GH Short Recap Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny and Carly talk about Michael, but they end up having the same argument with Carly believing that Sonny came back a different man when he returned from Nixon Falls. Sonny insists that he loves his family, and Carly was the one who gave up on their marriage. Carly tells Sonny that their only connection now is Donna, and, other than her, they should stay out of each other’s life.

Sonny runs into Nina at the Savoy and they have a drink together.

Maxie and Austin chaperone the PC Pioneer camp out and someone watches them from the bushes.

Britt is happy that Cody is taking a bus out of town tonight. Cody follows Zelda and sees her go into a room at the Metro Court to meet with Spinelli. Spinelli tells Josslynn and Trina that he thinks Esme used a stolen phone to post the video to the internet so there isn’t a way to prove she posted the video. Josslynn asks Spinelli where a person goes to buy a stolen phone and he tells her the High Cider Bar. Spinelli makes it clear that underage young ladies should not go near that place. Josslyn promises Spinelli she won’t go to the bar but once Spinelli leaves Trina looks up the address on the internet and she and Jocelyn go to the bar.

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