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Recap written by Brenda

Paris and Carter discuss the kiss they shared last night. She minimizes it by saying it was just a New Year’s Eve kiss. He wants to clarify that he didn’t intend for that to happen and he doesn’t want to complicate things with Paris and Zende.

Sheila recalls switching the label on Brooke’s champagne bottle. Brooke wakes up horrified to find Deacon next to her. He points out that he is on top of her bed, not in it, and he insists that nothing happened. She realizes that her head is pounding because she drank real alcohol last night. She remembers kissing Deacon. She tells him that even if nothing else happened between them, he can’t come there anymore because he will be a reminder. Deacon tastes the non-alcoholic champagne at the café. Sheila conspicuously runs into Deacon and suspiciously interrogates him about Brooke. Deacon tells her that nothing happened and leaves. Sheila concludes to herself that Deacon was testing non-alcoholic champagne because her plan for Brooke to drink worked. Meanwhile, Brooke tries to act normal around Ridge while she desperately tries to remember what she did last night.

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