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hey, drew. What do you have there? This is a portrait of me made by a budding young artist. Goes by the name of scout? Looks just like me, wouldn’t you say? I-I do say, and I think it’s good that you see the effort.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Hey. You okay? After the night on the bridge, I just — I just want to make sure you know you can talk to me.

[ Cellphone rings ] I’m sorry. It’s michael. I have to take this. Yeah. Hey. Michael? What’s up? Do you think there’s any chance that this could work? Either way, you have to try, right? Absolutely. I can’t just stand by and watch my family fall apart. Okay. We should get going on this. Spencer! I’d like to talk with you!

[ Footsteps approach ] What can I do for you, grandmother? This isn’t about tonight’s takeout order for dinner, is it? No. It’s about a family meeting. Okay. What’s tonight’s topic? Family unity.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Door opens ] Ah.

[ Door closes ] You poisoned peter? You mean… “literally poisoned him,” not a figure of speech.

[ Scoffs ] If only. I can’t believe it. You’re no killer. I’ve done some pretty horrible things, britt. Agreed. But so have I. But murder? I mean, you hadn’t crossed

that threshold. And I still haven’T. Peter’s not dead. Attempted murder gets you no points, brad. I-I didn’t know what I was doing until after the fact. Okay. How’d you get the poison? My aunt selina. Martin: Well, you’re certainly in the clear now. In my professional opinion, it might be best just to let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak. Mm-hmm. Oh, hey. Come on in. Yes. I’ll be ready in a minute. I’m just finishing up with martin. -Martin. -Ms. Jerome. Heh. I thought, um — I thought scott was your lawyer. Yeah, I had to fire him after he forced willow to reveal my relationship with sonny on the stand. Which got the identity-fraud charges dropped. It’s because of scott that your legal troubles are over. Or has something new come up? Nina: Oh, there’s nothing now. It’s still what it’s always been about — my grandson, wiley. You moved out. W-where are you?

[ Sighs ] I got a suite at the metro court. I just needed some time away from sonny so I could get my head straight. Did you take donna and avery with you? No, no, I — I couldn’t do that to them. I didn’t want to disrupt their lives. And avery has been so clingy with sonny since he got home. I — I don’t know. I just didn’t want the girls to think that their father and i are having problems. So I told them that I was working a lot here at the metro court and I had to stay over and I would be there at night before they went to bed and first thing in the morning before they went to school. Mom, that’s a lot, and you’ll probably run into dad. Is — is that gonna be too hard on you? Yeah, but, you know, keeping some semblance of stability and seeing the girls will be worth it. What about you? Have you talked to sonny since nina’s hearing? No, not yet. Hey, mom, I’ll call you back.

How do you expect martin to help you with wiley? No offense. None taken. However, maybe we should discuss this another time. No, no. You can speak freely in front of ava. I am consulting with martin about ways to ensure that I am allowed to see wiley. Are you talking about taking michael and willow to court? That’s an option. If memory serves, you and I were discussing the same point of law not too far back, ms. Jerome, that in the state of new york, if a biological parent is deceased… yes, yes, then a biological grandparent has a legal right to visitation. Are you sure that you want to start poking this hornet’s nest? Really? Are — you don’t think that you and michael can work something out just between the two of you? With carly whispering in michael’s ear? No. Not likely. Uh… didn’t expect to see you here. Well, I couldn’t help but notice you were talking to frank about my whereabouts instead of talking to me directly. I’m still processing. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about what you said, you know, on the stand. I didn’t want your mom to hear that on the stand. Nina — whatever we had is over. Whatever happened between you and nina, it’s not my business. But the look on mom’s face when she told me about it? That I can’t forgive. Carly? Hey, carly.

[ Gasps ] Oh. God. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s just, um — it’s been a day. It’s been a really rough day. Well, I really hope things get better. Drew. Y-you’re not gonna ask me what’s going on? It just seems like you got a lot on your mind. This is because of new year’s eve, isn’t it? I mean, I’m sorry. I should have never put you off and acted the way I did. You have nothing to apologize for. Are you kidding me? Look…carly, I’m not trying to take jason’s place. Been there. Done that. But just know if you ever need a shoulder… I do. Hello, nikolas. Thank you for coming. Spencer: No ava? At least grandmother realizes she isn’t part of our family. Oh, ava is most definitely part of this family. Yes, she is, and I did invite her, but she politely declined. Yeah, she was being thoughtful. She probably thought that being here would make the conversation less smooth. She was probably out spending my money. What was that? When she summoned me to the metro court to discuss the work that I’d be doing for her at the gallery to make restitution, after I served my sentence, she made it a point to throw it in my face that she was using money from my trust fund to pick up our tab. Kevin: I think we’re getting off track. I’m very sorry that I wasn’t here when everything fell apart between the two of you. Translation — when he lost his mind and gave ava control of my trust fund. Because you refuse to accept that ava is a part of this family! Not my family. Let’s just take it down a notch, okay? How about we all sit down? Nikolas and spencer: I’ll stand. My aunt told me to deliver a specific food tray to a specific cell in solitary. When I got there, I realized I was transporting a meal intended for peter august and that there might be something suspect about it. Really? You had no idea whatsoever? Why did you think your auntwas catering for anyone, let alone peter? Okay, okay. I-I had my suspicions. But it was the only way she’d help with the parole board. And now she has leverage. You do her bidding, or she tips off the cops about your involvement in peter’s adventures in not-so-fine dining. Yeah. Nothing that esoteric. Britt, I’m afraid my aunt will kill me if I try to defy her.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Oh. Detective falconeri, what can I do for you? Does — does this have something to do with a patient’s medical confidential information? No, it doesn’T. Not currently. Got information about peter august.

about peter? Want to discuss plans to have peter moved to the infirmary at pentonville. According to his doctor, he’s going to be strong enough to travel very soon.

[ Sighs ] You got something to say, brad? “Soon” isn’t now, detective. So…how can I help facilitate this transfer? Well, that’s what I’m here to try and coordinate. We got to make sure all the boxes are checked, have to have the medical records done by the medical director, schedule the appropriate section meeting before you can have him released. Once that is done, we can issue a transfer warrant. I know it’s a lot. I’ll walk you through it. But we really can’t have anyone dropping the ball on this one. Agreed. Good. Let me look at peter’s latest labs, and we can talk tomorrow? Sounds good. Give me a call. Oh, hey, brad… what’s this I hear that you’re, uh, staying with selina wu? She’s, um, um — s-she’s my aunt. Yeah. Well, that’s a good idea, right? Getting close to the head of the wu crime family when you’re on parole? Watch your step. Why are you harassing brad? Your brother’s the one threatening people. Michael? Yes. Michael. He threatened brad at the metro court in front of everyone. He did, did he? And you were witness to this alleged threat? I heard about it. Oh. So, no. Do you want to file a complaint, brad? No need. I-I just want to get on with my life. Okay. Good. Good. Sounds like we’re done here, then. Well, talk to your brother. Brad will not be intimidated. Heh. Sure. Let me know when you have those labs. Okay, britt?

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] That went well.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] My ulcer’s acting up.

[ Sighs ] The two of you are so much alike. Birds of a feather. I’m sorry, mother, as the adult, I shouldn’t have let spencer bait me. You keep forgetting that I’m an adult, too. I have a job. And I make my own money. Certainly not relying on an inherited family fortune. I’m very proud of you for that. You know, I’m proud that you kept your job at kelly’s, even though it wasn’t easy for you. Thank you. I’ve adjusted. And after I serve my time, both at ava’s gallery and at spring ridge, I’ll be able to start saving up for my own place. Okay, look. This is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. You’ve only got a few weeks before you have to go to spring ridge and serve a 30-day sentence. And going to prison, even a minimum-security prison, it’s going to test your emotional strength, your mental strength. I know that you can do it. I have every faith in you. Look how stubborn you’re being now.

[ Chuckling ] Willfulness runs on all sides of your family. But, honey, I think it would be so much better, it would be easier if you could go to spring ridge knowing that you had… your whole family standing by you. I think it’s important. Do you think you could reconcile with your son before he goes off to prison? I want that. I hate the walls between us. I miss my son. I miss you, too, father. Spence. What’s going on? Just a family meeting. My grandmother wants me to make peace with my father. Is that what you want? I don’t know. Glad I came home when I did. Don’t worry. I won’t let your family gang up on you. Willow came to me last night and suggested that I give up my legal rights to wiley as a gesture of good faith to michael. -Well, that sounds extreme. -Yeah. And I accused her of doing michael’s dirty work, and willow said that it was her own idea, and she promised that she would do everything she can to get through to michael so I can still be in wiley’s life. You can’t do that. You can’t give up your rights to your grandchild. Martin: I was just explaining doing so would be irrevocable. If nina legally abdicates her rights as wiley’s grandmother, she can’t turn around and ask for them back should willow fail to soften michael’s attitude. It’s just too risky. And I can’t take that chance. Ava: Then don’t! Do not give up your rights! Listen to martin. Yeah, I’m gonna listen to him, and we were talking about the alternatives, which include going to court so I can guarantee that I have a right to see wiley. Okay. Well, you’d be going on the offensive. Are you ready to do that? What other choice do I have? I can’t just wait around for michael’s mood to soften. I want to be part of my grandson’s life now. I know you do. Of course you do. The question is… can nina win? Oh, she can definitely win. Problem is, it might be a pyrrhic victory. You really ready to burn down that last bridge? How does this work? You want to just dive right in and talk about it? Well, I could really use something to make me smile, so why don’t you tell me about scout?

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Well, um… she’s amazing. I mean, she’s getting more and more comfortable with me…

[ Chuckles ] …Every time we see each other, just like sonny said she would. Um, me, on the other hand… you? What about you? What’s going on? Well, I was just gone so long. You know, half of scout’s life. Half of her life. Got a lot of catching up to do, things to learn. I got to learn her favorite color, her best friend’s name. The other day, I asked her what her favorite flavor of ice cream was, and she was so confused. She was just like, “you don’t know? You’re my daddy.” Hm. Aw. Well, that must’ve hurt. Hmm. I just told her that I’ve got a lot to learn, a lot to learn, and she needs to teach me. And that made her happy. But, still, it brings home how much time we’ve lost and how many things that, uh, you know, we just won’t get back. Reunions are tough. They’re hard. I mean, as happy as you are to reconnect, you realize how much the person has changed since you last saw them. When I came home, I was hit with a lot of things. Your mom was getting married. I wanted to tell your mom that jason died. I did the best I could… for my family.

[ Stammers ] Nina lied to you, to us, for months. H-how is it best for your family to protect her? I understand, michael! You want to hold nina accountable. I’m not saying anything about that. Now, you understand how I’m feeling? ‘Cause if you did, you would have never stood up for nina at that hearing!

Esme, allow me to buy you a cup of coffee while the family talks. I think I should be here. No, seriously. It’s fine. Please go. I need to do this on my own. If you need me, just text me, and I’ll come right back. Shall we?

[ Door closes ] Esme’s the only one who’s really there for me. I’m trying to be there for you. But — but esme’s attitude of “us against them,” it isn’t helping. And ava’s idea of family unity is? Hey. You know what? Let’s just try to get back where we were. Can we, please? Um… this is really only about the two of you. You know? Father and son. Leave everyone else out of it. It’s really frustrating for me, you guys, because I know how much you each love each other. I do love you. I really felt the love all those years you let me believe you were dead. It just kind of amazes me… how quickly scout’s warmed up to me. It’s just as if nothing bad has ever happened to the little girl in her life. She just faces the world so fearless. Who knows — maybe she’ll grow up and she won’t even remember the time her daddy wasn’t around to tuck her in… the father/daughter bond is so special. I would never want to deprive avery or donna of that ever. You know. Why would you? Sonny and I are having… problems. I’m sorry to hear that. Mm. Who threw the first vase this time?

[ Chuckles ] Nothing was thrown. I moved out. Maybe I should give it a little bit more thought before I take legal action. I think that would be advisable. I mean, why set something like this in motion if you’re not certain? In the meantime, I’ll look into the case law, see if I can find any precedents that help or hurt your cause should you decide you want to go forward. Alright. I like that idea. I’ll be in touch. Ms. Jerome. Well… that must have been some chat with willow, to get you to contemplate legal action. Well, willow was my second visitor. Carly was my first. She stormed in here, demanding to know the details about exactly what happened between me and sonny in nixon falls. Yikes. And how did that go? I went scorched earth. I held nothing back. Okay, well, define “scorched earth.” Well, told carly the truth — that if I hadn’t said no… sonny would have made love to me.

I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you that I was alive, but I didn’t want to bring you into the lie. You were better off. And I can’t change my past mistakes. And I will always regret hurting you like that. Spencer, part of growing up is learning how to forgive the people who’ve hurt us. Do you want to keep carrying this pain around with you? Or do you want to have a relationship with your father now? I think it’s time, hon. I think it’s time to let bygones be bygones and move forward as a family.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my god. Did I say something funny? You sound a lot like uncle victor. I assure you, esme, spencer will be fine. It’s just a family meeting. What has you so upset? I’m not upset. I just don’t like being dragged away from my boyfriend when he needs me. I recall he asked you to leave. That’s because he didn’t want to look weak in front of his father. Do you think he’s weak? Don’t try and shrink me, dr. Collins. I know a thing or two about psychology myself. Oh, that’s right! How is that internship at spring ridge going, anyway? I am enjoying it. I find the criminal mind fascinating, and I’m sure you can relate. I’ve read your books on the subject. Have you? Which is why I don’t understand how you can say being with family makes spence “safe,” considering your brother is ryan chamberlain. Thanks for standing up for me with dante. I’ll always stand up for you. But you need to stop popping those antacids and strengthen that spine. Get your mojo back! Never mind how you got your parole. You’re out now. Leave that prison mentality behind and start acting, start thinking like a free man.

[ Groans lightly ] Was I not clear enough? My aunt’s hospitality comes with a price tag and a huge spotlight! You heard dante. The last thing I want is police scrutiny. Has your aunt threatened you outright? Not directly. In fact, aunt selina’s been… very kind while she controls my entire existence. That’s why I had to wait until she was out of town to visit you. I just… I don’t know how to distance myself from her without creating offense. And people who offend selina wu… tend to disappear. You told carly that sonny wanted to have sex with you? Well, ava, she was, like, pushing and demanding specific — listen. She wouldn’t shut up about it! Oh, I know, I know how relentless carly can be. But that she came here to you? Well, that tells me that she is worried. Have you heard from sonny? No, not since new year’s eve. And is he still staying in his place in harbor view towers? Well, according to carly, he’s home. He just wants his family back. That doesn’t necessarily have to include carly. Since when? I don’t know when the tide started to turn, but the fact that carly was here talking to you instead of at home working things out with sonny, that reinforces what I told you the other day. Sonny is still in love with you… and carly knows it. I wasn’t gonna lie on the stand. Yes, your mother should have heard about nina from me, but every time I wanted to say something, it wasn’t the right time. Oh, come on, dad. You could have found the time. I can’t change what happened! I can only be here… for the family now, reassure all of you… that you can count on me. No, dad, you know what? I was counting on you to help put nina behind bars, but instead we were all blindsided by what you said on the stand. Because of you, the charges against nina were dropped. Now, that — that is not you protecting your family, looking out for them. That’s you — that’s you protecting —

[ Shouting indistinctly ] Dante: Whoa! Hey! Yes! Hey! Enough!

I can’t stay in that house with sonny, because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to breathe and — and I wouldn’t be able to figure out how I’m feeling, you know? You need to trust your instincts, carly.

[ Exhales sharply ] Jason used to say that all the time. He knew you best. I’m gonna be there every morning when the girls wake up and every night to put them to bed. I want to keep as much consistency as possible for them, you know? I think it’s great that you’re thinking about the kids — really, you’re such an incredible mother. You really are.

[ Chuckles ] And, obviously, they’re your priority. But you know how on an airplane when they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before you put on your child’s? It’s because you’re not gonna do your kid any good if you’re passed out. All by way of saying… you got to do what you have to do for you. That way, you can be the best mom f-for donna and avery. I don’t want to break up my family. Carly, from what I’ve seen, you and sonny, you guys are the real deal. You can still find your way back together.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. What if we can’t? Well, then I refer you to my original advice — to trust your instinct. Thank you. No problem. You know… I owe you an apology. Sonny’s in love with me? You know, I haven’t even allowed myself to consider that, ava. Even though sonny did say on the stand that he fell in love with me in nixon falls. Maybe more of his feelings survived after he got his memory back than I thought. There’s no “maybe” about it. Carly is running scared for a reason. Obviously, she sees you as a threat to her marriage. Ava, everything is really nuts right now, but — but if carly and sonny separate, do you think there’s a chance that sonny and I could be together here in port charles? Not if you sue michael for visitation with wiley. If you go to war with michael, you will lose sonny forever. -What the hell is going on? -What are you doing here, dante? What — well, I came here to talk to you about something else, but never mind that. Why are you two yelling at each other? My mom is living at the metro court. She is? Yeah. I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, she moved out because dad refuses to leave the house. Really? I thought you were at the penthouse. Well, it — well, I’m not giving up on my marriage. W-we were at an impasse, and I-I called carly’s bluff. She wasn’t bluffing. I didn’t expect her to leave. I’m not giving up. I’m getting your mother back. B-by ignoring what she wants. Why didn’t — okay, michael, listen. It’s a tough situation for everyone, okay? Yeah, that’s easy for you to say. Your mom is not the one who’s devastated. My brother is a very dangerous man, but you’re not

really comparing laura and nikolas to ryan, are you? No. I just mean that people go on and on about how great family is, but, you know, psychopaths have families, too. Yes, they do. And sometimes we’re hurt by the people that we love and trust. You must have been very hurt when your parents died. Of course. I was devastated. Spencer told me that you have siblings, but I’ve never heard you mention them. Were you separated after your parents’ death? We’re not close. But we were talking about your brother — ryan, your twin. Do you ever visit him at spring ridge? I’ve never seen you there. I monitor his progress, but, no, I don’t visit. Do people with “locked in” syndrome ever recover? Just how much time are you spending with ryan anyway? Oh, barely any. I mean, his case just stands out, you know? Ryan is not a simple case study, esme. He’s a man who has killed people, and he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if given half a chance. I can guarantee you if you ever saw who ryan really is… you wouldn’t be intrigued. You’d be terrified. And you’d be right to be so. How do I sound like victor? He gave me a whole speech on family loyalty. Did he? Mm-hmm. Spencer, this is very important. Do not fall prey to victor’s manipulations. What happened to forgiveness? You don’t have any of that for uncle victor? I misspoke. Mm-hmm. Yes, I did. We forgive the people who are truly sorry for having hurt us. That’s not victor. Uncle victor might not be the most popular person… but he has always been good to me. Look, I know how important family is to you. But you don’t have to turn to victor. I’m right here. I love you. I want my son back. How about it, spencer?

an figure out a way to getthe better of your aunt selina. Have you not been paying any attention? The woman is formidable. So are we. Formidable and well-versed in wiggling out of trouble. Except when we get caught. I just don’t see a way out of this. My aunt’s got me under her thumb, and she’s already warned you to stay away from me. So what? I’m here for you, no matter what your control-freak aunt wants. You sure? Brad, I have stood up to worse than your aunt selina and lived to tell. You’re my best friend. I’m not letting her take you from me.

[ Breathes sharply ] I’m lucky to have you. Even if you did betray me by getting another wingman. He’s back!

[ Laughs ] Wait. I just had an idea. I might know someone who can help you. Well, I hope you’ll heed my warning about ryan. I’m not being dramatic. It’s really for your own safety. Got it. How much longer do I have to wait until I can go back to spence? Oh, laura will text when they’re done. Are you still worried? Esme, you don’t need to protect spencer from his family. You know, it seems to me not that long ago you were pushing for a reconciliation. What happened? Maybe it has something to do with him being sentenced to a correctional facility, and the family is letting that happen. Spencer committed a crime. There wasn’t much we could do about that. Ava never had to press charges in the first place. She wanted spencer to take responsibility. Then I guess she got what she wanted. We’re all on spencer’s side, esme. If you’ll excuse me, I need to use the ladies’ room. I promise not to sneak out. Well, I didn’t expect you to, but thanks for the heads-up. Yes, this is dr. Collins, for warden brewster. It’s urgent. I need to restrict who has access to ryan chamberlain. I want you back, too, father. Without ava. This again. -Honestly? -Those are my terms. No. You’re being completely unreasonable. I… then I guess there’s nothing left to say. Well, I tried. I need to go. Okay. Same time next week. Wait. We’re doing this again? Oh, did you think it was a one-and-done? No. Absolutely not. I’m not gonna give up on you two. We’re gonna keep talking to each other because this is the only way that you’re going to be able to work this out. You know how sonny is when it comes to his kids — if he has to choose between michael and you… no contest. No contest. And any hope of me having a life with sonny will be dashed. But what about wiley? I don’t want that little boy growing up with carly’s version of me. He’ll hate me. If sonny’s on your side, then he’ll get michael to come around. Yeah, but won’t michael just hate me even more because I broke up his parents’ marriage? Seems like his parents’ marriage is exploding all on its own. You just have to stand back and let it happen.

[ Sighs ] Maybe be there to pick up the pieces.

[ Chuckles ] You know, that’s a great fantasy, ava, but that’s not gonna happen. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Really. Just play it cool, play your cards right, and you could have both wiley and sonny in your life. Isn’t that what you really want? Come on. You don’t haveanything to apologize about. I do. I do. When jason came home, I got so caught up with having him back, that’s all I was focused on, and, meanwhile, you were having a hard time yourself. I mean, it was a crazy situation. And looking back, I didn’t handle it well. How could you? I mean, you were still trying to come to terms with what had happened to you and who you were. And don’t forget I pulled away from you and sonny, too. I mean, it was just a tough, tough time all the way around. I know it was, but, still, I wish I would have been a better friend. You’re a great friend. Are you kidding me? I hope you haven’t been worried about this. I mean, I’m long over this.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t really know you that well — I mean, the real drew cain, separate from jason. I’m glad I get a second chance. Me too. I mean, look what you almost missed.

[ Both laugh ] You’re being protective of your mother. I’m being protective of my father. But neither of us are in this relationship, okay? We’re both on the outside looking in, so we cannot judge. Decisions were made, and now we all have to deal with the consequences, right? T-that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Yeah. Now. Now that t-the truth has come out. Michael. I love your mother. Do you know that or not? -Yes, yes, I do. -Okay, then why do you keep — I’m just — look, I love you both, alright? I just — I hate seeing mom in this much pain. Yeah. We’re all just trying to protect our family, right? Yeah, that’s all I’m trying to do, but — but, dad, hey, you — you need to give mom what she’s asking for, which is just space and time. Why do you keep asking me to do something?! I can’t make amends with your mother is she doesn’t talk to me! Dante: Okay. Are you okay? Yeah, I’M… dad, you just — I’m okay. I just — you know, I got to talk to…carly. Y-you can’t — you can’t push. I don’t like waiting. But for your mother, I’ll wait.

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