General Hospital Short Recap Thursday, February 24, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Ava and Carly agree to keep Avery and Donna in each other’s lives, as much as possible, so they don’t suffer too much when Carly and Sonny officially divorce. Ava agrees to allow Carly see Avery because Avery loves Carly too.

Nina tells Sonny he shouldn’t be drinking so much because of the medication he takes for his bipolar disorder. Sonny and Nina argue about the drinking for a while and then Sonny tells Nina he and Carly are getting a divorce. Sonny thanks Nina for her concern and for driving him home last night and then Sonny and Nina kiss.

Drew puts his plan in motion to find out more about Marshall when he offers Marshall a job at Aurora Media. Aunt Stella asks Portia to keep an eye on Marshall because Marshall could hurt Curtis.

Anna feels guilty for not calling an ambulance for Peter and watching him die. Robert reminds Anna that, she tried to help Peter change when he was alive but he was unable to change and he hurt too many people. Robert advises Anna to give all that love she had for Peter when she thought she was his mother, and give that love to someone who deserves it.

Maxie goes straight from the airport to pick up Louise. Maxie decides that from now on the baby will be named Bailey Louise. Maxie also tells Brook Lynn that Bailey will call her mama Brook Lynn and she will be mommy. Maxie thanks Brook Lynn, Chase and Ned for everything they did to keep Bailey safe. Brook Lynn stays strong until Maxie leaves with Bailey and then she cries while Ned holds her.

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