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[ Grunts ] Please take me to port charles airport, international terminal.

[ Cellphone chimes ] P-phyllis — phyllis. Don’t worry. I’m gonna find her. Hold on. When you say “partner in crime,” are you talking about detective first grade dante falconeri?

[ Chuckles ] I still can’t wrap my head around that cop part. This guy’s mom sent him to summer camp in order to keep him away from trouble, and he got in a lot more while he was there. That was because of you. Right, right. Yeah, I’m — I’m the one who led you astray. Mm-hmm. You were the innocent one. Mm-hmm. You guys have known each other that long? We met when we were, uh, what, uh, 12? 13? 12. I came home from school one day. My mom had a bag packed, and she told me I was going to camp for the summer. I was gonna stay out of trouble and get into nature.

[ Chuckles ] And you were the bad influence that corrupted dante. Oh, I’m a bad influence, but so was he back in the day. Cam, hey. Hey. Wow. Two shifts? Kelly’s, now here? Well, you know, with everything going on with my mom, I figured I could use the extra work. Hey, wait. Can we please talk about what’s going on between us? I can’t believe we stayed out for so long. I guess that means we were having a good time.

[ Chuckles ] I guess so. Uh… thanks for buying everything at the pool and for dinner and for ice cream. I’ll pay you back for everything. Oh, forget it. Thank you for introducing me to that amazing food truck. Right? I only found out about it because it goes by pcu on certain days. Another testament of your incredible taste. Good art, good food. I can’t wait to see what else you introduce me to, trina robinson. Whatever you have to say, I promise to listen. Can I please go first? I’ve had a lot of time to think about what you said to me. How I take you for granted. How trina gets under my skin. But I evade every time you call me out on it. And I realized you’re right. And you deserve some answers. D-don’t tell me you’ve hired a divorce lawyer already. No. But I was ready to give up on our marriage. I was, too. I drew a line in the sand and I was ready to walk away. Thankfully, I realized that… was the very last thing I want to do. We can find our way back from this, can’t we?

I wouldn’t say cody corrupted me, but he definitely roped me into going along with some of his more, um… harebrained schemes. Uh-huh. Like you didn’t have any suggestions. Well, I know it wasn’t my choice

or my idea to take the canoe out to the middle of the lake and tip it over on purpose.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Ah! We — we — we — so we pretended that we were drowning, right? Mm. And we were screaming, like, “help, help!” Until the prettiest cit could come over. That’s a — that’s a counselor-in-training. Yeah. Uh, so she swam over and “rescued” us.

[ Laughs ] Oh, no. And, oh, man, she was mad. She was. We got banned from the beach for the rest of the summer. Then you stole all the camp director’s cigarettes out of his cabin. That’s right, I did. And why did I do that? Do you remember? I dared him to. Yeah, that’s right.

[ Laughs ] And the only reason we got busted in the end is because this guy here smoked every cigarette in the pack… ooh. …And ended up puking all over the place.

[ Laughing ] Gross. Nothing like a little adrenaline rush to let you know you’re alive. It’s like jumping out of a plane and crash landing on an unsuspecting woman. Ah. Talk about mad. And pretty. Now that I’m thinking about it, she actually reminds me of that cit.

[ Chuckles ] Still, if she hadn’t been there, that would have been a perfect landing. Yeah, instead of a potential negligence lawsuit. Oof. Look at you. Former renegade embracing the straight-and-narrow path to a humdrum life. I don’t know if staring down the barrel of a loaded gun is as dangerous as jumping out of a plane. But I don’t know if it’s humdrum. Mm-hmm, okay. Alright, you know that I’m messing with you, right? I’m gonna get you another round for that dinner you’re gonna buy me.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Groans ] You okay? Yeah. No, um… that tumble just fired up some old injuries. I’m good. Yeah, it’s, uh — little pain just lets you know you’re alive, right? Yeah. Why haven’t you mentioned cody before? I don’t know. We — we saw each other every summer at camp, had a hell of a time, but then, uh, we lost touch after I stopped going. That’s too bad. He seems like a good guy. Yeah, he’s a good guy. Good at getting in trouble. I feel like we should be able to tell each other anything by now. You know, unless this is something bigger. I mean, do you feel like we need time or something? No, no, I-I don’t want that. Do you? Well, I don’t know what else to do. There’s clearly something going on. I will not lose joss because you can’t keep your head in the game. Do whatever it takes at this point. I don’t care. Confess to trina. Suck it up to esme. Just make it happen tonight, or I will. You’re right. Um, there’s something that I should tell you. Okay. Isn’t that… the creep who tried to hit on me when I thought we were just study buddies? Hi, josslyn. I-I’m sorry, I really need — I’m sorry to interrupt. I really need to talk to you. I was hoping that trina would get here before I left. She’s actually supposed to be back by now, but she has been working a lot, just dealing with everything hanging over her head. Not saying that I blame her at all. I just wish that there was something that I could do to make things okay for her. We will. Can you give her a big hug from her dad? I sure will. She’s still a daddy’s girl. Don’t worry.

[ Chuckles ] Sweetheart, who’s your friend? Nikolas, we had a fight. You know, big deal.

[ Exhales sharply ] So do most couples. I just had to remember everything that we’ve shared. How we have survived, despite everybody’s predictions to the contrary, because we love each other, we understand each other. It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than an argument to sever that bond. To be fair, it… it was more than one argument. There are things between us… …that aren’t easily resolved. Nothing between us has been easy. It hasn’t stopped us yet. When you walked away from me, from us, I thought it was over. Yeah, I thought so, too. But, nikolas, it’s because we’re — we’re stubborn, passionate people. And when we’re at odds, you know, things can get really ugly, but when we’re together, we are unbeatable. And that’s our problem, right? W-we stopped working as a team. We — we started to let our own agendas drive us and we forgot to protect this life that we’ve created together, and that life is remarkable. It’s beautiful. It’s utterly our own. And I am n ot gonna let spencerand esme tear it down. Okay. I am so sorry. I’m so sorry for how bad things have gotten between you and me. I’m so sorry for the way that I treated you earlier. Will you please forgive me? Can you track down nina reeves for me? She — yeah, she’s not returning my phone calls or — I’m texting, nothing. Yeah. I’m just — I’m just afraid that she’s not in a great state of mind, and she may do something that she’s gonna regret. Thank you for, uh, making that stop. I left my passport in the office. Okay. Oh, wait. We have to make another stop before you drive me to the airport.

to port charles’ finest. Oh. That means you, dante. And to, uh… unexpected reunions. No wedding ring. You’re not married? Free as a bird. No kids? Nope.

[ Chuckles ] No one special in your life? You ask a lot of questions. Well, sam is a, uh, private investigator.

[ Chuckles ] It’s an occupational hazard. Yeah, it’s like jumping out of a plane and landing on the top of a building. Sort of like skydiving. Is that what you do for a living or is it your side hustle? Actually, uh, for a long time, I was a stunt horseback rider. No kidding. That’s, uh — that’s cool, man. Cody was always really good with horses. I grew up around them, and as soon as I could move out west, I did, d,started working on ranches. That’s where I learned about stunt riding. But after a few too many tumbles, I had to hang up my saddle. Now I make a living doing a bunch of short-term gigs. Wait, isn’t dropping out of the sky really hard on your back? Yeah. Probably gonna have to quit that, too. So how long have you two been together? Oh, you want to take that one? Yeah. We’re coming up on a year. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Year? That’s a good amount of time. How, uh — how’d you meet? Uh… sam’s been a family friend for a lot of years. My ex-husband was best friends with his dad. Whoa. You found your father? I remember you wanting to know who he was. Yeah. I, uh… I got to know my father a little more than 10 years ago. Dante, I mean, this is significant. Tell me — tell me what the — tell me about him. He’s a businessman here in port charles. What’s his business? Corinthos coffee. Wait a minute. Your dad is sonny corinthos? Brick, talk to me. A plane ticket. Where? Damn it. Milan? How soon? Alright, I’m on it. If I were you, adam, I’d get the hell out of here. Hey, it’s fine. Let’s just see what he has to say. Can we do this in private? You’re joking. It’s fine. You’ve got a minute. Be right there. One wrong word and you’re in the pool. I’m pretty good at it. I’ve been too afraid to talk to you at school. But I saw you come in tonight, and I — well, I figured it was now or never. For what? An apology. As convenient as it would be to blame everything on — on spencer and esme, we’ve struggled with trust and honesty from the beginning, and I — I take my responsibility in that. Ava: I know that we have. Oh! We have legitimate issues to work through. I know that. But despite those issues, nikolas, there’s so much love here. There’s — there’s a kinship, even. And there’s — there’s certainly no denying our attraction, right? Surely those things can see us through. So what do you say? Are you still in this with me? I appreciate your acknowledgment that you’ve treated me badly, but… it’s not that simple, spence. I know.

I’ve messed everything up. But I’m trying to work it out. I want to be the man that you deserve. But in order to get there, I may need a second or third or even fourth chance. And I don’t even know which one I’m on now.

[ Chuckles ] Just believe that… I’m trying to do better by you. I need a bit more than “I’m trying,” because from where I’m standing, it doesn’t look like you’re trying very hard, except maybe to justify your behavior. I have been willing to stand by your side no matter what, and I haven’t gotten anything close to that from you. I deserve better.

I’m with you. Always and forever.

[ Inhales sharply ] So “always and forever” lasted all of 4 seconds. I’m sorry, I — you just surprised me. Right, and your instinct was to recoil. That’s not very reassuring, you know. I’m as in love with you as ever. I wanted to grab you in my arms so many times, I had to restrain myself. We came so close to the edge, to giving up on each other. I-I think it might take a little time for things to feel normal between us again. You know, there is still one giant thing between us, and if we really want to move forward… we have to settle it once and for all. You talked to my father about me? Among other things. He saw my suitcase, and I’m afraid I accidentally broke the news to him about ava’s offer for us to move out of wyndemere in exchange for an allowance from your trust fund. One thing led to another, and I told him we fought. I was on the verge of walking out on you. What did my father say to make you stay? He cares about you and he doesn’t want to see you hurt, so he talked me down. He gave me a new perspective on relationships. It was a lot for me to take in, but made me realize I have to be honest about what I need from you. I know that our relationship has been rocky. I’ve been in a bad head space ever since I was in spring ridge, but I’m ready to do whatever it takes to make this work between us. Do you really mean that? So, are you sure I can’t get you anything to drink or…? Uh, no, ma’am. I’m fine. Good. Dad, weren’t you supposed to be leaving? You know what? I think I remember you. Weren’t you, um — you were at the courthouse at trina’s arraignment, right? Uh, yes, ma’am. That was the first day I officially met trina. He brought me a soda when I was in the interrogation room.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s an interesting story.

[ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm. Uh, mr. Taggert, I heard how you and commissioner ashford took down cyrus renault. Great work. You think? I broke the law. I had to convince my ex-wife and daughter I was dead for nearly six months. Which I had a problem with at first. But then I realized that you were just doing what you felt like you had to do. Sounded like you did what you needed to in order to protect your family and community. I admire that. Can I ask you a question, rory? You like breaking rules? I mean, is that the real reason you’re hanging out with my daughter? You want to apologize? I do. I’m sorry. I was a total jerk. I had no — no right to say the things that I said to you. No, you didn’T. So why did you? I’m ashamed to say it now, but… all I saw was a hot girl in a video. I didn’t think about what it felt like for you to have your privacy violated. But then I read your article in the invader. Reading about what you went through, that was seriously messed up, and it made me check myself. If someone did that to my sister, I would be furious. I’m really sorry. And I’m sorry I made it w– I made it worse for you. Thank you. And…I accept your apology. Great. Should we hug it out or something? Remember the pool? Yeah, don’t push it.

[ Chuckles ] I’m guessing you know the namesonny corinthos. I hear he knows how to roast a mean bean. Any chance I could get a hook up on some free coffee? Some thing s never change. Alwayslooking for an angle, huh? Well, hey, it’s — it’s not what you know. It’s who you know. Mm-hmm. So what are you getting up to tonight? Want to raise some ruckus and honor the old times? Um, you know what? I got a — I got an early morning. Right, yeah. Got to keep those bad guys off the street. Yeah, and get my kid to school. Look at you, man. Dad with a great job, cool girlfriend.

[ Chuckles ] I didn’t think you had it in you. I’m really happy for you, honestly. Looks like you grew up to have a full life. Thanks, man. It seems like you got the life you wanted too. Yeah, more or less. I’m really glad we had this chance to catch up, even if it’s just for one night. Yeah. You know, we’re having dinner at my place tomorrow. Why don’t you come by? I was worried about you. I-I called you. I texted you. You didn’t return any of my calls. I just — I put my phone on silent. I just was not in the mood to talk to anyone. I heard the judge rejected your petition to see wiley. I’m sorry. You’re not upset at how I let scott go after michael? I don’t like to see michael in pain, but it doesn’t mean I can’t feel for you. Well, I won’t be hurting michael or willow anymore. I’m headed to the airport as soon as I find — this? Oh. No, sonny, please. Nina, nina — I’m already running late. Can you give it to — there is a car waiting for me. Too bad, nina. I’m not letting you go.

[ Sighs ]

you wanted to give us space to work on our marriage, my offer to spencer wasn’t only so he and esme would move out. It was for us, too. You wanted to give us space to work on our marriage, but it hurts that my son chose his money over his relationship with me. Darling, I mean no disrespect. In spencer’s eyes, you did exactly the same thing. Tell you what. As a gesture of good faith and to show you that I am committed to our marriage, I won’t make spencer choose. Yeah, if you

renege,he’ll be furious. No, no, no, I-I’ll still give him the money on the condition that he remains here. Of course, I’ll still have to put up with esme. No, not necessarily. Spencer and esme might be breaking up. She seems to think so. Oh, maybe that’s why he was looking for her. Maybe she’s already gone. This calls for a toast. Things are looking up already. I mean it with all my heart, esme. I want us to make it. Can you please accept my apology? Please. Come on. I love you, spence. And I want to make our relationship work. So, yes, I forgive you. I hope this can be a new beginning for us. I want that, too. I’m ready for all this drama to be a thing in the past. The best part is… I know you really mean that. This isn’t an interrogation. It’s a fair question. Sir, I’m actually a by-the-book guy, which is why I looked it up, and there is no rule stating that I’m not allowed to be friends with trina while she awaits trial. You’re a rookie, right? There’s something you need to understand, son, about law enforcement — there’s written rules and there’s unwritten rules. Yes, sir. I take that seriously. Just like I take seriously our oath and motto — to protect and serve. It’s why I was drawn to the job. And I’m not violating the oath or motto by hanging out with trina. And if someone has a problem with that, that’s on them, not me. So what do you like to do in your spare time, officer cabrera? Uh, well, trina has been teaching me about art. She’s got a great eye. Oh, okay.

[ Chuckles ] Trina: I keep telling him that art is subjective, but I guess I’ve just been around it more. Hey, no false modesty. Own it, lady. Okay. [ Chuckles ] I guess I am pretty good at it. But I like to keep active, play sports, swim, work out when I can. The job keeps me pretty busy, and the whole work-life balance can be pretty tough. Right. You let me know when you get that figured out.

[ Chuckles ] I will. But, you know, right now, I’m just trying to remind myself to make more time for things that I enjoy. Cody: I appreciate the offer, but I got to hit the road tomorrow. No way, you’re only here for the day? Yeah. Life in the gig economy. My next job’s in the finger lakes area. But port charles seems like a nice town. It is. It’s too bad you can’t stay a little longer and get to know the place. I never get too comfy in one place. Got to pay the bills. Are you looking for a job long-term? I don’t know. I mean, since I quit riding, kind of just go wherever the wind blows. But, I mean, I’m open for the right opportunity. Why do you ask? Because I might know of a job that could be a good fit for you, if, of course, you’re interested. I can’t stay here. I can’T. I hate losing you, leaving you, but I can’t keep doing this. My mistakes have already cost you everything, and they have finally caught up with me. But I meant what I said on the stand. I forgive you for what you did to me. Thank you. That means everything. But that doesn’t change the fact that I lost… wiley. My grandson. My flesh and blood. The last link that I will ever have to my daughter. You don’t know that for sure, nina. Sonny, michael and willow will not let me see wiley after everything that happened in court today. Michael and willow can’t keep you from seeing your grandson forever, nina. Can’t they? No, they — they c– they can. I mean, they — they will not let that little boy see anything redeemable in me. I mean, willow accused me of being exactly like nelle. And — and I said terrible things. I have a habit of just lashing out when I feel cornered. I missed my chance of — of getting what my mother stole from me. I won’t know nelle. And now I won’t know her son. Nina — nina — and the only thing I have left of them is… is that necklace, sonny. Just give it to me, please. Just give it to me so I can go. It hurts too much to stay here. Please. Do me a favor before you leave. Let me ask you one thing. How do you think wiley is gonna feel when he finds out you gave up on him?

Ids spend a lot of timeat their grandmother’S. They have stables and horses. They just got a new horse, and they’re actually looking for another handler. Mm. So old money? New?

[ Chuckles ] Come on, does it matter? You said that you worked on ranches. Does that mean you have experience in managing and grooming horses? Yeah, sure. I mean, when I was a kid, my family tended to some horses that were on an estate near the camp. I helped out. Actually, I even took over for a couple years before I headed out west. Hey, that sounds great. I mean, I can’t promise you anything, but at least dante and I could get you a foot in the door. Yeah. You know, sam, I think that — that is a good idea. I just don’t think it’s the right one for cody here. I mean, never too comfy in one place, right? Hey. Hey. Everything okay? Mm-hmm, yeah. I was, uh, telling josslyn that I read your article in the invader and how sorry I was that everything went down the way it did. You guys are really brave. I, um… appreciate you both. Cool. Thanks. He legit? Actually, yes. He apologized and he told me that when he read the article, he changed, you know? We changed his perspective. Hmm. Look, it’s just more validation that we made the right decision by agreeing to do the article. Yeah. Guess we did. I’m glad you’re finally getting some closure. Mm. No, I wouldn’t say that. I’m not gonna get any closure on any of this until esme gets exactly what she deserves. Ah, spencer, I’m so glad you’re here. I have some news. I’ve decided to amend our agreement. Oh, you’re giving me full control of my trust fund.

[ Laughs ] No, no. I’m still gonna give you allowance like we agreed, except you won’t be moving out. You’ll — you’ll stay here and work things out with your father. You want me to stay here? Yes. And, well, it seems that the timing has worked out perfectly. N-nikolas, uh, he told me what happened. And, uh, what was that, exactly? Well, I — I understand that you and spencer have been having some difficulties and are looking to take a break. Now, I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by telling you I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure you’ll land on your feet, find some other family to terrorize. Long as it’s not mine. Oh, that’s where you’re wrong, ava. Spence and i worked everything out. He stays, I stay. Does that alter your terms? I’m not giving up on wiley. I’m fighting to stay in his life, sonny. Up until now, nina. You had one setback, and you’re gonna — you’re just gonna throw in the towel? Because I can’t sit on the sidelines and watch that little boy play out the rest of his life without me, knowing that his family poisoned his mind against me. It just hurts too much. If you run away, he’s gonna believe the lies. Wiley’s gonna grow up, he’s gonna want to know his mother and her family. He’s gonna seek you out. Maybe he’ll — he’ll even want a relationship with you when he finds out how great you are. I just don’t see that happening. Well, you know what? We don’t know the future. But one thing I can tell you right now is you’re not gonna have a relationship with wiley if you’re not here. I just feel hopeless, sonny. So, what, you’re gonna just run — you’re gonna run, right? Because that’s what you do. That’s your pattern. You got to break that pattern. Otherwise, wiley is gonna keep believing all the lies that everybody keeps telling him. What if it’s too late? That’s your fear talking, nina. Remember what you said to me? The only way you’re gonna make it up to wiley is to prove to him how much you love him. Now, you believed that then and you believe it now. I don’t know what I believe. Stay here. You have — you have a life here. And you could have one with wiley, but you’re never gonna know if you run away.

Thanks for the offer, sam, but I don’t think that’s the right gig for me. Ever since we were kids, this guy has had adventure in his veins. He’s right. Dante’s always had my number. My break’s about over. I should probably head back. Oh, okay, but you were gonna tell me something before adam interrupted me. Right. You know, it’s not really important. It can wait. Really? Because I can’t shake the feeling that you’re hiding something from me. No, no, no, I — look, I’m sorry. I’m probably giving off, like, really weird vibes. I-I’m just really worried about my mom. Okay. Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry. Just know that you can tell me anything. Okay? Joss, I love you. I love you, too. The most important thing to me is that nikolas and spencer work out their problems. And so if the two of you are back on track, then…it seems like you’ll be sticking around. That is if spencerdecides to stay. The decision is his. I’ll support whatever you decide, son. Seems like a win-win to me. How could I refuse such a generous offer? Well, then it’s settled. And as a welcome-home gift, I’ll wire you your first payment. Thanks. I’ll come, too.

[ Door closes ] I thought they’d never leave. Are you really okay with esme staying here? I’m committed to my marriage, just like I’m committed to you and your father moving forward. If that means I have to put up with esme, I will do my best to tolerate her. So help me. You didn’t say anything to ava? She doesn’t suspect? No. And listen, what happened between us can never happen again. We are both back together with our partners and we have another shot at making things work. I think it’s best if ava and spencer never find out what happened. I totally agree. Ava and spence never have to find out. It’s been nice meeting you, dr. Robinson, mr. Taggert. Unfortunately, I have an early morning tomorrow. It was nice meeting you, too, rory. Actually, I was just leaving, so I’ll walk you out. Mm-hmm. I’ll see you soon, trina. Okay. See you soon.

[ Door closes ]

[ Giggles ]

[ Chuckles ] Um…okay. Wait a second. He was nice. He was cute, too. Okay, mom — no, I’m just saying. I-I don’t know. I picked up a little, I don’t know, connection. Like you said, he’s a nice person. And I barely know him. Okay, whatever you say.

[ Squeals ]

[ Both laugh ] Okay. I’ll stay in port charles. For wiley. You’re making the right choice. And I’ll watch that sweet little boy become a stranger to me. Or even worse… afraid of me because of what his family has said about me. I’m not sure how I’m gonna handle that. Well, you’re not gonna handle that alone. ‘Cause you got me and you got phyllis and family and friends. We’re here for you, okay? That’s a good thing. Every step of the way. Because I don’t know how I’m gonna watch wiley grow up without me. Or how I’m gonna live without that little boy.

[ Breathes shakily ]

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