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[ Groans ] Brad: Wakey wakey.

[ Sighs ] Ahh! Hair of the dog?

[ Sighs ] Ugh. Water? Aspirin. Dr. Obrecht: Does your poor little head hurt? Just wait, britta. I’ll bring the real pain.

[ Sighs ]

[ Breathes sharply ]

The role of brando corbin

is temporarily being played

by brad schmidt. Hey, brando. Hey. Sorry I’m late. No, you’re not late — I’m just early. You okay? Yeah. Mother needed, uh, help moving furniture. It’s, uh — yeah, I’ve got to tell you — it’s a hell of a thing, you and sasha putting up gladys. That’s definitely one way to describe it. You know what? I can take her off your hands and just put her up in a little place, if you want. Yeah, thanks, but there really is no need. Sasha seems to be happy about it. Really? Yeah. Can you believe that? No. Hey, look, whatever makes sasha happy makes me happy. And besides, you got enough family on your plate already.

[ Horse whinnies softly ]

[ Chuckles ] It’s impressive.

[ Horse whinnies softly ] He is. Leo like him? Oh, he’s doing backflips.

[ Horse whinnies softly ] That, uh — that kid is really blossoming. Those therapy sessions have done wonders. Now, you and olivia have really come through for him. Well, we’re his parents. Did you expect anything less?

[ Horse whinnies ] No, not at all. You, uh, you always stand up for your family. Which is how — how I know [Sighs] Come next week, the shareholders’ meeting that, uh, elq will finally be back under family control. Carly: Then let me be your friend. Let me help you save elq from valentin. I wonder if that’s the first time the words “save elq” have been uttered by anyone other than a quartermaine. I was a full-fledged quartermaine once upon a time. Mm. Twice, if you count my marriage to jason. And now? Now I’m just an honorary member. Mm. [ Clears throat ] What? I’m sorry. I’m just imagining monica having a sudden urge to toss salt over her shoulder. Anyway, the police dropped me off at a psychiatric ward. There, they put me on a 72-hour hold for observation. And that’s when they were able to diagnose me.

[ Sighs ] With what? Schizophrenia, man. Aunt stella, is this the secret that you’ve been keeping from me all these years? You didn’t travel all the way to new york and back to get answers from me. I know it’s hard. But we’re just getting started, curtis. And now is not the time to turn away. Talk to your father.

Schizophrenia. You know, when I first heard a-about your arrest… and learned that they put you in an institution, I thought it was because of the war — ptsd, depression, mania, something like that.

[ Breathes deeply ] Not this. Hearing it the first time was a surprise for me, too. Were there any signs when you were younger? Did — did anyone see any signs before the arrest? Well — stella: You’ve been playing out this moment a long time, marshall. At least since you decided to look for your son. You knew it might come to this, and now it has. The moment has arrived. Time to meet it. All right. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Go away! Wach auf!

Nein! Steh auf und begruesse

den morgen… give it — …mit einem laecheln!

Schnell! Give it back! I’m trying to sleep!

[ Sighs ] It’s nearly noon! Actually, it’s closer to 10:00 — okay. Go away. I don’t feel well. Oh, my god. Easy, easy, easy. Put her there. Ohhh. Here’s the deal, britta. From us, you will receive a long overdue course correction.

[ Sighs ] You have lost your way. Britt. No one hates this more than me. Maybe except you…

[ Sighs ] …But welcome to your intervention. Ta-da. Monica and i are doing great. For us. Well, I think the détente that you have with monica is reason enough not to risk upsetting that balance by involving yourselfin elq matters. You’re really turning your nose up at my offer? Are you really doing that? Look. It’s a generous offer. But even your own son turned it down the first time you floated it. You’re — michael works for aurora — you’re the owner. You’re really opposed to me buying in? No, I’m opposed to you putting yourself at great risk on my behalf. Aurora trades on the open market, right? So I don’t really need your permission to buy in. I can help you whether you like it or not. Always here to help — you know that — ’cause you’re my family. Indeed, I do. Especially, uh, family that accepts my help. Things still no good with michael? Not likely at this point. Sasha told me things went in his favor at the hearing yesterday. I assumed maybe that might, uh, clear the way for a truce. Not after I gave my testimony. I just — look, I just wanted to get to the truth. I might have said some things that people didn’t want to hear. But, uh, no decision is gonna help… me and michael at this point. Sorry to hear that. I mean, is there anything I can do to help? Maybe talk to him? Yeah, thanks for the offer, but, uh… I don’t want anything to alienate you and michael. Alright, well, listen, just let me know if anything changes, okay? Yeah, yeah. And just so you know, I don’t — I don’t — I, uh… things are gonna get worse between me and michael. Dex: Boss? What is it? We’ve got problems.

Both of you — ow, ow, ow. Vamoose!

Schnell, vite! This behavior is unacceptable. I am not the one who barged into my hotel room. How did you even get in? We told olivia we thought you were going to go full world tour guns n’ roses. And that there might be alcohol poisoning. Which might involve emts and bring bad publicity for the hotel. And that load of bull made a five-star hotelier violate one of their residents’ privacy? No, she said something like, “blah, blah, blah, privacy policy, yadda yadda” — I’m paraphrasing. Oh. Then how? I created a distraction. While I swiped a housekeeper’s key card. Wow. After all the trouble you’ve both been in, neither of you can make it to 10:30 without at least a little crime spree.

[ Scoffs ] A hotel might not be concerned about your reputation, but you definitely should be, okay? Especially once that G.H. Rumor mill gets going. You’re going to leave poor terry defending you while the hospital board tries to take your head.

[ Scoffs ] Wow. There should be a law against this much melodrama this early in the morning. Melodrama? This is hardly melodrama, britta.

[ Sighs ] This is tragedy. Your reputation and livelihood will be in peril once word spreads of your bravura performance. Performance? W-what performance? It’s not my fault I got dunked by an exhibitionist himbo dropping literally out of the sky. And objectively speaking — quite hot. Yes, by all accounts, cody der fallschirmspringer is a specimen worthy of study. But we are referring to your swan dive and the tantrum that preceded it. And since when did speaking my truth

[Stammers] Turn into a tantrum? Since it involves public displays of disorderly conduct.

[ Scoffs ] “Disorderly”? I was simply calling out the romantic industrial complex! Uh, it was sloppy.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, you know what? I’m sure, like most things I say, it fell on deaf ears, and no one will notice anything. Ah, yes. It’s all over your social media feeds. Of all the humiliations you have brought upon this family, britta, this might be the most devastating. You have become a meme. Hold on. Wait, wait, wait. H-how did this — w-who re– who recorded me? So the judge — she sent me back to see some doctors. And the doctors — they told me — told me again what was wrong with me. It took me a while to come around to it. Even now, I wake up some days wondering if it wasn’t all just a bad dream. But that notion doesn’t last. No, mnh-mnh, no, no. I get up. I get up and feel my — my aches [Chuckles] And my pains, and I — I know that’s real. I look around, I see the same room I went to sleep in the night before. I see my clothes the way I left them, and I know — I know that’s real. And I go outside, and I smell the air.

[ Inhales sharply ] Good or bad, it don’t matter. The air is the air. Good or bad weather, I-I step out into the world, I close my eyes, and I embrace the noise around me. And I know — I know ain’t nobody after me and that I’m safe in my body — I’m safe in the world. And I know that’s real. I step forward into my day every day. And I walk, curtis. I walk toward my music, and I know that’s real. I’ve had no break with reality — I stay on my meds, and my meds keep me level. And you really don’t feel anything? Sure, sure, the side effects of the drugs, but…that beats the alternative, don’t it? Great. Now that it’s been decided, I’m gonna go find a bottle of champagne, and we’re gonna celebrate. Could you be trying to ditch me to go off and call your broker before michael intervenes? Isn’t the fact that you’re trying to end-run me reason enough just to let this go? What is so impossible about letting me help you? Because I didn’t ask for your help. But you’re getting it, anyway. But I don’t need it. Everybody needs help, especially those too proud to ask for it. Or doesn’t it matter if you get elq back? I come bearing gifts.

[ Horse whinnies ] It’s to mount over the stable door. I have a sign-maker on stand-by to forge something for you as soon as you and olivia and leo decide on a name. Maybe “the lucky leo ranch”? I don’t know. I will submit your suggestion to the decision makers. Mm. In the meantime, let’s not pretend that you came down here to look at the horse. Yeah, look, I just —

[ Sighs ] I wanted to talk things out. I-I hate being at odds with you. Nor I you. Ned, you are the one who insisted all along that valentin needs to go. Mm-hmm. He has done an admirable job, but he’s not a quartermaine. Exactly. I am. You, me, and drew — all quartermaines. And we all want to keep the company in the family. Mm-hmm. We just disagree as to how. No, I — come on, I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t go that far. Look, we all want a lean, mean elq, even more nimble and profitable than it is now. So how do we make that happen?

[ Scoffs ] D-drew and I have been negotiating against ourselves. We made you an offer, but, you know, you haven’t budged. Well, I haven’t found much in your offer worth budging on.

[ Sighs ] I’ve given a lifetime to elq, and in return, you offered what? Busywork and an empty title. You can do better. Tell me how. You know how. Look, drew and I agree that ceo is off the table so put something else on it. You must have been working on a — on a counter, right? So, come on, let’s hear it. Brando, can you excuse us for a sec? Of course. What’s the problem? Last night’s coffee shipment has been held up on the docks. Did you talk to the harbormaster? ‘Cause vince will clear this — vince got fired yesterday.

[ Chuckles ] There’s some new guy in charge now. He wasn’t receptive to my request to speed along the inspection. Okay. The product can sit on the docks for a little while. It’s coffee business — it’s not gonna get impounded. But this staff change — it concerns me. I’ll look into it. Okay. What’s the other — you said “problems,” right? What’s the other problem? Someone’s trying to cut into your market share. We’ve got competition.

Of course I want elq back in quartermaine hands. It’s my daughter’s legacy. It’s your legacy. Uh, maybe, to a lesser degree, sure. What are you talking about? Do you not feel like a quartermaine yet? At best, a quartermaine-come-lately. Oh, my god, are you blind? Don’t you see the way monica looks at you? Or how michael and brook lynn look up to you? Or how ned is threatened by you? I’ve been around many quartermaines, and I can say, from up close and personal observation, you fit right in. Coming from you, I’m not sure I take that as a compliment.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Not a quartermaine like edward — although he’s very nice down deep. You’re the other quartermaine — you’re lila. And there’s no better compliment than that. Sonny: What competition? The managers at the grill and every city franchise of haven bistro have canceled their contracts. They’re declining delivery of corinthos coffee, buying from someone else instead. I know I’m new, and this is probably just a drop in the bucket. What’s it feel like to you? A sign of things to come. Think it’s wu? Wu and I have an arrangement. My connections on the docks are important to her. And vince was my guy. Think they’re connected? I do. And I think I know who’s behind both. You taped me? Ow, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I-I did not tape you! The recording is digital. Oh! Aaahhhh! Dr. Obrecht: Stop! This cavalcade of indignity’s gone on long enough. Damn it, brad!

[ Grunts ] Why?! I did it for you! So you can look back on it one day and see how far you’d come. Y-y-you be reclining safely in your as-yet-unmet-husband’s arms, watching this old video of you at your lowest. We can only hope this is her lowest. A-and you and he will laugh a-and laugh a-and just —

[ Laughs ] Yes, and you can sit there watching this with a few dozen cats, looking on with disdain on a loop, over and over and over. It’s part of the historical record. Okay. Does the “historical record” show that I was the wronged party?! That I was dive-bombed by a beefcake?! Oh. Okay, look, nobody’s saying you could have known that hot hunk-o-man was going to chicken little right on top of you. But some might say that this was a prayer answered. You had just said something about love falling from out of the sky.

[ Snorts ] And you think this is what I meant? As far as downward projectiles go, you could do worse. We’re way off topic. We’re concerned that you haven’t really been yourself. For a long time now. Instead of your mean-but-in-a-fun-way self, you’ve been mopey, even a little aimless. So if I’m not stealing embryos or tormenting nurses,

[Scoffs] I’m adrift? Do you really feel like you’re running at 100%? I had one bad day. In a string of bad days. Well, they’re my days, and I don’t have that many of them left, okay?! So whether they’re bad or not, it’s nobody’s business but mine!

[ Scoffs ] Come on, britt. You’re a thoroughbred. Did you just compare me to a horse? Uh… horses are beautiful and noble creatures with long, narrow faces and killer cheekbones. Why aren’t you recording this, james wong howe, for historical records? First of all, thank you for referencing a cinematic genius of cantonese descent. Yeah, I thought you’d like that, but I still hate you. Second, my point is, you’re strong and resilient, one of the bravest people there is. So why are you bellyaching about the days you have left when you know you’re gonna outlive us all? The meds — could they have had something to do with your episode a few months back? Mm. Yeah, sometimes they yank my blood pressure around. But, uh, the doctors — they’re always tinkering with the dosage and — and the cocktail, you know? And they work? 100% of the time? Are you asking me if hear voices or hallucinations? No, no. I-I — I just want to know what to look for, okay? Because if it was serious enough to drive you away the first time, then it could drive you away again. And I don’t want to lose you a second time. Curtis. No, w-we could have helped you, you know? Family helps people t-that they love through — through — through — through illnesses just like this. Son — son, you and tommy were babies. And besides, your mama, she had enough on her hands. And was that her choice? No, it was mine… …alright, and irene’S. I’m not saying she agreed so much as she acquiesced. To tommy and me believing you were dead. Curtis, I was afraid, man. I was afraid of the man I might have become had I stayed.

Curtis, you wore a badge for how many years?

[ Sighs ] Enough. And in all that time on the street, you never crossed paths with — with one of those “lost” people? You mean homeless? Of course. No, not just unhoused… …unmoored. You know what I mean? Shambling down the street, words all — all — all garbled, carrying on to themselves, responding to something nobody else can hear. And alone… always alone. When I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, son, that was my immediate fear. That I would end up being one of the lost. But if you were at home, you could have been with your loved ones who could have kept you moored. No, mnh-mnh, I couldn’t take that chance. My delusions were of the paranoid type. I thought —

[ Chuckles ] Man, I thought the government was after me. But you said you never had a relapse. I got lucky. And at that time, there was no way to predict that. Okay, but there are hospitals out there. We still could have helped you. Curtis, I needed to protect my wife and my kids while I still was capable of making the choice. What if it all went wrong? What if the medicine didn’t even work? What if the medicine stopped working? Maybe you can’t imagine the hurt and the shame I could have brought down on you. But I have. And it’s haunted me every day of my life. I was in danger of becoming someone else — not the man your mama married, not the man I knew, not the father I wanted you and tommy to know or even be around. So I took their deal, and then took their meds…

[Voice breaking] …And I took off. I’m sorry.

[ Crying ] I’m sorry I hurt you…

[ Sniffles ] …And I hurt tommy. But at that time, I didn’t know what else to do. I wish that I’d met lila. But I do know enough about her to take that as a compliment. Yes! Score one for me.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know if I’ll ever feel completely comfortable in that house, but I don’t remember the last time that I felt like a stranger. That’s how jason felt, although he didn’t use those words. What would jason say about you trying to buy into aurora? He’d tell me to stay out of it. So would you stay out of it if jason told you to? No. I ignored jason’s advice all the time…

[ Sighs ] …And he never held it against me. I mean, I’m sure at some point we were in the middle of a crisis of my making, and he said, “I told you so,” but I don’t know. I can’t remember. And you’re holding me to the same standard? No, I am not. Because you already schooled me on that. Mm! Jason was jason, and you are you. Although there are definitely some similarities, you are your own person. You advised me to stay out of it. I considered your advice. I’m just not gonna take it. I think I’m gonna make a lot of money on this merger. You are not doing this for the money. You are doing this to back michael and me. That’s right, because michael’s my son, and it’s the least I can do to settle up with you. And what debt do you think you’re repaying? Thanks, dex, for the update. Should I look into it? Try and figure out who’s making moves? Okay. Check with the other clients, see if anybody’s ready to make a switch.

[ Cellphone rings ] Go ahead, take — take — take that. Thanks, boss. Yeah. Still want to spar? Nah, I think somebody… has already taken a — a swing at me. Any idea who? Yep. My own son. Co-president.

[ Horse whinnies in distance ] Yeah, I’m not, uh, I’m not sure about the — the “co,” uh, ned.

[ Sighs ] Drew and i are looking at that for a — a shared ceo position. I’m not referring to myself. I mean the three of us. We share power. We divide responsibilities. Each will be overseeing a division according to our ability. The big decisions come down to a vote amongst the three of us. It’s equitable, it’s transparent, and it’s a sign of good faith that the three of us can move together in the future as a unit. What do you say? Dr. Obrecht: Brad, please leave us.

[ Sighs ] Feel better. Look at this place. This isn’t fit for schwein. Everything is exactly how I want it. I find that hard to believe. Why? Because I prefer to store my bra on the lampshade? Or I-I’m not ashamed of being single? And I don’t care if I die alone?!

Pardon my intrusion. If your life pleases you, who am I to argue? Mother, please stop. Okay? I’m sorry I jumped down your throat. Don’t apologize, britta. If anyone should apologize — please let me finish. I do appreciate your help. I do. And I know you mean well, even if good intentions are still a relatively new concept for you. And I gave society setups my best shot, and it didn’t pan out. And that’s okay, but I tried. And now I’m [Sighs] — I’m going to take a break from putting myself out there. Come. This isn’t about whether or not you meet someone, britta. It never was. If you don’t wish to share your life with another person, I’ll respect that.

[ Chuckles ] Perhaps my happiness with scott has turned me into a hopeless romantic. Or your version of one. I want the people I care about to be as happy as I am.

[ Sighs ] And since that number is rather small, I can devote more energy to each of you than the usual meddler. Okay. Well [Sighs] Maybe meddle with nina? And her recovering amnesiac mafiosi? I’m getting nowhere near that schlamassel. As for you, I only wanted you to feel the happiness I’ve but recently discovered. What I have with scott — okay, okay. Please, no details, please. I will simply say that a gruff, sturdy, ethically-flexible man who worships me…

[ Chuckles ] It’s — it’s a nice change of pace.

[ Breathes sharply ] I’m happy for you. Thank you. And I apologize for attempting to foist my idea of contentment onto you. But I do not apologize for butting in when I see my only living child flailing. And make no mistake, britta, you are. Was that enough detail for you?

[ Sighs ] For now. Good. Then I’m gonna take some rest.

[ Grunts ] Dad? I have one more question. Son, I’m tired. Just one? Uh, I’ll make it an easy one. Um, about your drug regimen. Mm. It’s been honed and refined over the years, right? It has. And in all those years, you really never had an episode or a relapse or whatever? I told you. Been lucky. Why? How come you didn’t come back years ago? Why now?

[ Chuckles ] What could you possibly think that you owe me? What was that little head nod? Was that — was that about the dna results, or was that because willow doesn’t know yet? It was the results. I heard from the lab. And? Nina’s not willow’s mother. Where to start? I mean, I messed up the whole victor cassadine plan. That was an honest mistake. And you’ve been there for me since my marriage crashed and burned. Well, yeah. That’s what friends do for each other. Nobody owes anybody anything. But you could have turned your back on me at any time. You could have, and — and come on, let’s be honest. Before you went to afghanistan, we had grown apart. We had? Stop. It’s not how I think of it. How can you not think of it like that? I mean, yeah, we hit a little bit of a rough spot when jason came back.

[ Scoffs ] I didn’t really know how or where we belonged in each other’s lives. It was tricky navigating through that. But I-I never once doubted us. And I knew that we’d find our way back to each other. To… …the friendship that we used to have. Or if we didn’t, we’d create a new one. And look at us now. We did it. This is a new angle — targeting my legit enterprises. Somebody’s throwing their weight around, interfering with my supply chain, messing with my client– you know what? That — I want — I-I-I’m gonna give michael some credit because he’s smart. He knows how to strategize. Has he ever come after you through your businesses before? No, but — but he thinks I abandoned my family. But michael only sees what he wants to see. Which is ironic, because when he got together with willow, she was married to chase. He only makes allowances for himself…

[Voice breaking] But not for his own dad. Problem? Nothing I can’t solve.

You can protes doesn’t care. But you should. You’re the reason “why now.” All these years, I kept my eyes on you from afar. I witnessed your struggles and your triumphs. Some made me proud — others broke my heart. But I never dared to interfere. Not until you finally gave me a sign. What sign? The savoy, man. Your club.

[ Breathes sharply ] When you opened up a place for music, it was like — it was like god itself was telling me you were ready. Or [Chuckling] Maybe it was telling me I was ready. In any event, I’m sorry I was late, son.

[ Sighs ] But I’m here now. And you’re staying? And I’m staying.

[ Chuckles ] Come here, girl. Get over —

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] I’m not flailing, mother. I’m — you are. You just don’t see it. And you are certainly not living up to your potential. Look at yourself,

mein liebling. You are letting life pass you by. One could make a convincing case that you are wallowing. Because none of the candidates put up by society setups interest me? I don’t know what to tell you, mother.

[ Scoffs ] I’ve raised my standards.

[ Sighs ] I want a man who will not only save my life, but…who I can trust with my darkest secrets. So meone who can look mein the face and not flinch when I tell them I have huntington’s disease, and I am inevitably gonna die a horrible, debilitating death. Know any guys like that? Because the only one I’ve met is — is buried under seven tons of rock on cassadine island. You’ve had almost a year to make peace with jason’s death and your diagnosis. Since when is there a time limit on grief or facing my own mortality? You’re not the only person who must…

[Breathes deeply] Content yourself with whatever time you have left. You have friends and — and a cousin and a nephew and a mother who love you. And will miss you when you’re gone. I, for one, will be devastated. With the life I’ve led, do you think I ever expected to outlive my children? Nathan is gone. And every morning I wake up grateful for each moment I have left with you.

[ Voice breaking ] When will you ever, ever feel the same? I’ll take your offer to drew, and guess we’ll see what he says. You don’t seem very enthusiastic. Well, uh, to be honest, I don’t — I don’t think this is going to appeal to drew. An equal distribution of power between the three of us. I mean, it doesn’t account for the risk that drew is taking on the aurora side. Okay. Yes, drew takes some risk, you reap the benefits, and then the two of you turn me into your underling. Come on. Drew has never even worked for elq. Maybe not, but I did. Look, I was ceo for years while you were doing music and — and other stuff. And long before you found yourself in the executive suite, I was changing your diapers! Okay, let’s not get personal, ned. Ned! Look, if you lose sight of what’s at stake, we all lose. Well, it’s good to know that we’ve managed to push through, although I’m probably the only one who’s been doing the pushing because you feel like everything’s been fine the entire time.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, sorry about that. Next time, I’ll clue you in. From now on, no more secrets. Okay. How about this? How about I don’t stand in the way of your investment… but you got to keep me honest. You got to tell me if I start veering away from lila and start heading towards edward. You gotta tell me right away. Oh, don’t worry. I will.

[ Sighs ] Headed out? Yeah, I gotta stop the bleeding. How can I help? Just asking is plenty. Like, it’s a sensitive situation. I mean, if I can’t talk to michael, I can talk to dante. Or maybe the two of us together can get michael to the table. You know, see if the two of you can hammer out a peace? Brando, you’re a good guy. Stay that way. You don’t want to get involved in this.

[ Sighs ] Sonny, you said it yourself. Alright, this is legit business, which means there’s nothing I can’t know. And since it’s also family, I… I don’t want things to get so bad between you and michael that you can’t find your way back. I think we’re a little too late for that. Hey, so, uh, I just talked to ned. He came back at me with a counter.

[ Breathes deeply ] I was not very enthusiastic, and things got pretty tense, which is average for this family. But I was hoping that you could come up with something better. We’ll, uh — we’ll talk, alright? Bye. Can I help you? Hope so.

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