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[ Feet shuffling in distance ]

[ Feet shuffling ]

Drew: Ha-ha! [ Breathing sharply ] Oh! Whoa-oh-oh!

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Drew: What is this?

Michael What? What do you mean? What?

Drew: You taking it easy on me because I’m family?

Michael: Oh, since when does our family go easy on each other, huh?

Drew: Aha. That’s a good point. That’s a good point.

Michael: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I suppose I am a little distracted, though.

[ Boxing gloves tap ]

Michael: I, uh — look, Nina’s taking us to court.

Drew: [ Sighing ] Oh. Over Wiley?

Michael: Yeah. [ Sighs ]

Drew: [ Sighs ]

Michael: And I talked Willow into fighting back in a way that, uh, well, let’s just say, might have some serious repercussions.

Drew: [ Sighs deeply ] That’s it. Come on. Get it out there. There you go. Oh, oh. I see, I see.

TJ: Grandpa. Hey.

[ Bag thuds ]

TJ: I just saw Aunt Stella.

Marshall: And?

TJ: She fussed all over me, said it doesn’t look like I’m eating enough.

Marshall: Well, it sounds like she’s back to her old self.

TJ: Right.

Marshall: That’s good.

TJ: Mm-hmm. I made sure to let uncle Curtis now. Nothing’s more important to him than family.

Portia: I’ve seen you go outside the law time and time again to protect your family.

Jordan: And it’s brought nothing but trouble. Which is why I have to play everything by the book.

Portia: Oh, of course you do now, because this is my daughter we’re talking about. Which begs the question… you know what? Never mind. Mnh-mnh.

Jordan: No. You clearly want to say something, so say it.

Portia: I want to know if you’re making this personal, Jordan.

Jordan: I have no reason to make this personal.

Portia: Oh? Oh, really? ‘Cause I can think of one. He used to be your husband.

Jordan: [ Scoffs ]

Curtis: Okay, ladies, take a breath, all right? Before something is said that you can’t take back.

Cameron: Hey, Spencer. Why don’t you put on an apron and — I don’t know — help?

Spencer: All of my energy needs to go into busting Esme right now.

Cameron: Well, some of us can chew gum while we walk. You should try it sometime.

Spencer: You didn’t tell Joss anything, right? About my plan?

Josslyn: Maybe we should try Charlie’s.


Valentin: I considered bringing roses. But they die. Whereas a 2010 Pauillac blend from Bordeaux is immortal.

Anna: I do like roses, though. How are you?

Valentin: I’m better now… that I’m looking at you.

Harmony: No matter what I’ve done, Willow, I’ve done it for you.

Willow: Oh, wait. What do you — what do you mean you did it for me? What have you done?

Harmony: Oh, just, um, for starters, I — I declined Nina’s lawyer’s request to speak on her behalf at the hearing.

Willow: Nina’s behalf?

Harmony: Yeah, and I hope it doesn’t backfire and make her even angrier.

Willow: [ Scoffs ] Mom. There is no depth that woman won’t sink to. First, she asks you to try and convince me, your own daughter, to let her see Wiley, and now she wants you to go against me in court? I mean, how does anyone so underhanded live with herself?

Harmony: I wish I knew.


[ Water splashing softly, bell clangs in distance ]

Alexis: Oh, my god.


Anna: How was your convalescence?

Valentin: Uh, it was too long. Anna, the wine is an apology.

Anna: Yeah.

Valentin: I’m sorry that I stayed away, that I was out of touch.

Anna: I was worried when I couldn’t reach you. [ Breathes deeply ] But I understand your health takes the priority. How’s charlotte?

Valentin: Uh, she’s away at her new boarding school. Seems happy enough.

Anna: I didn’t realize that she was away.

Valentin: Mm. It was a quick decision, but ultimately a good one.

Anna: Oh. Must be very lonely for you when you return home and she’s not there.

Valentin: I’ll survive. I hear you’ve been doing some traveling.

Anna: Not for pleasure.

Valentin: Congratulations. It was a long and winding road, but you stopped Peter.

Anna: I did.


Marshall: Friendly wager?

TJ: Okay.

Marshall: Let’s see who can lift more.

TJ: Ha! That’s easy money, old man.

Marshall: [ Chuckles ] Those are famous last words coming from I-need-more-meat-on-my-bones.

TJ: Okay. Look. That’s according to Aunt Stella. Look, I could weigh a million pounds, and she would still say the same thing.

Marshall: Yeah, you’re probably right. Mm-hmm.

TJ: But I’m worried about her. I hope she finds a way to manage her anxiety.

Marshall: Your Aunt Stella is a tough cookie.

TJ: You know, being strong has nothing to do with addressing mental health challenges. To get help, she has to seek out that treatment.

Marshall: Mm.

TJ: Do you know what’s on her mind?

Marshall: Oh, come on. [ Chuckles ] Your — your Aunt Stella doesn’t confide in me.

TJ: I mean, it seemed that way. You two had your heads together right before she collapsed.

[ Feet shuffling ]

Drew: Whoa! [ Chuckling ] Hey. Ha! That’s what I’m talking about! He’s back.

Michael: Okay.

Drew: All right. Hey. Look, man, you’re — you’re not doing anything wrong, okay? I would fight for my kids the same way.

Michael: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I’m not sure you’d approve of my tactics, though.

Drew: Oh? You’d be surprised. [ Breathes deeply ] Let me guess — you’re employing questionable strategies to ensure necessary results.

Michael: Yeah.

Drew: Believe me, I’ve been there.


Curtis: It is probably best if we do this in private.

Jordan: I don’t think we need to do this at all.

Portia: So you don’t think that we need to address the elephant in the room, especially since it’s gonna impact my daughter?

Jordan: I was with Curtis. Now he’s with you. Neither of those facts have any bearing on Trina’s situation.

Portia: But it could have an impact on how vigorously you pursue other suspects, other theories. Jordan, given that Trina is my blood, are you telling me that you honestly can be impartial?

Curtis: Uh, you know what? Why don’t we step back? Portia, no one is questioning your right to fight for Trina, and no one is questioning your professionalism.

Jordan: Are you in the same room I am? I resent the implication that my feelings towards Curtis have any bearing on my actions as Police Commissioner, let alone something as important as this.

Portia: So you admit that you do still have feelings for Curtis?

Trina: I’m not going anywhere.

Josslyn: Agreed. Spencer’s the one who should leave.

Spencer: How you doing?

Trina: Does it matter?

Spencer: Of course it matters.

Jordan: Then get your psycho girlfriend to fess up already.

Spencer: Can we please not talk about Esme?

Josslyn: Aw. I thought she was your favorite subject.

Cameron: Okay, look, Spencer was just heading out, right?

Josslyn: What are you even doing here in the first place?

Spencer: It is a public space, last I checked. I mean, with Cameron. Just like us, he wants nothing to do with you.

Cameron: Spencer, uh, came to ask about being put back on the schedule.

Josslyn: [ Scoffs ] You’re not actually giving him his job back?

Spencer: I’m sorry, and how is this your business?

Josslyn: She’s my best friend, and you hurt her. That’s why it’s my business.

Spencer: I want to protect Trina, too!

Drew: You’re a good father, Michael. You’re gonna make the right decision for your family.

Michael: Thanks. So, uh, how’s Scout?

Drew: Fantastic. Oh? She — she asked me to coach her swim team.

Michael: Whoa. [ Chuckles ]

Drew: Right?

Michael: Okay, okay. That — that — hey, that’s awesome, man. I’m happy for you.

Drew: Yeah, thanks. Me too.

Michaeel: So, uh, well, now that things are settled on the Scout front, what’s next?

[ Metal clinks lightly ]

Drew: Can you narrow that down a little bit for me?

Michael: I mean, in terms of your career — you know, what’s — what’s Drew Cain’s future look like?


[ Police radio chatter ]

Rory: Are you cold, Ms. Davis? I have a blanket in my squad car.

Alexis: No, I’m just, uh, shocked.

Rory: Do you know the victim?

Alexis: He was face down. I didn’t see him. I hope not. Happening upon a dead body was not in my plans today.

Rory: Uh, what did you have planned? Can you tell me why you were at the pier and — and what you were doing when you found the body?

Alexis: Y-yes. I was on my way to Spoon Island, and, uh, my nephew lives there. I was gonna visit him.

Willow: Mom…really, are you all right?

Harmony: Yeah. Yes. Uh, yeah, it’s just been, um, it’s been a helluva day. Uh. But I’m so much better now that I’m sitting here with you. Can we please change the subject? [ Chuckles ] How’s nursing school going?

Willow: [ Breathes deeply ] I am studying hard for my final exam.

Harmony: Wow.

Willow: Mm.

Harmony: You’re graduating nursing school. I just [Laughs] — I am unbelievably proud of you.

Willow: Well, back at you.

Harmony: What? You’re proud of me?

Willow: [ Chuckles ] Were you not listening before? Yes, you’ve made mistakes, but you’ve taken responsibility and you’ve put all that behind you.

Harmony: I hope you know that… it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna make more mistakes. Willow, you know I have weaknesses, just like everybody else.

Willow: That’s exactly my point. [ Chuckles ] You own up to those weaknesses. You admit who you were and what you did and who you hope to be. It’s honest… and it’s very brave. [ Scoffs ] So am I proud of you? [ Thumps table ] Damn straight I am.

Harmony: [ Sighs ]

Curtis: I think what really matters is that we’re doing best by Trina.

Portia: That’s what I’m trying to do. But you can’t even defend the fact that she’s not even trying to help. Uh. [ Sighs ] [ Voice breaking ] I need to take a minute. Excuse me.

[ Door opens ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ]

Curtis: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Door closes ]

Curtis: Portia’s under a lot of pressure. [ Sighs ]

Jordan: I know. And I’d be doing the same thing if I were in her shoes. She’s worried about her kid — I get that.

Curtis: Thanks for understanding and for not losing your cool. You know, it’s, uh, I’m sure it’s frustrating, you know, for Portia, not knowing the whole truth.

Jordan: That I am as committed to finding the real perpetrator as you are? I’m doing everything I can to look deeper.

Curtis: I know you are, and, uh, I appreciate it, along with the fact that you called me when they brought Trina in for questioning.

Jordan: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Curtis: Oh, um, Jordan. About, uh, what Portia said about your feelings…

Jordan: work.

[ Ringing continues ]

Curtis: Do what you gotta do.

Jordan: Commissioner Ashford.

Spencer: I’m still your friend, Trina.

Josslyn: Oh, my god.

Spencer: What?

Josslyn: Yeah, Spencer, you’re a really good friend. You know, you’re protecting a criminal who violated us and framed her for it.

Spencer: You know what, Joss? Someday, you’re gonna be embarrassed that you assumed the worst of me.

Josslyn: Oh. Is that a threat? No, I just —

Britt: Ah, ah. Spencer, I think we should leave now. Let’s go.

Spencer: I hope that we can talk soon.

Trina; Thanks, but I think I’ve heard enough from you. [ Sighs ]

Anna: It was always my intention to hold Peter accountable so that his victims could have their day in court, have some kind of closure. But in the end…he’d just given in to his worst impulses, and he was almost a mirror image of Faison. I just — I couldn’t allow that to continue.

Valentin: I don’t blame you. He couldn’t be redeemed, Anna. There was nothing left to do. Just put him in the ground and keep the world safe from him. And Felicia did that.

But it was my call not to summon help. I chose not to. I let Peter die.

Spencer: Now that we’re seated [ Sighs ] Why are we here?

Britt: Your antics cost me the coffee I wanted at Kelly’s. You can order whatever you want — it’s on me.

Spencer: You don’t have to buy me dinner.

Britt: Oh, don’t you worry. You’ll be singing for your supper. So, uh, what’s happening with your friends?

Spencer: Pretty sure they’d say “former friends” now.

Britt: No way. You, Cameron, and Joss have been getting into mischief together since you were adorable little twerps.

Spencer: We grew up.

Britt: Grew up and started threatening each other?

Spencer: That wasn’t a threat. Joss misunderstood.

Britt: Well, maybe you should make her understand.

Spencer: What I was trying to say was she’d be sorry if she accused me of not caring about what happened to them.

Britt: Are you talking about the sex tape? Hey, I don’t — I don’t understand. Why would they think you wouldn’t care?

Spencer: Because I’m still with Esme. Or not not with her, at least. And they think that she’s responsible for the sex tape.

Britt: Okay. What do you think?


Drew: Honestly, I don’t know what my plans are. I mean, there’s Aurora, obviously. I just haven’t — just haven’t really found my sweet spot yet.

Michael: Well, I’d love to bounce some ideas around with you…

Drew: Mm!

Michael: …If you’re game.

Drew: Always.

Michael: Yeah? Okay. ‘Cause I have some thoughts on how to grow digital.

Drew: See, just the way you’re even talking about it, like, that passion, I — I just wish I had as much passion for the company as you do.

Michael: Well, you know, if not Aurora, there’s always ELQ.

Drew: [ Sighs ] Ah. Uh, that’s dicey territory there.

Michael Well, yeah, with our family, what isn’t?

Drew: [ Chuckles ]

[ Water bottle lid opens ]

[ Metal clinks ]

Michael: Now, have you given any thought into getting your shares back from Valentin?

Drew: [ Breathes sharply ]


Valentin: Tell me you’re not feeling guilty.

Anna: I did. Yeah, I mean, I denied medical attention to my own nephew. I waited, and I watched him take his last breath.

Valentin: Could he have even been saved?

Anna: We’ll never know, will we? And I carried that burden. But I don’t know. I mean, now I feel… at peace [Sighs] A little bit.

Valentin: Good.

Anna: I-I realized that we can talk all we want about the responsibility that we may bear in terms to who Peter became. But the fact is, he was an adult, and — and he forged his own path, and at every opportunity, he chose the wrong one.

Valentin: You’re a hero.

Anna: No. God, no. No, no. No. I would not say that.

Valentin: I’m saying it.

Anna: Would you have done the same thing?

Valentin: Yes, I absolutely would have done the same thing. And that last breath that Peter took — I would have enjoyed watching him take it.


Willow: Well, I think I’ll try and grab a quick hug from Michael before heading to the hospital.

Harmony: Ah, young love.

Willow: Oh, not so young anymore.

Harmony: Oh, my goodness. Bite your tongue.

Willow: [ Chuckles ]

Harmony: [ Chuckles ]

Willow: You’re sure you’re okay?

Harmony: Yeah, yeah. Yes, I just — you know, I got to get used to being alone, on my own.

Willow: Uh, what does that mean?

Harmony: Just that I will be moving out of Alexis’s eventually.

Willow: Well [Scoffs] You may be living alone, but you have us, mom. Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to ask you if you have some free time soon to take Wiley to the aquarium.

Harmony: Really?

Willow: Yes. He’s on this huge aquatic animal kick. I know he’d love it. [ Chuckles ]

Harmony: Not more than I would, so sign me up.

Willow: Okay, great. I really want Wiley to spend more time with his grandmothers, the ones who care and deserve to be in his life — that’s you, by the way. [ Chuckles ]

Harmony: I can’t wait.

Willow: Okay, well, then I’ll text you, and we’ll set it up.

Harmony: Yeah.

Willow: Okay.

Harmony: [ Sighs ] [ Sighs ]


Marshall: So, has my grandson picked a specialty yet?

TJ: Well, I’m still weighing my options. But I gotta say — assisting in surgeries has been really exciting.

Marshall: Ooh, what about it gets your heart pumping?

TJ: Yeah, um, I think it’s the constant mastery that’s required. Like, when I first picked up an arthroscope, it felt so foreign, and now it’s like an extension of my arm.

Marshall: I feel that way every time I pick up my clarinet. Mm-hmm.

TJ: Yes! The surgical team…

Marshall: right!

TJ: …Is like a band, you got your nurses…

Marshall: [ Scatting ]

TJ: …Your anesthesiologists…

Marshall: [ Scatting ]

TJ: …Your surgical techs.

Marshall: [ Scatting ]

TJ: Everyone lending their individual talent to create a symphony, yes.

Marshall: You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard playing music compared to saving lives. But, hey, man, passion is passion. And I’m so happy that you found yours. Yeah. [ Laughs ]


Rory: So after getting a closer look, you confirmed it was a body in the water and then called 911.

Alexis: Correct.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Air horn blows in distance ]

Jordan: I’m sorry you had to see this. Yeah. If you’re done with your statement, you’re free to go.

Alexis: Thank you. I-I would really appreciate it.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Rory: Commissioner? License I.D.s the deceased as a Brendan Byrne.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Alexis: Did you say Brendan Byrne?

Jordan: You know him?

Alexis: I do.


Anna: I did what I did. I don’t think I regret it [Sighs] But I’m not a hero.

Valentin: Maybe none of us are. Well. In the end, you weighed your misgivings over letting Peter die… …against your desire to end the torment of others. And you sacrificed your own peace of mind to do it. I think that’s pretty heroic. You’re not convinced?

Anna: Would you be if it were you?

Valentin: Yes. I don’t have a problem making impossible decisions.

Anna: If Jennifer was framed, our next move is to find this man that she brought to her room. I think once we find Francois Olivier, then we should get the truth.

Valentin: I would never judge you for that. And I hope you would never judge me.

Spencer: Now [Sighs] The evidence points to Trina.

Britt: That doesn’t answer my question. Do you believe Trina filmed and released that video?

Spencer: She swears she didn’t. But so does Esme. So it doesn’t really matter who I believe, because either way, someone ends up hurt.

Britt: Yeah, that’s a really crappy position to be in.

Spencer: Have you ever been there? Where doing the right thing could make people hate you?

Britt: More than once. This is going to shock you, but interpersonal relationships are not my strong suit. Once you’re known for less-than-honorable intentions, it’s hard for people to recognize your good ones.

Spencer: Hard, but not impossible, right? There is still hope for me and my friends?

Cameron: I don’t want to come off like I’m team Spencer —

Josslyn: Oh, I hate this already.

Cameron: But he’s got to be in a weird position.

Josslyn: In what universe?

Cameron: Well, it must be a total mind trip to be told that your longtime girlfriend is actually a nightmare.

Josslyn: Okay, well, I have zero patience for any of this angst that Spencer might be feeling, okay? There’s a right and a wrong here, and it is so glaringly obvious. But Spencer is just so far under Esme’s spell, he refuses to see it.

Trina: I need a minute.

Josslyn: Hey. Do you want me to come with you?

Trina: No, I’m — I’m good.

Josslyn: Sticking up for Spencer? I mean, really?

Cameron: I’m not sticking up for him.

Josslyn: Well, it sure sounded like it.

Cameron: But I-I was just trying to put things in perspective.

Josslyn: There is no perspective.

Cameron: I heard you. There’s a right, and there’s a wrong —

Josslyn: But you don’t agree?

Cameron: I-I do, but there’s just so —

Josslyn: Well, Cam, you’re letting Spencer in here, hanging out. I mean, I ask him to leave, and you say nothing. Whose side are you on?

[ Telephone ringing in distance ]

Portia: [ Chuckles ] I thought you would have left by now.

Curtis: Is that what you want?

Portia: No. But I wouldn’t have blamed you if you did.

Curtis: I had to see that you were okay.

Portia: [ Sighs ] I am now. Curtis, I’m so sorry.

Curtis: About what?

Portia: [ Sighs ] I don’t know. Let me start from the top, um — uh, causing a scene, going off on Jordan when she didn’t deserve it, and somehow I was able to make Trina’s arrest about the three of us…

Curtis: Portia, there’s no apologies necessary, okay? You were terrified for your daughter. Nobody expects you to hold that in. Maybe not, but I could have done a whole lot better job of that. I mean, good God. [ Voice breaking ] I accused Jordan of punishing Trina because I happen to be with you now. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. [ Chuckling ] I’m overthinking everything.

Curtis: I mean, there’s nothing wrong with you, okay? [ Sighs ] You, uh — you were frustrated. I get it.

Portia: And do you think that Jordan will get it, too?


Jordan: How did you know Mr. Byrne?

Alexis: He’s ne– was the brother of my ex, Neil Byrne.

Jordan: Local?

Alexis: Uh, he’s not from Port Charles.

Jordan: When was the last time you saw him?

Alexis: Neil’s funeral. I-it was a while — a while back, a-and then just the other day.

Jordan: So you spent time with Mr. Byrne since he came to Port Charles?

Alexis: No, I wouldn’t consider it “spending time.” He stopped by my office. He needed help.

Jordan: What kind of help?

Alexis: Financial. He — he wasn’t specific. I think maybe he was looking for a job.

Jordan: Why you? And why so long after his brother had died?

Alexis: That’s what I would like to know, especially after the way he treated me at the funeral.

Jordan: How was that? I take it you and the deceased were not on the best of terms.


Drew: Oh, you’re right, you’re right. I gotta stop dragging my feet, and I have to make a decision about those shares.

Marshall: Drew. How’s it going?

Drew: Marshall. How are you?

Marshall: All right. I’m, uh… good. …I’m ready to pursue that job you offered.

Drew: Oh, uh, I-I’m — I’m sorry. The — the board already green-lit another candidate.

Marshall: [ Chuckling ] We just spoke about it a few days ago. You said you were still interviewing.

Drew: Yeah, we were until the right fit came along. I’m — I’m really sorry, but if another opportunity arises, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Marshall: [ Scoffs ] Will you?

Drew: I beg your pardon?

Marshall: It’s hard not to wonder if you ever had any intention of giving me a job.


Michael: Uh, look, I’m gonna go hit the showers, give you guys some time to talk.

Drew: No, that’s — that’s really not necessary. Mr. Ashford, with all due respect, you didn’t follow up.

Marshall: Yeah, yeah. So you had to move on.

Drew: That’s right.

Marshall: More like you and my son — my son — you got all you needed from that fake interview.

TJ: Wait. What does uncle Curtis have to do with this?

Marshall: You want me to tell him or should I? [ Breathes deeply ] Curtis and this man, they came up with a fake job opportunity in order to get me to agree to a background check.

TJ: No.

Marshall: Yes.

TJ: What?

Marshall: I’m just curious — who pitched the idea first? Was it you, Mr. Cain? Must be nice having all that time and money on your hands.

Michael: No, no, that’s unnecessary.

Drew: N– no. Let Mr. Ashford say his piece.

Marshall: Not all of us are born with silver spoons in our mouths, Mr. Cain. Some of us have to work to survive. But then again, you — you wouldn’t understand that, would you? Would you?

TJ: Grandpa.

Michael: Well, he’s [Scoffs] — He’s got you all wrong.

Drew: Ah. Actually, I think he summed up my situation perfectly.


Curtis: Jordan understands the pressure you’re under. She doesn’t hold it against you.

Portia: I still need to apologize. And I will. I will. But I don’t think that I was entirely wrong, Curtis.

Curtis: About?

Portia: I know that you left your marriage behind. But can you honestly say that Jordan has, too?

Curtis: I don’t know, but, um, I do know that, uh, Jordan won’t let her feelings impact the case. With Jordan, work comes first. Work always comes first. Our divorce is a testament to that.

Portia: I saw the look you two gave each other when I said she wasn’t impartial.

Curtis: Jordan believes that there’s, uh, more to Trina’s case than meets the eye.

Portia: Well, Trina feels the same way, too. I’m glad that somebody’s finally confirming it. Good. Uh, okay. So what’s Jordan doing to dig deeper?

Curtis: She’s doing what she can, but you know how it goes.

Portia: She can’t give you any details. Yeah, of course. [ Stammers ] You know what? I don’t even care. It’s at least comforting to know that Jordan doesn’t believe that this case should be closed.

Curtis: Baby… not by a long shot.


Cameron: Look, I’m on the side of truth, okay?

Josslyn: What does that even mean?

Trina: Please tell me we’re not still talking about Spencer.

Cameron: Well, I’m ready to move on.

Josslyn: Well, I’m not. Please promise me you’re not gonna put him back on the work schedule here.

Trina: Don’t block him because of me.

Josslyn: He deserves to be blocked, Trina.

Cameron: Okay. And what if he needs the money?

Josslyn: He doesn’t.

Trina: Okay, let’s just back this up.

Josslyn: He has no right to work here, Cam.

Cameron: Well, Joss, it’s my call. And if he wants his job back, I’m not gonna get in his way.

Josslyn: And if that stands in our way?

Cameron: Well, then maybe you guys have to find another place to hang out.


Anna: You understand that there’s no judgment between us, right? There never is. And oddly…I trust you.

Valentin: And I trust you.

Anna: Your father, not so much. Have you seen Victor lately?

Valentin: No. Why?

Anna: Doesn’t matter. It’s nice that you’re back.

Valentin: Mm.

Anna: I missed my compatriot while you were away.

Valentin: Is that what I’ve been reduced to? I’m a compatriot?

Anna: Do you want to be something more? Shall I open this bottle of wine?

Valentin: Mm-hmm. I would like nothing more, but I have to take a rain check.

Anna: Big plans, huh?

Valentin: Something like that, yeah.

Anna: Well, I can’t promise that this will be here when next you come.

Valentin: I wish I had been there with you when Peter died. And I-I-I understand completely that you are capable of taking care of it on your own.

Anna: I think that it had to be me — doing it without you.

Valentin: I get that. And we have been together all along. I just wish we could have seen it through together.

Anna: [ Sighs ] I wish that, too. I think being alone was what I needed — it certainly wasn’t what I wanted.

Valentin: You had Dante and Drew and F-Felicia.

Anna: Yeah. They were incredible. But in that moment when I looked down and I saw that Peter was gone, all I wanted was to look up and see you.


Harmony: [ Clears throat ] Hey, sorry. Can you remind me where the restroom is?

Waiter: [ Clicks tongue ] Yeah. It’s the second door on the right. Of course, duh. [ Chuckles ] It’s like I’ve never been here before. Thanks.


Alexis: If it’s all right with you, I’d — I’d like to go.

Jordan: Just one more question. You mentioned that Mr. Byrne had fallen on hard times.

Alexis: Yes.

Jordan: Did he strike you as desperate enough to end his life?

Alexis: Uh… do you think it’s suicide?

Jordan: I don’t know. I’ll need to wait for the medical examiner’s report, but I’m not ruling anything out.

Alexis: All right. Thank you.

Jordan: I thought you were heading to Spoon Island.

Alexis: I’m not really in the mood to visit anyone right now.

Jordan: Because you knew Mr. Byrne? Or because the circumstances surrounding his death are suspect?

Alexis: Jordan, if you have any more questions, you need to talk to my attorney. You know her — Diane Miller.

Jordan: I thought you might say that.


Britt: The only thing you have control over is you. Trust your gut — no matter the fallout.

Spencer: Thank you.

Britt: That’s pretty generic advice, but if it helped, I’m happy.

Spencer: You always help.

Britt: Moi? [ Laughs ]

Spencer: I mean it. Since I was a little kid, you’ve always been there for me, despite my [Breathes deeply]

Britt: Many screw-ups. Many, many screw-ups.

Spencer: Having you in my life has made a world of difference.

Britt: Spencer. Listen, whatever mistakes you’ve made, you are worthy of love — remember that.

Spencer: Only if you do, too. Thanks for dinner.

Britt: Anytime. [ Sighs ] I don’t care what you say, Mom. His cat is cute.

Josslyn: I cannot believe you’re not backing me on this. After what Spencer did to Trina…

Cameron: look, I know what Spencer did to Trina. It was all kinds of wrong, but we’re talking about a job here, not matching BFF tattoos.

Josslyn: You’re doing him a favor, Cam, and I cannot understand why.

Trina: Joss, it’s okay.

Josslyn: No, it’s not. It’s not okay. [ Scoffs ] Guys always forgive each other.

Cameron: Well, that’s ridiculous.

Josslyn: But true.

Cameron: No, so, what, I’m just lumped in with all the guys now?

Josslyn: Well, it’s news to me, too, Cam, but apparently my boyfriend is a part of some almighty boys’ club. I could never be civil with Spencer after he stood by that witch —

Cameron: You know, you could if you actually knew what he was up to!


Portia: You know, I never even asked you why you came here to the hospital.

Curtis: I’m more concerned about you.

Portia: [ Chuckles ] Unh-unh. I’m not buying that. Something’s wrong. Is it Aunt Stella or…?

Curtis: No, she’s fine, um, but you are on the right track. Has to do with family.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Curtis: Do you mind if I take this?

Portia: No, no, no. Go ahead. Take it.

Curtis: Hey, Drew. What’s up?

Drew: Marshall was just here.

Curtis: What happened?

Drew: He knows that the job at Aurora was a setup. I tried to convince him otherwise, but he was too quick.

Curtis: How’d he take it?

Drew: Not well. I’m sorry.

Marshall: Don’t be. [ Breathes deeply ] My father’s whole life is built on lies. I suppose at some point he should realize that one day they would catch up to him.


Alexis: Hi. I’ll have a cranberry and soda, please.

Harmony: No. No cranberry and soda. [ Chuckles ] She’ll have what I’m having.


Jordan: Rory, come here. What do you see?

Rory: Uh, red markings near the victim’s trachea.

Jordan: There’s blood pooling under the skin. Was this injury sustained pre- or post-mortem?

Rory: No time to bruise, so it probably occurred in the hours before he was in the water.

Jordan: Very good. And what can you tell me about the shape of the marks?

Rory: Consistent with fingers?

Jordan: Mm.

Rory: So he was grabbed, but when?

Jordan: That’s the million-dollar question. And the answer may tell us if it was suicide, an accident, or straight up murder.


Anna: Were you going on lots of walks while you were recuperating?

Valentin: What? Why would you ask that?

Anna: Because you’ve got a tan.

Valentin: Yeah, walks. It’s amazing what getting your legs moving will do for your mind and your spirit. I’ll see you again soon. Save me a glass of the Bordeaux.

Anna: Well. Bye. [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Anna: Did you forget something?

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