GH Short Recap Friday, April 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lucy unwittingly gives Aiden the idea that he should contact a medium to get in touch with the ghost of Franco.

Elizabeth agrees to let Chase stay at her house and put-up motion sensitive cameras to see who has been doing all these weird things to her.

Alexis asks Nina if she is friends with Harmony and why Harmony feels she owes something to her. Nina tells Alexis that she and Harmony are not friends they know each other because of Willow and she has no idea why Harmony feels like she owes something to her.

Phyllis tells Carly she and Harmony worked together in New York.

Smoltz stops by Alexis office to tell her about the five part series exclusive Michael and Willow gave him about Nina and their battle to keep her from visiting Wiley. Nina refuses to give a comment to Smoltz for the story. Alexis agrees to run the series if he is fair and shows both sides of the story.

Nina gets into an argument with Michael and Willow about them using the press to get the public on their side before the visitation hearing. Nina tells Michael and Willow that if they want a battle they will get a battle.

Harmony meets with Brendan and gives him her life savings, one thousand dollars, and says she will pay him installments of money every month to keep her secret. Harmony tells Brendan that she will not ask Alexis or Nina for money. Brendan says he isn’t a bank and he tries to grab Harmony’s purse and syringe falls out because Harmony was planning to kill Brendan the same way she killed Neil. Brendan figures out that Harmony killed Neil by injecting him with heroin. Brendan turns around and starts to leave saying he is going to tell the police. Harmony pleads with Brendan to listen to her side of the story. Brendan says he understand she is a murderer and is going to the police. Harmony shouts she will not lose her daughter and she pushes Brendan so hard he falls.

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