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Carly goes to see Drew at the pool; they chat briefly about Nina. Carly has a flashback to getting the test results. Drew is so relieved that Nina is out of Willow’s life, since she’s not really her mother. Michael and Willow arrive. They mentioned that they dropped Wiley off at his swimming lessons, so they decided to take a little break together. She’s graduating soon and then will be very busy. Drew takes Michael away to chat about ELQ. Willow expresses to Carly how angry she still is at Nina for putting her own needs before Wiley’s. She mentions finding her bio mom, but says that after seeing how Nina act, she realizes that she has all the family she needs. Carly is glad to hear it.

Drew has a talk with Michael about merging ELQ and Aurora. They discuss Ned and how to handle him. Talk turns to Sonny. Drew is worried about what Michael has planned for Sonny. It’s clear that Michael plans to make him suffer. Drew notes that merging the two companies is not as easy as they had thought.

Ned and Olivia have bought a horse for Leo for equestian therapy. Leo loves the horse, so they’re very glad to see how happy he is. Olivia and Leo leave to go get some snacks for the horse. Meanwhile, Valentin drops by with some riding gear that Charlotte grew out of, for Leo. He mentions that Charlotte is still in boarding school. He makes it sound like it’s Charlotte’s choice. Valentin asks Ned again to support him for CEO. In exchange, he’ll share power with Ned and give him whatever position he wants, except for CEO. Olivia and Leo return, but Olivia sends Leo back to the house. Valentin leaves. Olivia is wary about whatever Valentin is plotting. Ned and Olivia talk about the ELQ power struggles. She urges him to go back to Michael and Drew to make a deal, which is what he’s good at.

Cassandra gets a text from Chet, which says that he landed. She looks distressed. She’s surprised to see TJ there. He decided to come in to work, even though he asked for time off. She knows that he’s having some family troubles, so she suggests that instead of endangering patients by working when his mind is elsewhere, he should just observe some surgeries. He readily agrees.

Curtis, Stella and Marshall return home. Portia greets them. Portia asks Marshall how he’s feeling. At first he’s a little curt with her, since he thinks she’s asking as a doctor, but then Stella prods him, so he apologizes. Portia says that he’s welcome there, and they’ve made up a room for him. He thanks her. Stella takes him up to show him the room, so that he can get cleaned up and changed. Curtis confides to Portia that he feels guilty for how things have gone with Marshall. He blames himself for how he ended up getting attacked. Portia assures him that it’s not his fault. He has Marshall’s pills from the hospital, so she offers to look at them (to see what they’re for), but Curtis figures that he’s invaded Marshall’s privacy enough. Stella comes back down and apologizes to Portia for how she lied to her before. Portia accepts her apology. Portia leaves for the hospital, so Stella advises Curtis to marry Portia because time goes by too fast. Curtis is committed to Portia but not ready for marriage yet. He tells Stella that he’s still recovering from his divorce from Jordan. Stella looks suddenly stricken (since she stole the divorce papers, and they were never filed).

Marshall returns and tells Curtis that he’s terrified now because he has to answer his questions. They sit down. Marshall makes it clear that it was his idea, not Irene’s (Curtis’s mother), to let the kids think he was dead. He explains that after he returned from Vietnam, he needed a purpose, which he found in protesting the war, civil rights, etc. Because of this, he was able to find his music again. Irene worried that he wasn’t getting enough sleep and was being paranoid. He felt like he was always being watched. He confesses that he had an episode, which was what led to him being arrested. The police put him in the psychiatric ward, where they diagnosed him as having schizophrenia. Curtis looks shocked.

Laura helps Elizabeth settle in at Shadybrook. Laura observes that Elizabeth looks rested. They talk about how she might be feeling, with her sleep medication wearing off. Elizabeth is mad at herself for accidentally taking too many and letting it overtake her life, but Laura points out that she didn’t have an outside perspective. Finn arrives, looking nervous and bearing flowers. Elizabeth is a little annoyed to see him because she’d asked him not to visit her. He looks hurt, so she explains to him that she’s very afraid of hurting him, like she did Chase. Laura says that they all know that she wouldn’t do that. Elizabeth explains that the doctors think she has disassociative fugure. She says she wasn’t ready to move on with him, like she thought she was. She still has to face what’s wrong. She tells him that when she’s with him, she feels like everything is great, but then she won’t be able to fix what’s wrong. Finn leaves but tells her that he’s not giving up on them.

Outside, Laura thanks Finn for coming. She tells him about her own battle in the past with mental illness and mentions that she had suppressed something from her past. He wonders if it’s more than grief that’s causing Elizabeth’s problems. Later, Cassandra sees Finn at GH and asks him if he saw Elizabeth. He explains that she asked him to leave. She is shocked to hear that. When she brings up Elizabeth’s grief, he wonders again if it’s more than that. He wonders if she’s suppressing something else. Cassandra doesn’t know of anything but brings up the fact that Elizabeth is estranged from her parents. Finn agrees to reach out to them to get answers.

Laura goes back in and chats more with Elizabeth, who’s afraid that she might still get arrested or sued for the things she did. Laura tries to reassure her. Laura wonders why the sleeping pills were in Elizabeth’s system for a year before any of the incidents occurred. She asks Elizabeth if anything happened more recently that she might have discussed in therapy. Elizabeth blanches and then abruptly says that she has to go lie down. Laura looks worried.

Valentin goes to the pool bar and trades barbs with Drew and Michael about this game they’re playing with ELQ. Valentin’s banter seems to bother Michael more than Drew. He thinks Valentin is planning something before the next shareholders’ meeting. Michael and Willow leave. Drew asks Carly if Willow is okay. She replies that Nina just got in her head. Drew praises Carly for being such a good friend. He says again how relieved he is that Nina’s not really Willow’s mom. Carly just smiles a forced smile. They joke around a bit about accepting her offer to help with ELQ.

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