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Recap written by Christine

Sally entered Adam’s office at Newman Media to talk about the video she sent him of Billy at the dive bar. He appreciated the video, and he said she was the best. She was curious what he was going to do with the videos. He hadn’t made a decision yet. She admitted she was kind of ambivalent about the whole thing. She said that watching Billy drink and gamble, knowing he was an addict, wasn’t taking the high road. Adam made it clear that he didn’t take in pleasure in Billy’s relapse. Adam said he didn’t want or cause this, despite what Billy claimed. Adam said Billy wasn’t on the street – he was a trust fund baby with a lot of opportunities. Adam said Billy threatened him openly, so Adam wanted to be prepared. Sally asked if Adam wanted the videos for protection in case Billy came after him.

Adam said the evidence of Billy drinking and gambling was nothing new, because he’d done this many times in the course of his life. Sally thought that was sad, and Adam agreed. He understood why she was on the fence about exposing Billy’s behavior after seeing it up close. He didn’t think a preemptive strike against Billy was warranted. Sally was relieved because she wasn’t looking forward to a big war that could mess up the plans they had for Newman Fashion. He told her she had nothing to worry about. He thought 2022 would be a breakout year. She asked if he had plans for New Year’s Eve. He didn’t, and neither did she. She suggested they do “nothing” together as friends and colleagues. He said that was an original idea. “Just like me,” she said. She left with a smile on her face.

Sally and Chloe met at Crimson Lights. Chloe said Chelsea’s triumphant return had the fashion world buzzing because people loved a good redemption story. Newman Fashion was getting a ton of interview requests from the major trade publications, and they all wanted an exclusive. Chloe said it occurred to her and Chelsea that since they were starting a video platform, they shouldn’t give away their biggest story. Chloe noticed that Sally wasn’t really listening. Chloe asked if Sally was feeling threatened with Chelsea being her boss, because that was all in writing. Sally didn’t feel threatened. Chloe guessed Sally was being this way because she didn’t have New Year’s Eve plans. Chloe invited Sally to come spend the evening with her, Kevin, Michael and Lauren. Chloe said Sally could make nice with Lauren after the wedding dress fiasco. Sally said she did have plans for that night. Chloe tried to politely figure out Sally’s plans, and when that didn’t work, she demanded to know who Sally was spending New Year’s Eve with. Sally said that it she had a boring evening to look forward to.

At the condo, Billy and Victoria debated the price of her silence. She knew that Billy was setting a trap for Adam. Billy thought that Adam’s downfall should be enough for Victoria. Victoria wasn’t sure Adam would actually believe Billy was spiraling out of control, but Billy was confident in his plan. He thought Adam would publish a story about his drinking and gambling, and then Billy would threaten to sue. Lily didn’t think Victoria would be here making demands if she didn’t think Billy could pull this off. “I won’t tip off Adam or my father if, and only if, you go through with this lawsuit,” Victoria said. She wanted Billy to demand a crushing amount of money. Billy said it wasn’t about the money, and there was no guarantee Newman Media would have to pay out a dime. Victoria said the hit to Newman Media’s reputation would be devastating, and that would be enough. All Billy wanted was for Adam to admit he set Billy up. Victoria said that would mean a public acknowledgment that the story Billy published about Ashland’s criminal activities was true. Billy pointed out that it was true. Victoria didn’t want her husband taking a hit for something he did in the distant past. He assumed she wanted to use his lawsuit to scoop up Newman Media, the company her father snaked out from under her. She said she was simply giving him the terms of her silence.

Billy thought there was a way for both of them to benefit. He said, if or when Victoria got Newman Media back, she should let him run it. She scoffed and said he failed at ChancComm, so why would she give him a chance at Newman Media? He said he didn’t fail, and he rehashed all the details about falling into the trap set for him and the hacking incident that released the article etc. He wanted to salvage his reputation. “Don’t take that away from me. You owe me this much,” he stated. Victoria admitted that Billy made a compelling case, but she wasn’t expecting him to make a counter proposal. They debated the proposal. He felt like she wanted to get ChancComm and Newman Media and leave him out in the cold. She noted that she never turned down his offer, but he countered that she didn’t say yes either. She said a good leader should show good judgment, and he’d given her plenty of reason to doubt him. He thought this was a classic Victor move. He wondered if Victoria was trying to get Newman Media because Ashland wished he’d sold Cyaxares to her. Victoria said not to worry about her motivation – one word from her, and Billy’s plan was finished. Billy asked if Victoria was enjoying his downfall and watching Victor and Adam gloat. She said her personal feelings were beside the point. He thought that was convenient. He stated that this was his life and his reputation, and he asked if she wanted their kids to find out about this, because they would at some point. He said that it’d be good business for him to run Newman Media, and he could continue the good work he did at ChancComm for both of Victoria’s companies. Lily thought Billy was losing sight of what this plan was supposed to be about. Billy turned back to Victoria and said that, after everything Victor and Adam did to him, he deserved this. Victoria said she’d take it under consideration, and she left.

Victoria went to her office and told Ashland that Billy had been faking the whole time. Ashland wasn’t surprised, because this was exactly the kind of stunt Billy would try to pull, though there was a certain warped elegance to the whole thing. Victoria said she was thinking of staying quiet, letting it all play out and letting Adam and Newman Media fall into the trap. Ashland noted that this could be damaging, since the article about him was true. Victoria thought she may have found a way around it. She told him about her plan to use Billy’s lawsuit to soften up Newman Media for a takeover by Newman/Locke. He asked if it was wise to go up against her father. Victoria said it wouldn’t be the first time. She thought that once the shock wore off, Victor would admire her for it. Ashland asked why Billy would want to hand Newman Media over to them. She said Billy wanted her to put him in charge. Ashland hoped Victoria wasn’t considering that. Ashland said that Billy had tried to hurt them, and he hated Ashland. Victoria said no one knew Billy better than her, and she promised he wouldn’t be a problem. “So keep your enemies close and take everything,” Ashland stated, and Victoria said exactly. Ashland loved the way Victoria’s mind worked. Ashland had good news too.

Victoria and Ashland went to the main house to make an announcement to her parents. The experimental treatment seemed to have stopped the cancer in its tracks. Nikki and Victor were happy to hear that. Ashland said it was only one test, but Victoria stated that things were trending in the right direction. Victor said that meant Ashland had to stop kicking back at Newman/Locke. Ashland said they could put the power into power couple, and he kissed Victoria on the top of her head. Victoria said it would be an answer to her prayers. Adam showed up to talk about Newman Media, but Victor said they were celebrating. He and Nikki went to get champagne. Victoria told Adam the news, and he said he was delighted for Ashland and Victoria. Victoria shifted gears and said it was disconcerting to see Billy day drinking. She was glad the kids would be off to boarding school so they wouldn’t have to watch their father implode. Adam said it was all too predictable. Victoria said she hoped Adam didn’t plan to exploit this, though she figured Adam thought Billy had it coming after the article he published on Adam. Adam said that Billy wasn’t doing anything they hadn’t seen before, so there wasn’t much to exploit.

Lily was put out because Billy added a whole new dimension to his plan without even discussing it with her. Billy said that Victoria knew he was lying and she held the cards. He was trying to make it work for everyone. Lily disagreed and said Billy was at Victoria’s mercy. She asked if he really thought Victoria would let him run Newman Media after he tried to stop her wedding and after what he tried to do to her husband. “Do you really think that you can trust her with anything?,” Lily asked. Billy said that he was just trying to salvage things now that Victoria knew the truth. He thought his new plan could be a win-win. Lily thought Billy was being hopelessly naive. She couldn’t believe how easily he was giving into Victoria’s plan. He said he was trying to be realistic after losing his leverage. He thought it would be satisfying to run a company with Newman in the name, and it’d drive Victor and Adam crazy. Lily disapprovingly asked if the goal was about revenge now. Billy said no – he was trying to roll with the punches. She pointed out that he’d be working with his ex and her husband, who had a grudge against him. Billy said they’d all been able to raise the children together, so he thought they could do this too.

Billy said Victoria was talking tough earlier, but he thought she respected his business acumen. “Oh my God, Billy. She’s using you. She’s using you and you’re letting her do it,” Lily exclaimed. Lily said it didn’t even matter because Billy’s cover was blown with someone who couldn’t be trusted. “You are all pawns to [Victoria]. Her father, her brother, her husband. You. You’re all pawns in her game to out-Victor Victor,” Lily contended. Lily said in order for this plan to work, Billy now had to trick Adam into doing something that would allow him to be sued, and Adam was no fool. Lily thought it was clear that Adam had no interest in Billy’s return-to-the-gutter act. Billy asked if he and Lily could table this for now and enjoy New Year’s Eve. Victoria called from the ranch and told Billy that Adam wasn’t taking the bait. “You’re gonna have to up your game,” Victoria said.

Rey was waiting for takeout at Society when Chelsea returned for the gloves she left behind. She thanked him for the gift he sent Connor, a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. She said Connor thought Rey walked on water. As leery as she was about Connor living at the ranch where Victor had so much access, it comforted her that Rey lived close by. Rey saw Noah and Connor playing hockey on the pond the other day, and Rey was impressed with Connor’s skills. He asked Chelsea how she was. She was happy because her son was. Rey noted that he asked about Chelsea, and he assured her she could be honest with him. She felt that he was one of the few people she could tell the unvarnished truth to, which was saying a lot given their history. He saw her climb out of that dark place and get her life back together. She said she didn’t feel settled back into her life. She was living in the penthouse with all those memories, and she was working at Adam’s company. The situation was loaded with landmines, but it was worth it for Connor. Rey assumed Connor wanted his parents together. Chelsea said they made it clear it wasn’t’ happening. Rey hoped that was true. He wanted her to be able to see how much better she was without Adam.

Chelsea said Adam was a good dad, and that was all she could ask for. He wasn’t always the best role model in the past, but he was making changes. Rey said Adam wanted people to think he was changing. Chelsea was sure Adam loved his son. Chelsea said Rey wasn’t like Adam – he wasn’t constantly a good role model. Rey thought he would’ve been a good dad, but he didn’t think that was in the cards for him and Sharon. He did love being a stepdad though. Chelsea said Faith had the best dad in the world, but she was lucky to have Rey in her life too. Rey got his order, and he wished Chelsea a happy new year.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa asked when they could move into the apartment upstairs. Sharon had a process she conducted between tenants, like painting and shampooing the rugs, and she wanted to do it this time to, so things would be perfect for Tessa and Mariah. Tessa and Mariah were excited about moving in. Mariah revealed that she and Tessa were were going to start the adoption process soon. Mariah said that Tessa would be touring a lot, and Mariah shouldn’t get pregnant for at least a year, so adoption made the most logical sense. A subdued Sharon said she was happy to hear that. Mariah said she and Tessa made this decision together, and they didn’t make it lightly. Tessa never thought this would be possible for her until Mariah. Tessa said this was an expression of their love and commitment to each other. Mariah said they wouldn’t go through with this until they were genuinely sure.

Sharon said she was happy about this, but she warned that the adoption process was long and difficult. They were aware, and that was why they were starting the process now. Mariah added that they would likely face more challenges as a same sex couple, but they were up for the obstacles. Noah showed up and said he had the final artwork for Tessa’s album cover. Tessa said they were in the middle of something, but Mariah said it was fine, so Tessa and Noah headed to the patio. Mariah wanted to know how Sharon really felt, because she seemed worried. Sharon truly was behind Mariah’s decision. She thought that it was such a beautiful, hopeful thing to want to raise a child, but the adoption process was daunting. Sometimes things didn’t work out, which concerned Sharon, because Mariah had already experienced so much heartache. Mariah knew Sharon just wanted to protect her. Sharon said it was part of being a parent. Mariah knew things were complicated, but that was life. Mariah was always been ready to take on the obstacles, and she was lucky to have a supportive partner who was just as scrappy as her. Sharon said Mariah and Tessa would need to lean on each other through all the waiting and disappointments until they got to the other side.

Out on the patio, Tessa saw the album cover. It was a black and white photo of her face superimposed on a cityscape. The album name was City Diaries. Tessa noted that Noah had achieved everything he’d envisioned when they talked about the cover. “Look what I had to work with,” a complimentary Noah replied. He thought she was passionate, fearless and she was willing to be vulnerable. It was one of the many reasons he adored her. Tessa was caught off guard, and Noah quickly stated that he adored her as a fan and friend. Mariah came out to see the album cover. Mariah thought it was truly incredible, but she said he had an ideal subject. He agreed. Mariah asked what Tessa thought. Tessa said she was blown away. Mariah thought Noah would appreciate Tessa’s unfiltered feedback. Noah said he didn’t want to put Tessa on the spot. He told her to spend a couple of days thinking about it, and he said there was still time to change things. Noah went inside. Mariah could tell something was bothering Tessa. Tessa loved the album artwork, but she felt kind of weird walking away from that conversation with Sharon. “Do you think that she’s not as excited about our decision to adopt a baby?,” Tessa asked. Mariah brought Tessa up to speed on Sharon’s position. Tessa said they’d overcome so much, and they could do this – they could make a family.

Sharon asked Noah how Tessa and Mariah liked the cover. Noah had a meeting, so he didn’t have time to discuss it. He left as Rey came in. Sharon told Rey there was a lot going on with the kids today. He asked if she wanted to talk about it or if she wanted a distraction. She chose option two, so he said he’d have an employee take over at the coffeehouse and take her home.

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