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Violet: Thanks forthe piggyback ride. Any time, violet.

[ Grunts ] That, uh — that hike was a little longer than anticipated. Steeper, too.

[ Chuckles ] But you all did great. Did we earn dessert? Oh, yeah. Yeah, and then some. Yay! I’m gonna go tell rachel about the guinea pig we saw. Yeah, you could do that. You might want to tell rachel it was also — it was a gopher. And they bite.

[ Gasps ]

[ Gregory laughs ] Rachel likes gophers, too. Oh, good. Well, go tell her. Well, if it isn’t aiden, the pc pioneer. Hey, you on a break? Until dinner. Look at you in your uniform. Whatever. You used to wear one, too. Yeah, but who wore it better? Me. Definitely me. No way. Yes way. You got the bandana all wrong. So far, so good. Hey, uh… where you going? Look, honestly, I need a break from all this pretending. I’m grabbing my phone. It should be fully charged by now. Okay. Nothing like getting away from it all. Hi. Well, there she is. You know, I took the liberty of ordering your usual. Uh, I’m sticking to water tonight. Thanks. And here I thought you subscribed to the hair of the dog to nurse a hangover. Well, that was before I became a gif. Hey, don’t worry. It’ll blow over before you know it. So you’ve seen it? Has anyone not seen it? Yeah, that — that’s really great, nina. Thank you. Okay, okay, okay. Let’s just switch topics. Please. Um, I have not talked to you since our girls night out. What’s new? What’s new? Well, let’s see. Oh, here’s something. I almost left port charles.

[ Door opens ] Thank you for meeting me. You said it was about the kids. Yeah. Look, um… this is a difficult situation for them. I mean, in some ways, it’s easier on donna and avery because they’re too young to fully understand what’s going on. They just want to know that their family still loves them. And I understand that we’re doing everything we can to reassure them of that. I mean, josslyn’s been terrific. She’s spending tons of time with them, but she has a lot going on. I love josslyn. She’s like a daughter to me. Despite what, uh, michael said. What’d michael say? Oh, he — he said that after the divorce and everything that happened w-with nina, that I-I basically threw away my relationship with my kids.

[ Sighs ] Can you believe that? Yeah, I can believe it. A-and I agree. You didn’t call me here to fight, did you? No, I did not call you here to fight. Okay? I just want to talk about what we still have in common, namely our kids, starting with michael and what this rift between the two of you is doing to him. I don’t like it either, carly, but michael’s made it clear that he doesn’t want me anywhere near his life. No matter what I say or do… is gonna change that. Is there a problem, mr. Bell? I’m sure it’s just an accounting error, but, uh, my paycheck was off by $500. There was no mistake, and you know it. It’s a waste of both of our times to argue over such a small amount. I agree. So just pay me what I’m owed. That’ll be it. I’ve fulfilled society setups’ part of the contract. Did that contract include a drunk woman wandering into my landing zone? Someone could have been hurt. But they weren’T. An act of gross negligence is bad for business, zelda. What’s $500 to protect your image? Are you threatening me? You’re a smart woman. You tell me. Dante: Cody. Everything okay here?

[ Chuckles ] Ah.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Finally. Where have you been? I’m sorry. My phone was dead all day. I-I just charged it. Pcu decided against trina? I can’t believe it. I know. Me neither. But it’s gonna be okay. We have a plan. Austin: Hey. How was the kayaking? It was great. So good. Sorry you missed it. But, you know, with tim sick, we’re down a counselor, and that leaves you, my friend. Not for long. Not for long what? Looks like reinforcements have arrived. Oh, great. Wonder who they sent. Maxie jones, reporting for duty.

This man is trying to extort me.

[ Chuckles ] If “extorting” means getting what I’m owed. Okay, the deal was for $2,000. Now, what does that say? Stop shaking. Let me see. $1,500. The $2,000 minus the charges to your room. The hotel room was a part of the deal. Yes, but not including incidentals. Okay, so I misunderstood. And it cost you. Wait, you charged $500 worth of stuff to your room? Yes, but, you know, I didn’t know that it was… dante: Okay. Uh…if we get this guy out of your hair, can we consider the matter, uh, closed? I suppose so. Excellent. Let’s go. Okay. What plan? We’re at kelly’S. I thought you were working today.

Well, I-I, um… I decided to go on that trip. I’m in pautuck. Oh, for real? You’re out of town? Yeah. I-I’m sorry. I just felt like I should be here. No, no, I get it. I’m — I’m sure that jake and aiden are super psyched that you’re there. Maybe this trip is what everyone needs. Yeah, that’s what finn keeps saying. You don’t agree? I just hate pretending like everything’s okay when my mom’s at shadybrook. Thanks for the assist. No problem. You look surprised. Austin: I am. And maybe a tad befuddled? Yeah, well, I’m — I’m always a little befuddled, right? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] It’s nice to see you. What are you doing here? Georgie is a junior pc pioneer. That’s right. You told me that. And as such, I’m on the parents pitch-in-in-a-pinch list. Pitch-in-in-a-pinch list. Mm-hmm. It needs a better name. It does. Yeah. Anyway, parents volunteer to help out when an event or an activity is understaffed, even if their child is not participating. So while georgie is at a sleepover at her friend lena’s house, here I am. In beautiful pautuck. You know, you said you weren’t ready to come back here quite yet. Yeah, and I’m not. But let’s be real, when will I ever be? And I thought there were plenty of people and enough distractions that I might be able to hack it. Besides, I’m also communing with nature. Sure you are. Underneath all of that. Haven’t you ever heard of glamping? Oh, I’ve heard of it, but that’s not what this is. Speak for yourself. Okay, mac says camping is good for the soul, but I believe an air mattress is key. So where can we set up my tent? I’m not upset. Who do you think you’re talking to right now? I’m actually glad that cam is spending some time with his brothers. But? But this just feels like yet another example that cam and i are out of sync. But you know what? What? We don’t need cam. We have all the help we need. Hey, did, uh, cameron come back yet? He’s still on the phone. With his girlfriend.

[ Chuckles ] I’m pretty sure you’re not dating till you’re 30. Grandpa, talk some sense into him. Hey, I’m not touching this one. I’m just saying.

[ Laughs ] And thanks, by the way. You’re welcome. For what? Coming here was a great idea. Especially ’cause, uh, aiden won’t be around here most of the time. Take that back. Make me.

[ Laughs ]

[ Groans ] Hey. Uh, everything okay? Coming here was a huge mistake. Sorry about your hearing. I know how badly you wanted wiley in your life. Yeah, I even begged michael and willow to reconsider. How’d that go? About as poorly as you’d think. Well [Chuckles] I get the impulse to get out of town. I’m just glad you didn’t act on it. You have family here, nina. Thank you. You do. I mean it. And if you were to jump ship, it would — it would just be me, maxie, and my mother. You round out our little motley crew. Yeah. I would miss you, too. And, obviously, I wasn’t thinking clearly. But you were on your way to the airport. Oh, yeah. My bags were packed and everything. So what convinced you to stay? I get michael’s a grown man and he can make his own decisions, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about him. But, wait, is michael in danger? You tell me, sonny. If your rivals know that you two are on the outs, they could assume that he’s no longer under your protection. Well, they would be wrong. I’m not gonna let anybody hurt my son.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, sure. What does that mean? You don’t think it hurt michael when you testified against him? First of all, I didn’t testify against michael. You testified for nina. It’s the same thing.

[ Sighs ] How do you not see that? I don’t get you. I get it, you and michael are fighting… right. …But you have been his father since he was 2 years old. You raised him. And I love michael. Then how could you sit in the courtroom and listen to him be attacked like that?

I mean, the woman owns a company, for god’s sake. What does she care about 500 bucks? Okay, dude, listen, why don’t you relax? Let’s get a drink, okay? Eh, no thanks. I’m buying. In that case, yeah, I’ll have a bourbon. That’s what I thought. Beer? Oh, yeah. Thanks. Thank you. Want to grab a table? Sure. Now I get it. Get what? Why you’re here and not on a plane to tahiti. Well, I was actually headed to europe. Ooh, both work. And I’m not only here because of sonny. You know, you’re right, I have family here. And not just our motley crew, but… wiley. Wiley, wiley. Yeah. Sonny helped me remember that I can’t abandon that little boy. Even though I can’t spend time with him, I have to stay here to prove to michael and willow that I deserve a place in that little man’s life. I hope it works out for you. Wow. You don’t sound very optimistic. I just think if you have unrealistic expectations, you could be setting yourself up. For what? At best, to get hurt. At worst, to do something that reinforces michael and willow’s decision to keep wiley away from you. Well, thank you for the encouragement.

[ Sighs ] I want you to have wiley in your life, I do, but realistically, you were the one who chose to go to court. You lost, and now you have to give michael and willow time and distance to come around. On the bright side, you still have james. Yeah. At least I, uh, can watch james grow up.

[ Clears throat ] You know, I know that I have suffered a great loss, but I have also realized that… I still have a lot left. Including sonny. Well, I don’t think that i have sonny. So what would you call it? Well, I would say — I don’t know, britt. We have — we just have something between us. Oh, you think?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Great. What now? That britt woman’s here. She acts like I ruined her life when it is obvious that her life is already a disaster. Yes, she is not lacking in the complication department. We were talking about you. Can we not? What’s going on with you, man? Why are you so hard up for cash? You in trouble? We talked about this. You know, jake and aiden needed a break, and it — you know, it seems like they’re having fun. Look, it’s not that. Yes, it’s hard being away from my mom right now, but the reason that I wish I was home is that the school finally made their decision on trina’s title ix case. They’ve ruled against her. Okay. Uh… what does that mean? I-I don’t know, but it is not good. You want to — you want to talk about it? Not unless you can tell me what’s about to happen with my friend.

[ Sighs ] We still think that the phone is our best bet. To prove that esme was the one that recorded you and cam. Mm-hmm. Trina: Scott asked you to examine it, right? As an expert for the defense? Yeah, yeah, he did. And the pcpd examined it, as well. Well, the pcpd has got nothing on the jackal. The jackal?

[ Chuckles ] It’s one of my many pseudonyms. So, do you think that you can work your magic and find something that the police missed? Okay, look, as — as honored as I am by your faith in me, I’ve looked at every angle. There — there’s nothing that connects the phone to the evildoer — or to anyone, for that matter. The only connection that exists, of course, is to you as its possessor. Well, can’t you mine the metadata or something to tell us where the phone was purchased? Or when? Maybe someone remembers esme from the store. Yeah, she’s hard to forget. Alas, the phone has very little data on it. It was only used twice — once on the night in question and then to send the e-mail blast, neither of which offer much information. What — what about the serial number? That’s unique to the phone, right? Yeah, it is. It is, yes. But according to the serial number, this phone doesn’t even exist. So did you do a lot of camping as a kid? Not a lot a lot, but enough. Oh, my gosh. There was this one time mac took georgie and me — georgie — your sister georgie. The original georgie. Yeah, she was an original. I bet — the ogg.

[ Chuckles ] Anyway, the trip was a disaster. It rained the entire time. Our tent had seen better days. Oh, no. Water was leaking in on the sides, and georgie, of course, insisted that I sleep in the middle. That’s love. Or she would rather get soaked than listen to me complain. Right. I think she was right. I think you need to be somebody who works at nasa to figure out how to use these instructions. Voil. Stick with me. You’ll be just fine. Yeah. I’m starting to see that. Scott said that michael was violent towards women in open court, and you just sat there. Carly, we were in court. Did you want me to get up, grab baldwin, and throw him against the wall? No, no — I mean, I don’t — sonny. It’s what happened after — after there was a recess. You didn’t go check on michael. You went to nina, and I watched you touch her face. Come on, carly. This… no, your son weathered a vicious attack, and you consoled the woman who initiated it. I don’t know you anymore. The man I loved, that I fought for, that I married five times, would have never done that. He’s gone. The man who came back from nixon falls is a stranger.

Okay. I’m confused. So there’s no phone? No, no, the phone does exist physically, as — as you well know. Do I ever. Yeah, but just according to the serial number, it never made it to the store. So it was stolen. Or lost in transit. Let’s go with stolen.

[ Sighs ] We should have known esme would be too smart to leave a paper trail. Look, I’m really sorry I-I couldn’t offer more help. I appreciate you trying. No, this is insane. Trina, we were there that night.

[ Cellphone chimes ] There needs to be something that we’re forgetting. Something that esme did that can now be seen as suspicious. I’m not giving up on the phone angle yet. Where would you go to buy a hot phone? Oh, uh, the highsider. What’s that? It’s a — it’s a bar on —

[ Clears throat ] Yeah. Somewhere that two underage amateur sleuths should not be. So feel free to share your theories with scott, but please do nothing else. Understood?

[ Groans ] Cam’s doing a great job covering for the other kids’ sakes, but something is obviously up. Yeah, he just got some bad news about a — about a friend. You know, I asked him if he wanted to talk, but he said he wasn’t interested. Cameron strikes me as an open, personable young guy. He’s not the sullen teen type. He’s not. If elizabeth was here, he’d talk to her. Elizabeth’s not here. Of that, I am acutely aware. I mean, you’re the only option. So try again. If at first you don’t succeed… actually, I might have a better idea. No, man, there’s no trouble. Alright? This is just how I live my life. Gig-to-gig, paycheck-to-paycheck. Sometimes, there’s a fair amount of time in between each one. Why don’t you just get a steady job?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. The — the demand for a full-time skydiver isn’t as robust as one might think.

[ Laughs ] That’s why I’m always moving. Got to go where the money is, you know? Right. Well, look, man, if you need — if you need 500 bucks, I’ll loan you 500 bucks. You can buy me a drink, you can let me sleep on your couch. You can even bail me out of jail in a pinch. You’re not gonna pay my way, okay? I don’t want to owe you like that. Never did, never will. You cannot have unpacked everything already. Oh, I did. I did. What gear did you bring? Uh, I brought this and I brought a bedroll. Get out. I don’t want to get out. I like it here. You don’t even have a tent? No, the forecast was for clear weather, and I like to sleep under the stars. Okay. So what do you have in there, anyway? Please tell me you brought toothpaste. I brought all of the necessary essential items. Yeah. Yep. Phew. And I brought a change of clothes and, uh…I brought this. A guidebook for the state park. Mm-hmm. I thought you knew every inch of these woods. I do. That was my dad’S. Oh. Yeah. It’s all his notes and his comments from every trail and every campsite. That man knew every inch of this place. That’s really amazing. Yeah. So when I’m here, it’s like he’s here with me. It’s great that you have such a special reminder of jimmy lee. He loved this place, and he tried to teach me the same appreciation. Like father, like son. Pretty much. I’m glad that I’m here. Yeah, pitch-in-in-a-pinch for the win.

[ Laughs ] Right.

[ Laughs ] I’m glad you’re here, maxie. That, uh, gesture… of support that you showed nina stripped away… any illusion that… you know… you had a family who adored you. And you threw it away. Okay. You gave up on us, I didn’T. No, I didn’T. I walked away after I found you in bed with nina, sonny. I begged you — I begged you for weeks.

[ Sighs ] You pushed me away. You said you wanted to move out. But let’s be honest with each other. You were punishing me.

[ Scoffs ] And the night that — that you didn’t show up… I was a wreck. I slept with nina. Absolutely wrong. And I am so, so sorry that I hurt you. But you… you wanted a divorce. You wanted us to end, and you ga– you gave up on us. I did not. I never gave up on us. I asked for time, and you wouldn’t give it to me. And you were lying to me for months, sonny. Months! And you — you wouldn’t know anything about lying?

No, no, no. This is a disaster. Wyatt: May I be of assistance? Oh, my gosh. Where did you find it? Next to your car. Wyatt, thank you so much. You’re an angel. I was only following pc pioneer guidelines. “When breaking camp, always recheck the area.” Does that usually include parked cars? We moved your gear. I thought that was a little like breaking camp, so I thought I’d better check, just to be safe. Well, I’m really glad that you did. This is my toiletry bag. It has my toothbrush. It’s important to maintain dental hygiene while camping. Yes, it says so on page 15 of the pc pioneer handbook. You memorized the handbook? No, not yet. But my daughter georgie and I, we’re working on it. It takes a while, but it’s definitely worth it. That lesson is true for most worthwhile things in life, wyatt, so if you’ve learned it already, you’re way ahead of the game. For you. Thank you. And for you. Thanks. You’re welcome.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. Did i interrupt something? Dante just kindly offered to help me out, but I let him know that I’ll get the money on my own. Okay. I don’t mean to pry, but is everything okay? I mean, are you in trouble?

[ Chuckles ] You two are obviously made for each other. Okay. For the last time, there’s no trouble. I’ve got plans, okay? What kind of plans?

[ Chuckles ] For my future. I’m not gonna live life like this for the rest of my life.

[ Chuckles ] Alright? Uh, yeah. I’m saving up for my dream. Which is?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] You want to answer that? No. It’s just brad. He’s checking on me. He thinks I’m clinically depressed. Oh, come on, shouldn’t you reassure him? No, I want to make him sweat a little. He was the one who took a video of me at the metro court pool. Wait a second. Brad is the reason you’re a meme? A gif. Yeah. Let’s make him suffer. Yes.

[ Chuckles ] Wow, man. A working ranch of your own. That — that’s cool. Yeah. I’ll raise cattle, break horses. You know, live the dream. That’s why I’m trying to save every penny I can. Which is why you’re gonna take a four-hour bus ride to watkins glen instead of renting a car? Bingo. Buying a ranch, that’s quite a goal. I’ll make it happen. But I thought you said you couldn’t stay in the same place for too long. Just needs to be the right place. I heard you’re, uh, worried about your friend. Finn tell you? No specifics, but… I mean, it’s not really a secret. One of my best friends is involved in a pcu title ix investigation. They found her guilty. They found her responsible. Right. I — to be honest, the whole process is confusing. Well, as a college professor, I’m pretty familiar with the title ix guidelines. I could probably answer a few questions if you want. Really? Sure. That would be great. Thank you. And now I-I do have to depart. Duty — duty calls. Thanks for meeting us, spinelli. You’re the best. Now I’m also nervous. I feel like I’ve said too much. We’ll tell scott our theory. Okay, and not take matters into your own hands? We won’t do anything stupid. Josslyn. We won’T. I’m trusting you to use your common sense here.

[ Scoffs ] I’m my mother’s daughter, spinelli. Precisely what I’m worried about. Oh. The highsider. 483 water street. What are we waiting for? Let’s not forget, when I came home, my wife was married to my best friend. We thought you were dead. That’s one way to mourn. It’s not like jason and I fell into each other’s arms the next day. It took a year for those feelings to develop. And why is that, sonny? Let’s not bring nina into this. It’s impossible. That’s impossible when all roads lead to her every single time. Jason and I would have never gone there. Never if we thought there was a chance that you were still alive. And I would have never been with nina if I didn’t lose my memory. And why is that, sonny?! I mean, my god! Your refusal to hold her accountable is astounding. What nina did was wrong. I hate the pain she caused the kids, the time apart. But I was furious with her. For maybe five minutes. Okay, but you know what? The feelings I had for nina in nixon falls happened when I didn’t know who I was. I had amnesia. I came home, I still had those feelings. I didn’t want to have those feelings, but I couldn’t shake them. The lie that nina told was wrong, but the connection that we had was real. And you chose that connection over your family. No, I did not. You and — you and michael did, ’cause you guys have shut me out. Michael’s trying to tear me down. He wants me to be forgotten. Those were his words, and you’re cheerleading for him. Michael’s a grown man, so if he wants to cut you out of his life, that’s his decision. Just like it was my decision as an adult to file for divorce. Right? But donna’s a little girl. And as her mother, it’s on me to look out for her. Okay.

[ Sighs ] You’re not keeping donna from me, are you?

[ Sighs ] Last chance. For? Buying me a drink. Tempting. I’ll pass. Wait, does this mean you’re leaving town? Tonight. Yeah, it’s still a no. Mm. You don’t give an inch, do you? Makes it that much more unbelievable you’re gonna let society setups off the hook. You know, I thought you were someone who would stand up for yourself. I guess I was wrong. Wow. That is one weak attempt at reverse psychology.

[ Chuckles ] Really? I thought it was pretty good. I grew up surrounded by master manipulators, so… mm. Sounds interesting. Thank you. Thank you. It wasn’T. Mm. Good luck. I just hate to see someone leave the game with money on the table. Something you would obviously never do. I’m not that dumb. You know, if you have a problem with society setups, handle it yourself. Wyatt: Hi, dr. Finn. Hey, wyatt. What’s going on? I’m a junior counselor for the pioneers now. Alright, moving up in the world. What — what about everything else? How’s school? It’s great. I’ve decided I want to study music. That’s right. Are you still playing, uh, cello, right? Sometimes, but now I’m really into guitar. I’m leading the sing-along at the campfire tonight. You should come. Huh. Singing, huh? Sorry. I know that’s a lot of information. It’s all good. I-I think I understand a bit better now. Thank you. Thank finn. He’s the one who suggested I talk to you. He did? Singing, huh? It’s gonna be great. How about we go to the port charles grill for dinner? Rain check? I’m sorry. I just — all I want is my sweet, sweet bed right now. I feel like I could sleep for a week. What? I don’t know, maybe brad’s not totally off base. You do sound a little down. No, I just — just need to recover from last night and this morning. I should get going. It’s good to see you, man.

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