GH Short Recap Friday, June 17, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Rory lets Joseph and Trina off with a warning and says he will work on trying to identify the bartender who they think sold Esme the stolen cell phone.

Sonny and Nina decide to start a relationship slowly, so their relationship can have a strong foundation.

Carly and Drew celebrate that she has finally let go of Sonny since the man she loved is different since he came back from Nixon falls.

Cody makes Salina Wu angry when he cleans out her high rollers at the poker game costing her to lose a lot of money.

Salina has her men break Cody’s ribs and takes most of the money Cody won leaving him only fifty dollars. Britt drives Cody to the hospital because she can’t leave him in the alley.

Rory arrests Chase since Chase punched Linc when Linc made a disgusting remark about Brook Lynn.

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