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[ Knock on door ] Yes? Hi. Your assistant said I should just come right in. Yes, come in, come in. So I reviewed your list of requests for the divorce settlement. It’s a really short list. I know. I-I just want this divorce over and done with. Okay, but, carly, you have rights, and if you want to fight for them, I am here to get you everything that you want and deserve.

I appreciate that, but like I told you, sonny and I went through a divorce before. It was brutal. I do not want to repeat that experience. I want this divorce over as painlessly as possible. It’s your call. I just hate to see you walk away from what could be a massive win. You have the leverage to get the lion’s share of the assets and primary custody, to boot. That won’t be necessary.

[ Sighs ] Malcolm: Rebecca. Good to see you. -Liar. -[ Chuckles ] You guys know each other. Oh, we’ve done many battles in the boardroom, and I have to admit I was hoping for someone less formidable, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. Well, now that all parties are present, shall we begin negotiations? That’s why you were at his grandmother’s place on valentine’s day. Laura gave you spence’s gift, didn’t she? It wasn’t a valentine’s gift. The day was just a coincidence. It’s no big deal, honestly. I know. Spence told me he got you something. Oh, he did? Of course. Spence tells me everything. Spencer tells you

everything? Are you sure? Or is that explanation as fake as the rest of you?

[ Exhales sharply ] Does that weather app say how long this heat wave will continue? Never mind that. Have you got an update for me? I do, and you’re not gonna like it. What I don’t like are these pointless preambles. It’s too hot to play games. Now, spit it out. What’s wrong?

[ Siren wailing in distance ] Mm-hmm, perfect. Thank you for taking care of this. I know you’re swamped. Oh, this is a priority. Besides, I’m happy to have the chance to get out of my office. That doesn’t look good. Excuse me. Robert? Have you heard something about the search for peter and maxie? Well, um, anna, drew, and dante are still in europe following up on that clue that maxie left. However, there’s been a complication.

[ Gunshots ] This is no good. We can’t cover him from here.

[ Gunshots ] Stop, stop. Peter! You can’t escape. The wsb has this location. Backup is en route. Don’t make this any worse than it already is. Give yourself up. Yes! I did it! Okay. Alright. Now all I need to do is find my way to that village. Hey! Over here! Wait! Stop! Stop! Felicia: Maxie? What?! Mom?!

[ Crying ] Oh, my god. You’re safe.

[ Sobbing ]

My client has no desire to prolong these proceedings, nor does she wish to go to court. So once we have an agreement, I will draw up a final document for your review and your signature. Listed here are the couple’s joint assets, including bank accounts, insurance policies, stock portfolios — mr. Corinthos and I will need to review this, as we have our own list of shared assets. I’m sure you do. I’m gonna make this very short and simple for you, gentlemen. Mrs. Corinthos waives all claims to everything she and mr. Corinthos shared. Are you sure about that, mrs. Corinthos? You’re entitled to half of everything you shared with your husband. I’m sure, but I have my own money. I don’t need sonny’S. Rebecca: My client has one stipulation with regard to shared assets, which is that she would like to retain the main residence. No, that’s not happening. You abandoned me. I’m not gonna let you take the house. I came here heart on my sleeve, ready to make up for any misunderstandings or hurt feelings between trina and me. And you respond by attacking me? You’ve apologized before, esme, made big speeches about wanting to start over, to get along, bond with us because we’re spencer’s friends and he means everything to you. See, you say all the right things, but your follow-through is always lacking. So how is this time any different? Joss… anyone can apologize, but it only counts when you mean it. You never miss a chance to attack me, do you, joss? Oh, please, you would know if I was attacking you. I’m simply stating facts. Everything you do is calculated to get what you want, like right now, playing the victim.

[ Scoffs ] I am not playing the victim. Really? Okay. Well, if you’re sincere about your change of heart, then tell the truth for once in your life. Johann: Our contractor in europe hasn’t checked in. Victor: Well, the latest message received was that he had a location for august. Did he say exactly where? It was too vague. He was supposed to get back to me with more specifics. And he hasn’t, which means that august has probably given him the slip. Alright, that’s it. No more intermediaries. You’re gonna have to track down august yourself. I’m gonna have to deal with peter personally. Faison couldn’t be trusted, and neither, it seems, can his son.

[ Bottle clatters ] I got a text from felicia. She’s in switzerland. She got a commercial flight to geneva at the same time that dante, anna, and drew left. Oh. So I guess she’s invited herself along on the search for her daughter. You know, I’m sure it’s against wsb protocol, but I can’t say I blame her. Yeah, well, I have known certain people who’ve bent the protocol rules on occasion, when it suits them.

[ Laughing ] Yeah? Right? Yes, yes. If someone I love is in jeopardy, absolutely. Right. Well, I gotta sympathize with her. I mean, I know the compulsion to be hands on and step up for your child. No one was asking her to sit on her hands and allow a bunch of faceless bureaucrats run the investigation. She knows anna is the best in the business at stuff like this, plus she’s also got drew and dante as backup. So you think that felicia should have stayed out of it entirely? I’m saying there’s enough danger out there for everyone. Look, the fact that she took off like she did — my brother is now worried sick when he should be concentrating on recovery.

[ Gunshots ] Peter! Send maxie out. I know you don’t want her harmed.

[ Gunshot ] It’s no good! Cover me! On two. One…

[ Gunshots ] …Two, go! How long until the wsb backup arrives? Too long, too long. We can’t wait. Peter’s gonna be gone. We need to take the house ourselves. Okay, we have to go. Peter is hunting me. Let’s go, let’s go.

[ Car doors close ] Which way? Um, if we follow this road, we should, uh, get to the autobahn and be safe. Well, maybe it would be quicker if we go back to the village. No, no, we can’t go that way. We might run into peter. Well, we certainly don’t want that.

In order to take the house, I’m gonna need you to lay down fire so that dante and i can approach the building from opposite sides. I can’t risk hitting maxie. I get that. I get that. Just avoid the windows. Keep your fire low as much as possible towards the ground. The goal is just to keep peter inside. Okay, copy. Meet you at the front door. Let’s do it.

[ Gunshots ] Mom, how are you here? How did you find me? Anna received a call from a woman at a rest stop who found your earring and the message that you left on the mirror. I knew that would work. Anna, drew, and dante all flew out here to find you, look for you, and they’re coordinating with the wsb. I wanted to come, but anna thought it would be too dangerous for me, so I flew separately. How did you find me? I remembered what peter said when I told him that I wasn’t gonna be able to come to the wedding. He said his favorite place on earth was a farm in switzerland near a tiny village. Took me forever to remember the name of it, and then it finally came to me — versteckte weise.

[ Chuckles ] Mom, you’re amazing. Did you tell anna? No, no, I didn’t want to distract her. I figured that if I did find peter here, I would call it in. But I-I didn’t want to really take the time. But by the time I landed in geneva, I rented this car, but this road was just so windy and dark. I — maxie, I got lost. Well, thank goodness you did. I had just run away from peter and found the road. I-I flagged down the first pair of lights that I saw. I’m glad it was you. I think if we make it to the autobahn, we’ll be safe.

[ Engine revving ] Clear. Maybe it was a cat. Plenty of those around here. Huh. A very swift and silent kitty. Certainly doesn’t belong here. Well, never mind. We have more important issues to deal with. You know what to do. I’ll take care of everything. Esme: I am telling the truth. Spence told me he got trina a gift because she’s been a good friend to him. What did spence get her? Trina: Joss, can we just let this go? The gift was nothing. No, it was not nothing. And esme knows it. I’m confused. How would I know spence gave trina a gift if I’m lying about knowing spence gave trina a gift? Hello. Right here. Now you’re purposely twisting my words. I’m not! Why would I lie about this? And why do you even care, josslyn? I would love not to care. I would love to ignore your existence. But you keep popping up with some plan for a weekend getaway or an explanation for why whatever happened isn’t your fault, or some apology that you don’t mean.

[ Sighs ] It’s all an act, and it’s getting tired. It’s not an act. I’m trying to make up for the hurtful things that I did to you and trina, and I’m trying to own up to them. I’m trying to build bridges between us. Can you say the same? Let me do the talking. No, no, no. I’m gonna fight for what’s mine. I’m not gonna let carly take my house. Rebecca: Mr. Corinthos, you have properties here in port charles and elsewhere, including a private casino in puerto rico and a penthouse at the harbor view towers.


My client is seeking solely to retain the lakeside property. Why should I give up my house? That’s donna and avery’s home. That’s where their bedrooms are. That’s where they’re happy. They’ve known that house forever. You don’t want to do that to them, carly. This is a sticking point. There are no sticking points. If you want the house, you have the house. Are you sure? Yeah, I’m sure. Donna’s gonna have two separate homes anyway. Well, if that’s settled, uh, let’s move on to the custody of donna corinthos. Eileen, what brings you here? Oh, we’re meeting with several hospital physicians and staff about a new public health initiative. Ah, well, sorry, ladies, but, uh, there’s no need for you to be here. You have clearly a lot of work to do. That’s what I wanted to tell you. It’s been delayed. Until when? The text didn’t say. Can you please get me a definite time? Yes. Okay. My client is seeki ngjoinh her. N-no, uh, that’s not happening. Ah, ah, ah. Mr. — Mr. Corinthos agrees on joint custody. However, since my client is keeping the house, we believe that the child’s primary residence should be with her father. My client is willing to have a flexible visitation arrangement. However, given how little she asked with regards to shared assets, surely your client can agree that it is in their daughter’s best interest to make her mother’s home their primary residence. In a hotel? The hotel is temporary, sonny. You know that. Carly, let me handle this. Donna belongs with her mother. Mr. Corinthos does not want to keep his wife from their daughter. It’s a matter of the child’s welfare. Mr. Corinthos has another daughter, avery corinthos, who is not the biological daughter of mrs. Corinthos. As such, mr. Corinthos will retain custody of avery corinthos, along with her mother, ava cassadine. Carly will no longer have any legal claim to her, if she ever did. Now, if donna remains with carly, then the sisters will be separated. Given all the changes these children are going to go through, is it really in their best interest to keep the sisters apart? Mr. Corinthos informs me that they’re very close. You said there were no sticking points. What do you want to do? Josslyn: I don’t care about building bridges with you. We’re not friends and we never will be as long as you keep manipulating the people that I care about. And that includes spencer, by the way. And I look forward to the day where he finally sees through you. Until then, you want friends? Try honesty. If you don’t believe me, that’s your problem. Trina accepted my apology. Didn’t you, treen? I did. That’s all I need. Thank you, trina, for being so understanding. You’re welcome, I think. Trina only accepted your apology because she wants to be done with you. Or maybe, unlike you, trina realizes it’s best for us to be friends because we’re all friends with spence. Hello, I’m still here. Oh, please. Spencer’s being a selfish ass. He insists that he’s your boyfriend and all about you. But that gift — that gift he got trina — it was a book of workings of her favorite artist, richard molyneaux.

[ Sighs ] Trina mentioned that that was her favorite artist to spencer, and he remembered. So obviously he cares what trina thinks. It’s really not that deep. Spencer never told you that he got such a thoughtful gift for another woman. If you want to build bridges, own up to how mad that makes you and what this whole act of contrition is really about. Laura. Good. You’re here. What’s going on? Well, I was coming to see robert, but I’m hoping you can help me, too. What do you need? Well, I’m working on a case, and I need some background information on a subject. And your subject would be? Victor cassadine.

[ Door bangs ]

[ Gunshots ] Ah! Hands up! Hands up! Drop the gun. Drop it. Drop it! Cover him. Yeah. I’m gonna go clear the back. Yeah, go. Dante? Krieger? That’s him. Where’s peter? He’s not here.

[ Grunts ] Do you think we should pull over and let that car pass? No, mom, we can’t risk it. It — it could be peter.

[ Engine revs ] Mom, look out!

[ Tires squeal ] You know what? Carly and i need to speak in private without lawyers present. I advise against that. I can talk to sonny privately. I’m fine. Very well. Yeah. Well, we’ll be right outside if you need us.

[ Door closes ] I want donna to live with me. So I never get to see my daughter? You can see donna as much as you want, as often. But donna belongs with her mother. I can’t imagine living in a — in a home without my daughter. Yeah, and I can’t imagine losing avery. I love her like my own. I raised her from birth, sonny. Yeah, but I thought we were gonna do this divorce quickly. That way, we can spare any pain as far as the kids. I don’t want a custody fight. I don’t either. And we can handle this like adults, but we have to be realistic. The divorce is going to hurt the girls, no matter how civilized we are. Avery’s already losing you. I don’t want to separate the girls because of us. No, no, no. Not us. You. This path with nina. Hypothetic ally, someftfor someone else — of course that would make anyone mad. Is that an admission? Does it make you upset that spencer has such a connection with trina? Joss, you’re exaggerating. Spencer and I don’t have a connection. The only thing that makes me mad is having you go at me when all I wanted was to make things right. At least I can say I tried. What the hell?! I’m not gonna let spencer and esme keep playing these mind games. Fine. But next time, leave my name out of it.

[ Cellphone beeps ] The back is clear. No sign of maxie or peter. -Oh. -This guy is dead. Is he a friend of yours, krieger? Yeah, we came to apprehend peter august. You fired at us. You fired at me, so naturally, I returned fire. And this friend of yours, is he cleared for wsb ops? It was a local freelancer who sometimes provided assistance. Ah! [ Grunts ] Call an ambulance.

[ Grunts ] I need medical assistance. In a minute.

[ Breathing heavily ] This is ridiculous. I’m on your side. Oh, save it. You’re either working for peter and you stayed behind to delay us, or — or someone else sent you after peter. I was working in my capacity as a wsb agent. The gun fight was a tragic case of — ah! — Friendly fire. You know what? I can’t waste any more time with this man. We have to go after peter. Alright. What do we do about him, though? Wsb is en route. Okay, I’ll make sure he gets to them, then. I’ll catch up with you guys. Take care. You, too.

[ Grunts ]

[ Door closes ] The world would be a much nicer place if victor would stay dead. So, what do you need? Eileen, what did you find out about the meeting? Uh, it’s been canceled. Patient emergency. I see. Well, reschedule it for tomorrow. And then after that, you might as well just go home. Thank you. Mm-hmm.

[ Elevator bell dings ] So tell me, what is victor up to now? Well, anna asked me to look into him while she was in europe searching for maxie and peter. Okay. Anna told me that she believes victor is the one who helped peter to escape, and I am inclined to agree with that. I took this picture on the pier. Do you know who this guy is with victor? Yeah. That’s the bruiser with, uh, victor… yeah. …At charlie’s the night of, uh, luke’s memorial. Right. Yeah, he brought him to the haunted star. Well, did victor introduce him? Uh, he did, actually. What did he say? Johann. That’s all I remember. Hmm. I’m going to, uh, get in touch with a friend of mine over at the wsb. Send him the photograph along with johann’s name. They’ll put up a full identification kit, and then we’ll bring him in and use him to get to victor. Were you able to overhear anything that victor and johann were talking about? Victor wanted to know about an associate of theirs that was looking for peter, but the associate just fell off the radar, and victor was really mad about it. Huh. It almost sounds like he and peter are at odds again. I wonder how that will affect us.

[ Engine hissing ] Mom? Mom, okay, don’t move. I’m gonna lead peter away from us. Maxie, no, don’T. You want me, peter? You’re gonna have to come and get me. Maxie!

You’re right. I made mistakes. I hurt you. It should’ve never happened. Carly: Not just me. Our entire family, our children, who think of each other as siblings, and now they’re being broken up into your kids or mine.

Everything that we had together is gone. You’re the one giving up, not me.

[ Laughs ] But, you know, maybe — maybe we can fix this. Maybe if we just take some time, we can — it’s too late for that, sonny. We owe it to donna and avery to try. I think it’s a little late to worry about the girls being collateral damage, because that already happened. And as much as we wanted to be…

[ Sighs ] …The couple we were before nixon falls, what nina set in motion changed us. Okay, what if there’s a way to keep donna and avery together and keep avery in your life? I’d say that’s wishful thinking. Okay, just — just hear me out. Aside from what’s happened, you’re a great mom. And I think you’re an amazing dad. Right. So… …what if we stay together? We lose the romantic part of the marriage. We’re still donna and avery’s parents. We live under one roof… …for the kids. What do you say? Josslyn: Are you mad at me? Trina: What do you think? You care more about getting over on esme than you do about me or my feelings. That’s not true. I have never judged you about how you feel about esme. That’s between you and her, just like my relationship with spencer is between me and him. Look, I get it, trina. But what about spencer and esme’s relationship, okay? On one hand, he’s giving you this special gift, and on the other hand, he’s still calling her his girlfriend. I don’t care, and neither should you. So stay out of it.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Important? It’s this text from a guy in my european history study group telling me that the time got changed, so I need to get ready to go. Trina, I’m really, really sorry if I took things too far. I just want what’s best for you. Really? Because you have a funny way of showing it. You just made things worse for me. How? You have to ask? Think hard, joss. Real hard.

[ Cellphone rings ] Avery. Hi, honey. What’s wrong? Okay. Okay. Hold on one second. I-I can’t hear you. Have you heard anything from anna? Nothing yet. What about dante? No. I th-think that makes sense, though. They’re out searching for maxie, and if they have something to tell us, they’ll share it with us. Well, my contact has come through. Uh, victor’s goon is johann bauer. And a preliminary checkup before he came to port charles has him in austria, specifically innsbruck. When was he there? Just before christmas. He was in the same area where luke’s accident was, or his supposed accident.

[ Gunshot ] Your choice is simple, maxie. You come back up here with me now… …or I shoot you where you stand.

I wish more than anything we could avoid hurting donna and avery. But what you’re proposing — us living under the same roof, pretending… …it’s not possible. Why not? Because I want donna and avery to see… …a loving, healthy relationship between us, and that’S… well, that’s not what we are… anymore. And you know this. So the girls are going to get hurt, and, um… …they’re resilient and they’re gonna get through it. Please. Sonny. Yeah, yeah. Listen, if — if that’s the way it has to be, that’s the way it has to be. Donna can live with you, and… you can have the house. And I’ll just move into the penthouse. Thank you. Um… okay. I-I’m gonna let them in. Yeah. You can come back in. Did you settle everything? Uh, yes, sonny and I have reached an agreement. You can draw up the divorce papers. Sorry. Avery was having a crisis. What happened? She lost one of her favorite pink markers. I told her to check in her toy box. She sometimes puts her markers in there. And? Big sister josslyn was right. Crisis passed with avery. But what about you? My study group texted, so I have to go. Trina, please. I’m really sorry. Can you just tell me that we’re good? We’re fine. Gotta go. Trina left in a hurry. Everything okay? Don’t pretend you care. I know you were just defending trina. I hope she appreciates it. Almost showtime. What do you mean, “supposed accident”? I have had suspicions about the circumstances surrounding luke’s death right from the beginning, but I-I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have anything more than a gut feeling. Yeah, well, your gut feeling’s served you well in the past. You should have brought this to me, love. Well, I am now. Okay. What do you suspect? I don’t think it’s coincidence that victor resurfaced at the same time luke died and the ice princess was stolen. It’s all connected. Luke’s death was not an accident. And victor was behind it. Well? You’ve got a problem. Tell me something I don’t know. What is it this time? Sam mccall, robert scorpio, and laura collins are getting too close. Ah. How much longer for the ambulance? Ambulance? I don’t know anything about an ambulance, man. Ah!

[ Breathing heavily ] There was no need to shoot me. No? You shot at us first. That’s self-defense. No, you overreacted with deadly force. Oh. I’m only guilty of acting on my own initiative. Right. About that — d-did you think that you could beat anna, drew, and me here, and maybe that’d put you in line for a nice promotion for bringing in peter august? That’s right. Yeah. I’m betting we’re gonna find out that you sold yourself to someone and that employer didn’t want you to hurt drew cain. Not true. No? Then why didn’t you take the shot? You and your boy here, you had a clear shot at him, could have taken him out, could have immobilized him, at least. You didn’t do that. Why not? Peter: I don’t have much time, maxie. Someone picked up my trail. Now, climb back up here. Now. Hear me, peter. I would rather die than go one more step with you! So, go ahead. Pull the trigger. But when you do, that is the end of telling yourself there’s one shred of goodness left in you or that you can turn your life around. If you’re gonna kill me because I don’t love you… …admit you’re a monster. You were supposed to save me, maxie! Instead, you abandoned me! No, this is all your fault. Ah! Ah!

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