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Brad: [ Chuckles ]

Britt: Hmm. Oh, look. Carbs, sugar, and sugar.

Brad: What? We need energy.

Britt: Isn’t this a bit overboard? Hey, it’s not every day I get to help my bestie find the love of her life. Pull up those matches, and let’s ogle some men.

Anna: Oh, thank you so much for coming by on such short notice.

Laura: Happy to do it. It actually gives Jake and Aiden some guy time with Grandpa Kevin, so…

Anna: Oh, that’s sweet. Yeah. Come on in, please.

Felicia: Hi, Laura.

Laura: Hi.

Robert: Laura.

Laura: Hi.

Anna: Hi. So…Felicia and I, we just got back from Tahiti, and we had some information that we wanted to share with you both.

Felicia: It’s a lead on the Ice Princess.

Anna: Did you find the diamond? We did, and, uh, you both should know that a suspect has been arrested in regards to Luke’s murder.

Elizabeth: Dr. Robinson? Dr. Robinson.

Portia: Yes. Yes, yes. I’m sorry.

Elizabeth: We have a problem.

Brendon: My brother, Neil, kept your file in a lockbox, probably wondering whether he should turn you in to the cops. When Neil died, I inherited that lockbox, and I had no idea that I would stumble across all of that incriminating information — such as your daughter, Willow, isn’t actually your daughter.

Maid: Excuse me. Can I help you?

Harmony: Hey. I’m — I was just looking —

Maid: Are you a guest here?

Alexis: Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi earlier.

Finn: What? Oh, that’s okay.

Alexis: Your understanding is very moving. I would have been here on time, but I-I got held up at work.

Finn: Trouble in the Fourth Estate?

Alexis: A pushy freelancer.

Finn: Care to share?

Selina: I’ll begin arrangements for the first game.

Curtis: No.

Selina: Mr. Ashford, I’ve been more than fair.

Curtis: My last term is non-negotiable. There will be no games unless I get the information that I asked you for.

Selina: Then we have a deal.

Curtis: Jordan.

Harmony: Yes. Yeah. I just checked in, so… I hope I haven’t lost my key. [ Chuckles ] Ah. There. Found it.

Maid: Enjoy your stay.

Harmony: Thank you.

[ Lock beeps ]

Alexis: So, I invited Harmony to live with me.

Finn: Oh. Well, how did, uh — how did Kristina take that?

Alexis: Better than Sam.

Finn: Ah. Oh. Ow.

Alexis: You know she’s been a really good friend to me, right, at Spring Ridge, and she’s having a really hard time, so I wanted to help her out.

Finn: Well, helping a friend is one thing. Letting them move in, that’s a…

Alexis: Just temporary — until she finds a place of her own.

Finn: Seems reasonable.

Alexis: So I thought. And it turns out that she has more than a passing familiarity with my house.

Finn: What?

Alexis: Yeah. She apparently has been there before. Knew her way around. When she was trying to recruit Kristina with that whole dawn of day thing.

Finn: Ah.

Alexis: After all the time I spent with her at Spring Ridge, I really thought that I knew her. And now that she’s living in my house, I don’t feel like I know her at all.

Robert: So, who was it?

Anna: They arrested Jennifer smith.

Robert: Jennifer smith killed Luke?

Anna: All right. Just hear me out, please. Because it is possible, actually. Not only was the diamond found in her safe, but the WSB has information connecting her to the cable-car inspector who caused the accident that killed Luke.

Robert: So why would Jennifer kill Luke?

Felicia: Well, it was no secret that Jennifer still carried a torch for Luke. We were thinking that she stole the Ice Princess to lure him back to her. Unfortunately, her scheme went south… and he was killed in the process.

Robert: So, is she working with Victor?

Anna: Well, as of now — all right? — As of now, there’s no evidence suggesting that she was.

Robert: So with all the evidence collected over all these months, do we really believe that we have justice for our friend?

Brad: So, obviously, the duckpin bowler is out.

Britt: Obviously. Too bad, though. He’s pretty.

[ Laughs ]

Brad: Yeah. But he’s way too proud of those pins. Swipe! Ah. Number two’s got a nice jawline.

Britt: [ Sighs ] Pet cat. My mother says that’s a sign of weakness.

Brad: You showed these to your mother?

Britt: She was excited to help. Unfortunately, she has different criteria than I do.

Brad: Clearly. Though I suppose one could do worse than Scotty Baldwin.

Britt: Given her history, he is somehow a step up.

Brad: [ Exhales deeply ] Okay. Number three. Ah. He seems adventurous. Danger’s sexy, right?

Britt: Why? ‘Cause he likes to go skydiving and mountain climbing? Those are all outdoor activities, Brad.

Brad: Okay. Sorry. I thought Jason had opened you up to more adventurous things.

Britt: Yeah — like crossing international borders with falsified documents, not whatever that is.

Brad: Mm. It’s called, uh, spelunking.

Britt: Sounds like something you would do in private.

Brad: [ Sighs ] Should we keep doing this? I mean, anyone’s gonna be boring after a killer for hire.

Britt: Jason was not a hired killer.

Brad: Right. That was his steady job. Okay. How about we approach it like this? What exactly is your selection criteria? ‘Cause you’ve got six perfectly good matches here, and you clearly aren’t into any of them. Do you even want to meet someone?

Elizabeth: I’m missing your note from Mr. Clark’s exam yesterday.

Portia: Um, I’m sorry. I-I didn’t get a chance to, um, do that before I left. Um, the pertinent notes from the physical exam are in there, and everything else is the same as it was the day before.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I see that, but I need the notes from yesterday so that I can properly fill out the discharge paperwork.

Portia: And I will do that later. Just do what you can with what you have. Please.

Elizabeth: I can’t.

Portia: Mr. Clark is not critical, obviously, which is why he’s being discharged. Elizabeth, you have everything you need. Maybe you could just help me out a little bit here.

Elizabeth: I have my own work I need to do. I have my own patients that I need to see. It is not the nurse’s job to make sure the doctors turn in their exam notes.

Jordan: We have to stop running into each other like this. How are you?

Curtis: I’m good. You?

Jordan: Still here, so… can’t complain. How are things at home?

Curtis: Those damn reporters, they’re hounding Trina.

Jordan: Do you need the police to step in?

Curtis: We’re handling it.

Jordan: Okay. Well, let me know.

Curtis: Yeah.

Jordan: I just came from Spoon Island.

Curtis: Oh, um, you did, huh?

Jordan: Yeah. Spencer and Esme gave Detective Lopez their statements regarding Joss and Cam’s leaked sex tape. I thought I’d follow up in person. Follow up with both of them… or one in particular?

Esme Prince’s name has come up numerous times throughout this investigation, but I’m just gathering more information to fill out the case.

Curtis: How’s that going?

Jordan: Unfortunately, the staff made it clear that spencer and Esme wouldn’t speak to me without a lawyer, so I’ll have to try again some other time.

Curtis: You’re the police commissioner. Couldn’t you have a detective go out to Spoon Island?

Jordan: You know me. I like to get elbow-deep in a case every now and then. Reminds me of why I became a cop.

Curtis: To make sure justice is served.

Jordan: If I’ve learned anything from my past mistakes, it’s that you can’t have justice without the truth.

Curtis: In that case, Port Charles is lucky to have you as its commissioner.

Britt: It’s not that I don’t want to meet someone.

Brad: That was enthusiastic.

Britt: It’s — it’s just — it’s — it’s very overwhelming. I mean, what? I go from zero men to six? Why do I need that many matches?

Brad: You don’t have to date all of them at once.

Britt: My point is one man is enough trouble.

Brad: Wish I had that trouble.

Britt: Okay. Then let’s find you someone. What are you doing tonight?

Brad: Uh, watching Scandinavian murder dramas without subtitles to see if I can still follow the story and crying. Why?

Britt: [ Exhales sharply ] We’re going to the savoy. I’ll be your wing woman.

Brad: Eh, I don’t know. My chances might be better if I had, like, a job. Hey, speaking of which, have you heard from Terry about me working G.H.?

Britt: I really — I haven’t seen her much lately.

Brad: You’re co-Chiefs of Staff.

Britt: No. I mean, I’ve — I’ve seen her. But we just have other matters to discuss.

Brad: More important than helping your bestie get a job?

Britt: I put in a good word for you. I got you the meeting. I can’t do much else.

Brad: [ Sighs ] I know. You’re right. You’ve done a lot for me — more than I deserve — and I’m grateful. I just haven’t heard anything. I mean, if the answer’s no, then just tell me.

Britt: Well, no news is no news, Brad. And, you know, Terry puts a lot of thought into things like this.

Brad: How complicated is hiring an orderly?

Britt: When the orderly is you? [ Chuckles ]

Brad: Is that really it? Or is there something you’re not telling me?

Finn: So, about this Harmony business. Would you like some advice or just want me to listen?

Alexis: I really just want you to listen.

[ Laughing ]

Finn: That’s what I thought. Well, I’m here if you need me.

Alexis: So, what about you? How are things with Elizabeth?

Finn: Oh. Uh…complicated. My very presence in her life may be causing problems.

Alexis: How so?

Finn: Well, speaking of having an unwanted presence in one’s home…

Portia: Very succinctly put, Nurse Baldwin. I’ll do it right now. Is there anything else?

Elizabeth: Portia… can we — come here. Look, I didn’t mean to come down on you.

Portia: No. You know what? You’re right. I am not doing my job properly.

Elizabeth: You’ve got a lot going on. It’s not like anyone got hurt.

Portia: And I didn’t run out of time to do my notes. Elizabeth, I forgot. I’ve been so preoccupied with everything that’s going on with Trina. [ Sniffs ] It slipped my mind. I’m forgetting things.

Elizabeth: I understand. Y-you’ve — you’ve — you’re going through a lot.

Portia: And you are too. I-I… how are you holding up with everything?

Elizabeth: I’m overwhelmed. I’m exhausted. On top of everything else that’s going on at home, I’m working extra shifts.

Portia: When you say “what’s going on at home,” you mean this mess with Cam, Joss, and the video?

Elizabeth: Among other things.

Finn: Dante’s trying to figure out who’s stalking Elizabeth, but so far, no luck. Jake and Aiden, they’re staying at. Meanwhile, the PCPD, they’ve got patrol cars watching the house. And all of this has taken an incredible toll on Elizabeth.

Alexis: I can only imagine. How are you dealing with this?

Finn: I feel a little helpless. It’s been hard on her, hard on me, hard on the relationship. I mean, I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna be there for her, even though she likes to handle everything herself. Just I’m afraid I’m the reason that things are getting worse. Feel free to disagree with me or make a suggestion at any time.

Alexis: Kevin?

Finn: Kevin? What does that mean? Oh. Collins?

Alexis: Yeah. Psychiatrist. He helped me. He’s good. And maybe he can help her clarify her perception of that moment.

Harmony: Okay. [ Exhales deeply ]

Robert: Something kind of ironic about Luke dying at the hands of a scorned woman.

Laura: Jennifer had been obsessed with him for decades.

Felicia: Yeah, not to mention she had the nerve to show up at Luke’s memorial service.

Laura: Yeah, except that when I talked to her there that day, it seemed to me that she was genuinely grieving.

Anna: A-and she vehemently protested her innocence. She insisted that she was framed because she said she would never have done this. She loved Luke.

Laura: Yeah. This just doesn’t make any sense to me. You know, if she wanted to get to Luke, why did she need to use the Ice Princess to do that? And then to rig a cable-car accident that would kill a lot of innocent people — I-I’m sorry. That’s just not in Jennifer smith’s league. If you ask me, that’s a Cassadine move.

Anna: Well, exactly, because we had our doubts that Jennifer could possibly be behind Luke’s death.

Laura: No. It has to be Victor.

Anna: Agreed. But unfortunately, we can’t connect him at this time. Meanwhile, the WSB has this evidence implicating Jennifer. And their theory, no matter how implausible, is still possible.

Laura: But the thing to remember about the Cassadines is if everything points to them except the evidence —

Anna: that’s because they’ve arranged for the evidence to point elsewhere.

Laura: Exactly.

Anna: Right.

Laura: Um, there’s something else that I wanted to tell you about. Just the other day, Victor gave me the hard sell about combining forces. Yeah. To protect the family from some ominous threat in the future.

Robert: Let’s not forget that Victor has been after Drew, hoping to trigger that mind-control rubbish of Helena’s.

Felicia: Here’s a thought. Is it possible that whatever Victor is up to is completely unconnected to the Ice Princess?

Anna: No. Because Victor comes to town, all right? He’s planning to use Drew for some nefarious purpose. At the same time — at the same exact time — Luke dies… and the Ice Princess is stolen. It’s not a coincidence. I just don’t believe it’s a coincidence, no matter what the WSB says.

Felicia: Well, what if Jennifer is telling the truth? I mean, if she really was set up, what is it that we can do to prove Victor’s involvement?

Robert: Well, um, I can think of a surefire way to find out if Victor is really involved in this.

Valentin: You know, I’ve always wanted to do that.

Alexis: I have a feeling that’s not your first swivel. Up. Now hug me.

Valentin: Hi.

Alexis: Ooh, it’s good to see you!

Valentin: You too. Good to see the rumors are true.

Alexis: You’re gonna have to narrow that down.

Valentin: While I was away recuperating, word on the street was that you were greatly improving your circumstances. This is nice.

Alexis: Mm.

Valentin: Love the quote.

Alexis: Yeah. So do I. Harmony Miller gave it to me.

Valentin: Who? Wait. Shiloh’s fixer at the D.O.D.? How did that happen?

Alexis: I think she found it online. Tell me — how are you?

Valentin: I’m fine. I’m back, and I’m better than ever.

Alexis: I’m sure you’re happy to be reunited with Charlotte.

Valentin: After the incident with Peter, I sent her away to boarding school.

Alexis: Peter’s dead. I don’t think he can kidnap her again.

Valentin: Wish I could have been the one to have killed him.

Alexis: You would’ve had to take a number.

Valentin: Speaking of numbers, yours are impressive. Circulation is up. Your online presence is spectacular.

Alexis: Why are you being so nice to me? What do you want?

Valentin: Well, I’ve had some time to think, and, uh, it occurs to me that a media company in the family could be very useful.

Alexis: Could it, now?

Valentin: And as it happens, my father agrees.

Bartender: What can I get you?

Harmony: Um, I’ll get a whiskey, neat. Actually, you know what? Can you, um — can you make it a double?

Bartender: Rough day?

Harmony: [ Exhales deeply ] You have no idea.

Harmony: Brendan, please listen!

Brendan: I won’t! But the police will listen to everything I now know — today!

Harmony: No! [ Grunts ] I won’t lose my daughter!

Brendan: [ Screams ]

[ Thud ]

[ Ice clinking in glass ]

Harmony: I just want you to always remember that you are the most important thing to me in this world.

Willow: Okay?

Harmony: I love you.

Brendan: What if I was to tell Michael Corinthos about this information? If Nina Reeves was to find out that Willow was her biological daughter — oh, boy, would that complicate the visitation case.

Harmony: [ Exhales deeply ] Okay. Okay.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Willow: Mom?

Portia: You think this is the same person who put the wedding ring in your locker?

Elizabeth: I mean, that makes the most sense.

Portia: I’m sorry, honey, but this is terrifying.

Elizabeth: I know.

Portia: I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

Elizabeth: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Portia: And I really do owe you an apology. I-I mean, I’ve been so preoccupied on everything with Trina, I haven’t checked in on you at all.

Elizabeth: No. I mean, I haven’t checked in with you, either. I get it. We’re just stressed.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Portia: I have to check on a patient.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Go. Go. But we’re okay. All right?

Portia: Yeah.

Britt: The truth is… I-I did — I did speak to Terry about your interview.

Brad: I take it it’s a hard pass.

Britt: No. She hasn’t made a decision yet. But she didn’t shoot it down, either. So that’s a good sign, right? I think she’s actually open to hiring you.

Brad: That’s amazing. So how can I move the needle?

Britt: Excuse me?

Brad: You know how Terry thinks. Tell me how to give myself an advantage. I really want this job.

Selina: Imagine that I have all the proof I need to send you back to prison — for good this time.

Britt: What do you want?

Selina: I have plans for Bradley. And changing bedpans isn’t part of this. This is where you come in. You will keep Brad on the right path. The challenge, Dr. Westbourne, is that while you’re pulling Brad’s strings, he’ll never know that I’m pulling yours.

Britt: Do nothing.

Brad: Do nothing? Wait. Are you afraid I’m gonna embarrass myself again?

Britt: No. No. I-I’m just wondering — do you really want to be an orderly?

Brad: Terry made it clear she wouldn’t consider me for anything else.

Britt: Then don’t work at G.H. Hold out for something better.

Jordan: I told you why I’m here. Your turn.

Curtis: I’m just clearing my head, getting some fresh air.

Jordan: Any chance you’ll need to go all the way to Spoon Island to clear your head?

Curtis: You know me.

Jordan: All right. Well, I’ll leave you to it. Are we good?

Curtis: Uh, yeah, we’re good. Why wouldn’t we be?

Jordan: Because I didn’t get Marshall’s sealed arrest records for you.

Curtis: Uh, pbht, no. I’m — I’m past that. We’re good.

Jordan: In that case, if your thoughts do take you to Wyndemere, don’t let spencer and Esme get under your skin. You have a new family now. They need you.

Curtis: Thanks for the advice.

Selina: I thought she would never leave.

Robert: All I’m suggesting is that you take your closeness with Valentin and maybe use it for some greater good.

Laura: It’s a lot to ask.

Robert: Well, look. If Valentin is on the side of the good guys, as he claims to be —

Anna: Stop. Stop it. Don’t push it. Even if I did get Valentin to tell us something, you wouldn’t even trust it.

Robert: Maybe not, but all I’m suggesting is that you take your relationship with Valentin and…use it for something better.

Felicia: Relationship? What relationship?

Alexis: Since when do you care what Victor thinks?

Valentin: Like I said, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. And despite Victor’s many faults, I think there’s something to be said about his notion of family unity.

Alexis: These are Cassadines we’re talking about. They take to family like sharks take to chum. If Victor wants to get close to you, he’s not being paternal. He’s hungry.

Valentin: We have a rare opportunity. It’s unprecedented.

Alexis: You tell uncle Victor that we do not have a family paper. It doesn’t belong to me, and even if it did, I would never allow the Cassadines to use it as a mouthpiece. What do you think he wants it for, anyway?

Valentin: Greater good.

Alexis: Said no Cassadine ever.

Valentin: Alexis, don’t turn your back on what’s left of the Cassadine family.

Alexis: I have daughters. And you, I hope.

Valentin: You will always have me.

Alexis: Not if Victor’s attached.

Valentin: Okay. Well, think about it, because I have. And we’ll talk soon. You can’t pick your family.

Alexis: On the contrary. You have to.

Willow: What brings you back here?

Harmony: I just needed to unwind. Please come. Join me. Unless you’re here with Michael. I know I’m just — I’m not his favorite person.

Willow: Michael went to the gym. Oh. I was, um, planning to go to G.H. To study, but I’m a little under the weather, so I decided to have some soup while I study.

Harmony: Do you need to see a doctor?

Willow: It’s mostly my head. It’s probably a stress headache from Nina. Sorry. Sorry. You just said you needed to unwind. You don’t need me dumping all of my stress on you.

Harmony: No. Oh, my gosh. No. You can tell me anything any time, Willow. I will be here for you as long as I can.

Willow: As long as you can? What, are — are you going somewhere?

Finn: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hey. I’m so glad to see you.

Finn: I’m glad to see you.

Elizabeth: Dante called.

Finn: Mm.

Elizabeth: They couldn’t find any fingerprints on the defaced painting other than mine and Jake’s.

Finn: Mm.

Elizabeth: And they couldn’t trace where the paint came from. It looks like we’ve hit another dead end.

Finn: For now. You know, Chase is a good detective. He’s at your place right now. I know he’s gonna turn something up.

Elizabeth: I just wish I hadn’t taken that stupid sleeping pill that night. Maybe I could remember what the figure looked like.

Finn: What if there’s a way you could remember?

Britt: This is the perfect opportunity for you to start over. You can do anything you want with your life.

Brad: I want the life I had before I went to prison. But since that’s not possible, I…

Britt: That’s right. It’s not. So why settle for crumbs of what you used to have? Don’t limit yourself. Have you really considered any other options?

Brad: Do you not want me working at G.H.?

Britt: I just — I want you to have everything you’ve dreamed of. And this is not that. This is a crappy version of it — literally. Don’t limit yourself.

Brad: Well…I’m not qualified to do much else outside the medical field. And with my background, no other hospitals are gonna hire me without someone there vouching for me. Trust me, working at G.H. Is the best thing for me — even as an orderly.

Britt: I’m just saying, keep your options open.

Brad: The only other option I have is working for my aunt. [ Scoffs ] And we both know no good will come of that.

Curtis: Your messenger said you wanted to meet me here. I’m guessing you have some information for me.

Selina: We had a deal — I get you information on Marshall Ashford, and you let me host my poker games at your club.

Curtis: I remember. Were you able to get that police report?

Selina: Yes and no.

Curtis: Either you got it or you don’t.

Selina: My people were able to access witness-protection files, but they came up empty on Marshall Ashford.

Curtis: What do you mean?

Selina: My people don’t fail, Mr. Ashford. There is no file because Marshall Ashford was never in witness protection.

Felicia: I know you’ve been spending a lot of time with Valentin, but a relationship?

Anna: Okay. You know what? We’re getting off topic here. I agree with you, Laura, that there’s too many loose ends that just don’t add up. And — and that’s really because all of these missing pieces are being concealed by Victor.

Felicia: We do still have one bit of evidence.

Laura: What’s that?

Anna: Oh, yes. Thank you. So, Jennifer claims that she had a man in her room, a French naval captain, and she insisted that he was the one that planted the diamond in her safe.

Laura: Does this captain have a name?

Felicia: Francois Olivier.

Anna: Right. But we couldn’t locate him before we had to leave.

Robert: Maybe Jennifer invented him to save her own skin.

Felicia: Oh, no, no, no. I spoke with the bartender there. He confirmed that there was a man that Jennifer was friendly with.

Robert: Well, maybe she lured him to her room as a patsy.

Laura: Wouldn’t be the first time.

Anna: Okay. I don’t want to rule anything out — Jennifer’s guilt or Victor’s potential involvement.

Brad: Don’t work at G.H.?

[ Cellphone chirps ]

Brad: Why the change of —

Britt: uh, hang on. [ Chuckles ]

Brad: Something urgent?

Britt: Um, yes. That. I got a notification from society setups that I have matches to review. As if I forgot.

Brad: Why are you dragging your feet on that? You’ve got a perfectly great selection of guys there.

Britt: So great they need a matchmaker? I’m different.

Brad: Uh-huh.

Britt: I’m using a matchmaker because I have a pushy mother.

Brad: I hope you didn’t put that in your profile.

Britt: Maybe this is hopeless. I mean, what kind of future could I hope for with any of these guys?

Brad: What do you mean by that?

Finn: What do you think about making an appointment to see Kevin Collins?

Elizabeth: Um, you know I’m all for therapy, but I don’t see how talking about it is going to solve this particular problem. And I-I don’t even know where I’d find the time.

Finn: I don’t mean long term. I just — I know Kevin specializes in therapies that recover memories, right?

Elizabeth: Well, yeah.

Finn: Perhaps if you — you work with him, maybe he’ll at least help clarify what you saw. It might lead us to who’s harassing you.

Elizabeth: I don’t know.

Finn: It’s up to you, of course. It might be worth a shot.

Elizabeth: No, it’s — it’s a good idea, but I just need some — let — let me think about it.

Finn: Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Of course. Hey. You sure you’re okay?

Elizabeth: Actually, I’m gonna ask Epiphany if I can take a personal day.

Finn: That’s good. Okay. Well, um, you go home and get some rest. I’ll, uh — I’ll check in on you later.

Elizabeth: You’d better.

Jordan: Portia.

Portia: Commissioner.

Jordan: I ran into Curtis. He told me reporters are giving Trina a hard time. I-I came by to offer my help.

Portia: Well, if you really want to help, you can get the D.A. To dismiss the charges.

Jordan: I wish I could.

Portia: And I wish you meant that. Of course, if you did, you wouldn’t have arrested my daughter in the first place.

Curtis: Okay. Then I’ll just take a copy of the sealed arrest records, assuming they exist.

Selina: They do.

Curtis: Where are they?

Selina: They’re in my possession — where they will remain for now.

Curtis: Ms. Wu, we had a deal.

Selina: And I have every intention of holding up my end. But first, you must uphold yours.

Curtis: How do I even know you have those records?

Selina: Safely stored away. I’ll gladly give them to you after you do what I ask. Have your club ready for me.

Harmony: Don’t look so concerned. I just meant that, you know, soon you’re gonna be graduating nursing school, which is, like, amazing. I am so proud of you. That means you’re gonna be working full time, and your free time is gonna be with Wiley and Michael, your family.

Willow: Well, you’re my family, too. Look, I really appreciate the effort you’ve been making over the last few months to rebuild our relationship. I know I haven’t exactly… made it easy for you.

Harmony: Well, that’s understandable, all things considered.

Willow: Well, I’m happy to keep working on it with you.

Harmony: Willow, that… [ Voice breaking ] That means so much. You know, after all the mistakes I made with you growing up, getting you involved in Dawn of day, there was a time that I just — I didn’t even — I didn’t even hold out hope for a relationship or forgiveness.

Willow: I was angry with you for a long time. I didn’t know if I could trust you again. But, I mean, look at you now. Every time I see you, you are bending over backwards to make up for your past.

Harmony: Unfortunately, the past, it just keeps hanging over us.

Willow: But it doesn’t have to. I have forgiven you.

Harmony: You have? That is so much more than I deserve.

Willow: Oh.

Harmony: It’s just no matter how hard I try to do the right thing… trouble just keeps following me. Right up to your doorstep, even.

Willow: Mom, does this have anything to do with that man that approached us yesterday? What was his name? Brendon Byrne.

Jordan: this is my job. I had no choice.

Portia: Of course you have a choice, Jordan. See, I’ve seen you. I have seen you go outside the law for your family time and time again.

Jordan: And it has brought nothing but trouble, which is why I have to play everything by the book.

Portia: Oh, oh. Of course you do — now. Because it’s my daughter. Which begs the question… you know what? Never mind.

Jordan: No. You clearly have something to say. Say it.

Portia: I’m wondering if you are making this personal.

Anna: Thanks for coming by.

Robert: Oh, if it’s not the devil incarnate. Mm.

[ Birds chirping ]

Valentin: If I’m the devil, does that mean you were speaking about me?

Anna: We were.

Valentin: Good, ’cause I haven’t stopped thinking about you.

Britt: Look at my life. I mean, where would a relationship even fit in?

Brad: Evenings and weekends?

Britt: I work those. I mean, the only reason I had time for my last relationship was because we were on the run from the law and assassins. I couldn’t work remotely.

Brad: [ Sighs ] So you’ve been burned a few times. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Your Mr. Perfect’s out there.

Britt: No, he isn’t.

Brad: But Mr. Sufficient might be. So go find him. You deserve to be happy, Britt.

Britt: Thanks, Brad. You know who also deserves happiness? You.

Brad: [ Sighs ] No.

Britt: Yes.

Brad: Ah, who am I to argue? So, here’s the plan. Step one — you get your man. Step two — I go get the job at G.H., Then I get my own man.

Britt: Isn’t that step two and three?

Brad: No. ‘Cause step three is you and I both living our best lives. Simple as that.

Britt: Brad…

Brad: What? You don’t like the plan?

Britt: I love the plan. There’s something I need to tell you.

Selina: Good afternoon, nephew. Dr. Westbourne.

Brad: Aunt Selina. Britt and I were just —

Selina: Yeah. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed your time with your friend. Now you must listen to my good news. I have a job for you.

Brad: You, uh — you do?

Selina: Starting immediately. Come, Bradley. We have much to discuss.

Brad: Hmm? Okay.

[ Telephone rings ]

Elizabeth: Nurse’s station.

Man: Don’t forget me.

Elizabeth: What?

Man: Don’t forget me — in room 1011. I asked for a blanket.

Elizabeth: Uh…yeah. Just a moment, please.

Harmony: What makes you think this is about that guy from last night?

Willow: I saw him say something to you when he was leaving. And it wasn’t “excuse me.”

Harmony: It was nothing. I swear. It was — um, he knows Alexis, and I met him at her office.

Willow: Then why didn’t you say so?

Harmony: ‘Cause I don’t know. I just — I didn’t think it mattered. There I go again, making the wrong decision.

Willow: Mom.

Harmony: [ Exhales deeply ]

Willow: Mom, what is going on? Do — do you need help?

Harmony: No. Oh, that’s so sweet of you. No. You don’t have to worry about me. Ever. Okay? I can look after myself, and I’m gonna be here to look after you, too.

Willow: Well, thanks.

Harmony: I know I said it before. But I truly, truly mean it… Willow. No matter what I’ve done… I’ve done it for you.

Willow: Uh, what do you mean, you did it for me? Mom, what have you done?

Alexis: [ Exhales sharply ]

On the next “General Hospital” —

Portia (to Jordan): You honestly can be impartial.

Marshall (to TJ): I’m so happy that you found yours.

Josslyn (to Cameron): Who’s side are you on?

Britt (to Spencer): Do you believe Trina filmed that video?

Valentin (to Anna): I absolutely would have done the same thing.

Drew (to Michael): I think you summed up my situation perfectly.

Alexis: Oh my God.

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