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You know, I’m glad I came. Yeah? Yeah, it feels good sweating out all the stress from the move. Ha. I noticed you were giving it pretty good there. That got anything to do with brook lynn? Dante: Wow, dude, why don’t you

tell me how you really feel? And — and I don’t even think

brook lynn’s really my type. And if — if she was

my type, how would I be able

to trust her when she wouldn’t even know

the truth if it was looking her

in the face?

[ Sighs ] Get it together, girl. Who cares about one guy’s opinion? Well, that was a struggle. Tj didn’t want to go back to work, huh? I let him know that I would tell him if there were any updates with marshall. Did the doctor come by while I was gone? No, but thanks to finn, the cardiac care team was here when we arrived. Your father’s in good hands. It’s scary, but your dad’s gonna be okay. Thank you. Thank you all for getting him here as quickly as you did. How are you holding up? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m mostly confused.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] Thirsty? What do I need chase for anyways? There are thousands of guys who will think I’m awesome. Obviously.

[ Cellphone beeps ] That is what dating apps are for.

[ Sighs ] Great. Oh, what did I do with my charger?

[ Creaking ] Chase? Why would it have anything to do with brook lynn? Well, I mean, you were pretty harsh with her back at the house, man. Maybe there’s some underlying resentment around the baby or, I don’t know, something else. It’s a confusing situation. Yeah, I’ll bet it is. You know, one minute we’re fine and then the next… anyway, we’ll — we’ll figure it out. Do you want to grab a beer after this? Yeah, sure. Why not? You buying? Done. Alright, let’s go. Consider it a thank-you for helping me move. Ah, stop. Oh, hey, what’s up? You and i need to have a talk.

Right before you called, I was deciding on whether or not I was gonna give marshall a chance. And then I had a conversation with drew, and it reminded me that, you know, I have time to make a decision, but… …you know, that might not be the case now. I know I have legit reasons to be cautious. Yes, you do. You have very legitimate reasons. But I can’t help wondering if I wasted time interrogating marshall instead of getting to know him. Okay, let’s just take one step at a time, alright? First, we need to hear what the doctor has to say, and then we’ll take it from there. Thank you. For what? For throwing “we” in there. I am right here for you, curtis. Okay? No matter what, I got you. Come here. Oh, dr. Rose, um, this is curtis ashford, marshall’s son. Is my father gonna be okay? To our partnership. Hear, hear.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Hi. You want to come over and join us? You do know that I have a mini bar, right? Where the beer costs an arm and a leg. No offense. None taken. How did you know I was here? Spinelli. He had a feeling you weren’t going home, so he had me check on you, so I came here. Well, that’s sweet. I mean, spinelli worried and you checking in on me. But, you know, you can see I’m fine. I’m doing great. No, you’re not, carly. I know you, and I know that you would normally want to talk to jason at a time like this, but you can’T. And I certainly — I can’t replace him. I mean, I could put on a black t-shirt if it makes you happy, but… the kids are at monica’s for the night, so I am all yours. Do you want to start over? Okay. Hi, carly. Hey, sam. How are you feeling? Not so great. I hear you’re bailey’s father, not valentin. That’s right. Good, ’cause valentin doesn’t deserve that little girl. Did you hit him? That’s not my finest moment. Yeah, he probably had it coming. What’s going on with you and brook lynn? We’re not together, if that’s what you’re thinking. You don’t think she’s good enough for you? Whoa, whoa. What are you doing? No, I’m just saying, any — any man’s lucky to have someone like brook lynn. Okay. Yeah, but if chase isn’t interested in her, then he isn’t interested in her, but he’s stepping up for his daughter. If you say so. If you say so, that’s fine. Okay. Okay. Alright, I’m gonna hit the showers before we grab that beer. Mr. Corinthos, it was good to see you. Hey. What was that? What? What do you mean? You laid into him. What for? Well, ’cause, you know, brook lynn’s my goddaughter. What do you want me to do? She’s also an adult, dad. I mean, no offense, but with everything that’s going on with you right now, don’t you think you should be more focused on your own life?

[ Thumping ] Oh, crap. Okay. It’s okay. I’m blq. I’ve got this.

What the…

[ Gasps ] Good news is it wasn’t a heart attack. That is very good news. So what happened? Your father’s blood pressure was elevated. Okay. We switched his medication to one that will hopefully take care of that. So he’s alright? He’s perfectly fine. He can be discharged as soon as he gets his new prescription. Feel free to go in and see him. Thank you, doctor. And thank you all for your help and for waiting with my father until I got here. Of course.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, um… this is a patient. Can I check in with you in a little bit? Yeah, I should call tj and let him know what’s going on. Okay. Hey, you okay? Uh… something’s just not tracking. Um, excuse me. I’ve noticed she doesn’t like to elaborate. Yeah, not so much. Mm. Well, you know, now that we know marshall is in the clear, we’ve got a big decision to make. We do? Yeah. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we were having a pretty okay time before all the excitement. Yes. And, you know, I… my babysitter’s still on the clock for another couple hours. Yeah, same here. How would you feel about continuing our date? I’d feel pretty okay about that. Yeah? Yeah. Let’s go.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, excuse me. Cameron, hi. Wait, what? What’s going on? I’m just looking out for my family, like I always do. Why is everybody giving me so much grief? Who’s — who’s everybody, carly and michael? Well, ’cause — yeah. I mean, you know, it’s like… they’re mad at me for something that happened in nixon falls. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t have control over it. All I’ve done when I came back is just try to make things okay. Okay, alright. Alright, how can I help you? I’m just trying to — nothing. I’m just gonna clear my — I need to clear my head. I’m gonna work out. You go with your friend. You do what you got to do. Ready? Uh…actually, man, I think I’m gonna stick here with my dad. Take a rain check? Sonny: No, go. Just go. Don’t worry about it. Yeah. No problem.

[ Cellphone rings ] Harrison chase. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang tight. I will be right there. It’s nice to see you. Yeah, you too. Shawn and I were just going over some of our plans for the invader. Oh. You seem excited. I am. Right? It’s — we’re done with business, I think, yes? Pull up a chair. Join us. Oh, thank you, but I’m just here for take-out, so enjoy your evening. Mm. I’ll be right back. Everything alright? Yeah, fine. Why? You seem uncomfortable. Well, I get the sense that shawn butler is not my biggest fan. He, too, will come around. Right, like sam did the other day? What does that mean? Mm. I’m furious. Well, yeah, of course you are. About all of it. I mean, nina, yeah, she gets top billing because she’s a hateful liar. But sonny too, for not telling me all this time that he fell in love with nina. And the worst part is I can’t be angry about it because if I get angry about it, then we switch places in this story. Who, you and nina? Yeah, yeah. She becomes a victim and I become the villain, which is laughable, right? I mean, after nina kept sonny from his family out of spite, stole months from his life in the process. You saw. You watched. I mean, we were barely hanging on over here while they were attending barn dances and barbecues. And god forbid I want nina to deal with some kind of consequence. No, that paints me as the bad guy. Look, I-I know you’re upset, but I-I hardly think that puts you in that sort of — oh, yeah, it does. It does. I don’t have the words for how messed up this is. I actually think you’re doing a great job.

[ Scoffs ]

May I have a wordabout marshall ashford? You know I can’t discuss his case with you. I know, but, uh… I couldn’t help noticing that you quickly determined it was a simple medication issue. I’m confident in my diagnosis. With all due respect, in my experience, it’s best to perform ambulatory monitoring to rule out any underlying causes of hypertension. I understand you’re a very experienced nurse, ms. Johnson, but as mr. Ashford’s doctor, I know what I’m doing. Hey. Um… how you feeling? Kind of embarrassed by… all the — all the attention. So this has happened before? Doctor says there’s better medication that should help. How long, marshall? What, the prescription? No, how long have you had blood pressure issues? This isn’t an issue. I have it all under control. Really? Look where you are. There’s nothing to concern yourself about. What if it’s hereditary? Leave it alone. Sam said she’d be watching you? Yeah, it was more of a warning than a statement. I really wish she hadn’t have done that. Look, you know I didn’t tell you this to cause friction between the two of you — in fact, like, the total opposite. You and I talked about, you know, how difficult our friendship would be for your daughters. Yes, we did, and I understand where she’s coming from. But I’m also a grown woman, and I have a right to have the friends that I choose to have. Yeah, okay, under normal circumstances, sure. Thank you. Look, alexis, you know I cherish our friendship, but now we’re seeing the reality of it. And I didn’t want to keep you in the dark about how sam was feeling. So, you know, if you need to distance yourself while your daughters come to terms —

if your daughters come to terms with it, then I completely understand. What’s wrong? I’m trying to do what’s right for me and what’s right for my daughters, and I’m starting to think that just might not be possible. I’m really, really sorry. That doesn’t look good. What happened? Yeah, I’d like to know the answer to that, too. Well, I was upstairs giving myself a manicure — moving is hard on the nails — and I heard a noise — well, multiple noises, actually, so I grabbed a vase, I came downstairs, and I thought cameron was an intruder, so I whacked him over the head with it. You’re very strong. Thank you. Look, this is all my fault, okay? I thought the house was empty. I had no idea that my dad loaned it to brook lynn. Well, the good news is you don’t need stitches. Are you sure? Yes. Pupils aren’t dilated. Think you’re gonna be okay. Oh, thank god. Thank you for calling me. -Of course. -Yeah. Thanks a bunch. I’m just glad your head is still intact. Me too. I’m really sorry for the — intrusion. It’s okay. Yeah. I promise it won’t happen again. Okay, let’s get you two home. -Okay. -Yeah. -Okay. -Bye. Good night. Feel better. Sorry. Good night.

[ Sighs ] Chase: Are you okay? Yeah, I just — I feel awful that I hurt the poor kid. Yeah, I get why you called elizabeth. Why’d you call me? You should’ve gotten that beer when you had a chance. Oh, yeah? I should have? No, I think it’s — I think it’s good that I stayed. You want to get in the ring?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, we can get in the ring in a minute. I want you to tell me what’s going on first. I told you what’s going on. Yeah, well, there’s clearly more than that happening. Carly came by… to say good night to donna and avery. That’s what she’s doing now — she’s coming by to make them think that everything is normal. Mm. But everything’s not normal. No, it’s not normal ’cause they keep asking, “is — is mom coming? Is she staying?” It’s not gonna work out. It’s not gonna work. Like that, because you… you did tell michael you were gonna give carly space. I tried, but I’m telling you, it’s obvious to me that carly refuses… to see what’s in front of her. Have you been holding this in the whole time? Oh, well, I lost my mind on nina at first, but, yeah, since the hearing, yeah. I…

[ Sighs ] I cannot imagine how hard this must be on you. Yeah, well… I don’t know. Anger is the easy emotion. I’d rather feel rage than everything else. What’s everything else? I’m embarrassed. Why? Because I feel stupid. You are not stupid, carly. Oh, god, I should — I should have known. I should have known something was going on. I mean, all the times that sonny insisted that we shouldn’t go after nina. I mean, that all he wanted to focus on was putting our life back together. You tell me one time — one time sonny corinthos hasn’t demanded retaliation, especially when someone hurts his family. God knows we were hurt. I know you were hurt. When I remember how confused donna was and how devastated avery and josslyn and everyone, I mean, nina did that to us. And he stood by her.

[ Sighs ] He swore on the stand that he wasn’t nina’s victim. What the hell is that? We were all nina’s victims, every single one of us. Do we not matter? I… [ Scoffs ] How am I supposed to believe that sonny loves me when he still has a place in his heart for a woman who hurt me like that?

I accidentally assaulteda hormonal teenager, chase. I’m sorry if I didn’t know what to do. You know, you really need to break this pattern. What pattern? Hitting people in the head, accidental or not. I was alone in a — in a strange house that we moved into to protect a tiny baby from a giant psychopath. I’m sorry, I was terrified, and you were working out. You told me to go. Not because I wanted you to. You know, for someone who claims they want a relationship — I do, I do. Well, then why is everything off-limits with you? Not — not everything. Just some things. Curtis, if I thought it was important or affected you in any way, I would — hold on, hold on. Your medical history is not important? You just suffered a cardiac episode, marshall. I’m fine. Didn’t the doctor talk to you? I’m talking to you. I need information from you. Does anything warrant a conversation, or am I only allowed to know that you play the clarinet? I’m sorry that the events in my life have made me guarded, and I’m also sorry that the events in your life have made you inquisitive. These are regular, run-of-the-mill questions. The only thing that’s irregular is that you refuse to answer them. Curtis, I hope and pray that we will somehow find a way to reconcile our differences. These are big differences. But they’re not insurmountable, man. And I’m willing to try. Are you? I get it. I mean, I really get it. If I ignore all the horrible things that nina has done, I can see where it would be hard for sonny to turn off his feelings for her. I mean, I couldn’t do it with jason. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. No, no, no. You know, don’t be.

[ Sighs ] I’ve moved past that a long time ago. Well… I know that it hurt sonny, you know, when he came home and he found out that jason and I had developed feelings for each other. I mean, that was really difficult for him. Never mind that it never would have happened if it weren’t for nina and her lies. But the point is, the second sonny came home, jason and I shut that door permanently. And I have done everything I can to do right by my husband. But sonny, on the other hand, he keeps acting on his feelings for nina. What do you mean? Did he say that he loves her? He says he still has feelings for her, but what they had is in the past. But how do I believe that when — when he keeps defending her? Nina’s in the wrong, clearly. But by sticking up for her, sonny’s making you feel like it’s you who’s attacking her. Yeah. And what does that say about him, if he feels that way and refuses to stick up for me? And more importantly, what does that say about our marriage? So, carly and I, we had this — we had this moment. Undeniable pull. Right? And then we get interrupted. And then carly’s, you know, walls go up. Ah, man, I’m sorry. I just think that if she — we were living together, she would see that what we have and who we are hasn’t changed. Whatever residual feelings I have for nina doesn’t compare to my love for carly. Right, well, maybe she does feel that. Maybe deep down she does, but she hasn’t processed it yet. I mean… you know you hurt her, right? But if anybody gets it, it’s carly. She fell in love with jason. Mm. Right? And then she insisted on being with me. What’s the difference between that and what happened with nina? Okay, well, there is a — oh, yeah? No, but there is a difference, okay? Listen, say what you will about her and jason. I’m not gonna touch that one, but… okay. They thought you were dead, right? Uh-huh. So in their eyes, there was no betrayal. But in her eyes, she feels you betrayed her because you went out and protected nina after you know that nina lied about you being alive. Yeah, I admit that I did — you know, I didn’t say anything when I first came because I thought that I could get over these feelings. And then jason died and then a lot went down… alright, whatever. All that stuff. …Dante. Bottom line is carly asked for space and time. Is she your person? Yeah, she is. Okay, then you got to give it to her. That’s what she wanted, that’s what you got to give to her. That’s it. No, that’s the worst thing I can do.

I’m gonna check on jake and aiden. I’ll be right back.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay. Oh, no, devin just texted. He says he’s gonna be here soon to pick me up. Goodbye already? I know. I’ll just be, uh… not here. Hey, I had a lot of fun tonight. Well, up until… well, you know. Yeah, well, we can try again at the cabin. Yeah, that should be no problem. We just have to avoid esme and spencer and trina. See? Easy. Honestly, alone or not, I… I just really like spending time with you. As do I. I’m sorry, I’m just — I’m really overwhelmed with this situation. I just… we keep trying to set boundaries, and bailey’s still in danger, and I just — I don’t know what the right thing to do is. Well, yeah, it’s an adjustment for sure, but we’ll figure it out together.

[ Chuckles ] Some first date, huh? Yeah, most romantic in history.

[ Both chuckle ] This may sound crazy, given all the… interruptions, but… I had a really good time with you tonight. And if you’ll let me, I would love to take you out again. I would like that very much. Yeah? Yeah. Though I’m hoping for a-a little less eventful. See what I can do.

[ Chuckles ] Look, I’m all for second chances. I mean, god knows I’ve been given a few, but harmony isn’t just a former criminal, alexis. The crimes she committed were against your daughters. I’m very well aware of that, and I don’t excuse any of that. However, it’s important to realize that — that harmony was also one of shiloh’s victims. Do you think sam or kristina can see that? Well, I don’t know if sam can, but truthfully, kristina’s opinion about this matters more. So if kristina knew how beneficial it is for you to have a relationship with harmony, what do you think that opinion would be? Still here.

[ Sighs ] Hypertension can be the sign of something more serious. Now, I know that dr. Rose is convinced it’s just a matter of your medication, but if you want a second opinion, I have no — no, no, no, no, it won’t be necessary. It’s happened before, and everything’s been fine. You call this fine? The doctor and I, we have an understanding, okay? Epiphany, thank you for looking out for me. Your patients — your patients are very lucky to have you. Don’t think that you have an out. I’m still paying my half of the bill.

[ Both laugh ] Deal. How’s marshall? The same. Closed off and stubborn. I feel like — I feel like I’m getting whiplash, you know? One minute, I’m considering never seeing him again and what that feels like, and the very next minute, I’m reminded of why we’re at an impasse in the first place. Relationships are tricky. That’s an understatement. You’ll make progress, you’ll have setbacks. I mean, that’s all to be expected. How can we make progress if marshall is controlling how much I can and can’t know? Well, you said it yourself, curtis — you wanted time, right? And now, thankfully, you have it. So it’s up to you how you want to spend that time. I do want a relationship with my father.

[ Sighs ] I just don’t know if that’s possible. I took your advice, talked to carly. It really didn’t help much.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Or you could say that you made your point, she made her point, and I think it’d be a huge mistake if you didn’t listen to what she’s asking of you. Carly wants space. Mm-hmm. We had that for nine months. We should be making up for that. I mean… being apart… …we gain nothing. Obviously, carly doesn’t see it that way. Oh, believe me, I know how hard it is when you and your husband aren’t on the same page. Mm. I am so sorry. For the first time in a long time, I have…no idea what to do. I don’t know what comes next, you know? Well, that’s not true. I know that I go to bed and I get up in the morning because I promised the girls that I would be there early to make them pancakes. Yeah. There you go. Alright. Well… I’m gonna go, okay? Sam. Yeah? Do you want me to call joss or something? Oh, no. I don’t want you to be alone. No, no, I don’t want you to call josslyn or michael. You know, they’ve already come down pretty hard on sonny. I don’t want them involved any more than they already are or feeling like they have to pick sides. Okay. Carly. Yeah? What’s the hardest part? What do you mean? You said you were angry and then you said you were embarrassed. What else? Underneath it all, there’s this… deep, aching sadness. Nina devastated my family, and, uh… I’m not so sure we can recover.

Well, I guess you’re free to go now. Guess so. Guess so. Look, curtis, um… I’m sorry things got tense earlier. I didn’t know what to expect when I came back. I only knew I had to try. It seems I’m not doing too good a job at that. Means a lot that you showed up tonight. I should call a car. Do they have taxis out front? They do, but… I’ll give you a ride. Ready? Lead the way. Brook lynn: Thank you. Long day, huh? Were you in the middle of working out when I called? No, dante and i were just finishing up. I was a little confused, though. I didn’t recognize the number you called with. Yeah, my phone died. I called you from cameron’s phone. Cam had my cell info? No. Then how’d you call me? I know your number by heart. For real? Okay, don’t sound so pleased, okay? After the whole maxie/fake chloe horror show, I just — I thought it was a good idea to memorize some important numbers in case of emergency. Important? Well, you are bailey’s “father.” Right. Letting myself fall for someone like brook lynn would be a major disaster. And I know your families used to be close, but I heard about all the wildly inappropriate stuff she used to do back in the day. I mean, she lied, she schemed, hurt people. Gosh, I am so tired.

[ Clears throat ] Really? Yeah, turns out that amorous teenagers breaking into your house just takes a lot more out of you than I thought. I’m gonna head to bed. I’m really sorry I ruined your night. Oh, you didn’t ruin my night. It’s not always gonna be like this, okay? Most of the time, you won’t even know I’m here. Good night. You’re right. I’m not looking to be right. The friendship that I formed with harmony in prison is gonna end up being hurtful to kristina. Even if she knew how you feel about harmony now? Even if, and I-I don’t want to make things difficult for kristina. Then I think you already have your answer. Apparently I am not going to be able to continue my friendship with harmony. If you keep pushing carly, you’re gonna sabotage the whole thing. No, no, the only way I’m gonna do that is by letting this go on. Here’s the thing, I need to — I need to up the stakes. I need to show carly how much she means to me. One thing I do know is I can’t do this — I can’t fix this if we’re not together. If she wants time… then, you know, we’re gonna do it together. I don’t think that’s what she meant. Well, I don’t care what she meant because… carly’s who I want. I’m gonna let her know that. End of story. Thank you for coming by and letting me get all that off my chest. Let you? Pretty much forced you into it. Either way, felt good. I’m glad. In case nobody’s told you this yet, you’re not the bad guy here, carly. Nina hurt you a lot. And if I’m being honest, sonny did, too. So you’re entitled to feel all of these emotions right now. Just — just know that. Yeah. Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Hey. How’s your head? You need some ice? Ah, I’m fine. Hey, mom, I… I’m so sorry that your date got messed up because of me. I’m just glad that you still need me. Everything good with you and josslyn? Things are great. I love seeing that smile. I like seeing yours, too.

[ Chuckles ] I bet franco’s really glad to see us doing so well. I hope so. I know so. You and josslyn are being safe, right? Good night, mom. Can’t wait to finish this conversation in the morning. Oh, great.

[ Knock on door ] Dante. Hi. Hey, elizabeth. Um…I’m sorry. I know it’s early. Uh… look, something terrible happened last night, and I thought you should know about it.

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