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Oh, I’m so sorry. Maxie: Oh, no, uh, I’ll get it. It’s my fault entirely. Oh, oh, oh. What have we here? Esme: Hey, camper. One more day until spence’s last hurrah. Getting your blood pumped before we head to the great snowy north? You know, I would be more pumped if his majesty was pulling his weight. But alas, he feels that he’s not experienced enough for exterior work. Now, now, where’s my hard-working worker? He’s inside all warm and cozy with trina. I’m not super keen on the forecast, I see frigid temperatures and the snowy drive in our future. Why is that a problem? I thought you were a ski bunny. Yeah, I kind of lost the taste for it after I broke both of my legs off-piste. Ooh. In skiing parlance, that means — that you’re pompous? I know what

“off-piste” means. I’m a snowboarder, not an idiot. So I better get going. I’ll see you aprs-ski. In skiing parlance, that means while I shred the slopes, you’ll be brewing the cocoa. Let’s get the french onion soup. It’s my favorite on the winter menu. Okay, go ahead. I’m not really hungry. Mom, we came to the restaurant because the cheese is never melty enough when you order from room service. I’m going to have to tell staff about that. And because I hate the thought of you alone in your hotel suite. Why are you the one that had to leave when sonny messed up? To the savoy. To the savoy. Mm. Hey, sonny, what’s up? I want your club. I’m sorry. Maybe we can talk about this tomorrow. I’m in the middle of something. No, no, it’s — it’s important. It’s alright. It’s alright. I know how to occupy myself if you need a moment. No. It’s fine. Sonny, I’d like you to meet my… I’d like you to meet marshall. Marshall, this is sonny corinthos. Can we — can we just go into your office and have a discussion about — I just want to sort this out. Sonny, I’m busy at the moment. I’m afraid your business is going to have to wait. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. I just want the savoy, and I’m not leaving until I get it.

A sonogram photo. What a miracle of modern technology these things are. Huh. So are congratulations in order again? I’m not pregnant. No, I meant nothing by it. I just thought, a photograph — it’s my daughter, louise. It’s all that I have left of her. Oh, I’m so sorry. Still no word on her whereabouts after all this time? Why don’t you ask your friend peter? Oh, I assure you, peter august is no friend of mine. Really? Prove it. How? Kill him.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, well, now, let me offer an alternative suggestion. How about I offer all my resources to help bring louise home again? Yeah, I would sooner wear socks with sandals. Really? Am I so objectionable that you would turn your nose up at my offer of help?

[ Scoffs ] Your help comes at a cost, and I’ve already paid enough. I’ll get my daughter back myself. Sorry to interrupt our conversation. That was the hospital. I was starting to wonder if you slipped out the back. You think I’d pull an irish goodbye with my boss?

[ Chuckles ] I know what a ditch looks like. I find it impossible to imagine that anyone would ever ditch you. Please, I’m the ditcher, not the ditchee. Okay. I could write a how-to on effective ditch techniques in any situation. Really? You’re an escape artist? And you clearly are not. No. So what happened? How come one measly little question about your private life, has you all silent, sad-sack emo? Hey. Hey, you’re out late. Yes, I am waiting for mom. I can’t seem to drag her away from her desk. Yeah. Good luck. I haven’t seen mom this jazzed since she took on that sex discrimination class action suit against the cigar cartel. Right? I mean, a week ago, her life started to spiral with no direction, and now she has a job and a future. Yeah, I mean, things seem to be looking up for her. Well, yeah, now that I put harmony on notice, nothing is going to hold her back.

[ Knock on door ] Stop the presses. Alexis: Mm. Fortunately, this issue has already gone to the press. I’m just working on a memo for the sports section.

The invader has a sports section? Yeah. We cover the woodchucks. Ah, right the minor league ball team. That’s right. Mm. And that’s it? Well, did you know that there was a professional women’s basketball team? Oh yeah, yeah, the — the pride. Yeah, see, that’s news to me. But it won’t be news to port charles because I’m making sure that they have equal coverage. Well, go, you. I’m glad you’re putting your stamp on the paper. The invader and port charles will be better for it. Well, thank you for the vote of confidence, but I am very supported here. You have a big fan in shawn. It’s not just shawn. I mean, you, too. Aren’t you on the road early tomorrow? Yeah. So? So don’t you have to pack? It’s taken care of. Okay, that’s a first. Well, consider it an early return to your investment in my higher education. Time management is just one skill I’m picking up at pcu. Wow. Well, tell me another so I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Close listening. Close listening, mm. As opposed to distance? I don’t get it. Well, it means actively listening to the information being provided by the speaker, including what they don’t say and the questions they don’t answer. Okay, I’m here at the hotel because avery and donna spent nine months without sonny. They need to be with him. It’s still not fair. Let’s make this happen. Sonny, sonny, put your money away. Not until I get the club. Mr. Corinthos, perhaps you didn’t hear curtis. I’m not talking to you. Okay, look, why don’t you have n’neka set you up, okay? And that’ll give me and mr. Corinthos a few minutes. Listen, it’s not going to take more than a few seconds to make this — what do I got to do to make it happen? My club is not for sale. I don’t want to buy your club. You said you wanted — no, I want to rent the club for the night to show carly a good time. I want to get a band and the whole thing. I’ll pay for the staff. You know, I would lose money emptying out my club for two guests. Okay, what did you make last saturday? ‘Cause I’ll double it. Hey, curtis, I was hoping you’d be here tonight. Sonny, good to see you. Okay, this has got to happen this saturday. That doesn’t work for me, okay? I have an act booked and tables paid for. Okay, I’ll refund the band, whatever I need to do. Just tell me. Take the money. You could take the money. Sonny, sonny. It doesn’t work for me, okay? Now, might I suggest another nightclub? Nobody tells me what to do! In my nightclub, i do.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You know, I suppose I might be convinced to strap on some skis again. Don’t do anything on my account

on- or off-piste. Well, I might as well get used to taking orders from you. I’m going to be at your beck and call at the gallery here soon enough. Making restitution and all. Well, you’re right to worry. Cam takes things easy on you. I, on the other hand, intend to make you work for it. Mm, well, I am up to the challenge. Care to make things interesting? I think that we passed interesting a long time ago. Anyway, I plan to be tough on you but fair. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wow, I think that was… five minutes? Five minutes of what? That I wasn’t thinking about going to prison. Look, I don’t want to get involved in all the drama. Drama? There’s no drama. Trina and spence are friends, plain and simple. I know. But sometimes it seems like you have a problem with that. The more friends spence has, the better. Besides, I know for a fact that spence isn’t the one trina wants. Look, I don’t want you caught in the crossfire. Sonny loves you, and I know you love him. Loving him doesn’t mean I’m okay with how he’s treating you. Okay, I get that, but no matter what happens between me and sonny, I don’t want you losing someone you’re close with. Mom, I didn’t need to go to college to learn that we can’t always protect ourselves from hurt, but we can be there for each other when we feel it. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to — to yell like that. I was, like… hey, sonny, look, if curtis can’t accommodate you, we could put our heads together. We could find another place that carly’s going to like just as much. Alright, man? Let’s go sit down — don’t touch me! Hey, hey. Don’t touch me. I’m just trying to help. I-I understand that. But you stay out of my business. Okay? Who the hell do you think you are? I’m your friend, sonny. Jason was my friend. You’re just a knock-off, a poor shadow of his brother. And now ja… now jason is under a rock halfway around the world when he should have let you rot in hell. Sonny, sonny, sonny — you’re not my friend, you understand me? Oh no, no, actually, you are my friend. When you were jason, you were my friend because you were a much better man then. You know what you are now? Nothing! Sonny. I’ve got to — get out of my face. Hey, buddy, listen. You got to — you got to, uh… you got to give me this club. Sonny. Just for the — curtis gave you an answer. I’m not talking to you. Look, you guys, sonny, chill. -Honestly — -okay, you got to get him. Curtis, please. If you’re going to do it — okay, okay, sonny, sonny. What? Let’s go. I’m not going anywhere with you. No, do you want to get picked up by the police, sonny? The police? Yeah. Yeah, whatever. Let’s go. I’m sorry about this. What the hell was that? Damned if I know. Hey, mom. Felicia: Hi. Waiting long? Just got here. How was the memorial? It was a typical luke spencer affair, complete with an appearance from helena cassadine. Oh, please tell me she’s not back from the dead again, too. No, it was pre-taped. Ding dong, the witch is still dead. If only we could say the same thing about victor.

‘S this about harmony? Oh, don’t worry, I nipped it in the bud. Uh-huh. How? Well, I simply sent harmony a message. I said that we appreciated that she helped mom out in prison, but she’s not in prison anymore, so she needs to steer clear. Right. And who’s “we”? I mean, you never asked me this. Did you ask molly? No, but I assume that, of all people, you would not want to sit next to harmony during brunch at mom’s house. So did you do this for me or for mom? Both. Is that okay with you? You butting in on mom’s life on my so-called behalf without my permission? Um, no, sam, I’m not okay with that. Harmony: I know you said you had to work late ’cause you were attending a memorial service. It was anyone you were close to? Actually, yeah. Luke spencer. We had a very unique bond. What brings you by? Like you didn’t see this. Well, I did notice it.What’s in it? Just, you know, a little something to mark the auspicious new beginning, and I’m just hoping maybe it’ll inspire you. Alright, well, one way to find out what’s in it. Oh, my god, please don’t open it now. I don’t want you to pretend you like it if you don’T. I will love it. Thank you, harmony. Ah, it’s just, you know, a little something. If you’re ready to pack it in, you want to go grab a coffee? Well, I can’T. I’m still working. Okay, great. Maybe some other time. I can’T. I really don’t think we can continue this friendship, at least not for now. There are parts of my life that I like to keep to myself. I get that. I’m not super proud of my family, either. I didn’t say I wasn’t proud of my family. Or whatever.

[ Both chuckle ] It’s just — it’s not my favorite topic of conversation. Okay. My father’s been on every most-wanted top-10 list in the world from before I was born till the day he died. And my mother likes to dress up as krampus to petrify small children at christmas markets. Okay, good for them. They’ve achieved notoriety, I think you mean infamy, but go ahead. Well, okay, that’s just the thing, is that my family is the complete opposite. They’re intensely private people. And the one time I did invoke my father’s name it got dragged through the mud, so, yeah, I’m a little protective of them. I get being protective, but from me? I mean, what am I going to do? Call a press conference? Alert the town crier? Probably not. Even so… okay, if you say so. If you don’t trust me, it’s not like you’d be the only one. Hell, sometimes even I don’t trust me. Okay. The reason I have a personal connection with leo’s case is that my brother’s on the spectrum, too. So sonny just came in here and demanded use of the savoy? Pretty much. You know, I’ve never seen him like that. I have, and it’s — it’s not pretty. Drew, uh, heard what he said to you, man. Yeah, so did I. If anyone had spoken to me like that, I’d have to pop them one. Mob boss or not. I’m sorry. Have we met? Oh, my bad. Uh, drew, marshall ashford. Mr. Ashford. Drew cain. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Same here. You okay? Yeah. Hey, uh, I’m going to get a drink. You earned it. Yeah. Let’s get you a seat. Can we get some water here, please? I’m not an invalid. Oh, hey, trust me, I know. So how’d you come to cross the infamous sonny corinthos? What do you know about sonny? Not to cross him. Hey, you know, until now, sonny and I, we’ve been cool. In fact, I was thinking about asking him to take care of your… you know, problem. You will do no such thing. I will not have my son beholden to sonny corinthos. Anything I can do, boss? Yeah, take off, frank. Uh, sonny… should’ve stayed at the club, nina. Go. Nina, what are you doing?

[ Stammers ] You didn’t hear me? I did, yeah. I just don’t feel like it’s prudent to go. Prudent?

[ Laughs ] No one’s going to come to you for wisdom. That’s right. You’re right, because I make terrible choices. But I think we can both say that you nearly bought yourself a world of trouble at the savoy. What’s it to you? You know the answer to that. Does it matter? It does matter. You matter to me, and you’re not acting like yourself. You don’t know me enough to ask me that. Yes. You’re right. I don’t know you. You’ve made that abundantly clear, sonny. But I think I know a manic episode when I see one.

Victor needs to keep his distance. I’m going to call anna. Why? So she can tell him not to speak to me so politely? I can’t believe you asked him to kill peter. Oh, I wasn’t serious. Okay, so I was, but I knew he wouldn’t go for it. Anyway, where were we? Here. At charlie’S. Right, where everything is fine. Well, I don’t know. You don’t sound fine. Maybe I’m just a little on edge because you seem on high alert to fix things. Such as? Everything in my life. Oh. You have a point. Or maybe it’s just the prospect of going back to pautuck. Okay, I tell you what. I will try to not be overprotective. Thank you. And as far as our trip to pautuck tomorrow, I think that we can prepare for that right here right now. You mean like coordinating footwear that is insulated and comfortable yet also fashionable? No, no, I mean by setting some ground rules so that you don’t feel the pressure. That way, you know, you can go slow or we can stop altogether if it gets to be too much for you. Okay, let me think. Rule number one. Lay off any talk about me and austin. Why? What about you and austin? You know why. Oh. About you two having a soft spot for each other? -Trina’s not into me. -If you say so. I do. We flirted a little in high school, but we were clearly meant to be friends. Because you didn’t want what she wanted? Because it just didn’t work out. Why are you so interested? I’m still getting to know everyone. I just don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. Any more than I already have. Well, here’s an idea — don’T. I’m only asking because, as an outsider, it seems obvious to me. I mean, the way trina behaves around you and josslyn, it’s like there’s this kind of, um, tension or something. Well, there isn’T. Okay, then. You know what? Forget I said anything. I mean, I just want everybody to get along. I mean, what with the five of us about to be cooped up together in a cabin for two days? Guess I’m just too sensitive for my own good. I must sound like a broken record boohoo-ing about going to prison. Well, for someone going to prison, you actually don’t talk about it that much, at least not to me. I didn’t think you’d want to hear it. Maybe I can… I don’t know. Maybe I couldn’t bring myself to tell you about it. Why not? Because you probably think that I have it coming, for one, and because it’s embarrassing. Wait, what? Going to prison? Admitting how scared I am. That I feel like a coward. Well, prison is scary, and I don’t think it’s cowardly to own up to your mistakes. In fact, it’s brave. Thanks. I hope that one day I can feel like that. Right now, I just — I wish that I could go back to being the guy that I was when you first met me. Simple, uncomplicated victor. Well, simple, uncomplicated victor had a habit of asking me to lie to my friends and, oh, yeah, vandalized an art gallery. Yeah. Right. I guess, um… I guess victor wasn’t so hot. Yeah, not so much. But spencer? He’s starting to grow on me. I’ve had enough sonny talk for one night, okay? About the cabin, I’ve been in touch with the management company, and I had the whole place stocked for your arrival. You don’t have to do that. I got it taken care of. I’m sure you do, but I’m your mom. And as amazing as it is that you support me, it’s still my job to take care of you. Since when did you become an expert on mental illness? I never claimed to be an expert, but I do remember a time when phyllis and lenny told me about an incident with you back in nixon falls. Yeah? That’s when phyllis found out that you were bipolar. They got you back on your meds, and you got better. And, sonny, what I am seeing right now looks a lot like what they described. Am I wrong? No, I mean, I don’t know. Are you wrong? Huh? You’re right. You know what you’re right about? You shouldn’t be here right now. Are you off your meds? Did you stop taking them? I’m fixing things. I’m trying to fix my life. The life that you stole from me, remember? I have no intention of interfering with you and carly ever again. Okay, then get out of here now. You got to go. But this isn’t just your house, sonny, and it’s not just your life. There are two little girls that share this house with you that might be afraid of how their father is behaving. Are Y… nina… …are you saying I’m going to hurt my child, my two little girls? You can’t trust me with my little girls? I trust you. I trust you with my life. It’s the bipolar disorder. I don’t trust that.

I have things under control, nina. I don’t believe you. It’s none of your business, and I’m not going to tell you again. Okay. Okay. You don’t have to tell me again. Then why don’t you — why don’t you tell carly? No, no. I’ll call her. I’ll call her right now. If I don’t know how to deal with you when you’re like this, then I’m sure carly will. So, sonny, you have to make a choice. What? It’s either me or carly. Okay, so the house is fully stocked, but your gear is up to you. Mm-hmm. You have all your hats and gloves and everything? Yes and yes. Okay, phone charger? Snow tires on the car? Check. Check. Contraception? Are you okay with mom hanging out with harmony, the woman who drugged you? Okay, I know what she did. I also know that she testified against shiloh. She’s trying to rebuild her life. Like I am. And the last thing I want to do is be the reason that our mother can’t be friends with someone who’s been good for her. So you’re telling me you’re okay with mom being friends with harmony? I don’t know. But if it’s a problem, I will deal with it. You don’t need to take it upon yourself to do it for me or mom. Let she who is without mess sweep the first broom. Wait, what? Are you saying I’m messy? I know that sam said that she would be okay with it, but I really don’t think kristina will be. You know, no, it’s okay. Honestly. I always understood and accepted that, you know, we couldn’t have a friendship if it was going to cause any difficulty with your daughters. I still will talk to her because, who knows, maybe she will be okay with it. Well, I mean, we all know how kristina feels about me, and, honestly, I wouldn’t want to, you know, put her in a position where she had to swallow her feelings for your sake. Have you met my middle child? She doesn’t swallow her feelings for my sake. Yeah, but, you know, that was before you went to prison and she’s probably just so grateful that you’re back and she’ll just put up with anything, which isn’t really fair to kristina, is it? Not really fair to anybody. No, but, you know, you’re a mom. I am a mom, and my kids come first, so I will look out for what’s best for her. I’m sorry this didn’t work out. Mm. But I’m not sorry that I got to know you. Back at you. Absolutely. You know, it’s funny. All I wanted to do is make amends for my mistakes, and I didn’t think I’d get a friendship out of it. And even for a short while, it was… it’s all gravy. Take care, alexis. Your brother’s on the spectrum. Is that a big deal? No. I mean, it depends on the company. Not everybody gets it. And I can try and help people out, teach, enlighten, whatever the word for that is, but my brother is a real person. He’s not a visual aid. And he has his right to privacy, he has a right to live his life, and his story is not my story to tell. You know what I mean? Yeah, but couldn’t you do the teaching and leave your brother’s name out of it? Neurodiversity and neurodivergence awareness is incredibly important work. Agreed, and I can walk the walk when I have to. Like with leo. Well, leo is technically family. And he and ned and olivia could really benefit from your lived experience. They don’t need to know how you come by it. You’re right. Maybe. But it’s private. Well, there’s private and there’s secret.

[ Chuckles ] What’s secret is misunderstood, stigmatized. Please forgive me for saying this because I don’t think this is how you feel, but generally, secret is often indicative of shame. Agreed. Yeah, no, you’re not wrong about that. But I don’t feel any shame when it comes to my brother. None at all. Not embarrassed. Hardly. He’s my brother. I just see him. Let me ask you. If there was a complicated medical situation, if that presented in your family, would you be open about it? Wouldn’t you hesitate? Dr. Westbourne, I do believe it’s your turn to open up. Dr. Gatlin-holt, might I have a word? About what? A simple medical question regarding the ins and outs of a sonogram.

What part of my life is so messy? I didn’t say it was messy. I was just saying — no, but you implied it.

[ Sighs ] Okay, fine. Did it ever occur to you that you dating dante might be a little, I don’t know, eyebrow-raising? Why? ‘Cause he’s a cop? Because you’re my sister and he’s my brother. Well, do you have a problem with it? What if I did? Then I would like for you to say something to me. Do you? I don’T. Okay, then why are we having this conversation? Because if I did have a problem with it, I hope I would have kept it to myself. My point is it’s your life, not mine. So I don’t get a say. Capiche? Capiche. But for the record, I think you make a very cute couple. Harmony: Alexis, congratulations

on taking the reins

of your own life again,

and thank you for taking me

along for the ride.

Your friend, harmony. Cameron: Hey, spencer, did you fill up the ketchup bottles like I asked? I’m sure that our customers can make do with half-full ketchup bottles. Mm. So what were you up to while I was working outside? Okay, cool, so your little hangout sesh with trina will count as your break. Now, the ketchup bottles. Can you believe that guy? Hey. You okay? Yeah. Yeah, I was just thinking about the trip. I better get going. You still want to go, right? Of course. And you’re sure you’re going to be okay being there? With spencer and esme? And me and josslyn? Yeah, I’ll be fine. Okay. Great. I’m just checking. Uh, headed home? Yeah. See you tomorrow then. Can’t wait. I’m going to hit the drugstore for a last-minute run before we meet up. Need anything? Thanks, but no. I have everything I need. Cool. Open lines of communication, remember? Yes, well, there’s open and then there’s whatever this is. We’ve always been able to tell each other everything. So? So… I am being careful and responsible. Good. I love you. I love you, too. Can’t leave unless I know that someone who cares about you is close by or here, so I can call — what, call michael… no. …Or dante? Because I’m not sure that michael will return my call. Or anyone else? Sonny, just give me a name, and I’ll get out of your hair. Fine, carly. Stop. No, I’ve caused too much trouble to her already. Then who? You can stay, you can — or go. It doesn’t make a difference to me. Just stay — stay out of my way, nina. I’m assuming you mean well. Of course I do. But I decide who I associate with, and I don’t take kindly to being told what to do in my own nightclub. You know what, curtis? You’re going to do what you’re going to do. But don’t do it on my account. You get in bed with sonny corinthos, I got to walk. Your dad seems like a decent guy. If you say so.

[ Chuckles ] So let’s talk about sonny. And you. What’s left to say? Yes, actually, I just stopped in for a little nightcap. How fortuitous to bump into you here. Not really. We’re both a little tied up. Actually, I have an early day tomorrow. Really? Are you sure? I have an early day every day, so, yeah. Enjoy your nightcap. Regards to your mother. Go to hell. Oh, pity dr. Westbourne had to leave. Still, this really won’t take any time. I just want to draw on your considerable medical expertise. You see, doctor, I found this sonogram in the street. I very much afraid it’s missing, and, um, well, as you can see, it’s torn, and so all the identifying information is gone. No, it’s not. You see that right there? That’s the patient I.D. Number. Wow. I would much rather talk about anything else. So if you feel the need to sing austin’s praises… okay, I’ll zip it. Thank you. Can I just tell you how much I like him? Oh, mom, look, we’re not going to pautuck for a day of antiquing or to check out the scenery. We’re revisiting a crime scene. Okay. I promise I’ll stay on task. I talked to lucy, and she said she has a very good feeling about tomorrow. Wait, she does? Yeah, she said it would be pivotal. And you know when lucy has a good feeling about something, she’s usually spot on. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Okay, that’s good. What did she say? That one way or another, louise starts her journey back to port charles tomorrow. Victor: Huh. You mean, by using this number, I can return the sonogram to the right patient? Mm-hmm. That number is there in case the patient information goes missing or is obscured, as this has done. I can take it to G.H. And match it up, make sure it gets to the right person. No, that’s — that’s okay. I, um — I found this. I-I’d like to see it through. I really think it’s more appropriate if I do it. No. I’ll make sure it goes where it needs to go. Really, there’s no need to worry. I promise I’ll do right by all concerned. Just imagine mixing up one baby with another.

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