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Anna: Airbags deployed. There’s another car, abandoned, over there, but it doesn’t look like there’s any damage. Maybe — maybe this car crashed? That car stopped to help? Or that one ran this one off the road, and the occupants of this one ran off. Right. So maybe maxie’s running away from peter. Peter: I don’t have much time, maxie. Someone picked up my trail. Now, climb back up here. Now. Hear me, peter. I would rather die than go one more step with you! So, go ahead. Pull the trigger. But when you do, that is the end of telling yourself there’s one shred of goodness left in you or that you can turn your life around. If you’re gonna kill me because I don’t love you… …admit you’re a monster. You were supposed to save me, maxie! Instead, you abandoned me! No, this is all your fault. Ah! Ah! Peter? I have your gun. Maxie, is he dead? I don’t know. Any news about maxie? Nothing yet. Alright. You know, if it — if it ends up that maxie is hurt by something that I’ve done, I’m never going to be able to live with myself. Brook lynn: Wait, this is your fault? I should’ve known. What did you do now? Evening, mr. Corinthos. Hey. Sorry to disappoint, but, uh, phyllis isn’t here. I’m sorry I missed phyllis. I’m not here for phyllis. I’m here for that. Scotch. Single malt. Make it a double.

The role of sasha gilmore is temporarily being played by helena mattsson. Lucy: Hey! Yoo-hoo. Hi, there. Isn’t this warm day just absolutely glorious? You know what? We could have the meeting outside if we want to. Yeah, I think that might be pushing it, but it is nice not to have a coat and gloves. Why don’t we go inside? Maybe they have air conditioning — no — wait — whew! Ah. Listen, I-I really want to talk to you first, okay? Can’t we talk inside? Sasha’s waiting. No, that — look, sasha is what I want to talk about. So, who you talking to? I’m trying to reach felicia. I should have known better than to think she’d be okay with staying on the sidelines while maxie is missing with peter. Come on, felicia, pick up. Felicia: Maxie, is he breathing? I-I can’t tell. Let me have that gun. Maxie! Are you all right? Oh, my god. What are you doing here, felicia? Peter’s seriously injured. Stay back, stay back. He could be faking. He’s still alive. He’s still alive. What are you doing here?

[ Sighs ] God. But he’s clean. Not that he could use a weapon if he actually had one. He’s barely breathing, guys.

[ Groans ]

[ Grunting weakly ]

Sonny. It’s good to see you. Is it? Everything okay? Yeah, yeah. You want to join me for a drink? Yeah. How you doing? I’m okay. You know, I-I meant to call you, and then I just lost, uh, track of time. Yeah, you don’t need to check in on me, man. You know, with everything that went down with liam, it’S… about as — going about as well as can be expected. You don’t need to keep tabs on me. You’re not an obligation. You’re family. And family takes care of each other when times are tough. They remind you that you’re not alone. Well, in that case, this family thing’s a two-way street, you know. So… if you need to talk — I’ve had a bad day, yeah, but, you know, you’ve got a lot on your plate with losing liam and sasha pulling away from you. Yeah, well, I mean, I did make a little progress on that front. Yeah? Yeah, sasha and I talked, and, uh, yeah, I’m — I’m hopeful that we’ll still have a future together. Sasha? I haven’t seen you in ages. Oh. Hi, sienna. I’ve just been really busy with work. Busy, huh? Well…

[Quietly] If you need anything… no, thanks, I don’t do that anymore. No worries. But if you ever need a little pick-me-up to help you with all that work, you’ve got my number. Okay. Thanks. What’s going on with sasha, other than the obvious — her grieving over the loss of her baby? Yeah, that’s just it. This — this meeting that she called? Come on. It’s after hours. And she called me yesterday and made her pitch, and — and I told her, “you know what? It’s really unnecessary. I mean, we cannot move ahead with the ipo until maxie is found. So there’s nothing really new to discuss.” Well, except maybe I should be cuddling up to martin about now instead of doing new marketing strategies, you know — well, this is what I’ve been afraid of, that she’s going to throw herself into work so she doesn’t drown in grief over losing liam. After everything maxie and I did to keep her daughter safe, you blow it by being dumb enough to buddy up to victor cassadine? Whoa! I didn’t buddy — I’m not buddies with that guy! And you have no right to judge me after everything that you’ve done. You lie so much, I’m surprised that you and victor aren’t buddies and bffs. Okay, can we take it down a notch? Yeah, I agree. I mean, look, we’re all stressed because we’re worried about maxie. You two sniping at each other doesn’t help. You’re right, britt. Now’s not the time. I agree. Ew.

[ Scoffs ] Only thing that matters is that maxie get home safe. Drew: Look, if peter doesn’t get medical attention soon, he’s not going to make it. I realize his death is not going to be any great loss. I’m — I’m just saying. No. I’ll take care of it. Maxie. No, no, no, no, no. You — you shut up. Maxie, just go up there.You shut up and you stay still, do you understand me? We’re calling you an ambulance, believe it or not. Maxie, please. Maxie, please wait.

To things getting better for you.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. I know what it’s like to lose a child. But at least you have sasha to lean on. Yeah, well, we’re trying to. And like I said, I — I want to be there for you, too, so… this about carly? This?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, that’s where I-I — I’ve had — I haven’t had a great day. I was — I was with carly, the last part of the day, with her attorney, my attorney. We’re hammering out a deal and we’re — we’re — we’re… we’re getting a divorce.

[ Sighs ] Damn, man. That was fast. I don’t — I don’t want it. She wants it. Uh, she wants to cut her losses. And the only thing she wants from the marriage is the house by the lake and joint custody of, uh, donna. And I’m going to spend time with avery at the penthouse, and so they’re going to see less of each other, donna and avery, all because their dad messed up. Yeah, hey, man. They know that you love them. Yeah? How do you know that? ‘Cause I’ve seen you with them. Pretty obvious. You should never assume that the person you love knows how you feel. Like you and sasha. I’m glad you talked. What’s next? What do you mean? What do you mean? When you are gonna see her again? I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about anything. Whoa, what are you —

[ Chuckles ] You got to change that. You guys are making progress. Yeah. You got to — you got to — you got to show her how much you love her. Nina: Okay, I’m intrigued. What was so urgent that it couldn’t wait until tomorrow? I know we’re in a holding pattern with the ipo, but we need to be ready to hit the ground running once maxie is back safe and sound.

[ Clears throat ] Hey, sasha? Well, I have some ideas, but, really, these are more like jumping-off points. Anyone up for a visit? We were trying to drive her around to get her to fall asleep, but no dice, so we brought her here for a visit. I am always thrilled to see my granddaughter. Robert, I’d like you to meet your great-niece, louise. Brook lynn: Oh, for now, she — she responds more to bailey. We’re trying to call her louise from time to time. Look at that face. I mean, she looks just like maxie. Yeah. She does, doesn’t she?

[ Monitor beeping ] Speaking of which, have you heard any news? Not yet. Wait, where’s felicia? That is a very good question.

[ Gasping ] Maxie, I can’t feel my legs. Are you wanting my sympathy? Five minutes ago, you tried to kill me, peter! All you have done is leave a trail of destruction and broken lives. Liesl paid for your crimes. Drew lost two years of his life! Jason and franco are dead thanks to you. It’s your turn now, and you deserve it. Believe me, I’m never going to leave you. Wrong, man. Wrong. Maxie’s so far out of — out of your reach. So is her child. You don’t get it! You survive this, and you’re going to spend the rest of your life in a cell, which I got to admit, I-I find kind of fitting. And I know you’re going to have it so much better than jason and I did when we were in captivity. But we knew that we were innocent. We had lives to come back to. You’ve got nothing! You did it to yourself, man. There’s nobody left to care about you, nobody. Anna: Paramedics are on their way. You guys all right? Yeah. Okay? Yep, yeah. Alright. You take them up to the road and direct the responders down here when they get here. Yeah. Okay? You got it. Let’s go. Am I in trouble? What? No, we’ll sort it out. It was self-defense. You were saving your daughter’s life. Peter: M-maxie, please. Please. I’m scared. I’m leaving, peter. Ma-maxie! Please! Ple– so it’s just… you and me?

[ Gasping ] Yeah.

[ Sighs ] It’s just the two of us.

truly impressed. Me, too. It’s obvious you have been putting in a lot of hours in research.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Um, it’s marty. Um, will you ladies


[ Chuckles ] I’ll be right back. Great job. I had no idea that you knew so much about ipos. I didn’t, not until recently. It’s amazing how much information you can find online. Yeah. It’s great. Hey, I haven’t seen brando around very much lately. How’s he doing? I’ve been avoiding him. Sasha. But not anymore. We, uh, had a good talk. And even though seeing brandomakes me think about liam… …I know brando needs me, and… I want to be there for him. I love brando, and I can’t lose him, too. Sasha and I, we — we grieve differently, and… I don’t — I don’t really want to push her into something she’s not ready for, you know? I’m not talking pushing her. I’m saying that you got to let her know that you guys are good together, and this — it’s not a time to be alone.

[ Sighs ] You know, sasha told me that, um — that she’s been avoiding me because she can’t, uh, look at me without being reminded of liam. Yeah, but, you know, that — I think what you need — you need a change of scenery. You got to take her out of town, someplace romantic. Let her know how great you guys are toge– I got a place in — in niagara falls. I’ll hook you up. Uh, I mean, I — I like the sound of that, but, I mean — yeah? Yeah? I don’t know. Yeah. Sasha might not be feeling romantic, you know. Okay, but the thing is, if you think she’s slipping away, then you got — you know, you got to keep her close, ’cause let me tell you something. Time apart is not good for anyone. You can trust me on that.

[ Weakly ] So, you stay with me now. Why? To gloat? You’re my responsibility. You know, I protected you when I believed that you could change. You’ve always been so soft-hearted.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I don’t know. I — I do try to find the good in people. Even though some people, they don’t have any good in them. They embrace their evil tendencies until it controls them. You’re so like your father.

[ Exhales ] Obsessed, entitled, convinced that you can just take whatever you want. You see, while you’re still alive… …maxie and louise can never truly feel safe. You didn’t call the ambulance, did you? No. There’s no ambulance coming. I did, however, call the wsb to notify that you’d been apprehended, but I made it clear that the location wasn’t secure and they shouldn’t approach. So a killer in the end, anna. Depends on your perspective. So now what? You walk away? L-leave me to die? No one deserves to die alone. Not even you. I do hope, wherever you wind up, that you… find some measure of peace.

[ Crying ] It’s okay.

[ Gasping ] Shh. Anna.

[ Breathing stops ] I’m so sorry.

[ Sobbing ] It’s over. It’s over. Okay. Goodbye, peter.

[ Sobs ] Life’s been hard enough. Especially when you’re struggling with depression. So, I did some resea can you believe it? All that driving around and she’s still wide awake.

[ Cellphone rings ] Tell me it’s anna. Even better. It’s felicia. Hey, are you all right? Mac. Yes, I’m fine. And much more importantly, I found maxie, and she’s fine. Thank god. What — what does that mean? Did she find maxie? Listen, I’m going to put you on speaker, okay? Brook lynn in here, so is robert. Can you repeat what you just said? Felicia: I found maxie. We’re both fine.

[ Sighs ] Oh, someone wants to say hello. Mac, hi. How’s louise? She’s 3 feet away from me in her stroller. Look, brook lynn and chase are here. Maxie, I’m so glad you’re okay. Yeah, your daughter, she is safe and sound, and she’s going to be thrilled to see you. Uh, listen, maxie, this is great news, but I-I got to ask the big question. What happened to peter? Please don’t tell me he got away again. No. No, for once, peter did not get away. What does that mean? Well, peter was about to shoot me, and then mom attacked him with a tire iron. Oh, my god. That bastard didn’t hurt you? No, no, I’m fine. Um… anna is with him. She called an ambulance, and they’re waiting to go to the hospital. Do you mean he’s still alive? For now. Peter’s badly injured, but he might not make it. Bad idea. Johnny? I need a-another one. You got it. Hey! Hey, ladies. I-I’m sorry to interrupt. I see that you have a work meeting. Well, sasha wanted to talk about some issues tonight. You know what? We were just wrapping things up. We were? Yeah. We were wrapping, uh, things up. You know what? I’m going to go. Brando, it’s so good to see you. What a good meeting. We got a lot done, didn’t we, ladies? Okay. Uh, ta. Ta. Okay, bye. Well, I think I’m going to go, too. Listen. Call me if you need to talk. I know. Thanks. Brando, it’s nice to see you. You, too, nina. Man, I can really clear a room, can’t I?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I am happy to see you. Well, good. That gives me some hope. Hope? Yeah, uh, that you will agree to run away with me. Now that you guys have spoke to mac, you got to take me through what happened. How did you — how did you two find each other? Oh, that was all thanks to my mom. She remembered peter talking about a place he loved, a place he was sent in his summers away from boarding school. So she got on a plane to europe to check it out. Meanwhile, maxie ran away from peter, and she made it to the road, and she flagged down a car. I was obviously surprised to find the driver was my mom. Then we got back in the car, and we headed to the autobahn. And then suddenly, I saw headlights in the rearview mirror, and they were getting closer and closer. Peter. Peter. He ran my car off the road. I thought my mom was hurt, and I wanted to lead peter away from her, so I went to the embankment. Well, I wasn’t really hurt. I just had the wind knocked out of me from the airbag. But once I caught my breath, I grabbed a tire iron from the trunk, and I went down the embankment, and I heard gunfire, and there was peter ready to shoot my daughter. And I did not hesitate for one second. I swung that tire iron as hard as I could. I don’t think I’ve ever hit anything as hard in my entire life. And peter went down the embankment, and, well, you know the rest. Hmm. Everything all right here? Anna, uh, the ambulance hasn’t gotten here. What’s going on with peter? Peter is dead. Are you sure? I watched him take his last breath.

[ Crying ]

Is there news? Felicia found maxie. They’re all safe. That’s great. That’s — that’s good news. Yeah. Sounds like peter put maxie through quite the ordeal, but the most important thing is she’s not hurt, so… and what about peters? Is — is he in custody? Uh, actually, after you left, we just got word. Peter august is dead.

[ Sighs ] Are you sure? Because we’ve thought this before. Anna confirmed it to mac. My god. It’s finally over. This calls for a celebration. Britta, do you have any libations in your office? Uh, the bottom left in the credenza. Okay.

[ Laughs ] Run away together? What — what does that mean? Uh, uh, yeah, s-sonny, he — he knows a place in — in niagara falls, and he offered it to us if — if we want to get away for a few days. Just the two of us. Wow. Uh, you know, if that’s too much, we — we could, uh, just maybe get a b&b at beechers corners. Uh, w-we don’t — we don’t have to talk about liam. I — I just — I just miss us. And, um, you know, I was hoping that maybe we could reconnect, and I thought maybe going someplace new where we don’t have any memories, that we could just kind of focus on the here and now and — rather than the past. Okay. Let’s do it. Yeah? Really?

[ Chuckles ] Okay, that’s — that’s fantastic. Um… then, uh, which — which option interests you most? Uh, the grand majesty of niagara falls or a cozy b&b? Um… y-you don’t have a preference? I am thrilled either way. Sasha? Um, let’s go to niagara falls.

[ Sighs ]

[ Line ringing ]

[ Beep ]

Hi. This is nina reeves. I can’t come to the phone right now, but please leave a message.

[ Beep ]

[ Slurring ] It’s me. Does that mean sonny or mike? ‘Cause sonny’s not doing real good these days, so mike might be a better option for you. And I know how much you love mike. Yeah, I’m being stupid right now. It’s me and — good or bad. And it’s not really good right now. I’m at charlie’S. Where are you?

[ Stammers ]

[ Sighing ] Ohh, boy, I just — where’s my — I just need to talk to somebody, and you and I always have nice talks and… just wanted to see you, but — I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. And you were there at the end, right? I did what I had to do. That guy’s plagued this town for far too long. I got to go. I need to call valentin and break the news to him. If you really must. What do you want? Come, now. You must have heard of, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? We both despise peter. Do you want to join my celebration? You shared your feelings about peter with me, and all the things he’s done, but he’s still your brother. So… I’m checking in. You doing okay? Peter made my life hell, just like he did everyone else.

[ Chuckles sadly ] And honestly, what I am feeling most is relief. Relief in knowing my father’s demented bloodline dies with peter. So, no kids for you, then, huh? Then that’s when liesl obrecht called and said… anna, can I talk to you for a second? Mm-hmm. I know you well enough to recognize when you’re holding something back. I didn’t call the ambulance. I needed to know that he was dead. I mean, it’s unlikely that he would have survived even if they got here in time. Hope you understand. I hope you know that I 100% think that you did the right thing. I don’t know that it was right. But it was… necessary. Well, at one point, you cared about peter. We all did. Do you regret his death now? I think maybe what I regret is that I couldn’t figure out a way to… …stop him sooner. I think that the peter that I cared for, that at one time I believed was my son, never really existed. He hurt too many people. And too many people are dead because of him. But now because of you… us. …This nightmare is finally over. These are for you. Oh, thank you. I was so relieved that maxie’s okay, I realized I have not eaten all day.

[ Laughing ] I am starving. Here, you should take some. You’re probably hungry, too. Oh. Thank you. Don’t take it all.

[ Muffled ] You know… it’s nice seeing you this happy. Happy? Oh, my gosh. I’m ecstatic. Chase, peter is finally gone. Maxie can finally tell the whole world that bailey is… her daughter. It’s going to be hard for you to let bailey go. Yeah, when I had to give her to felicia, I was a wreck. I remember. Look, it’s going to be hard not to see that beautiful, little face every day, but that was the whole point, to keep bailey safe. And now maxie can raise her daughter without a concern that peter can come and take her away. How can I be anything but happy about that? You know, part of the reason this whole scheme worked is because people kept thinking the worst about you — that you’d lie about your baby’s paternity just to get your stock back. I cannot wait for people to know the truth and to see what a noble gesture it really was. What is that look for? You’re really incredible. You know, you had a lot to do with this scheme, too. Oh, I know. But we made a good team.

okay, so, the wsb team will be here any minute. And, um, dante’s already at the airport, so we can meet him there. That’s it? There isn’t going to be any kind of police investigation? Well, the bureau has agreed to be a liaison with the swiss authorities, so we can give our statements on the plane. We’re going home? It’s really over? Yeah. I know in the past, peter survived and haunted us again, but… he didn’t make it this time. Okay? So, come on. Cars are here ready to take us to the airport. You know, when brook lynn and I made this plan to hide louise in plain sight, I could only imagine this moment. I can’t believe that it’s really happening. We’re finally safe. And you can bring louise home, and she can finally meet georgie and james. Oh, my god, mom. I can’t believe this is happening.

[ Whispering ] Thank you. So henrik faison is finally dead. And felicia’s the one who took him out. Mm, all because he was trying to shoot maxie. She would do anything to protect her daughter. Still, I didn’t see this one coming. No. Me, either. But do you know what that means, sweetheart? Your mom will be home soon. Kids are not part of my future. Well, you never know. I’m pretty sure.

[ Sighs ] Uh, but you know what this means? Maxie might be back in port charles tomorrow. Yeah. Looks that way. The threat of peter is finally over. Maxie can finally be a mom to louise. She can… go back to her life? I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

[ Both laugh ] Please. Disingenuous is not a good look for you. What’s going to happen when you see maxie again?

[ Sighs ] That’s one way to celebrate good news. In — in a good way, right? Oh, my gosh. Look at this mess I’ve made. Uh, let me help you. It has been quite a day, huh? Yeah. Yeah, we should — should probably get bailey home. Yeah, I mean, I’m happy that maxie’s okay, but, um… still. It’s going to be our last night being bailey’s parents. Right. Right. I am so glad sonny suggested niagara falls. It’s — it’s going to be really good for us to get away, just you and me. Yeah. I’ve never been. It’s supposed to be spectacular. Yeah. Um, you want to text me when you get home so I know that you’re safe? Okay, I will. Alright. Sasha. I thought you left. I changed my mind about what you offered earlier. I definitely need something to help me get through the next few days.

[ Grunts ] Can I — can I call you a car? Oh, I’m — I’m fine. I’m fine.

[ Exhales deeply ] It’s not that far. I can drive. – Uh-huh. All right, thank you. Thank you very much.

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