Jocelyn so the DNA test will show a positive mother daughter result so he can fool Esme.

Spencer is about to go to the pool to create a diversion so Cameron can collect the DNA samples when Esme stops him and asks him where he is going.

Olivia suggests to Carly that she ask Sonny for the money to buy back her half of the Metro Court.

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