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Sonny: Brick. Hey, uh. Yeah listen, I’ll stay in touch. We’ll finalize the deal. Give you all the details and everything, alright? Looking forward to it. Alright. See you later.

[ Knock on door ]

Sonny: Come on in.

Frank: Nina Reeves, boss.

Sonny: Yeah, let her in.

Nina: Thank you. Wow. Um… Sonny, I-I came here in person to tell you this so you — you wouldn’t be blindsided. Your eye! What happened?

Sonny: Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about the eye. Whatever you came here to say, I-I appreciate the heads up, ’cause defense is a lot easier when you see the hit coming.

Portia: Everybody smile. Beautiful smiles.

Curtis: Prom picture.

Portia: Oh, oh, Aunt Stella. What are you doing? Come get in this picture.

Curtis: Come and join us, Auntie.

TJ: Auntie.

Curtis: Aunt Stella!

Portia: Stella!

TJ: Auntie!

Portia: Okay, easy, easy. Let’s roll her. One, two, three.

Curtis: Come on, auntie.

Stella: [ Gasps ]

Portia: Trina, get my medical bag.

Stella: I can’t…

TJ: You’re gonna be fine, Aunt Stella. Just — just — hey, focus on me. Try to breathe slowly, okay?

Trina: Here.

Marshall: It’s alright, Stella.

Portia: Pulse is thready.

TJ: Pupils are dilated.

Curtis: I’m calling 911.

Marshall: Stay calm.

Valentin: [ French accent ] Uh, this chair. Is it taken?

Jennifer: I never turn down a cool drink from a hot man.

Valentin: Whatever madame is drinking, bring two.

Jennifer: Jennifer smith.

Valentin: Bonjour. Capitaine Francois Olivier. At your service.

Michael: You still can’t find your phone?

Willow: No, and I could’ve sworn I put it in my purse on our way out the door.

Michael: Have you tried looking in your hand?

Willow: Wow. Okay. I’m [Chuckles] Losing my mind.

Michael: Or you’re just nervous about meeting with the reporter that I decked.

Willow: [ Sighs ] I-I know it was Diane’s suggestion, but I’m not convinced offering Smoltz a story in exchange for dropping the charges against you is one of her better ideas.

Michael: Yeah, just, it doesn’t hurt to explore options. And look, I-I-I promise you, I won’t do anything that you’re not okay with. We’re a team.

Willow: And don’t you forget it.

Man: Michael Corinthos? Willow Tait?

Michael: You are?

Willow: What’s this about?

Man: You’ve been served.

[ Knock on door ]

Carly: Come in.

Harmony: Hi.

Carly: Harmony?

Harmony: Your assistant wasn’t at her desk, so I hope I’m not disturbing you.

Carly: Uh…are you lost? No, but, um, feel free to tell me to get lost after I tell you why I’m here.

Laura: What goal could you and i possibly have in common?

Victor: The well-being of the people we both care about. It’s time to put the past behind us, Laura, and look to the future and our family’s place in it. If you knew how high the stakes were right now for the people we love, you wouldn’t hesitate to help me.

Alexi: So, they asked me to sit on a television panel to talk about cyber exploitation. Yeah. Be great exposure for the newspaper. Thank you, honey, for, um, convincing me that I might be good at this job.

Smoltz: Congratulations, Alexis Davis. Oh, my gosh. That cyber exploitation article is making you famous. Too bad you stole it from me.

Jennifer: What’s the name of your ship?

Valentin: It’s a submarine. And I cannot tell you. It is classified.

Jennifer: Ooh, la la. How exciting.

Valentin: What brings madame to the island?

Jennifer: An auction.

Valentin: Art? Antiquities?

Jennifer: Let’s just say what I’m here for is priceless, at least to me.

Valentin: How exciting.

Jennifer: It belonged to someone very special.

Valentin: Hmm. And this someone special… is here with you?

Jennifer: Is the captain asking if I’m single?

Valentin: As you Americans say, you got me. No. [ American accent ] You got me.

Jennifer: [ Laughs ] Nobody special at the moment. Anyone special in your life?

Laura: Is my family in danger?

Victor: Not yet. But we do live in uncertain times. And you have a lot of families to consider. There’s your other son, your daughter, your grandchildren, that charming husband of yours, not to mention the two brothers you just recently got to know.

Laura: What do you care about my brothers? You never cared about your own. [ Scoffs ] Frankly, your rebirth as a devoted family man, it doesn’t just strain believability, it’s laughable.

TJ: Good news, Auntie. This isn’t a stroke.

Portia: We’ll conduct an EKG when we get her to general hospital, but, um, it doesn’t look like it was a heart attack, either.

Curtis: Then what is it? Why did she collapse?

TJ: We’ll confirm at the hospital, but there doesn’t appear to be any physical symptoms.

Stella: But I couldn’t breathe. Everything went black.

[ Siren wails in distance ]

Marshall: Ah. Paramedics are here.

Stella: I can walk to them.

TJ: No, no, no, no, no. Oh, no, you won’t.

Portia: There you go.

Stella: Get my bag.

Marshall: Come on.

TJ: Okay.

Marshall: Got her purse?

TJ: Yeah, I’ll —

Stella: I’m alright.

TJ: Okay. Take your time.

Curtis: Love you, Aunt Stella.

[ Door opens ]

Curtis: So, what do you and TJ think happened?

Portia: We think that Aunt Stella might have suffered a panic attack.

Nina: Well, Sonny, I hope my news isn’t too much of a hit for you, Michael, and Willow.

Sonny: You petitioned the court for visitation of Wiley.

Nina: Michael and willow are gonna be served any minute now.

Sonny: I was just hoping to prevent this.

Nina: Well, you did what you could.

Sonny: I know.

Nina: And, like I told you, I don’t want you to referee.

Sonny: I don’t think I can talk to Michael anyway. I don’t — even if I try.

Nina: You know, I did everything I could, Sonny, to try to keep this out of the courts and to minimize the impact on you. Although it seems like my actions only made it worse between you and Michael.

Sonny: Okay, you have to listen to me. Michael’s anger is on me, not you.

Nina: Well, regardless of who takes responsibility, my first priority is to make sure that I am in my grandson’s life. I know it’s a crazy thought, but… I’m hoping that someday I will have an amicable relationship with my grandson’s parents.

Willow: Did Smoltz decide to file a civil suit after all?

Michael: If that were the case, he wouldn’t serve you, just me. [ Sighs ]

Willow: Oh, no.

Michael: Notice that Nina reeves has filed a petition for visitation with Wiley.

Willow: [ Sighs ] I can’t believe I’m surprised, but I am. Nina’s going through with it, dragging us all into a court battle.

Michael: She was always gonna do this. Any — any pretense of a compromise or being reasonable was just window dressing.

Willow: Nina’s selfish to the core. She goes after what she wants, consequences be damned.

Micheal: Yeah, what happened to my parents is proof that.

Carly: Well, you’re Willow’s mom, so if I have to tell you to get lost, I think I can come up with a more polite way to phrase it.

Harmony: [ Chuckles ] Fair enough.

Carly: Have a seat.

Harmony: I won’t take up too much of your time. Um… I’m looking for a job.

Carly: Oh. I thought you had one.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Harmony: Uh…

Carly: Do you need to get that?

Harmony: Oh, sorry. No, it’s not important.

[ Ringing stops ]

Harmony: Um, yes. Yeah. I still have a job at Spring Ridge, but I’m trying to save up for a security deposit for an apartment, and, um, two jobs would be really helpful.

Carly: Where are you living now?

Harmony: A really generous friend is letting me stay with her temporarily. Alexis Davis.

Carly: I know Alexis.

Harmony: Yeah. And having the second job would just, you know, get me out of her place faster and get into my own.

Carly: I admire your drive, but are you sure you’re gonna have enough energy to moonlight?

Harmony: I will totally find the energy. It’s important that I don’t burden Alexis.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Harmony: I’ve caused enough trouble as it is.

Alexis: Smoltz. No, not you. I’ll call you back. I did not steal anything from you. Story ideas come across my desk all day long.

Smoltz: Maybe, but I pitched you that revenge porn scoop first, then you gave it to another reporter behind my back.

Alexis: I gave it to another reporter because you would have turned it into tabloid fodder.

Smoltz: I can be sensitive and relevant, but you never gave me the chance. You took the low road to take the high road.

Alexis: You don’t think I’ve read the articles that nutcase Peter put in of yours in The Invader? I don’t owe you anything. You don’t have a high road.

Smoltz: I beg to differ, Alexis. So here’s the deal. I won’t sue you for stealing my idea. In return, you’re in my debt, and I intend to collect.

Alexis: What do you want?

Smoltz: A five-part feature in The Invader.

Alexis: You think I’m going to agree to that?

Smoltz: I do. Because if you don’t, you’ll be looking in dusty corners, trying to find decent story ideas after my colleagues find out you did me dirty.

Alexis: You don’t know all the journalists out there.

Smoltz: Maybe not, but I have a huge social media following. Even if I’m not liked, I’m known. You willing to take the chance that this will just…go away? No.

Jennifer: And you never answered my question. No ring. Does this mean you’re single?

Valentin: [ French accent ] There is someone back home.

Jennifer: Mm. Of course there is. ‘

Valentin: But I’m not so certain that we are destined to be together.

Jennifer: Why is that?

Valentin: I need a woman who is sure of what she wants.

Jennifer: Mm. You know what I want? I want to get to know you better. Unless you’re not up for that.

Valentin: Au contraire, Jennifer. I would like nothing more. However, I am on leave and I have only one night.

Jennifer: [ Chuckles ] A lot can happen in one night.

Dr. Aliya: Good morning. I’m Dr. Aliya. Dr. Ashford was just telling me all about you, Ms. Henry.

Stella: Did he tell you he thinks I’m losing my mind?

TJ: I never said that, Auntie.

Dr. Aliya: My specialty isn’t the mind, but all doctors know physiology and psychology are closely linked. Let’s start by examining you.

Portia: We’ll wait right outside.

Curtis: Yeah, um, I don’t want to crowd you, but I sure would —

Stella: Portia can stay. No, of course.

Curtis: Okay.

[ Door closes ]

Willow: And what about what Nina did to my mom? Manipulating her [Sighs] so she’d advocate for us to let Nina see Wiley.

Michael: It’s all the more reason to make peace with Smoltz.

Willow: You mean cut a deal?

Michael: Well, now that nine filed the petition with the court, I got to make this assault charge disappear, or Nina and Scott will try and exploit it to strengthen her case.

Willow: You’re right. We’ll have to play nice with that slimy reporter.

Michael: Only to a point. I’m gonna be careful about the kind of story I offer Smoltz.

Willow: Otherwise, we may live to regret it.

Carly: You and I share a grandson, so I’m happy to help. Do you have any experience that’s suited for hotel work?

Harmony: Yeah, I do. I have experience cleaning and serving.

Carly: Oh, well, great. You know, I’d love for you to meet my partner, Olivia Quartermaine, and I think Monday works best. Oh, if Monday doesn’t work, we can pick another day.

Harmony: Oh, no, I’m sorry. It’s not that. Um… just in the interest of full disclosure, I feel like I should tell you that, um, I recently went to bat for Wiley’s other grandmother, Nina Reeves.

Nina: I mean, Michael can be reasonable. He let me see Wiley when you were in Nixon Falls, until…

Sonny: Until he — he found out you lied about me.

Nina: Yeah, that was my 463,000th mistake. And now Michael is angry at both of us.

Sonny: And afraid. ‘Cause for whatever reason, Michael believes that you’re a danger to Wiley.

Nina: Sonny, I would never, ever hurt my grandson. But the way that Carly, Michael, and Willow act, you’d think I was a physical threat to him.

Sonny: Nelle was.

Trina: Any news?

Marshall: Stella is being examined. What did you do with the cheese and crackers? Let’s not wait for more news on an empty stomach.

Trina: Yeah, I’m not — I’m not that hungry.

Marshall: Oh. Hmm. Um, Trina, I, uh — I know what it feels when… people get the wrong impression of you.

Trina: People think I betrayed my best friends. That makes me sick to my stomach.

Marshall: Yeah, I know it hurts. It hurts to be misunderstood. You know how I’ve learned to deal with it? Not caring. Not caring what strangers feel about me.

Trina: What about someone I considered a friend? How do I not care that his feelings for me have changed?

Marshall: Well, that depends. Has he been a true friend to you?

Trina: My mom would say no.

Marshall: And why is that?

Trina: Because he asked me to cover for him when we first met. Then he does something pretty awful to someone I care about. And now he’s choosing to believe someone else over me.

Marshall: Well, then I understand why your mom thinks this guy is undeserving of your friendship.

Trina: I should have never invested in someone that had so many secrets.

Laura: Here’s to you, Victor. May you achieve your dream of becoming devoted family man of the year. Oh, come on, now. No witty retort? No charming parry?

Victor: What is there to parry? The Cassadines have a lamentable history, and the part I played in their schemes is — is well-known. I’ve been trying to make amends. But your skepticism is — is quite understandable.

Laura: That almost sounds sincere.

Victor: My life has been horribly lonely over the last few years. When I went into hiding after the explosion at Crichton Clark, Nikolas was the only one who knew I’d survived.

Laura: He never told me.

Victor: I asked him not to. He would check in on me from time to time, but I knew his place was really here in — in Port Charles. I spent a lot of time thinking about Valentin, dreaming about being a real grandfather to Charlotte.

Laura: As much as you dreamed about money and power?

Victor: What is money? And what use is power if you can’t use it to improve the lives of your loved ones?

Laura: [ Chuckles ] What happened to the Victor Cassadine I used to know and hate?

Victor: Admittedly, I have come to this appreciation of family rather late in life, but I am here now, Laura, and I’m more committed than you’ll ever know.

Alexis: I’m not gonna be bullied by you, Smoltz.

Smoltz: Who’s bullying? I’m a good writer with well-placed sources. You will not be compromising yourself by giving me a chance. Sorry.

Alexis: Thank you. Text me. Make an appointment.

Smoltz: Unh-unh. No, no, no. You can’t blow me off that easily, Alexis. You liked my revenge porn story enough to steal it. You think I’m a one-hit wonder? Fine. I’ll just take my next pitch to the competition and encourage my fellow journalists to do the same.

Alexis: Tell me when you come across your next story.

Smoltz: Yes.

Alexis: No promises.

Smoltz: Yeah.

Michael: Incoming.

Smoltz: Ah! Not the face. A little assault-and-battery humor. Oh. Kidding aside, there are plenty of witnesses here, if you do come after me again, so…

Michael: The only thing I want to hit you with is an offer.

Smoltz: Oh.

Michael: Have a seat.

Smoltz: So your attorney said when she set up this meeting. What have you got?

Michael: A mutually agreeable solution to our problem.

Carly: You went to bat for Nina? Over what?

Harmony: Visitation with Wiley.

Carly: [ Exhales deeply ]

Harmony: She asked me to appeal to willow and Michael. And in retrospect, I really wish that I had said no. I just — I felt I owed Nina.

Carly: Owed Nina? For what?

Harmony: Just as someone who doesn’t get a chance to see a lot of Wiley as well, I guess I just understood how she was feeling. You know, we both love that little boy so much.

Carly: Right, and now that you’ve had time to think about it, you can see that Nina only uses people to get what she wants, right?

Harmony: Absolutely. I know it’s best to just stay out of Nina’s affairs. You know, getting involved has consequences.

Carly: Yeah. Thank you for telling me. And as for the job, you can fill out an application online, and I’ll have my HR person flag the application, so…

Harmony: Thank you.

Carly: I’ll be in touch.

Harmony: Great.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nina: What does Nelle’s behavior have anything to do with me seeing my grandson?

Sonny: Nina, I’m just saying that maybe my family sees something of Nelle in you and you in — in Nelle. I mean, I…

Nina: Sonny, I didn’t even get a chance to be able to raise my daughter, and still I’m being blamed for how she turned out?

Sonny: I’m not saying that it’s right. I’m saying maybe Michael believes it. And you have to admit yourself that Nelle was capable of evil.

Nina: So she was destined to be — to be bad because of her DNA?

Sonny: It could show up in court, even if it’s not true. You are nothing like Nelle.

Nina: Thank you. I think.

Sonny: Listen… I see the entire you. And I’m just thinking that maybe Michael and Willow will, too.

[ Knock on door ]

Alexis: Hi. Are you busy?

Carly: I-I already told your roommate I’d consider it.

Alexis: Consider what?

Carly: You’re not here about Harmony’s job?

Alexis: At Spring Ridge?

Carly: Okay, let’s start over again. Hello, Alexis. What brings you to my office?

Alexis: I was offered a television spot to sit on a panel to discuss the article regarding Josslyn and Cameron.

Carly: Oh. Wow. I mean, I knew it was getting traction. I guess I didn’t know it was getting that much traction.

Alexis: It’s a hot-button issue.

Carly: [ Sighs ]

Alexis: But if you think this will make Josslyn uncomfortable, I won’t do it.

Carly: Well, I can’t answer for Josslyn and Cameron.

Alexis: Alright, well, then I’ll speak to them myself. As a courtesy, I just wanted to run it by you first.

Carly: Thank you. I appreciate that. [ Sighs ] Is there anything else I can help you with?

Alexis: Carly, what is this about harmony and a job?

Smoltz: Our problem? You hit me, buddy, which makes “the problem” yours.

Michael: Now, if the charges were brought to trial many, many months from now, my lawyer is confident that she can prove undue provocation. Now, when Commissioner Ashford is brought in to testify about the alleged attack…

Smoltz: Alleged?

Michael: …My lawyer will cross-examine her about how you sought me out and made inflammatory remarks about my younger sister, the traumatized victim of revenge porn.

Harmony: Willow, Michael. I’m sorry. Am I interrupting? I just thought I’d say hi.

Willow: Mom, let’s give Michael and Mr. Smoltz a few minutes to talk alone.

Harmony: Okay. Sounds good to me.

Willow: I won’t be far if you need me.

Smoltz: Great to see you again, Ms. Tait.

Michael: Now…that’s if this even goes to trial, because the D.A. Could consider this case too weak and throw the charges out altogether.

Smoltz: Okay, let’s talk about the civil suit I can file against you, alright? And the damages I’ll get. Maybe you can advise me on which Caribbean Island is best for the winter months.

Michael: Can you really afford 10, maybe 20 years of litigation in civil court? Because my lawyers can drag this out indefinitely. And trust me, you’ll go bankrupt before you see a dime of my money.

Harmony: Hey. What is it?

Willow: [ Sighs ] Nina filed a petition for visitation.

Harmony: [ Exhales sharply ] I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. Do you — do you think you could reach an agreement with Nina before you go to court?

Willow: No, we are past that point. Nina has crossed too many lines. Any hope for a civil relationship is dead.

Nina: Thank you for seeing more of me than just my past.

Sonny: You see all of me.

Nina: [ Chuckles ] I try.

Sonny: No, you don’t just try, you do. I mean, you accepted my behavior when I was off my medication, and you — you got me through it. You — you didn’t judge me.

Nina: You want to finally — I know. I’ll be gentle.

Sonny: [ Laughs ]

Nina: You want to finally tell me what happened here? I walked into a punch.

Nina: What, you’re sparring again?

Sonny: It’s good for the heart.

Nina: Yeah, but it’s bad for the brow bone. Look it. Oh, sonny, you’re still bleeding. Oh, here.

Sonny: [ Chuckles ]

Nina: Let me take care of you.

Sonny: [ Inhales sharply ]

Nina: I know.

Sonny: It hurts so good.

Nina: I’ll be gentle. Am I hurting you? Does it hurt?

Sonny: No, you got a soft touch.

Jennifer: So, how does a nice, cool shower sound?

Valentin: Sounds refreshing. However, I prefer the delicious anticipation of waiting for you to return after your shower.

Jennifer: Oh, you French. Such charmers.

Valentin: Of course, I expect a moment-by-moment account.

Jennifer: Oh, mon capitaine, you are a naughty one.

Valentin: You have no idea.

[ Beeping ]

Jennifer: I will be back in two shakes, Captain.

[ Water running ]

Jennifer: Stepping into the shower.

Valentin: How’s the water, my love?

Jennifer: Mm, divine.

Valentin: Describe everything.

Jennifer: Oh, first my chest. The soap is so foamy. I’m circling around my body, lathering my neck and arms. Now my toes, one at a time.

[ Hums beep sequence ]

Marshall: But all — all secrets, they’re not created equally.

Trina: But lying to protect a secret is — is never right.

Marshall: I’m no philosopher, but I, uh… I believe certain lies are morally justified.

Trina: But who’s to say what’s moral and what’s not?

Marshall: Trina, that’s a judgment call.

Trina: My dad would agree with you.

Marshall: [ Chuckles ]

Trina: He had me believe that he was dead, and I know now that he lied to protect me, but… at the time, it — he broke my heart.

Marshall: Seems like your dad and I have a lot in common. Instead of saving our children from pain, we [Sighs] We both inflicted it.

Stella: Thank you for staying with me, Portia.

Portia: Well, my pleasure. You know, of course.

[ Knock on door ]

Curtis: Am I invited back in?

Stell: Please, come over here and give me some sugar. The doctor tell you there’s no need to fuss?

Curtis: Well, the doctor says that you’re not suffering from any physical conditions, but there’s definitely something going on.

Stella: It’s just stress.

Curtis: Enough to cause heart palpitations? Aunt Stella, something’s definitely got you rattled. Or someone.

Alexis: Harmony was my only friend at Spring Ridge. In fact, she was my crutch. So if you want me to give you a recommendation, I can tell you that she is very conscientious and she’s a hard worker. Not good enough.

Carly: Oh, no, it’s not that. It’s just, um… Harmony told me that Nina got her to talk to Michael and willow about visitation with Wiley.

Alexis: I have an idea how you feel about that.

Carly: Yeah. I don’t love the idea of anyone forming an alliance with Nina.

Alexis: At least Harmony was honest about that, knowing that it could cost her a job.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, but Harmony said something else that was really strange. She said she owed Nina.

Alexis: Owed her what?

Carly: I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Are you telling me I can trust Harmony?

Harmony: You are the most forgiving person I know. I mean, there’s got to be hope for a reconciliation between you and Nina.

Willow: Not after all the harm Nina’s caused — sleeping with sonny, breaking up his marriage, and…all the while stringing me along with some promise of compromise about Wiley. Nina’s a narcissist. She’s selfish. She’s self-serving. And I don’t want her anywhere near Wiley. There’s no compromising on that.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Willow: Someone wants to talk to you. Why are you ignoring them?

Smoltz: Fine, but if I drop the charges, what do I get as thanks?

Michael: An exclusive.

Smoltz: How exclusive?

Michael: Well, I just got served with notice that Nina reeves — real-estate heiress, Crimson editor, and convicted kidnapper — has petitioned for visitation with my son, Wiley.

Smoltz: [ Scoffs ] Her grandson. Okay, that’s — that’s not news.

Michael: What I’m offering is an on-the-record account of Nina’s conflict with my family, everything from her time in Nixon Falls through the present, and a little background into the abduction of Avery Corinthos.

Smoltz: Okay. Now you’ve got my attention.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sonny: Oh, boy. Oh, business associate.

Nina: Oh, no, no.

Sonny: No, no, no.

Nina: Actually, I think you should get back to work.

Sonny: Come here, no.

Nina: Ahh. Go to work. And like I told you before, I-I just wanted to come here to alert you about the petition.

Sonny: I appreciate that.

Nina: Okay. See you around.

Sonny: I’m counting on it.

Nina: Oh, and…Sonny, mend fences with Michael, even if it means siding against me in court.

Sonny: I’m on Wiley’s side. Whatever’s best for him.

Nina: Well, hopefully that includes his grandmother in his life.

Sonny: Kids need all the love they can get. As a matter of fact, everybody needs all the love they can get.

Curtis: Did Marshall upset you?

Stella: [ Scoffs ] Don’t be silly.

Curtis: Aunt Stella, you and Marshall had an intense conversation earlier. If that bothered you, I need to know.

Stella: It is not your job to worry about me.

Curtis: It is my job to protect my family, even if it’s from my own father.

Victor: If we work together, combining your pragmatism and my imagination, oh, we would be unstoppable.

Laura: To what end?

Victor: The future. A-a better future.

Laura: It’s such a shame that Luke Spencer won’t be around to enjoy some of that better future.

Victor: Yes, Luke’s passing is indeed a-a terrible tragedy.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Laura: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Oh, bad news?

Laura: Uh, Kevin’s not going to be able to make it to lunch. He was called to a staff meeting.

Victor: Oh, I’m sorry. Um, I’d ask you to join me for lunch, but I’m pretty sure I know what your answer would be.

Laura: Good. Then you won’t be disappointed when I turn you down.

Victor: You do believe I care about Nikolas and Spencer, don’t you?

Laura: Y-you may be sincere about wanting to do right by your family…

Victor: I sense a “but” coming.

Laura: But it just wouldn’t be you, would it? You’re the kind of guy that sees what you want and you go and you get it, no matter who or what is in your way.

Jennifer: Oh, this showerhead tickles.

Valentin: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Jennifer: It is so good.

Valentin: Sure you won’t join me?

Jennifer Oh, the water’s wonderful.

Valentin: Just hearing your voice is driving me crazy. Are you washing your hair?

Jennifer: Already did.

Valentin: Magnifique.

Jennifer: I’m ready for you to towel me off.

Smoltz: You want a hit piece on Nina reeves?

Michael: I want to set the record straight on Nina’s erratic behavior. The damage she’s caused, the laws she’s broken, and the questionable judgment she’s shown.

Smoltz: Okay, well, I’ll need more than a list of grievances.

Michael: You’ll have enough material to write dozens of articles. Sources, dates, and even the inside scoop on Nina’s relationship with my father.

Smoltz: I-if you’ve got the goods, we’ve got a deal. This will be the feature of a lifetime, and I know exactly who will run it.

Nina: Hey, do me a favor and put some ice on that eyebrow and stick to dancing.

Sonny: Did you know that dancing and boxing are very similar? Could easily be distracted, like if you mess up your footwork, you can get hurt. And they’re both contact sports… [ Chuckles ] …So you need plenty of practice.

Nina: Okay, well, call me if you need a partner.

Sonny: You mean for sparring?

Nina: No. I mean, we’ve already — we’ve already fought enough in the ring. But if you want to perfect your box step, I’ll leave room on my dance card.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Alexis: I’ll tell you this. I can vouch for her work ethic. Whether you hire her is up to you.

Carly: Thank you. And thank you for stopping by about Josslyn and Cam.

Alexis: You got it.

Carly: You’ve given me a lot to think about.

Alexis: Good. Um, I will stay in touch. Take care.

Marshall: Stella? How you doing?

Stella: Apparently it was a panic attack.

Marshall: Oh, those panic attacks, they can be frightening.

Stella: Got me thinking about all I’ve been holding inside.

Marshall: You know what? That’s just what I was doing just now. It’s — it’s healthier to unburden oneself.

Stella: Healthier for who? Your confession won’t be good for this family that Curtis if forming, or our place in it.

Marshall: Stella, what are you saying?

Stella: If Curtis asks you more about your past, stick to your story.

Curtis: Hey, it’s Curtis Ashford. I’d like to revisit your proposition.

Harmony: It’s just telemarketers.

Willow: Are — are you sure? What if it’s important?

Harmony: Oh, they didn’t leave a voicemail, so…

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Willow: Aren’t you the least bit curious?

Laura: Goodbye, Victor.

Victor: Well, at least I tried. I won’t press my cause any further today. I’ll give you time to change your mind.

Laura: You may not have that time to give. In fact, your time is rapidly running out.

Jennifer: I guess I have to dry myself off. I am going to slip into something you can easily slip me out of.

[ Safe clicks ]

Jennifer: Oh! Shall we order champagne?

Valentin: Voila. Absolument! Champagne is a necessity. I am parched.

Jennifer: Oh, I can slake your thirst. Hmm. What do you think you’re doing?

On the next “General Hospital” —

Trina (to Marshall) If I plead guilty, this is all over.

Willow (to Michael): Our relationship with my mother might work in our favor.

Harmony: I will meet you.

Nina: Let me be there for you.

Anna: There’s definitely more going on than meets the eye.

Curtis (to Selina): My last term is non-negotiable.

Sonny: I underestimated you.

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