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Brando: Ooh! What about a place with its own dock?

Sasha: I like the sound of that.

Brando: Yeah. Hm. Uh, we are not imagining things, right?

Sasha: I keep pinching myself over how well deception’s stock did at the IPO.

Brando: You, Mrs. Corbin, are one very wealthy woman. And what’s mine is yours, Mr. Corbin. We’re a team. Which means that we can live in the home of our dreams.

Sasha: What are you dreaming about?

Sonny: There’s the happy couple!

Brando: Whoa, Sonny! Yo! Dante deck you after I left the gym?

Sonny: No, it wasn’t Dante, but it’s not important.

Brando: [ Laughs ] Uh, so, I just want to congratulate, uh, you on your marriage to my cousin. Um…you know… welcome home.

[ Laughter ]

Sasha: Thank you.

Sonny: To the family, right?

Brando: Yeah.

Sonny: Phyllis, do you know Brando and Sasha?

Phyllis: Ah, you’ve been to the pub a few times. My staff appreciates the large tips you leave.

[ Laughter ]

Sonny: Brando’s my cousin, and he and Sasha just got married.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] Congratulations. Your drinks are on the house.

Brando: Ohh.

Phyllis: It’s always wonderful to see such a happy couple.

Brando: Thank you. W-we do appreciate it.

Sasha: We do. Thank you.

Phyllis: I heard you lost your son. You have my sincere condolences.

Sam: Why the change of venue? I think pizza would have been fine.

Dante: Y-yeah, pizza probably would have been fine, but I told you I wanted to do something special. Wanna go to the bar, get a drink?

Sam: Wait. Why all the fuss?

Danta: You ask a lot of questions, you know that?

Sam: [ Chuckles ] Says the detective.

Dante: Yeah, well, I guess neither of us can let anything go. It’s, uh, one of the things that makes us work.

Sam: One of the things.

Nina: I wish you could have joined me at the spa for some pampering.

Britt: Ugh. Me too. Unfortunately, I was working.

Liesl: She works too much. You need to enjoy yourself more. I tell her all the time.

Britt: I-I declare tonight a mother rant-free zone. Let’s just enjoy our dinner, okay?

Scott: Okay. Good. ‘Cause I’m starving.

Liesl: It’s so nice to have a family dinner like this. It’s unfortunate Maxie couldn’t join us. At least two of my precious girls are with me.

Scott: Yeah, y-you know, if you want a girls’ night out, I-I could just lickety-split.

Liesl: You’re part of the family, Scott. You’re not going anywhere.

Scott: Ooh. Good.

[ Chuckles ]

Ava: -Scott!

Scott: -Ooh!

Ava: I’m so glad I found you. I need you.

Josslyn: Ugh.

Cameron: You, uh, can’t concentrate?

Josslyn: I keep thinking about that call with my R.A.

Cameron: Well, I mean, she was just looking out for you.

Josslyn: Asking if I feel unsafe rooming with Trina. Trina’s my best friend, okay? And she did not secretly record us, and she did not post it. They should be more worried about Esme.

Cameron: We have to find evidence that links her to the recording. So then Trina can accept all the apologies from everyone who’s been blaming her.

Josslyn: Yeah, well, that does nothing to lessen the pain that Trina’s already feeling.

Spencer: Ava! What are you doing here?

Trina: Surprised to see I still have a job? Unlike you, Ava knows I didn’t make that video of Joss and Cam, so here I am.

Spencer: That’s not what I meant. I just didn’t know that you’d be working here tonight.

Trina: [ Scoffs ]

Spencer: I’m here to see Ava.

Trina: Yeah, I heard you calling for her. But Ava’s not here, so you can go. What are you waiting for?

Spencer: You.

Cameron: Uh, are you hungry? I can see if Aiden has any award-winning cookies left.

Josslyn: Award-winning?

Cameron: Yeah. He won a contest promoting national carrot day.

Josslyn: National carrot day. Really?

Cameron: Yeah. It’s a thing. He — he won it by baking carrot-ginger cookies.

Josslyn: Sounds weird.

Cameron: I know, but they were oddly delicious. Did you see my post about it?

Josslyn: No.

Cameron: I’m sorry. I-I forgot you deleted social media.

Josslyn: It’s okay. I mean, I deleted all of my accounts. There were too many accounts just to block. The trolls were out in full force, so…

Cameron: Look. The internet will find something else to fixate on very soon.

Josslyn: Yeah, until Trina’s trial starts up again and the whole thing blows up. God. I can’t even believe I’m saying those words — “Trina’s trial.” It’s insane that she’s been arrested.

Cameron: Yeah, she would never do anything so hurtful.

Josslyn: It has to be Esme. No doubt she’s confident that she’s pulled this off and she’s covered her tracks, but she is not that smart. There has to be evidence tying her to the video.

Cameron: And we have to find it before it’s too late.

Esme: Did Ms. Davis leave?

Nikolas: She did.

Esme: Alexis doesn’t want me here, does she?

Nikolas: All that matters is what I want. And I want you to stay.

Esme: Thank you. My hope is that I can help you and spence start to heal your relationship.

Nikolas: We’re making progress, don’t you think?

Esme: I don’t think. I know. Not that I’m surprised. More time I spend with you, the more I realize what a great father you are.

Sam: What are we really doing here? Not that I don’t love having, like, the best night ever.

Dante: I don’t know. It was just a really tough day at work. And then when I saw you, I remembered how lucky I am to have you in my life, and I wanted to make sure that you knew that.

Sam: Ohh. Believe me…I know it.

Ava: I’m sorry to interrupt. Scott, I-I-I need to borrow you. Just for a couple of moments. I-it’s important.

Liesl: You’re too late. Scott’s mine.

Scott: I-it’s okay, my schnitzel. I’ll be quick. Ladies.

Liesl: It’s so wonderful to have finally found my soul mate. The two of you are long overdue. At least Nina has someone in her sights —

Nina: [ Stammers ]

Liesl: So that leaves my Britta. Any news from the matchmaker, hm?

Nina: Matchmaker?

Scott: Ava, Ava, I-is this about you divorcing Nikolas again? ‘Cause I thought you were gonna give him more than 24 hours.

Ava: This isn’t about Nikolas. This is about his son.

Scott: What’s Spencer have to do with this?

Ava: I don’t want Spencer at the gallery. So I’d like for you to arrange for him to make his restitution someplace else, like picking up garbage or sweeping the street. Either would be good.

Scott: Is this about Trina?

Ava: Trina has been through enough, and I’m not gonna let Spencer hurt her anymore.

Trina: Why are you waiting for me?

Spencer: I need to know that you’re okay.

Trina: What do you think? I was arrested for something I didn’t even do. I had an arraignment hearing, which you didn’t even bother to show up to.

Spencer: I didn’t think that you would want me there.

Trina: I didn’t! And how could you possibly think that I’d be close to okay?

Spencer: Sorry. Poor word choice.

Trina: I guess that would really affect someone who was vicious enough to post a sex tape. But despite what you think, that person isn’t me.

Spencer: Trina, stop!

Sasha: Brando and I are planning a long life together. We’re looking for our first home.

Sonny: Well, if you need any help, just ask. But since Deception did so well in the IPO, you’re not gonna have any problems. And I am a happy investor myself, so… good luck with your house hunting. You feel bad for Brando and Sasha, don’t you?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. You never get over losing a child. But at least Sasha and Brando have each other. They can focus on building a life together.

Sonny: Yeah, they seem to be doing good. So, h-how’s your — how’s everything going with you?

Phyllis: Well, look around. Business is booming.

Sonny: No, that’s not what I asked. I’m talking about, like, Port Charles. How’s — how’s life?

Phyllis: Hm! I’m amazed how quickly it’s begun to feel like home.

Sonny: You don’t miss your friends in — in Nixon Falls?

Phyllis: I do, but when I go back to visit, they feel more like… the past. Port Charles is my present.

Sonny: Yeah, that’s — that’s, uh… that’s good.

Phyllis: What are you up to?

Sonny: [ Chuckles ] Actually, Phyllis, um… I have a favor to ask you.

Scott: Ava, the judge will have my head if I try and change a court-order placement, you know, over a couple of teenagers fighting.

Ava: Well, this is more than just a fight, Scott. You know that. S-Spencer told Trina that he believes that she is behind that revenge porn video. How can she be expected to work with him?

Scott: Well, unless Trina has some concerns over this thing, I mean… [ Sighs ] S-Spencer has no legal connection to her case.

Ava: [ Scoffs ] Except for the fact that he keeps defending the enemy.

Nina: So, Britt, I gather from aunt Liesl you haven’t been matched with your soul mate yet?

Britt: Mm. Sadly, soul mates are few and far between.

Liesl: Only because you’ve been dragging your feet.

Britt: I filled out the 10-page questionnaire. Now it’s up to “Society Setups.”

Nina: Oh, boy. Okay, ladies. I’m sorry. I can’t stay for dinner. Alright? I promised Phyllis that I would drop by and see her, but… make sure you call me when you meet Mr. Right.

Britt: [ Chuckles ] When hell freezes over. [ Laughs ]

Liesl: This has been more than just a “few moments.” Where has Ava taken mein Scott?

Dante: Oh, this is nice. My day is definitely improving.

Sam: Then I’m glad my plan is working.

Dante: And what plan was that?

Sam: To de-stress you.

Dante: Hmm.

Sam: I saw how tense you were at the station. You want to talk about it?

Dante: [ Sighs ] Yeah, you know, some cases are just tougher than others.

Sam: Trina Robinson? The new evidence that you asked the officer to e-mail you and the ADA? It won’t help?

Dante: I don’t know. Let’s get a table. You wanna get some food?

Sam: Yeah.

Ava: Detective Falconeri.

Dante: Yeah.

Ava: May I have a word, please?

Dante: Sure, Ava.

Sam: Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Dante: Uh, what, uh — what can I do for you, Ava?

Ava: You can stop wasting time and resources on this ridiculous case against Trina.

Spencer: I’m sorry. Can we start over? Seeing you caught me by surprise. I’m reacting inappropriately.

Trina: In more ways than one.

Spencer: Ok I am worried about my friend.

Trina: How do you do that?

Spencer: Do what?

Trina: Ignore the fact that you accused me of betraying my best friends and then humiliating them in public. Do you really think that we can talk as if none of that happened?

Spencer: I suppose not.

Trina: But that’s just you. Closing your eyes to the truth. I mean, how else can you stay with Esme, after everything she’s done?

Esme: Spence has no idea how lucky he is to have you as a father.

Nikolas: I’ve made a lot of mistakes with my son.

Esme: But despite everything, I still see your father-son bond. It might weaken, but it can’t be broken. I often wonder what kind of bond I would have with my birth parents if they had been alive to raise me.

Nikolas: Do you have any memories of them?

Esme: I was an infant when I was adopted. And then I lost my adoptive parents, too. It’s hard growing up without a mother.

Nikolas: Spencer and I would agree with you.

Esme: It’s not as though my adoptive parents left me intentionally. Their deaths were unexpected. Tragic. But I can’t help but feeling like my birth parents just threw me away. I’ll always wonder if I’ll be worthy of their love.

Nikolas: Children don’t have to earn love. And, besides, you don’t know why you were put up for adoption. Your parents could have desperately wanted you but found it impossible to keep you.

Esme: Like your mother couldn’t be a part of your childhood?

Phyllis: I’d do any favor you’d ask if it’s in my power. What do you need?

Sonny: Yeah, I know, I know. Look, look. Y-you’re just bearing the brunt of running this place. You know what I mean?

Phyllis: I don’t mind. You’re a busy man. Yeah, but I hope I — I just — it hasn’t burdened you in any way.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Don’t worry, Sonny. I’m very happy here.

Sonny: Good, good, ’cause it — it would help me a lot if you would take Charlie’s off my hands.

Phyllis: [ Exhales sharply ]

Brando: Sasha. You okay?

Sasha: Why wouldn’t I be?

Brando: [ Stammers ] I know Phyllis’ mention of Liam upset you.

Sasha: Phyllis was just being kind. Besides, I don’t need a reminder of Liam. I think about him all the time.

Brando: Me too.

Sasha: Well, it was nice of Sonny to welcome me to the family. You invited him to the wedding reception, right?

Brando: I thought you were handling that.

Sasha: Brando! We — we discussed this.

Brando: [ Chuckling ] Well, don’t worry. I will make sure he knows. Okay? Maybe later, though. It looks like Sonny’s a little busy right now.

Phyllis: I’d love to own Charlie’s… but I can’t afford to buy it.

Sonny: Trust me, Phyllis — the price would be more than reasonable.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Sonny: How does $100 sound?

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] For Charlie’s Pub?!

Sonny: Yeah.

Phyllis: Don’t be absurd!

Sonny: I’d give it to you for free, but then the taxes would kill you. This place should be yours. You belong here.

Phyllis: Is this misplaced guilt about the tan-o burning down?

Sonny: That wouldn’t have happened if — if you and Lenny didn’t take me in.

Phyllis: Sonny, please —

Sonny: Listen to me. You gave me a home. Okay? That was the most beautiful thing, you know, anybody could do. And…I don’t — I — you know, how do I repay that? This is a start. Okay? You understand me?

Phyllis: Hm.

Dante: I don’t know if you know this, Ava, but I-I’m not the lead detective on Trina’s case.

Ava: Well, you could still be the voice of reason, right? The commissioner has lost her damn mind if she thinks that Trina would make a sex tape of anybody, let alone her very best friends! Why haven’t the cops looked into Esme prince?

Dante: Okay, Ava, I can’t talk about an ongoing investigation. You know that, right?

Ava: Oh, I am so sick of the party line.

Dante: You’re sick of th — okay, well, how about this one? We’re following the evidence.

Ava: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Well, why don’t you follow the evidence that leads to Esme’s guilt before Trina ends up in prison?

Dante: Wow. That was…weird.

Sam: Sorry I left you without any backup.

Dante: Ha! You kind of did. No, really. We shouldn’t both have to deal with Ava.

Sam: She was out of line.

Dante: Yeah. She was also right.

Liesl: I hope you billed her for your time.

Scott: Well, now, listen, my pet, as a lawyer, it’s never 9-to-5. I’ve always got to be on call for all my clients, especially the ones that pay so well.

Liesl: I find your work ethic strangely…sexy. [ Chuckles ] Hmm. Hm.

Britt: Gross.

Nikolas: True. I didn’t meet my mother until I was a teenager.

Esme: Spence told me a bit about it. I have to admit, it’s nice to talk to someone who knows what it’s like to have a lonely childhood.

Nikolas: Didn’t you have adopted brothers and sisters?

Esme: I did. But we were never close. After my adopted parents died, the only person who cared about me was my nanny, Maggie.

Nikolas: Well, at least you had someone. Are you still in touch?

Esme: When I was sent to boarding school… Maggie found another job, and we slowly lost touch.

Nikolas: So Spencer never met her.

Esme: I’m afraid not. But they really would have liked one another. And Maggie never knew that I found someone to love me… …however briefly.

Spencer: My situation with Esme is complicated.

Trina: It was complicated when you thought she was pregnant. Yeah. Ava told me that it was a false alarm. Congratulations on dodging another bullet. But you still think I’m guilty.

Spencer: You were drunk at the cabin. And you said that you don’t remember what happened.

Trina: I didn’t walk around with a burner phone in case I got mad at my friends and wanted to tape them having sex and then send out an e-mail while they’re in the middle of class! And in case you forgot, I was with you when they got that video.

Spencer: I know. You were with me at the cemetery.

Trina: At your mother’s grave. When you, once again, decided that the rules didn’t apply to you, when you decided to sneak out of prison. I lied to the Commissioner to cover for you.

Spencer: Wait. Have you told your lawyer that I’m your alibi?

Josslyn: Well, this is useless. I might as well be watching cat videos.

Cameron: Well, maybe we could take a break from the studying.

Josslyn: [ Chuckles ] What’d you have in mind?

[ Kissing sounds ]

Josslyn: Did you hear that?

Cameron: W-what’s wrong?

Josslyn: Someone’s here.

Nina: Hey.

Brando: Hey.

Nina: You guys recovering from your exciting day?

Sasha: Hm. Trying to.

Nina: Yeah, well, it’s no small thing to take a company public.

Brando: Yeah, my wife is an amazing woman.

Nina: Yes, she is. And have I complimented you enough on your speech at the launch party?

Sasha: My speech wasn’t all that great.

Brando: Sasha, come on.

Nina: Yeah. Stop being so modest.

Phyllis: You do realize you’re basically giving me Charlie’s. The place is worth a lot of money. Sonny, I don’t feel right accepting. I’m fine as manager.

Nina: Hey.

Phyllis: Help me out here, Nina. Talk some sense into Sonny. He wants to give me Charlie’s.

Sonny: I-I’m selling it to you for a hundred bucks.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Which is ludicrous!

Nina: Well, actually, I think it’s a wonderful idea. Phyllis, please tell me you’ll accept Sonny’s offer.

Sam: I knew you didn’t think Trina should be charged.

Dante: But it doesn’t matter what I think. I can’t let my feelings get in the way. That’s the job.

Sam: No, your job is to serve justice.

Dante: Mm. Problem with that is… sometimes the law and justice aren’t the same thing. That’s the tough part about being a cop.

Sam: You’re a good cop.

Dante: I promise you I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure the right person is punished.

Scott: Did Nina leave?

Britt: A while ago.

Scott: Oh, well, I-I guess I only have eyes for you.

Liesl: [ Chuckles ]

Britt: I’m gonna get another drink. Does anyone want a refill?

Scott: Sure.

Liesl: Just wave down our waitress.

Cameron: Hey. Okay, I-I checked underneath every bed, looked in every closet. No one is in this house. I even checked the alarm. It’s still set.

Josslyn: Wow. [ Scoffs ] I must be losing my mind. I mean, hearing things that aren’t even there?

Cameron: Don’t beat yourself up, Joss. That kiss just now… was I moving too fast?

Josslyn: Cam! I wanted you to kiss me. And I want us to be close in that way again. I just — I feel so exposed.

Cameron: I’m sorry.

Josslyn: Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. I do feel safe around you. And I’m not gonna let a horrible video get in between us.

Cameron: It won’t.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Cameron: Why is she calling?

Phyllis; You’re teaming up against me?

Nina: Well, selfishly, I want you to accept Sonny’s offer because it means you’re going to stay in Port Charles.

Phyllis: Sonny doesn’t have to give me this place to get me to stay in town.

Sonny: Y-you’re right. I don’t have to do anything. I just want to give you what’s yours.

Nina: Yeah. You deserve it.

Sonny: Will you do this for me, please?

Sasha: I know we talked about a house, but do we really want the property we’ll have to maintain? I mean, maybe we should think about a condo.

Brando: Hmm. I never imagined that, you know —

Sasha: that it would happen this soon?

Brando: No, that — that money wouldn’t be an issue. W-where did that come from?

Sasha: Well, I-I mean, we — we — we did get married in a hurry.

Brando: Yeah, because when you know something’s right, you don’t waste time thinking about it.

Sasha: Are you sure that’s it? Or did I — did I push you into this? Did we only get married because I wanted to?

Ava: Well, you look thoughtful. Anything you care to share?

Nikolas: I was waiting for you, wondering if you were gonna come home.

Ava: Of course. This is my house. I’m not gonna let Esme chase me out of it. Where is that little snake, anyway? Has she slithered off somewhere other than Wyndemere?

Nikolas: I hate to disappoint you, my love, but Esme is still here. We had an interesting conversation about her childhood.

Ava: Ohh. [ Chuckles ] Well, what heart-rending tale of woe did she spin? Or, the better question, how much of it did you buy?

Nikolas: I pretended to buy all of it.

Ava: So is that your strategy? Be a sympathetic ear so that Esme will open up to you?

Nikolas: The more we know about her, the better.

Ava: Oh, I already know more than I care to know.

Nikolas: Let’s talk about something more pleasant. How about I make you a drink?

Ava: No, thank you. I’m going to bed.

Nikolas: Ooh. Sounds good. I’ll join you.

Spencer: Trina…

Trina: My alibi hasn’t come up yet.

Spencer: Thank you for not ratting me out.

Trina: Don’t relax yet. I’ll tell Scott Baldwin everything if that means I win the case. I’m not going to prison for you.

Spencer: I don’t expect you to.

Trina: So have you changed your mind about me? Can you see that I’m telling the truth?

Spencer: It is hard to believe that you would do that to Joss and Cam.

Trina: So you believe Esme did it?

Spencer: I didn’t say that.

Trina: [ Scoffs ] Then who? You? Because you were the only other person in the cabin.

Spencer: It wasn’t me.

Trina: Then what’s your theory? Hmm? Some random hiker broke in? Without me, Joss, or Cam hearing anything? Without any sign of a break-in?! Or maybe it was a sasquatch. Come on. How far are you gonna go to defend Esme?

Spencer: I’m not defending, Esme! I’m doing this for you!

Spencer: I know you’re innocent. Esme set you up!

Trina: Then why are you still with her?

Spencer: I’m not! I’m only pretending to stand by Esme until she slips up, until I have evidence that she is the one who filmed and posted that video of Joss and Cam, that she is the one who is guilty and not you!

Trina: Saying you believe Esme… is just a pretense to trap her?

Spencer: That’s why I suggested that she move into Wyndemere. She thinks it’s so that she’ll stay safe from my Uncle Sonny, but, really, it’s so that I can watch her and try to get evidence that she is the one who was behind the video.

Trina: You’re doing this to help me. Why?

Spencer: Because I’m falling in love with you.

Trina: Well, Spencer? Esme got your tongue? Are you gonna keep denying what’s right in front of your face?

Cameron: Okay, well, um, thank you for calling and telling me yourself.

Josslyn: Hey. What did the director of Lila’s Kids want?

Cameron: Um… I can’t work at the day camp this summer.

Josslyn: What? But you were gonna be head counselor. Cam, you were so excited.

Cameron: Yeah, well, I can’t be in charge of the kids with the tape of us out there.

Josslyn: [ Scoffs ] That is so not fair. Okay? We did nothing wrong. It is not our fault that Esme recorded us and posted something.

Cameron: Still… the damage is done.

Josslyn: We were campers at Lila’s Kids. This is not fair.

Cameron: No, it’s not. But Ms. Aubrey’s not to blame. No one is. Esme is. She’s getting everything she wanted.

Esme: “Dear Esme, I was surprised to get your letter saying you’re going to the United States with Spencer. I hope he brings you all the happiness you deserve. But I have to ask if being in New York is wise. No good can come from any contact with your father. Please be careful. Love, Maggie.”

Ava: Well, I hope you had the housekeeper make up a guest bedroom for you. Because I have no intention of moving out of the master suite and I certainly have no intention of sharing a room with you.

Nikolas: We say a lot of things when we’re angry.

Ava: Did you think I didn’t mean it?

Nikolas: I think we are both passionate, volatile people. I think we both live in the moment and we say what’s on our minds. Which is why we’re so good together.

Ava: This isn’t foreplay, Nikolas. As long as Esme remains in this house… you’re gonna need a lot of blankets ’cause your bed is gonna be very cold.

Nikolas: Even after vow renewal ceremony?

Ava: Oh. There isn’t gonna be one.

Britt: [ Exhales deeply ]

Britt: Duckpin bowling?

[ Scoffs ] It’s competitive?

Is this a man or a 12-year-old? [ Sighs ] Next!

Hmm. Not bad.

I like that, too.

[ Laughs ]

Same sense of humor.

Could it be?

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Phyllis: You’re acting like I’m doing you a favor.

Sonny: You are!

Phyllis: Did you know about this?

Nina: Well, Sonny and I, we just want you to be happy, Phyllis, because when you’re happy, we’re happy.

Phyllis: [ Breathes deeply ] Thank you for your very generous offer. I accept.

Sonny: Ahh! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nina: This is such good news.

Phyllis: Well, but before we finalize the paperwork… I need to drop off the deposit in the night box.

Sonny: Uh, doesn’t Rafi usually walk you to the bank?

Phyllis: He had to leave earlier today. Family emergency.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, no. You’re not walking alone with the — hey, Frank. Do me a favor. Walk, uh, Mrs. Caulfield to the bank, make sure nothing happens to her.

Frank: Copy that, sir.

Sonny: So, Baldwin came to see me at Pezzulo’s. He’s — he’s gonna subpoena me to be a character witness for you in the visitation hearing.

Nina: No, there’s not gonna be a subpoena. I’m gonna talk to Scott. If there’s a subpoena, then I’m gonna fire him.

Scott: Nina, we’ll see how it goes. Okay?

Nina: Alright.

Sonny: You want a drink? On the house. Since you helped me convince Phyllis to take over the pub.

Nina: No. I’m — I’m good. Thank you. And it was really lovely of you to do that.

Brando: I married you because I love you.

Sasha: And not just to make me happy?

Brando: There’s no “just” about making you happy. Your happiness is a priority of mine for the rest of our lives, so you better get used to it. Look. I would do anything for you, but I married you for us.

Liesl: Detective Falconeri, over here.

Dante: Uh, yeah. Obrecht, what is it?

Liesl: I demand you arrest Sonny corinthos this instant.

Dante: Why? What for?

Liesl: For threatening my beloved Scott.

Dante: [ Chuckles ] Well, Scott can go down to the station and file an official complaint all by himself, yeah?

Scott: Well, t-there’s no need to make it official. I’m just telling you off the record, since Carly left Sonny, you just need to corral your father.

Dante: Hm.

Sam: Good thing I know you, Dante.

Cameron: Did you tell your mom you’d be home by now?

Josslyn: I’ll text her, tell her not to worry.

Cameron: I think you should go, Joss. I’m not the best company right now.

Josslyn: You don’t have to entertain me. I just want to be with you.

Cameron: Well, I-I want to be with you, too, but, you know, I have that history test tomorrow and…

Josslyn: And you need your beauty sleep.

Cameron: Look, I-I just need a Noodle Buddha to, uh, sustain me for my all-nighter, but… Joss, I…promise I’ll make it up to you.

Josslyn: I hate everything that’s happened. And we need to prove that Esme’s responsible.

Cameron: We will.

Spencer: I wish that this wasn’t happening to you, but you can’t blame Esme for everything that goes wrong in your life.

Trina: Get out. Get the hell out!

Nikolas: You want to postpone our vow renewal? Can’t we work through this?

Ava: This is more than just a lovers’ spat. The way I feel right now, any vow you made to me… would be meaningless.

Dante: What are you doing?

Liesl: I’m sorry Scott had to leave. His law practice keeps him so busy.

Britt: Hmm. I thought maybe he was running away from Dante.

Liesl: Mein Scott runs from nothing.

Britt: Hm. Of course not. My mistake.

Liesl: I’m sorry Scott and I were making you feel left out earlier.

Britt: Don’t lose sleep over it, mother. I’m just happy you found love.

Liesl: It’s a wonderful feeling, one I want you to experience, as well. I paid a fortune for that matchmaker. What’s taking them so long to find you the intelligent and handsome man you deserve?

Britt: Well, actually, I received some possible matches earlier.

Liesl: [ Gasps ] You did? And?!

Britt: I’m still going through their profiles.

Liesl: Well, perhaps I should, uh, take a look for you. A second set of eyes is always useful.

Britt: Knock yourself out, Mutter.

Brando: Thank Phyllis for the drinks.

Sonny: Yeah, I will. And have a good one.

Sasha: Thanks.

Sonny: Yeah.

Brando: Bye.

Nina: Bye. Is it okay if I just hang around until Phyllis gets back? Because we didn’t really get a chance to connect and catch up.

Sonny: Y-yeah, I’m gonna stay here anyway and wait for Frank and Phyllis to get back.

Nina: Okay. Sounds like a plan. I’ll go lock up.

[ Both laugh ]

Masked Man: Don’t do anything stupid, and you might live through this!

On the next “General Hospital” —

Chase (to Brook Lynn): I feel terrible that I let you down.

Sasha (to Brando): Promise not to make it a habit.

Maxie: Can you accept that?

Drew: I’m gonna take advantage of that closeness.

Dante (to Sam): I need to know I can trust you for this to work.

Carly: I made things worse, didn’t I?

Sonny: You turn around and go, and this will all be over.
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