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dante: Hey. Hey. What’s up? How you doing? Good. Took the liberty of getting you a coffee. Well, you know you can’t go wrong with a cup of corinthos coffee. Oh, I didn’t get you corinthos coffee.

[ Laughs ] Wanted to see if you were gonna go to the hearing on, uh, nina’s petition to see wiley. Yeah, I’m going. You are? Good. You sound surprised. Well, I — I am surprised that I thought maybe you wouldn’t go, but… you know, he won’t admit it, but michael will appreciate having your support. I’m gonna be at the hearing, but I’m gonna be testifying on nina’s behalf, not michael. Brook lynn: There has to be a way out of this. Just think of some sneaky lawyer move and call me back.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Bad news? Why can’t contracts be written in plain english? I mean, do lawyers take classes about how to make things as confusing as possible? Can I help?

[ Scoffs ] Morning. Morning. Oh, the petition hearing’s today, huh? Yeah, yeah. This hearing is our best chance to keep nina away from wiley. I can’t tell what you’re thinking. Are you nervous? Determined? All of the above? Sounds like

you’re the nervous one.

[ Sighs ] I just hate that this has become a court battle. I was hoping for a compromise. Oh, well, we’re way past compromising. That awful feature in the invader, that proves that willow and michael aren’t pulling any punches. Well, maxie, I have a few punches I can throw myself.

[Yawning] Can we get lattes instead? It’s a little early for yoga. It’s never too early for yoga. You were totally on board when I asked you. That was before last night. I didn’t get to sleep until, like, early this morning. Ooh. Hot date?

[ Scoffs ] No. Running an errand for my aunt. What kind of errands? Delivering paperwork. I’m not a drug mule. I didn’t say you were. You didn’t have to. You looked it.

[ Sighs ] Namaste. Namaste.

[ Laughs ] Well, that was helpful.

[Laughing] I know. Sorry. I’m sorry. You know, I wanted to take a private class because — I don’t know — I thought it would make me feel better. I’m going to court today, and I really wanted to be centered so I didn’t do something that I would regret. Oh. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Any news? Hey, T. Thanks. Yeah, um, the doctor’s examining marshall right now, says there hasn’t been any changes since last night. Look, why don’t you join molly back at the hotel and get some rest? I’ll call you if I hear anything. And if I said the same thing to you? Never mind.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] So I know that, um, hipaa prevents dr. Yuan from telling me anything about marshall’s condition. But you’re a doctor. Couldn’t he tell you from one doctor to another? I’m not

marshall’s doctor. All I know is what I observed when granddad and i were mugged — that knife cut very close to a major artery in marshall’s arm and that blow to his head was severe. Oh. Well, I know that, uh, when dr. Yuan asked about marshall’s medication last night, it let me know how very little I know about my dad. I mean, we had gotten close, but… marshall still hasn’t let me into his life. I did use marshall’s motel keycard last night. We had to go through his personal effects to look for his blood-pressure medication. And? I found something I wasn’t expecting. Hey, your text was cryptic, as usual. How’s elizabeth? Wait. Why’s she even here? Situation’s complicated. Terry’s in there with her right now. I… I think I know who’s been harassing elizabeth. Not all your tests are in yet.

[ Zipper glides ] Getting back into bed might not be the worst idea in the world. I’m fine. [ Sighs ] Call me with my scan results.

[ Device beeps ] Oh, your blood work is normal.

[ Scoffs ] There’s nothing “normal” about having no memory of leaving laura’s place and going to mine or cutting up the drawing that violet gave me. Am I losing my mind? I didn’t win the lawsuit, but everybody knows I wrote that song.

So, elizabeth was sleepwalking? Apparently. She was completely unresponsive when cam and i found her at her place. She was tearing up a photo that violet had drawn for her. I’ve heard some pretty extreme stories of sleepwalkers doing some wild stuff. Mm-hmm. I guess that would explain the fire in franco’s art studio. Yeah, the portrait on the mantel, the — the wedding ring in the locker.

[ Elevator bell dings ] You said that someone slashed her wedding dress. That someone was elizabeth? Uh, excuse me. Sorry. I couldn’t help but overhear. But maybe I could shed some light on elizabeth’s behavior. By all means.

[ Sighs ] People have been known to carry on entire conversations, take a walk, even drive a car while technically asleep. I’m going to go speak to elizabeth now and see if we can’t uncover some underlying cause. Kevin, please tell her I’m here waiting for her if she needs me. Of course. Thank you. How long does elizabeth have to stay here? I only — I only brought her in for tests just to see if there’s not a physical reason for her behavior. I mean, she — she’s free to go at any time. “Physical reason”? Wait. You mean like a brain tumor? Yeah, it’s a — it’s a — it’s a remote possibility. I’m — I’m hoping it’s just the sleep medication she’s been taking. Terry: Elizabeth wants to see you. Okay. Why aren’t you in bed? Do all you doctors give out unwanted advice from the same medical texts? You’ve been a nurse long enough to know the answer to that. I’m gonna tell you what I told kevin and terry — I’m fine. I bet they believed you as much as I do. The blood work is normal. And kevin thinks it might be my sleeping pills that are responsible for my sleepwalking, along with everything else that’s gone along with it. Okay, well, that’s — that’s good news, right? Yes, and I’m praying it stays the same, but I’m not gonna feel better until I know for sure. Okay, well, at least we know you and the boys aren’t in any danger. I hope not. I know not. If you are the one behind all this, you would never seriously hurt someone. Tell that to chase. So you’re determined. Good. Thank you for your support, maxie. You’re family. But are you sure going for the jugular is a good move? I’ve known michael a long time, and he’s a decent guy. Until he isn’T. I-I’m just s-saying, nina, you can’t escalate your way to a compromise. I have been trying to compromise, but it’s obvious that michael and willow, they don’t respect my rights as wiley’s grandmother. You know, I’m not gonna walk away from nelle’s little boy. And sonny doesn’t think that I should walk away, either. You’re gonna testify against your own son? No, I’m not testifying

against michael. I’m supporting nina’s right to be part of wiley’s life. That’s great. Michael’s not gonna see it that way. Michael doesn’t want any part of me. You know that. So why shouldn’t I stand up for a woman who just wants to see her grandson? You honestly don’t see the problem with that? Do you think michael’s being reasonable? Do you honestly believe that nina would hurt wiley? She loves that boy. Hmm. Maybe. But you could say she already hurt wiley by leading us all to believe that you were dead.

[ Sighs ] Michael has every right to protect his son from her lies. You know, nina’s already apologized a thousand times over. Michael is angry ’cause his mother divorced me… mm-hmm. …And he blames me, so he’s going to retaliate by punishing nina. Yeah. Like father, like son. Hey, if you want, I could watch wiley while you guys are in court. Wiley would love a visit from his uncle drew. He’s in the playroom with the nanny, and then josslyn’s taking him to the park later. Okay. Oh, well, good luck today, guys, not that you need it. Nina should just save herself the drama and quit now. Nina loves drama. She’s cast herself as the victim, and she can’t wait to play it out in front of the judge. Yeah, she’s determined to drag this out to the bitter end. Yeah, well, some people just prey on the innocent and vulnerable.

[ Sighs ] What’s this? Another family meeting I wasn’t invited to? The hearing for nina’s petition to spend time with wiley is today. Yeah, you know, uh, we should go. Michael, wait. I’m sorry. Nina has done enough harm to your family. I hope you win. Thank you. Good luck, guys. Brook lynn: Bye. That was nice, dad. We q’s, we gotta stick together. Hm. We certainly do. Hi, stacey. Are we early? Uh, a little bit. Veronica’s teaching the next class. Good luck. Thank you. Carly: I was just leaving. Carly. Do you have a second? What do you want? Well, obviously the hearing on nina’s petition to see wiley is today. I’m not discussing my grandson with you, brad. Uh, brad, why don’t we do some stretching before class? Look, I-I know I have no right to love wiley, but I do. And I will always regret having hurt him and lucas. That’s great. Keep on regretting and keep your distance. Look, uh, michael respects your opinion. Maybe you can suggest he work things out with nina without involving the court. Why would I do that? For wiley. He doesn’t deserve more turmoil in his life. More turmoil. The turmoil began with you, okay? Get out of my way. Hey, no — not yet. At least hear him out, carly. Please stay out of it, britt. Excuse me. What happened with michael and aj could happen all over again with wiley. Doctor, is my father okay? Has he regained consciousness? Mr. Ashford’s condition is stable, but he’s weak from heavy blood loss. What did the mri and the cat scan show? Unfortunately, mr. Ashford hadn’t designated either of you as his medical proxy. Right. All I can tell you is that his results were encouraging. Okay. Why is he still unconscious? Head injuries are tricky. Sometimes the body shuts down to give the brain time to heal. And what are the possibilities of any lingering aftereffects? It depends on the patient. Wait. What are we talking about, aftereffects? Uh, memory loss, reduced cognition, partial paralysis. But marshall’s tough. You know, he could wake up and be completely fine. Can we go see him? Well, the nurse is with your father now. She’ll let you know when you can go in. Right, right, right. I’m sorry. I have to go. I assure you, marshall is getting the best care possible. Thank you. Uncle, I’m sorry. I just gave you the worst case scenario. There’s no reason marshall should have any of those aftereffects. I can’t even worry about that right now, tj. You got to tell me what you discovered in marshall’s motel room. His medication. It’s not what we thought. This isn’t for his heart? It’s an antipsychotic.

Lly think that wewere meeting behind your back? No. I was joking.

[ Glass thuds ] You’re still opposed to the aurora/elq merger. Yes. Because I believe I am the right choice to lead elq after we get rid of valentin. I’m trying to be as tactful as possible here, ned. You have no media experience. So you throw me a bone and make me C.O.O.? You don’t want that position, that’s fine. Make me a counteroffer. I mean, anything other than ceo.

[ Scoffs ] You and michael are in no position to offer me anything. Every time this family needed me at elq, I stepped up! I have a longer history with this company than you or even michael. You know what? You’re right. I did miss a few board meetings while I was being held prisoner by peter august. Well, you certainly didn’t race back to the company after you were freed. Enough! What is it with this family?! Does everything need to be a death cage match? Marshall is on an antipsychotic? So when he collapsed back in january, that wasn’t because of his heart? It could have been. Some antipsychotics can cause heart issues. After the attack, marshall might have switched to a different prescription. Why would someone be on medications like this? Many reasons. There’s no way to know marshall’s actual diagnosis. Unless marshall wakes up and tells us himself.

[ Knocking, door opens ] Going somewhere? Yeah, well, I don’t do well laying down. Chase, I am so sorry for giving you a concussion. Hey, I can’t be mad when you weren’t even aware of what you were doing.

[ Sighs ] Oh. You’re a much better person than I am. But I’m not retracting my apology. I can’t ever imagine wanting to hurt you. Your test results are in. First of all, I w– I was ready to stand up for michael despite feeling like, you know, nina has every right to see her grandson. And as you know, I went over there. He rejected me, everything that I stand for. Am I supposed to sit back andjust, like, you know, take it? Do you hear yourself right now? You’re proving my point. What’s your point? That michael is too much like you — lashing out at nina. Alright. So you agree h-he’s being unreasonable?

[ Sighs ] I think you both need to grow up before you lose each other forever. Wait. Bobbie threw a drink in your face? Did you throw one back? No, but I wanted to slap her, but sonny — he stopped me. And that’s actually a really good thing, ’cause I don’t want to give michael and willow any more ammunition against me. So sonny looked after you? Yeah, he’s on my side. Are you thinking there’s a chance for you and sonny? Wait a minute. You can go if you want to go, but don’t do that on my account. Because, for me… you being around… is not trouble. I think so, even though his entire family hates me. Maxie: Well, I am sorry about his family. Yeah, I feel horrible about how bad it’s gotten, but I’m not going to apologize for caring for sonny. And he cares about me, too. He even offered to testify on my behalf. -Oh, I — -wait. Did I hear that right? My father’s gonna be a character witness for you?

Ou’re certain my mriis completely normal? I would never lie to you about this, biz. Okay. So there’s no physical reason for my sleepwalking? Not according to the tests we’ve run so far. What about the sleeping pills? How long have you been taking them?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I-I got them after franco was killed, and then my schedule got really crazy. And I would take one in the morning after I worked a night shift. The pills could affect your behavior. I’m gonna order more tests. Kevin. Hm?

[ Door opens and closes ] Could my actions be the result of just medication, or is there a deeper problem behind all of this? What are you talking about? You and sonny kept aj away from michael for years. And when aj came back to port charles, michael was an adult and wanted a relationship with his father. Okay. Brad, don’t go there. I can’t even explain to you how many ways you have this wrong. I was in prison, carly. You know why? Yeah, because you tried to pass michael’s son off as your own. Because the truth always comes out. And when wiley finds out that nina is also his grandmother, he’s going to want a relationship with her and feel that he was cheated and robbed of that while he was growing up. Or…when wiley is an adult and he’s able to comprehend all the damage nina did to various members of his family, he’s gonna be grateful that he doesn’t have her hovering over him, demanding that he love her like the narcissist that she is. Okay. Need to put my bag away. You need to get better friends, britt, because he’s an idiot.

[ Scoffs ] He can be… but right now he kind of has a point. Testifying for nina crosses the line, dad. You’re the one who told me that michael’s not only cutting me out of his life, but he’s actively working on taking me down. What am I supposed to say to michael? “It’s okay, mike. Go ahead. Thank you.”

[ Chuckles ] No. Well, I mean — well, okay, I’m telling you back off a little bit. Let him cool down. Oh… he sees his job as protecting wiley and willow. Okay? Like it or not, nina has a history of questionable behavior. Willow just found out that harmony killed neil and brendon byrne to prevent the secret that she wasn’t willow’s biological mother from coming out. I mean, michael, he’s circling the wagons, man. He’s — he’s reacting to everything. Everything is a threat to him right now. I’m not a threat. I’m his father. Well, then act like it. Wait until nina’s petition is resolved and things die down. What if I don’t? Then you run the risk of losing wiley and michael for good. After the way you’ve been treating him, sonny’s decided that he’s done supporting you. -I see. -Maxie: Okay. Alright. Does it really have to be like this? We’re all adults here. Can’t we just act like it? The only one not acting like an adult is nelle’s mother. You have no place in wiley’s life. Regardless of what you thought of my daughter, wiley is my family. And we all know how important that is, right? I mean, there’s no limit to the number of people who can love a child. I say the more the merrier. Now, if felicia hadn’t killed peter, was he going to be part of bailey’s life? Isn’t the main thing to get valentin out as ceo? What does it matter who — who replaces him? You’re right. You’re right. I mean, we should just focus on getting rid of valentin. I need to get changed for work. Okay. Hey.

[ Sighs ] I love your passion. Look, we’re family. We should be fighting together, not against one another. I couldn’t agree more. I really couldn’T. But I get the feeling that there’s more to this than just elq. What’s going on?

[ Sighs ] Is it that contract? Because maybe we can figure it out together. My producer’s back in town. And that’s not a good thing? That’s correct. While you were gone, he followed me back to port charles. You look up the word “sleazy” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of linc’s face. What did he do? He started this whole mess, in a way. I was just so desperate to get rid of him that valentin bought out my contract in exchange for my elq shares. Oh, that’s how he became ceo. Yeah. Lucy coe, she cast the tie-breaking vote. And I’m guessing that’s the contract in question? Yes. It was the most reckless, short-sighted thing I have ever done, was to sign that contract. And now linc claims to own all my “intellectual property” that was created under contract with him. All your songs? Yes. He even has demos of my songs, so it’s not even like I could claim that they were written when I wasn’t under contract with him. I just — I don’t see a way out of this. The court sent — the court sent marshall to a psychiatric facility after he was arrested from that protest. When I confronted marshall about the truth, he refused to talk about his diagnosis. Can someone take these meds for decades and then still consider themselves cured? With the right medication. Many people diagnosed with mental illness can manage their symptoms and still live quality lives. I just don’t understand why marshall would abandon his family and let tommy and me think that he was dead. With mom’s approval. It can — can take time to settle on the right medication. Maybe marshall was volatile. Not to mention the stigma attached to mental illness. It wasn’t nearly understood back then as it is today. Yeah. Right.

[ Curtain opens ] Mr. Ashford, you can see your father now. Thank you. I’ll be right here. Thanks, T.

[ Sighs ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Marshall ashford. The more I get to know you… the more questions I have.

Did you speak to a lawyer?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. He’s looking for a loophole. And you say this guy is, like, super sleazy? He’s most-wanted on metoo’s list. Sue him for sexual harassment. That’ll void the contract. Yeah, um, I sort of punched him a couple times. Look, linc, he pushes my buttons. I was really hoping I would never have to deal with this creep again. Easier said than done if he owns all your songs.

[ Sighs ] I guess I’m just gonna have to live with this. Look, you can move on in the sense that you just write more music, music that won’t fall under the contract. I’ve already done that. And I do have a really great job at deception, which I’m pretty good at, if I do say so myself. Yeah. So what if linc owns some of my past? Well, shouldn’t own any part of you — past, present, or future.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Scoffs ] Speak of the devil. Literally. That’s him? That’s linc? He sent me an e-mail.

[ Sighs ] The next time you find yourself agreeing with brad, don’T. Nina is my cousin. I want her to be able to see wiley. That said, I understand she caused you and your family a lot of pain. I also understand that simply saying, “oh, gosh, I feel bad about that, let’s all move on,” changes exactly nothing. Nina’s not gonna give up. In her mind, wiley is all she has. Well, that’s too damn bad. It’s not wiley’s job to fill the void in nina’s life. Okay, true, but what happens when wiley gets older and nina goes to him with her tale of woe? “I wanted to see you, but your mother and father wouldn’t let me.” Oh, come on. Wiley is smart. He’s not gonna fall for nina’s hysteria. Really? A rebellious teenager. You think he’s gonna be okay with the truth? Sometimes you have to make hard decisions to protect your kids.

[ Scoffs ] So that’s it? There’s no option b? There’s nothing else to — to fix this situation? Hey, hey. Just think about it for one second. If michael goes too far with nina and then it turns out that nina really is willow’s mother? I mean, you know willow. It’ll change things for her, whether she wants it to or not. I’m certainly not gonna say anything right now. I mean, can you imagine if nina turns out to be willow’s mother? That’s going to be a huge problem for michael and willow. And what if the whole thing turns out to not be true? I would have set a hideous chain of events in motion for no reason. Okay. What if it is true? What if the dna test proves that what harmony said is absolutely legit? What are you gonna do? There has to be some way for michael, willow, and nina to see things differently. I’m sorry. Are you really comparing nina to peter? Only from a legal perspective. But if peter had lived, he would have legal standing as bailey’s father, just like nina has legal standing as wiley’s grandmother, because of a biological relationship, but shared dna doesn’t always make a family. Look, willow is wiley’s mother, period. Like harmony was willow’s mother? Uh, nina?

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. Hello? I believed my entire life that harmony was my mother. Knowing the truth now does not change my childhood memories. What about the people that your mother stole you from, willow? What about your biological parents?

[ Laughs ] Of course, I don’t want to lose michael and wiley, but michael… has already made it clear that that’s already happened. Okay. You said you hadn’t seen michael this angry since he got custody of avery. Mm-hmm. And you were convinced that you were gonna lose him then, right, and you didn’T. Mm-hmm. Underneath all that anger, michael loves you just as much as you love him. Think about that before you get on the stand on nina’s behalf.

And put a rush on it. Thanks.

Dr. Randolph, will you be able to figure out what’s wrong with elizabeth?

As a doctor, I can’t comment, but as her friend, I sure as hell hope so. There could be an emotional source to your sleepwalking, something in your subconscious that wants to get out.

It already got out. I set fire to franco’s art studio, I attacked chase, I could’ve stabbed cameron with those scissors.

 No. We already talked about this. There’s no way you’d harm your children.

I don’t know what to believe anymore!

You assume that I was stolen, but what if I was given away? What if my biological parents didn’t want me or couldn’t keep me?

I have no idea what happened. And neither do you. You just wanted to wound me because I wasn’t saying what you wanted to hear. Michael: And when you don’t get your way, you go straight for the jugular. What a wonderful role model you’d make for wiley.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, you guys are great. You just push and you push and you push until I react, and then you stand back and you act all superior. Well, I got news for you. That gutter you pushed me into, you belong right there with me. Did we push you into letting my father’s family believe that he was dead? Tell me — tell me. How were we responsible for that? Oh, my god! How many times are you gonna say that? I said I am sorry! I regret that decision! But — but is this about wiley or about hurting me? It’s about protecting our son. Maxie: Sorry for interrupting. That was the nurse at james’ pre-k that called. Is he okay? Yeah, uh, I — I need to pick him up. He has a fever. Oh. The poor guy. I’m so sorry. Um, could you guys excuse us for a second? Nina, if you want to see your grandson again, stay away from michael and willow. You’re making it worse.

[ Stammers ] He sold one of my songs. I thought he was lying about shopping it around. But, I mean, that’s good, right? People will still be able to hear your music. There’s a link to the demo.

[ Dance music plays ]

Circles and in circles

don’t bring me around,

I wanna live

[ Scoffs ]

[ Music stops ] This isn’t my song. It’s a crime! I got to be honest, it didn’t really sound like something that you’d write. Those lyrics are my soul! He murdered them! Uh, I mean, as a — as a songwriter, you do have to get used to other people putting their spin on your words and your music. Yeah, that’s fine. That’s what singers do. They — they — they take your song and — and — and put their own interpretation on it while understanding the intention of the lyrics, not turning it into some trash! Sounds like you can’t give up. Sounds like you got to fight this guy. Damn straight I do. What are you up to? I need your help. This is why you thought it was better for your sons to believe you were dead?

[ Monitor beeping ] You really thought we cared about that? I can tell you right now… [Sighs] …I would have rather grown up with my father than without. Even if you were struggling, you shouldn’t have let your pride drive you away from your family. Alright. That’s not fair because I don’t know what you were going through when you made the decision to leave. I do know you wanted to protect tommy and me. Marshall, when you kept quiet, when you turned up in my life after 40 years, it was like… it was like you wanted me to distrust you, like you wanted me to think the worst of you when all you had to do was tell me the truth. Did I give you a reason to have so little faith in me? Was I too quick to anger? Was I unwilling to hear you out? But… you weren’t willing to talk. Maybe I wasn’t willing to hear, but it can’t end there. You have to wake up. You just have to.

[ Sighs ] Where’s carly? Relax. She’s done torturing you for the day. Where did you get the courage to confront her? Uh, I guess I learned a thing or two from aunt selina. I can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad thing. It sounds like she’s keeping you pretty busy. Aside from the late hours, how’s the job going? Surprisingly…okay. I kind of like the work, and my aunt’s a fair boss. And demanding.

[ Laughs ] Nothing I can’t handle. So, if I haven’t thanked you for encouraging me to take the job… thanks. Everything turned out pretty well in the end, huh? Where’s brook lynn? Hm. She tore out of here on a mission. And that mission is? Something you probably should hear from her. Then I’ll speak with her later. What about us, ned? Do we speak now or we speak later? How about not at all, if I’m not made the next ceo. You, michael, me, we — we gotta figure out something that’s gonna make you happy. You already know my answer to that. Alright, I need to get to the office, since I’m the only quartermaine who actually works at elq. Thanks for coming. Hey. What’s going on? Did linc show up again? Did he harass you? Not in person. What does that mean? It means I’m taking my life back, and you’re gonna help me. I never want to close my eyes again. Well, you’ll have to sleep sometime. And when I do, what happens? You gonna tie me to the bed, sedate me? May I just, um — now that elizabeth is — is aware of the sleepwalking, is there a chance that will deter it? Well, I can’t make any promises, but until we know the root cause, there’s always a chance it’ll happen again. Yeah. That’s what I think, too. So I’ve made a decision. I’m going to protect my family. I don’t care what issues you may have.

[ Monitor beeping ] I just want you back in my life. Please. Please, dad. Give me the chance to make it up to you. But I can only do that if you come back to us. Just open your eyes. Please. Please.

[ Mumbles ] Hey, no. Marshall, I’m here. It’s me. It’s curtis. It’s your son. Dad. It’s your son. It’s your son. For god’s sake, michael, I’m not going to hurt her. Just — just leave us alone. No, not until you hear me out. Willow, I think I went a little bit too far earlier. I’m really sorry that you lost your mom. Even though she had her faults, she was still your mom, and it’s still painful. Save your breath. The judge won’t be fooled by your fake remorse. Okay. Let me ask you this. Are you and michael so perfect you’ve never made a mistake? Hm. See, uh, nina, you — you’ve lied or misled us repeatedly. That is not a mistake. That is a pattern of behavior, one that we want to protect wiley from. Regardless on how it affects the rest of your family?!

[ Cellphone chimes ]

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