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[Laughs] Right inyou, f are you planning a hike? Oh, um, I thought we could go on a walk together, you know, talk some more things out. Ah. What a lovely idea. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait till tomorrow, though. It’s getting dark soon. That’s when the wolves come out. Did you mean to sound so ominous? What am I saying? Of course you did. Okay. The way I see it, I have two options. I can ignore the implied threat, you know, wolves after dark, and keep pretending we’re on this romantic refuge together. Or I can tell you to your face, I plan to escape the first chance I get.

[ Sighs ] Hey! Hey, you guys. What a pleasant surprise. Hi, honey. Leo suggested that we should pick you up so you can join us for a little swim at the lake this evening. A swim? You guys really think it’s warm enough for that? Clearly, you haven’t been outside. Well — we should take advantage of the incredibly warm weather. Uh, alright. I got a couple things to take care of, and then, uh — and then we can go. Be right back. Great. Perfect. Google says heat waves can drive people insane. Wow. Let’s hope this one doesn’t last. You know something, ava? I admire you. Oh. Why do you say that? Well, because even after all the horrible things that spencer did to you, you still encouraged nikolas to mend that relationship. I want what’s best for both of them. So do I. I am also trying to take the high road right now, for spencer’s sake. But I tell ya, if this girl doesn’t show up soon — oh, laura, you’re not — oh, you are. I’m here! And I’m famished. I hope they have the surf and turf tonight. Mmm. Iced tea in winter. Man, it’s so hot, I almost had to wear shorts. It’s wild and a little terrifying. Yeah, well, I know one thing. This weather’s going to give my wardrobe whiplash. They say it’s a temporary warm front, but if it keeps up, I might have to go home and get my summer clothes. Well, we might have to share, because there’s no way I’m going back to the house and risking running into sonny, not after what he did to my mom. Right. How’s that going? It’s horrible. Nina’s a liar, and sonny’S… just as bad. You know, it’d be easy to blame the whole thing on her, but… no one tells sonny what to do. He could have stopped at any time. Instead, he chose to protect nina, and now they’ve blown our family apart. Well, I’m not making excuses, but I’m sure it’s confusing for everyone involved. Sometimes you can’t help caring for someone you probably shouldn’T. Like you with spencer? Father. Your visit wasn’t in my daily horoscope. It’s good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Mm. How are you? Great. The food here leaves much to be desired. The magazine selection is a tad pedestrian, but at least there are… fans in the public rooms. What’s going on in the outside world? Did, uh, I sleep a few months and skip to june? Oh, the outside world is — is just as puzzled as you are. But you’re right. The fans do feel good. I’d like to stay here a while… that is, if you don’t mind. Yeah, there’s a table hereright next to a fan, so, um… would you like to join me? Agent muller: Running title searches for properties in the area of the salt mines. So far, I don’t see anything obvious. It would help to have some names to narrow this down. Okay, try faison’s companies. Maybe one of them owns the property. Okay. Ready when you are. This is — this is taking too long. Every minute counts now. Try eurotech. Hey, man. Look, this is our best option, alright? We all got to just try to chill out a little bit. Yeah, no, I — drew, I get it. The problem is, this guy, this guy, he knows we’re looking for him. He’s been evading us everywhere we look for him. We can’t let him slip through our fingers again. Hey, we’re going to use his arrogance against him this time. He’s overconfident, alright? He thinks he’s so well hidden right now that nobody can find him. He’s going to stay too long. And that’s when we finally get the smug son of a bitch.

you know that all relationshipsare complicated. Friendships included. So are — are we good? 100%! Why do you ask that? I don’t know. It just seems like we haven’t been connecting. Like we haven’t shared as much since… what happened at the cabin. Yeah. There’s something I’ve been keeping from you. There’s something I haven’t told you, either. Ava, how nice to see you. Are — are you joining us? No. No, I-I can’t this time. I-I have an art sale to coordinate. Right. Oh, sounds fun. Good luck with that. Yeah, thank you very much. Have a wonderful time. Mm. I certainly intend to have a wonderful time. I am positively famished. You’re also positively late. Am I? Apologies. In france, we call it le quart

d’heure de politesse. It’s the quarter hour of politeness. It’s so the host has time to compose himself or herself. I’m familiar with the phrase. But the thing is, we’re not in france, and I’m not giving a party. I was left to wait here in a public place. You know what I do when I’m waiting? I check my favorite fashion pages. Don’t you have your phone? Uh, esme, that’s not the point, okay? I’ve held my tongue as long as I possibly can, but now we need to have a serious sit-down, because some things need to change. Nikolas: Do you need anything? I wouldn’t mind knowing what’s going on in port charles aside from the weather. Last I heard, peter august escaped and kidnapped charlotte. Uncle victor rescued her. Have they captured that bastard yet? No hits on eurotech with properties in the region. Um, try vogel industries. Okay. So, both of them were shell companies for the dvx. And I’m just assuming that peter would have access to the holdings, given that he’s faison’s son. Nope, that’s coming up empty. Um… negative on vogel industries. Alright, um, uh, modesto media. Come on, we are wasting time. Can we just try this, please? No, no, modesto media was on peter’s references when he came over to aurora, so definitely try that. Also try properties owned by victor cassadine. Lethe unlimited. L-e-t-h-E. Try that. Okay. Um, nope, you’re right. No holdings whatsoever for modesto media. I’m searching lethe unlimited. No. No. No way in hell. He’s not going to associate himself with victor at this point. He puts himself on one of his properties, he opens himself up to being taken advantage of, sold out by victor. I completely hear you. I understand. I know that they don’t trust each other, but peter has got some leverage over him. That’s why victor kept me on his compound for over two years. Yeah, that is true. And — and victor was instrumental in — in peter’s escape, but, you know, I’m with dante. I do not think peter would include victor in his hideaway. I’ve got something. Peter: Maxie, I’m disappointed. I would have thought you would have kept up the charade for at least 48 hours, maybe even a week or two. This effort was, well, pathetic. You’re right. I’m ashamed of myself. I planned to play that fantasy version of myself you seem to be so fixated on — you know, the one that sees the best in you. But I-I just couldn’t do it anymore. Nope, I don’t want to, because I got what I wanted. My children are safe on the other side of the atlantic, away from you. So no more games. From now on, all you’re going to get from me is the truth. Can you reciprocate? Do you even know what the truth is anymore? Well, you just admitted to lying to my face, and now you want me to be honest with you? It’s the least you could do after the scorched earth you’ve made of my life. You know what? Why don’t we go back to the beginning — to the death of the man I really loved? Nathan west.

Fellas, I’m ready to go. Well, look who we have here. A fun night out with your folks, leo? Leo, you remember your aunt ava, avery’s mom? Uh, we were at her gallery the night that you saw all the photographs of the animals. It’s nice to see you again. Do you have any new animal pictures? You know what? I do not, not since the photo ark exhibit. But I promise I will let you know as soon as I do, okay? Oh, I’m so glad he has fond memories from that night. Yes, me too. The kid practically gave me a coronary running off like that. Sorry, mom. I wanted to see the octopuses.

[ Sighs ] Hey, leo, why don’t we give your mommy and aunt ava just a minute to talk?

[ Chuckles ] Here, let’s go sit over here. Little pitchers have big ears. I didn’t even know that he was listening. He must get that from his father, right? We could never get anything over on julian. Well — but leo is so special. He reminds me of julian in many ways. Well, he’s a little bit of both of us, but also very much his own person. And, uh, turns out… even more special than I knew. What does that mean? Well, you’re his aunt. It’s no secret. Leo was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Oh, olivia, I didn’t know. Wow. How could you know? I didn’t know, and I’m his mother. Is there a problem, laura?

[ Sighs ] The problem is your complete lack of respect for me and my home. If this is about the nail polish and the sofa, I shouldn’t have disregarded your wishes. It — it’s not just that. It’s your sense of entitlement and the way you push back the boundaries. It’s completely unacceptable, especially when it’s in my house. If I had some place else to go, I would. But I understand, laura. When in rome… no, you don’t understand. You don’T. This is not about respecting customs. It’s about respecting people. What you did to ava, that wouldn’t be acceptable in any country, would it? I mean, you get that, right? I regret helping spence terrorize ava, and I promise not to get caught up in anything like that ever again. What about getting caught up with ryan chamberlain? Okay. So, who shares first? All you. Spencer got me a valentine’s day gift. What? Well, I more so got it on valentine’s day. It was really a just-because gift. Okay, well, I’d ask just because why, but let’s put a pin in that for now. What did he get you? Remember that modern artist, richard molyneaux, whose work I was obsessed with? The guy with the squiggles? Yeah, spencer got me a book of those squiggles. See? No big deal. Um, super big deal. He remembered your favorite artist and somehow got a book of his works delivered to you from inside prison. How’d he manage that, by the way? His grandmother. Oh. He had his grandmother, the mayor, deliver his gift. Wow. Well, all that’s missing is an inscription. Stop. What was the inscription? See, this is why I didn’t want to tell you anything. I didn’t want you getting it twisted. Am I, though? Trina, let’s see. So, first, he defends his snake of a girlfriend for basically setting you up, and then he slips you some “just because” gift on the side. So, what are you two again? We’re basically — trina, trina. Just take a minute, think about it, and then open your eyes, because you are nobody’s side piece. Why do truly disgusting people like peter august keep getting away while here I sit? After everything that he’s done, I was hoping that you would tell me that he was dead, not escaped yet again. All indications are that his time is running out. Maybe uncle victor can help find him. He found charlotte after she was abducted. There are limits to what even victor can do. Not that I’ve seen. Look. I’m glad that you are being protected. But? You don’t know victor like I do. Oh, of course. Pile on with the haters. Uncle victor is one of the few people who have actually come through for me. So if you’re going to badmouth him, you can leave, and I’ll go back to my cell. Our flight gave me lots of time to think, think about our whole tortured history. Back to the beginning, when you showed up in port charles, took that job at aurora media, and didn’t tell anyone you were faison’s son. Are you really surprised, maxie? It’s not like it’s something I was very proud of. And if anyone knew the truth, no one would have trusted me. Right. And you needed people to trust you. People like lulu. You manipulated her so she would convince nathan to go public about the fact that he was faison’s son, which in turn lured faison to port charles — exactly what you wanted. I kept jason alive in that clinic all those years because I knew he was the one person who could rid me of my father, the one person who wouldn’t fall for the legendary cesar faison mind tricks, someone who would simply point the gun and pull the trigger, and that’s exactly what he did. Not before faison killed nathan. Tell me, peter, did you plan for nathan to die? Did you set that whole thing up to get rid of the brother you knew in your heart was a better man than you would ever be?

I went back tothe original title search of properties in the region of the salt mines. And then I cross-referenced properties that have been acquired in the last 15 years. There were 39. Delving deeper, one stands out. Why? Why do you say that? It changed hands 10 years ago. A cash purchase by an octavian stone. That’s him. H-how do you know? No, no, because caesar augustus, right, the roman emperor, his original name — he was originally known as octavian. And — and the latin word for stone is petra. Petra, peter; augustus, august. Peter august. Yes. Okay, that’s it. That’s — pull up the coordinates, ’cause that’s our destination. Agent devane. Hmm. I’ll notify the swiss police of potential wsb action in the area of the salt mines. Exact location tbd. Okay, thank you. Yes. Great. Can you — can you pull up a satellite for this? Oh, look at that. Yeah. Look at that. I got to hand it to the bastard. That place is perfect. It’s isolated. It’s wooded. It’s got plenty of cover. Check out right here. Check out — the road runs right past the property and straight out to the autobahn. Oh, god. That means that if peter gets any advance warning, he’s going to be onto the road, onto the autobahn, and over the border. Yeah, and assuming he’s changed vehicles and has documents to support an alias, the screening at the border won’t stop him. And then we’re back at square one. We can’t let that happen. I take it dr. Collins told you what happened. Of course. Kevin and i have no secrets between us. You gave him pushback because he tried to restrict your contact with ryan chamberlain. Why is that, esme? The class at pcu and my internship give me a sense of purpose. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. Okay, that is… a good thing. It’s okay to be focused. It’s not okay to have tunnel vision at other people’s expense. I’ll do better. Good. I’m really glad to hear that. Now, I just have one more concern. What, the bathroom? No. Well, yes, but no. Um… I was concerned about how you’re doing with spencer being away. It’s tough. I mean, he’s miserable on the inside, and I’m miserable on the outside. Spence is really the only person that gives a damn about me. You think I’d ever let myself be a side piece? Far as I’m concerned, spencer and I are just friends. Now let’s change the subject. There’s something significant you wanted to tell me. Yeah, well, I’m pretty sure you already know, but I never actually said it. That night at the cabin, cam and I had sex.

[ Chuckles ] I figured. When I woke up after spencer and esme left, things between you two just seemed different. So, how is it now that you’ve taken things to the next level? That’s major. It is, but… it also just feels so regular. You know, cam and I, we were so close before, so getting closer, it just felt natural. And he was so sweet and so romantic, and there was no pressure. And he made me feel safe and loved, like I was the only person on the planet. Well, I’m proud of cam for making you feel so special. Well, I want that for you, too. You deserve to be someone’s one and only. And no matter how things shake out, I don’t think spencer is going to be the one to ever give that to you. Vict or show up for his familywhen it suits him? Yes. I can personally attest to that. But I can also attest to the fact that the methods he uses are questionable at best. But they work. Doesn’t make them right. I’m impressed by these newfound scruples of yours. You pulled strings to get alexis a pardon, but you won’t even lift a finger to keep your own son safe from imprisonment. I am only saying… …victor’s protection, it comes at a price. Whatever. Uncle victor takes care of his own. Can you say the same? I’m here. We can’t go back in time. We can only go forward, and I want to do what I can for you. Really? Get ava to drop the restitution. It’s court ordered. It’s not up to ava. Like we cassadines are so law-abiding. There are ways around that. But you won’t even bother. When I saw you here, I thought maybe something had changed. But now I see it’s business as usual. Ava is your priority, not me. You’re still putting her ahead of your own child. Olivia, I feel terrible. If — if I’d been more involved, if I’d visited more, you know, maybe I would have known about his diagnosis.

[ Stammers ] No, no, no, no. Don’t do that. Life happens. Everybody gets busy. Ava: Yeah. Yeah, busy. Right, but I — the fact is, I have been so involved in the cassadine family drama that I’ve — that I’ve neglected my own. I barely know my nephew. Well, look, maybe that’s for the best. Uh, for a while there, anyone who even suggested that there might be something off with leo, I basically bit their head off. Um, I just couldn’t see that he needed a little more support. Sometimes the closer we are to something, you know. Yeah. Well, I sure appreciate you letting me off the hook about spending time with him or not spending time with him, especially considering our, you know, past. Oh. I haven’t forgotten. But this isn’t about us. It’s about leo and what’s best for him. And he is my focus. So how are you — how are you all managing? Well, we’re very lucky. We got a great team of doctors at gh. He’s got an after-school program that’s teaching coping skills and calming techniques and different time management. I mean, I personally have found negotiation techniques and patience that I never imagined that I had. And, um, you know, they say it’s just important to keep it consistent each day and make sure that he has avenues to really express himself. Hmm. Yeah. Well, however you got here, you got here. Yeah. And I’m glad for him that he has such a supportive family. You’re part of that family. Thank you. You know, I think that julian would want me to spend more time with him, especially since he doesn’t have his father. Well, obviously, leo is lucky to have all the love in his life that he can have, but as far as a father is concerned, we’ve got that covered. Um, ned is in the process of adopting leo. Nathan was never my target, maxie. And I’m quite the planner, but… I never could have orchestrated the events that led to my father killing nathan. So even your plans have limits? That’s why your brother wasn’t a target? You’ll get no proclamation of brotherly love from me. I mean, you’re asking for the truth, right? Alright, well, here it is. It couldn’t have worked out better for me if i had planned it. You never would have looked in my direction if nathan had lived. You never would have given me a chance. You’re right. In my grief and desperate need to fill the void that losing nathan left in my life, I believed your lies because I wanted to. I convinced myself after losing the man that I loved that his brother was the next best thing. I never asked the questions that needed to be asked. I never looked past your facade to see the horror underneath. You played me.

[ Scoffs ] But let’s be real. I let you. So that’s on me. Brava. Brava! Now that you’ve had your little reckoning and your moment of self-reflection, maxie, what do you intend to do about it? Well, I dug this hole, so I guess I got to climb out of it… or die trying.

Kevin and i care about you, esme. That’s kind of you to say, but I know you only tolerate me because of spence. And his friends won’t even do that. Esme, there must be someone in your life who you’re really close to. There is one. But, uh, she’s not in the picture anymore. My nanny. She helped raise me after my adoptive parents died. Spencer told me about that. I’m sorry that you had such an unhappy childhood. Where is your nanny now? Kids grow up, and nannies move on. It’s not like we had a falling out. Like you had a falling out with spencer’s friends? Wow, is it that obvious?

[ Sighs ] You know something? I’ve — I’ve learned something in my life. I can either burn bridges, or I can mend fences. And trust me, the second one is so much more rewarding. Honey, maybe right now, instead of working so hard to analyze the inmates, perhaps what you should do is focus on getting yourself a support system, one that doesn’t consist solely of spencer. In other words, get a life?

[ Sighs ] Something like that. I can see why you’re spence’s favorite person. I adore him. And anyone who matters to him matters to me. Come on, now. What do you say? You ready to eat? Would you like to hear the specials, or you want to just order? Um, actually, do you mind if we rain-check dinner? I think I have some fences to mend.
[ Gasps ] Oh. Good for you. Oh, that’s wonderful. I — I think I know what you like. I’ll bring something home for you. Home. [ Chuckles ] I like the sound of that. I don’ t have any expectationswhere spencer is concerned. Just protect yourself, please. You’re always protecting everybody else, but who’s looking out for you?
[ Cellphone chimes ]
[ Chuckles ] You won’t believe this. It’s esme. She wants to talk. Because talking at the cabin went so well. Block her. Why do you insist on making this a competition for my affections? I didn’T. You did. I lost that competition long ago. You’re my son. There’s going to be a place in my heart for you, always.
A place. And ava takes up every other space. No, there’s room for both of you. And it’s so frustrating that you refuse to accept that, and instead, you continue to spend your energy on a vendetta against my wife. And where has it gotten you? Here. I’ve told you that I was friendly with ava once upon a time. It was her betrayal that made me begin to despise her. I wa s trying tdmy loyalty to you and our relationship above all others. Repairing our relationship is my priority. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Prove it. She’s on her way. Oh, great. Um, so then after this, we’ll book you a skydiving lesson with faulty parachutes. I’m curious about what she wants. Aren’t you? This is not protecting yourself. My dad always says the best defense is a good offense. Okay, well, that’s great advice. Take the initiative. Seize the momentum. Just make sure that esme gets what she deserves. What do you intend to do, maxie? Your resources are thin — well, make that nonexistent. I’ll figure it out. Well, the nearest village is 30 kilometers away, and you don’t know the area. You step 10 feet out into those woods, and you’ll be hopelessly lost. And let’s not forget about…the wolves. Oh, I would rather hang with the entire pack than spend one more minute with you. Don’t be ridiculous. Come on. Let’s relax. We’ll have a glass of wine. The swiss are known for their pinot noir. Maxie, come on. We’ve had a long trip. You said you haven’t even slept yet. Aaahh! [ Groans ] Damn it, maxie! You can’t get away! I’m never letting you go!
[ Breathing heavily ] Why am I always in the woods? There it is. Oh, thank you, spinelli, for all those lectures about the night sky. Okay. The map said that the road was to the north. And according to that star, north is that way. Leo will always know julian as his biological father. But julian’s gone now, god rest him, and ned’s going to be the day-to-day dad, you know, that — that stable presence. And ned just gets him. You know? Their bond is so great, and I’m so grateful for that. And leo is just becoming so much more sociable. And it’s all because of ned, you know? He takes him to gh, to a class every week, and he just knows how to encourage his interests. In fact — in fact [Laughs] They’re writing a book together right now. It’s a — it’s a picture book about aquatic animals.
[ Laughs ] Their bond is — is really amazing, ava. Oh, you — you don’t have to sell me. You and ned are obviously on it. You’re a terrific mother. I cannot imagine a better father for leo. I’m sure that julian would agree with me. Thank you. That means a lot. And as far as getting to know leo, it’s never too late. Alright. Go for it. What more can I do to show you how much you matter to me? Give me my trust fund. No more scraping for pennies. Don’t renew your vows with ava. Tell her to hop in a handbasket and go straight to hades. Spring me out of here early. Tap that contact that you used for alexis. Be my father! I can be your father. I am your father. Well, what about the rest of it?! My job as your father is to teach you accountability. I’m willing to do anything, anything but help you avoid taking responsibility or retaliate against my wife.
[ Chuckles ] So that’s it, then. I’m to remain an impoverished ex-con destined for indentured servitude at the mercy of a bitch who gets… that’s enough! No! Hey! …Her happily ever after. You have no right to refer to any woman that way. But it’s okay to arrange to have a woman shot?! You lower your voice.
[ Laughs ] What’s the matter, father? Are you worried that everyone else in here is going to realize that you belong in here, too? This guy bothering you? Is it always hot in port charles this time of year? Hi, joss. Uh, didn’t know you’d be here. Hi. What did you want? Can I at least sit? Be my guest. Thank you. I, um, owe you both an apology, but especially you, trina. What’s the catch? It’s too hot for hell to have frozen over.
[ Sighs ] I deserve that. But you were right, joss. I was trying to create drama during that drinking game. But why? I haven’t done anything to you. You intimidate me. Both of you. We intimidate you? I mean, you’re the ones with great families and friends, everything I don’t have. I mean, you guys have lots of people to love you, including spence. But he’s all I’ve got. So I guess it made me feel territorial. Nobody’s trying to take spencer from you, esme. Not sure they could if they tried. [ Chuckles ] But point taken. You two aren’t the enemy. Um… do you still think I am? Does she know about his diagnosis? I have. I have. She’s planning to visit when she gets a chance. Can she? Yes. The wsb has cleared her of all charges. Oh, that’s great. They were able to prove that the ice princess diamond was swapped without her knowledge weeks before she made the sale. Well, that’s good. I’m sure she’s very happy to have that behind her. Uh, I’m not sure about that. She’s actually contemplating a lawsuit.
[ Chuckling ] Oh. That sounds just like tracy. It’s actually good that luke wasn’t alive to discover that the diamond was stolen. There would be hell to pay. Maybe that was the point. Meaning? Hey, laura. Hi. Hey. Olivia, hi. Ava. Uh, you know what, leo? Your aunt ava is very thrilled to hear about some of the new stuff that you’re learning. Yeah, I heard that you’re working on a book? Would you be willing to show me and avery sometime? You can help if you want. Can you draw? Uh, well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I appreciate art a lot more than — than I attempt it. But I would definitely be willing to try for you. Cool. My father was just leaving. You wouldn’t want to keep that precious wife of yours waiting. As you wish. I’ll be visiting you soon, son. Nah. Don’t bother. Apology accepted.
[ Clears throat ] I’m curious. Why the sudden change of heart? Spence’s grandmother. Laura got me thinking spence can’t be my entire world. I mean, I-I need to be my own person. More open. Mend fences and not burn bridges. Mayor collins is a wise woman. Yes, um, you two are certainly close. We all are. Don’t forget she’s cam’s grandmother, too. Yes, of course. Um… well, next time you’re visiting with her, I’ll join you. It’s not like I’m there all the time. Yeah. I mean, trina just went over there to get her gift. A gift? What gift? You mean the gift my boyfriend got for you.
[ Anna whispers indistinctly ] How do you want to do this? Carefully. I don’t want maxie caught in the crossfire. You remember standard ops? All too well. Then call it. Okay. We move now while the clouds are broken and we got a little bit of moonlight. Okay. The goal is to approach and assess how many are inside. Once we got eyes on maxie, that’s when we take the house. Obviously no radios, so keep eye contact for communication. I’m one, anna, you’re two, dante, you’re three. Anna, you take the perimeter. Dante, over there. I’m going to go down the middle, but I’m going to need some cover. Got it? Co ready when you are. Let’s do this. Yes! I did it! Okay. Now all I need to do is find my way to that village. Hey, over here!

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