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Good morning, gorgeous.

[ Chuckles ] Happy new year. Good morning. Happy new year to you, too. Um, I suppose you have to go to the club and check on things after last night. Nope. N’neka’s got it covered. Club’s closed today. What about you? Do you have to go to the hospital?

[ Giggles ] Uh, no. No, I don’T. Okay. I’m off. I am off all day long. Well, then, it seems like there’s no good reason for either one of us… to leave this bed any time soon. She’s drinking a lot of milk. Yeah. [ Chuckles ] She’s gonna burp a bunch.

[ Laughs ] You know what? You are correct. You know, when you were this age, I used to help mommy burp you.

[ Laughter ] Not much of a filter on that guy. Yeah, that’s why he, uh, fits in so well with the quartermaines.

[ Laughs ] You know, I… if only I took what austin said more seriously, maybe it would have — no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I am just as guilty of all of that, but that’s over now. We’re moving forward and moving on, and we can handle this… together. We are so much more strong as a family. And that includes your beautiful little baby girl. Thank you. Maybe we should try the grill. Or we could take this opportunity to play nice with dear uncle victor. Keep in mind, he has information he can hold over you. Nikolas, ava, my dear. So good to see you both. Likewise. Happy new year. Ah. We were just headed up for some breakfast. Would you care to join us? Oh, I’ve already eaten, but thank you. Okay, well, then can we join you for a little bit, then? Oh, yes, please! It’ll be my pleasure. Uh, apologies for all the newspapers. I was just catching up on the news. Ah, call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer the printed edition to all that digital rubbish. What the hell is this? Uh, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t think so. Well, hello to you, nurse spencer. May I say, you’re looking resplendent this fine new year’s day. Well, thank you, valentin, but I know what you’re up to. You are not getting in to see peter august. Monica: Happy new year. Must have been a good night if you’re now just getting in. Tracy —

[ Gasps ] Oh! I’m sorry, tracy. I didn’t want to startle you. It just — it just looked like you were having a nightmare. Oh. The worst kind.

[ Sighs ] The kind when you wake up, you realize it’s real. Oh, my god.

[ Sighs ] Can’t believe he’s gone. L-luke’s gone.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Oh, good morning. Coffee? Oh, thank you. Thank you. Tracy, I hope you were comfortable enough last night. I tried to wake you and move you into our guest room, but you just wouldn’t budge. Well, probably because I haven’t slept in two days. Wow. Whew. This is terrible. Thank you. Sure. I, uh — I was able to reach lucky, and he had heard about the… cable-car crash in austria, but he didn’t know his father was on it. Tracy: It was horrifying. I, uh… I was glued to the television watching the wreckage in flames, and I was… hoping that luke wasn’t on it. But then the… the authorities

[Sighs] Brought me his personal effects and told me that they had identified his remains. I convinced myself that luke was gonna be alright. I, uh… I’m the reason he was in that accident in the first place. It’s my fault that luke is dead. Well, I know that you were going over to see sam and scout, and, uh… oh, well, dare I hope for maybe a reunion in the works? Sam and I are co-parents, and that’s enough. Oh. Look, I’m sorry. I am sorry, really. I have been up half the night with a heart-to-heart with ned and olivia, and I saw you come in, and I… well, I’m — I’m sorry. What’s going on? More elq drama? Oh, no, no. Uh, family matter. I’ll let olivia tell you about that. It’s not my place, really. But speaking of elq, uh, there are some issues you need to address now that you’re settled in. I came home to shower, change. I’ve got unsettled business of my own that I got to deal with. So how’s leo doing with his specialist? Doing well. Yeah. We’re still consulting with experts on the best way to explain to leo about being on the autism spectrum. We want to have that conversation with him first before he hears the term “autism” from anybody else. And we think he’s old enough to understand. Wow, he’s really lucky to have you guys. And… we are starting the process of ned adopting leo. Really? Yeah. Oh, dad, I’m so happy for you. I’m no longer an only child.

[ Laughter ] Yeah. Well, you know, leo is my son in every way that matters. I think it’s about time we make it official. Yeah. And tell the world that he’s a real member of this family. Yeah. What do you think about that, honey? Leo quartermaine has a really nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] Right? How are you gonna feel having that cute little boy as your uncle?

[ Chuckles ] Trust me, I have no love for peter august, and if I could, I would rough him up myself. But as a nurse and a staff member of this hospital, it’s my responsibility to keep him alive. I have no intention of killing him. I just need some information. Oh. Well, then talk to victor. He came to see him. Victor cassadine? You’re telling me the man who claims to be my father has been here to see peter? Well, that’s the invader. It looks so different. But what does the article say? Well, it’s about a bullying and retaliation accusation against a plant manager. “Top management at the company decided the best course of action was to pay off both parties to circumvent getting more bad pr.”

[ Sighs ] “The payoff is conditional… on them signing a non-disclosure agreement.” This article is specifically designed to make cassadine industries, and, more specifically, me, out to be the bad guy, like I had any part in this. Shawn: What’s the old saying? “The buck stops here.” What? I see you have a copy of my new paper. How do you like it?

You know, before last night, I, um — I couldn’t help but wonder… if it would feel the same, being together after almost 20 years.

[ Scoffs ] It seems like just yesterday. Has it really been 20 years? Yeah, just about. So how’d it feel? It felt so much better… in every way. We know who we are now. You know? We know what we want. And it feels right this time. It just — it just feels — feels right. Because it is. You know, when we got together the first time, I… mistakes were made. What if we could go back in time and do things differently, you know? I mean, just wait until we were free and ready. Maybe we wouldn’t have wasted so much time. Mm, I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t take back what happened all those years ago. Even if I could… I wouldn’t change a thing. Peter august is awake. That’s unfortunate. I need to see him before he gets transferred back to pentonville. No. No, no, drew. Bad idea. I have questions about my conditioning and about how to get rid of it for good. And you think peter is going to help you? No, I don’T. I don’T. But he has the information that I need, and… I’m gonna figure out a way to get it from him. Monica, I-I can’t go on with my life with this hanging over me like this. And I know that you are just aching to talk me out of it. I know that. Well, I could never talk jason out of anything, so I doubt I’ll have any better luck with you. Just please, please be careful. I lost one son to peter. I don’t want to lose another. Did peter ask to see victor, or did victor come here on his own? I don’t know. What did they talk about?

[ Sighs ] It was a private conversation. No one else was in the room, but I’d have to imagine it wasn’t anything good. I was here when victor and his brother mikkos came to town many years ago. They hurt a lot of people. Well, then it’s even more important that I talk to peter. I need to know what victor wanted. Do I need to call security? Don’t think I won’T. Is there a problem here?

[ Sighs ] Valentin wants to see peter august, and he won’t take no for an answer.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, it’s laura. She says it’s important. Well, go, go, go, go. Oh. I’ll corral him. Okay, thank you. Behave. You heard her. Tracy, it’s not your fault that luke died in a freak accident. No? Luke…got a tip on a can’t-miss scam opportunity. This time, it was in austria. He did say that he… he wouldn’t go without my blessing. And instead of just simply saying…

[ Inhales sharply ] …”Luke, I wish you wouldn’t go,” I snapped, and I — I screamed at him that… if he was even considering going back to that life, then he didn’t care about me at all. Tracy, you know that there is nothing that you could have said to make luke stop doing something he wanted to do. Laura, I said terrible things… things I can’t take back.

[ Chuckles ] Leave it to luke to go and get himself killed so he gets to have the last word. Tracy, I can… rearrange my schedule if you need to talk, or if you prefer, I can make a referral. Thanks. I don’t need a shrink.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I just need luke. You can’t give me that. It’s bobbie. She’s on her way over. Thank you, um, for the kind offer, but… I need my family. Y-you’re not gonna wait for bobbie? Uh, no, no. No, and if I, um

[Clears throat] If I see her, I will — I-I will… I-I’ll just dissolve. So, um, thank you for your kindness. Tracy. Tracy, you’re welcome here any time.

[ Voice breaking ] I know.

[ Door closes ] How are you feeling? I just wish that I could have done something more to help her. You know, she’s devastated, but she is so strong. I know… she will survive. Yes, she’s — she’s tough. But I wasn’t asking about tracy.

[ Crying ] Did you know octopus have nine brains, three hearts, and blue blood?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I knew about the blue blood, but I didn’t know about all those brains and hearts.

[ Laughs ] They must be very smart and very kind. They are, and playful. Want to see my “photo ark” book I got for christmas? There’s a big picture of one up close. It’s cool! Okay. Yeah, sure. Hand her over. You don’t mind? Oh, are you kidding me? You may never get her back.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! Come, leo. Let’s go. Look at you.

[ Chuckles ] Look at her.

[ Both laugh ] Oh, my goodness gracious. You two match. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] You’re a natural. Well, that’s the one upside of having a kid when you’re real young. You get all sorts of advice, and you’re still very moldable. Yeah, well, you’re a pro now. And I’m so happy that we’ve settled the matter on me adopting leo. Me too. Now we just have one… outstanding matter. What’s that? Us.

and you’ll forget about peter? If victor was in there with peter, I need to know why. Ooh, that is concerning. I grant you that. But I can’t let you make a liar out of me ’cause bobbie is really scary when she’s aggrieved. Trust me, it’s in both our best interests. What is this? Hmm? It’s like there’s a lightness to you, like a calm. I assume you had a relaxing evening last night. Hell, no. I just came from a meeting. I almost fell off the wagon again last night. Us? Our relationship.

[ Inhales deeply ] I mean, I guess with everything that’s been going on with leo lately, it’s — it’s been kind of easy to kick that particular can down the road a little bit. We don’t have to do this now. No, no, no, no, no, I-I want to, ned. It’s time.

[ Inhales deeply ] Can we sit? When I found out that you cheated on me… it ripped my heart into shreds. I know, and I’m so sorry — let me finish. Let me finish. A lot of marriages can survive an infidelity, but only if the partner who strayed is willing to… make changes and — and commit to really putting things back together. I know, and I am, I promise you. It will never happen again. The question is… can you forgive me? I already have. Ned…you — the — that indiscretion was just a symptom. It was a symptom of a bigger problem in our marriage. We — we — we had lost faith in each other. We forgot how to communicate. Yeah, guilty as charged. So am I. So am I, but in the last couple months, I think that little — little bits at a time, bit by bit, piece by piece, we’ve started to remember. And I can see you again as a — as a partner, as a confidant. And the way that you stood up for my son — for our son… our son. I look at you now… and I see that you are the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. Tracy. Granny, what are you doing here? I, um…

[ Door closes ] I really need my family.

[ Voice breaking ] I am so sorry. I didn’t want to burden you with this. Burden? Because you’re affected by luke’s death? Laura, I’d be worried if you weren’T. Plus… if you think I’m going to be threatened by your past with luke, well, I’m sorry I have to break this to you, but you got the wrong guy. Oh, no. I have the right guy. I am so lucky to have found you. We both got lucky. But I don’t want you to hold in your grief on my account. Luke was a pivotal part of your life. He really was, you know?

[ Crying ] It’s like, I think it was a month ago… I found myself looking at the calendar, and… I realized that it was 40 years ago to the day that we got married. You know, I can remember that like it happened yesterday.

[ Sighs ] That chapter of my life has been over for so long. How am I gonna tell lulu when she wakes up? We have plenty of time to figure that out.

[ Knock on door ] Okay. Here we go. Hi, bobbie. Hey. Thank you for coming over right away. Well, you — you said it was urgent. Hey, kevin. Bobbie. So… what’s going on? Uh… I have to go out. Um… just call me if you need me. Okay. I love you. Love you. I’ll see you soon, bobbie. Something terrible has happened, hasn’t it? Why would anyone publish this dreck? What the hell is the invader trying to prove? Well, the new direction of the invader is to promote or expose issues of social or political relevance.

[ Chuckles ] When I pointed my team in the direction of cassadine industries, they were pretty shocked by the things they uncovered. So you’re directly responsible for this? Yeah, my nonprofit purchased the invader over the holidays. The nonprofit that I funded. You know, and I figured in addition to buying sporting gear and equipment to fund after-school program, my nonprofit should tackle something a little bit more… substantial, so in a sense, this is all possible because of you. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from my team. I’ll be seeing you. Seems mr. Butler is becoming a bit of a nuisance. To put it mildly. Just say the word, and I can always handle the situation for you.

I’m sorry. I just — I assume that after all the — the pain that our affair caused taggert, that you would have some regrets. Well, of course I have regrets about how things went down back then. But I have no interest in changing the past. I believe in learning from it. You know, every decision that we’ve made, every single one, has led us right here, right here to where we are right now. If we hadn’t have had that past relationship, we might not have reconnected. You might not have been here to save trina when she needed you. I certainly would have been — I would not have encouraged you to start a new life at the savoy. And — and to that point, um… thank you, because you pushed me in that direction to open a new club and to start a new life. It meant everything to me.

You mean everything to me. I feel the same way about you. And I’m starting to, um… just feel a little bit… nervous, you know?

[ Chuckles ] I know we decided to take things slow and we are taking things slow, but it’s just… starting to just… well — look, don’t be nervous. Um… I have something I’ve wanted to say to you all morning. Portia… I am falling in love with you. You know, a long walk on a short pier can be arranged. Except that when naomi dreyfus took that walk off that pier, it only brought the spotlight closer to us. Besides, that’s not how we deal with our problems. Well, maybe not nowadays, but shall we revisit what happened in a certain garage seven years ago? Look, if you don’t want my help, fine, but you should know this. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. Winds of change are coming, my dears. This family needs to be ready. This isn’t the first time… that you’ve alluded to some grand plan for the family. Why don’t you stop hinting at it and come right out and tell us? Oh, you’ll get your answers just as soon as I get the answer I need. Nikolas… I’m glad I found you. I’m sorry, but you need to check in with your mother. Is everything alright? I’m afraid not. Luke’s been killed. Mm. Does this mean… what? What? Wait, wait, wait.

[ Laughs ] No, no, no, I am making it official. Alright? Let’s renew our vows. We got to tell the world that we are back. Would you get up? What? Get up.

[ Laughs ] I’m in. Oh. Anything if you are.

[ Sighs ] But, ned. Yes? It’s got to be different this time, our marriage. We’ve got to be honest with each other. We’ve got to start putting each other first. We’ve got to drown out all the noise from all the people that are gonna want to interfere. Like — mother. Like — yes, exactly, like your mother. I mean, not that we’re gonna have to worry about her because she’s on the lam, but — tracy. How much have you been able to keep up with the news over the holidays? Well… not as much as usual. You know, it’s been so busy, but enough, I think. Mm. Did you hear about the cable-car crash in austria? Yes, I remember seeing something about it, and it’s — it’s so sad, so soon after the holidays. There were a few casualties, weren’t there? Yes, and it took the authorities… a few days to identify the victims — laura, no, no, no, no. Stop it, okay? I don’t want to hear it. I’m so sorry, bobbie. I’m sorry to have to tell you this. N– luke? This is your sister, barbara jean. You drop everything and you call me right now. Do you hear me? You call me right now. Bobbie… he’s not gonna call.

[ Cries ] S-stop.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m so sorry. I don’t want to believe it, either… but I’m afraid it’s true. Luke is gone. No, he’s not.

[ Sobbing ] No, he’s not. Come on. He can’t be gone. I know, honey. He can’t be gone.

[ Sobbing ]

triggered you? Was it being around all that unbearable holiday cheer? I’m sure that didn’t help, but, you know, when you’re an alcoholic, you don’t really need a reason, right? I admit that I have been feeling directionless, and it has gotten worse, not better, since my release. I’m sorry to hear that. Let me know if there’s anything I can do. Yeah, it’s okay. I’m working on it. And the person that gave me that pep talk last night reminded me that my answers are not at the bottom of a bottle. A little help from a friend. Yeah, I guess so. I got to go. If you want to keep me sober, please keep me out of bobbie’s cross hairs. Oh, I’m not making any promises. Okay. Least I tried. How’s my mother? Uh, she’s with bobbie now. Of course, she’s worried about everyone else. She did speak to lucky, but then there’s the matter of ethan. He’ll be the hardest to locate. I may know of a way to reach ethan. Thank you. That would be helpful. My condolences to you and your family, dr. Collins. As you know, your wife and I go way back, as, uh — as do i with luke. Do you mean when they stopped your brother from blackmailing world governments and you were aiding and abetting him? My brother’s long buried, dr. Collins, as luke spencer soon will be. It’s a-a senseless accident. You know, luke was so much larger than life. It’s — it’s a shame he had to go out in such a trivial way. Why didn’t you call me when it happened? I would have come over to amsterdam to be with you. Because telling you or anyone would make it real. I was riding over in the cab, and I just… kept thinking everything looks so normal. People walking around like nothing’s changed, and for them, nothing has changed. But for us… people who know —

knew… knew luke… …the world’s empty. So to answer your question, I just… wanted to get back home. Don’t you think it’s a little ear– brook lynn. The thing is… you all know how… luke and I used to battle, but, um… …when we got together in amsterdam a few years ago, I… I was so sure this was it. We were gonna be together till the end. Joke’s on me. Didn’t know how soon the end would come. Bobbie: I should have known something was wrong ’cause he always calls me this time of year… even if it’s a few days late. “S-s-still counts, barbara jean, if it’s before three kings day.” That’s what he would say to me. He loved you so much… and I know how much the two of you meant to each other. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] We didn’t always show it.

[ Both chuckle ] None of this makes… any sense. I know.

[ Sighs ] He cheated death so many times. For him to go out in a random accident is just — oh, no, no. This was no accident. Someone did this on purpose. Someone killed luke.

I wasn’t sure I was ready to move on. This all happened quicker than expected, but… yeah. I love you. Curtis… and — and I-I don’t expect you to say it back until you’re ready, but…I just wanted you to know how I — curtis… I’m falling in love with you, too.

[ Chuckles ] Can we — can we please just — just do one thing? Can we make a deal? Since we can’t go back and change the past… let’s leave all that back there where it belongs. The only thing I want to do is focus on you… and focus on a new life… with you. So do I. A new year… a new start. Special delivery. Figured you deserved a personal copy. It’s a first edition. Should I frame it? Well, not before reading it, I hope.

[ Chuckles ] You certainly executed your new vision. Yeah, I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted to set the tone. But from here on out, I’ll need to focus on the day-to-day business side of things. I need to, uh — what I really need is… someone to work under me, you know, second in command to guide the overall editorial vision of the paper. Sounds like a plan. Got anybody in mind? I’m looking at her. Hello, drew. I’m guessing you’re here for the same reason I am. You see peter? Uh, there’s a pentonville guard on the door. They’re not allowing any visitors — probably just as well. Can’t say I agree. He’s responsible for the death of your brother, and he held you captive for how many years. What good’s it gonna do you to see him? I have questions that only peter can answer. Well, I say this delicately, but he’S… treacherous on the best of days, and now he’s desperate. You’d be giving him an invitation. I mean, if there’s a chance he’s gonna activate your conditioning, I say stay away. We’ll all be safer. Wait, why did you want to see him? Well, I didn’t get in, so it doesn’t really matter. Good to see you. Yeah, you, too. Hey, one more thing. Yeah? I’ve had a lot to process since I’ve been back home. Elq has been far down the list. Well, don’t let the quartermaines hear you say that. You’re gonna get disowned. They’re very passionate about that company, and ned has been dropping hints that I could figure into a power play, although… I’m not perfectly clear on the details. It’s pretty simple. I control your voting stock. Whatever you need, we are all here for you. Yeah, we can help with whatever arrangements. Oh, no, no, I don’t want everybody… to drop their plans to attend a funeral. Oh, but I’ll bet luke would be disappointed if there wasn’t a wake or something, where his friends could all get together and knock a few back in his honor. I suppose that’s more like it. Um…there’s a lot of people that need to know. Alright, well, let’s — we can handle that, okay? I’ll — I’ll call dillon. I’m sure he’ll want to know. And I’ll get ahold of — of skye. Um, liv, you should contact robert and let him know. Yeah? Yeah.

[ Bailey cries ] Oh, pumpkin. You just ate. You can’t still be hungry. Okay. Just you and me. Why are you still pretending that baby’s yours? Not many people would characterize an accident with multiple fatalities as trivial. Oh, bad choice of words. My apologies. It’s a tragedy, of course. I-I just meant that luke cheated death so many times and in such spectacular fashion, one would have expected when he went out, when it was his time, he’D…go out in a blaze of glory. Hey, nikolas, why don’t you try reaching out to ethan, uh, now so kevin can speak with him, okay? Sure. Let’s find a quiet spot. Uncle. Be seeing you soon. Yes. Bye.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Bobbie: Luke had so many enemies out there. Somebody sabotaged that cable car. Somebody was targeting luke, and those other poor souls paid the price.

[ Sniffles ] We have to find out who was after him. Bobbie, no, look. I know it would be easier if we had someone to blame, and you want to try to make sense of this. But you can’t, honey. You can’T. It — it was an accident. It was a senseless accident. No. Come on now. No. The hit on mayor laura collins can be dropped now that luke’s been neutralized. I think it’s time to proceed to phase two.

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