GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Anna and Valentin make a bet that whomever hits the most targets at the shooting range gets to decide what they want to do for the evening. Anna wins but decides to keep her plans for the evening a surprise. Valentin gets a call from Victor and must decide whether to take the call or spend time with Anna.

The judge denies Nina’s visitation with Wiley and she tells Scott he was wrong to go after Michael ( temporarily being played by Robert Adamson ex Noah YR) on the stand about Claudia’s death because she is capable of reading Michael’s police record.

Nina goes to Bella’s grave to apologize for failing her again. Carly opens the envelope with the DNA test results and discovers that Nina is Willow’s mother but when she gets to the courthouse she decides not to tell Willow because she sees Willow in another argument with Nina.

Nikolas and Esme sleep together and Nikolas feels regretful and has no idea how it happened and Esme tells him that he didn’t take advantage of her. Esme tells Nikolas Spencer doesn’t have to know but Spencer calls Esme s name from outside the door where Ava is also standing.

A very drunk Britt disrupts the Society Set Ups mixer by telling everyone there is no such thing as love because good men don’t just fall out of the sky. Everyone is surprised when a man falls out of the sky knocking Britt in the pool with him. The man says “hello Port Charles” to everyone.

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