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Recap written by Christine

Billy was at Society. He saw Victoria coming in, so he ordered another apple juice in a scotch glass and pretended to be drunk. The kids were on a playdate, and she was glad they weren’t with her, so they didn’t see him drinking in the middle of the afternoon. He defended his actions. She asked if Lily knew where he was, and he said it didn’t concern Victoria. She wished she didn’t know what it was like to be in Lily’s shoes. Billy told Victoria not to pretend that this wasn’t what she wanted. She disagreed. She asked if he thought she liked sending the kids to boarding school. He argued that she could’ve stopped Victor and Adam. Victoria wanted Billy to stop blaming people for his problems. She said her dad and Adam didn’t force him to order that drink. She tried to take his drink away, and in the tussle over it, it spilled on her hand, and she smelled that it was apple juice. Victoria wanted an explanation for why a grown man was at a bar drinking apple juice. Billy asked if Victoria would believe he acquired a taste for it after buying it for the kids. She didn’t. She knew he ordered it because it looked like scotch. She asked if he was trying to make her feel guilty, because it was passive aggressive and ineffective. He stated that it was nearly impossible to make a Newman feel guilty. He thought that the empathy gene must’ve skipped a few generations in her family. She asked if he was trying to punish her, and he paid for his drink and left.

Lily ran into Nate at Crimson Lights. She was glad Nate and Devon seemed to be getting along well at Christmas. Nate said he told Devon to talk to Abby and Chance about his attachment to the baby, and maybe revisit the original arrangement. Nate didn’t think Devon would take his advice, and Lily said she thought it’d be better if he didn’t. Lily had been on the other side of this situation, because Mac carried Lily’s twins, so Lily knew how sensitive this could be. Nate wondered if he should’ve told Devon to talk to Lily. Lily said that new parents were feeling joy and relief, but there was also a lot of doubt. She was concerned that if Devon said something to Abby and Chance, they might infer that Devon thought he could do a better job. Nate said Abby left Dom with Devon instead of her parents or siblings, and that told him that he was the one most equipped to take care of the baby. Lily said Abby was going through a crisis at the time, and she probably didn’t think things through. Lily was sure that Devon, Abby and Chance would figure things out.

When Billy got home, Lily was ending a call with her kids. They were in Hawaii with their father. Billy told Lily what happened at Society. He was worried that the plan to trick Adam was going to fall apart. He didn’t think Lily would mind that happening. Lily didn’t love his plan, but she knew how important it was for him to redeem himself publicly. She said he might have to find another way. He said maybe they could convince Victoria to keep her mouth shut.

Lily and Billy went to Victoria’s office. Lily revealed that she knew Billy wasn’t falling apart. Victoria realized this meant Lily wasn’t sincere when she came to Victoria to ask what the signs of Billy’s relapse were. Victoria stated that Lily had just been playing on her emotions. Lily was sorry. Billy explained his goal of getting Adam to publish an article about his supposed downward spiral. Then Billy would prove he wasn’t drinking or gambling and threaten to sue Newman Media unless they publicly acknowledged the pain they caused ChancComm and his reputation. Victoria said that only Billy would come up with a plan this stupid. She thought he should just rebuild his reputation by getting another job. Billy said that Victoria wouldn’t take this if it happened to her. Victoria said she would’ve caught Adam and Victor before they had a chance to do anything. Lily said she had the same concerns as Victoria did, but she thought there was a poetic justice to the plan. She asked if Victoria really wanted Adam to come out on top and continue to get away with the things he did. Victoria thought her feelings about Adam were irrelevant. Lily countered that Victoria attempted to intervene when Adam tried to scoop up ChancComm. Victoria said she making a play for ChancComm was a financially sound decision; she wasn’t trying to rescue Billy. She didn’t have that compulsion anymore. Billy said he didn’t need rescuing, he just wanted her to stay out of this, and wash her hands of him like she’d said she wanted to. She asked if he wanted her to stay quiet while he set a trap for her father. He said he was trying to prove to Victor that Adam had no place running Newman Media. He vowed to take Adam down, and he knew, deep down, that she wanted that too. He told her to stay out of it. She resented being put in the middle of this mess. She said none of this would be happening if he’d listened to her and left Ashland alone. He acknowledged he made mistakes, but he said he also got screwed over. Lily said they were going to go and give Victoria time to think this over. She told them not to hold their breath.

Lily and Billy went home. He was on edge waiting to hear from Victoria. Lily agreed with Victoria that there were other ways for Billy to redeem himself. She offered him a job as consultant at Chancellor. She was going to consult with him anyway, so she figured he’d might as well take the title and salary and build his reputation that way. Victoria arrived. She thought that this plan was flawed and outrageous, but she was willing to keep quiet, for a price. “If I go along with this, there has to be something in it for me,” Victoria stated.

At the Chancellor house, Abby exclaimed that her three favorite guys were in one room. She and Chance watched Devon feed a now calm Dominic. Chance called Devon a baby whisperer. Devon had something to say. Abby put the baby down for a nap, then they all sat down to talk. Devon said being Dominic’s godfather and watching him while Abby and Chance were out of town had been an incredible experience. Chance said that they were grateful they had Devon to rely on. Devon appreciated that they wanted Dominic to know who he was and wanted him to feel welcome. Abby said that Devon was family, and the bond he shared with her and Chance’s son was special and important. Devon agreed, and that was why he was hoping to amend the agreement. Abby and Chance looked stunned.

Chance didn’t understand why Devon was saying this, after he’d just said how well things were going. Devon said he never imagined that he’d be part of Dominic’s delivery and birth and be the first person to hold him. He also never expected Abby to leave the baby with him. He was happy she did, and he felt like that time really cemented his bond with Dominic. When he entered this arrangement, he thought he’d be the family friend, who visited for birthdays and holidays, but after everything that happened, he wanted more, and he hoped that they could all agree that would be good for Dominic. He was wondering if they’d consider amending the agreement to reflect how he was feeling. He wanted to spend time with Dominic. Abby said that Devon was welcome to visit any time. Devon wanted some scheduled one on one time with Dominic, and he was thinking Dominic could have his own room at Devon’s place. Abby thought it sounded like Devon was asking for shared custody. Devon wouldn’t use those words, but practically speaking, that was what he wanted.

Abby was confused and asked if they did something to make Devon feel left out, because she couldn’t think of a single instance of that happening. Devon said it wasn’t about anything they did, it was only about him wanting to spend more time with Dominic. Devon didn’t have a father figure until he met Neil, and he didn’t know his biological father until much later. He thought this last year had taught them that life was unpredictable, and he just wanted Dominic to know he could count on Devon. Devon didn’t want Dominic to see him as a father – he didn’t want to take that role from Chance. He just wanted to be someone who loved and supported Dominic. Abby thought that was already happening – as little as Dominic was, she could see that he loved and trusted Devon. Devon agreed, and that is why he felt confident enough to ask for something in writing. Abby said “wow” and walked off. Chance understood where Devon was coming from, and he said he and Abby would talk about this, then they’d get back to him. Devon left.

Abby didn’t understand this. “I do. It’s because of me,” Chance replied. Abby didn’t think Chance should blame himself, since Devon said this wasn’t about anything they did. Chance pointed out that Devon’s bond strengthened with Dominic because he delivered him and because he watched him while Abby was gone. All those things happened because Chance went on that mission. Abby refused to let Chance beat himself up over this. She felt if anyone was to blame, it was her, for leaving Dominic with Devon instead of one of his grandmothers. Chance thought Devon said the future was unpredictable because he didn’t trust Chance to come through for Abby and Dom. Abby thought that was a big leap, and she asked why he thought that. Chance admitted he said some things to Devon the other night that he probably shouldn’t have.

Devon already told Abby about the conversation he and Chance had at Society. he’d said Chance was having a hard time adjusting to life back at home. Abby asked if there was more to it than that. Chance thought he should’ve kept his feelings to himself, or at least not opened up to the biological father of their son. Chance said he’d hinted to Devon that he was a bit overwhelmed with life at home and with being a father. Chance was glad to be a father, but this was so much harder than he thought it’d be. He said that Devon seemed to instinctively understand the baby, he was able to calm the baby down, and he was doing things Chance might not be able to do. Abby didn’t realize how much Chance was struggling, but she thought his feelings with natural and that his bond with the baby would grow over time. Chance knew, but he thought that telling Devon that made him feel like he needed to take action. Abby thought they needed to take Devon at his word when he said this had nothing to do with Chance or Abby. She likened this to Mariah growing more attached to Dominic than anyone expected. Abby said it took time, but Mariah realized she needed to step back and get a new perspective. She thought they needed to be patient with Devon.

Abby was a little worried that Chance didn’t come to her earlier with his feelings. She understood it was probably a little frustrating that his connection didn’t click right away, but it would grow over time. She said they’d have to think of different approaches. He said she was amazing. She said she was in love. She promised he could talk to her about anything, and it wouldn’t scare or disappoint her. She was tough. He was sorry she had to be. She said to stop, because she was the luckiest woman in the world to be his wife, and she was happy he was home. They hugged.

Nick ran into Phyllis at the hotel after his meeting. She enjoyed the video chat with Summer and the game. He thought it was clear Harrison liked her Christmas gift the best. She said it wasn’t a contest, but if it was, she won. He mentioned that he was wearing the Christmas gift from her. She knew, she could smell his essence. She told him not to expect a birthday gift, since she didn’t think that far in advance. He revealed that he’d given himself the best gift ever because he was going to go visit Summer. She was happy for him, but she looked a bit sad because she also wanted to see Summer.

Nick’s sudden urge to go to Italy was a gift and a New Year’s resolution. He was trying to be more spontaneous. Phyllis thought that having a New Year’s Eve birthday forced people to examine his their choices. She admired that he was doing that. She told him to have fun and let her know if he needed anything from Genoa City. He appreciated it, but he wasn’t her problem anymore. She acknowledged that was true, and she wished him a happy New Year. He left. Lauren came out of the restaurant, where she’d had a meeting. Phyllis was glad Lauren wasn’t another one of her exes. Lauren asked which one – Nick or Jack. Phyllis said both, but she just saw Nick. Phyllis was jealous Nick was going to visit Summer. She couldn’t go because it’d look like she was stalking Nick, and she couldn’t leave the hotel over the holiday season. Lauren got a text from Jack saying he was in NY for a meeting, so he canceled his meeting with Lauren for tomorrow. Phyllis wondered why Jack would leave town in the holiday season, and she thought maybe he did it to get away from her.

Phyllis said she had to turn down Jack’s offer to spend Christmas Eve with his family. She said his sisters hated her. Lauren was sure Jack felt rejected. Lauren wasn’t buying Phyllis’s story, because the Phyllis Lauren knew would revel in the chance to make Ashley and Traci uncomfortable. Lauren thought this was about Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis said she and Jack were in a weird delicate place, and she didn’t want to screw things up by pushing out of friendship and into something else. Lauren thought it sounded like Phyllis’s fear already damaged the relationship. Phyllis didn’t know what to do. Lauren said it depended on how long Jack would be in NY – maybe Phyllis could make it up to him on New Year’s Eve. Lauren said the worst case scenario would be that Phyllis had a pleasant evening with a good friend. Phyllis was sure it could get much worse than that. Lauren asked if Phyllis would want a New Year’s kiss from Jack. Phyllis said maybe. Lauren asked if the theoretical kiss would be on the cheek or lips. Phyllis didn’t know. It was so complicated. Lauren texted Jack to see how long he’d be in NY, and he said a few weeks. Phyllis decided that meant that this idea wasn’t meant to be. She thought it was for the best because she, Jack and the holidays were a bad mix.

Nick went to Crimson Lights and helped Sharon with all her gift bags that she was carrying in. He asked her to watch Christian while he was in Milan, and she quickly agreed. She’d noticed he seemed pensive and reflective on Christmas Eve. Faith told Sharon something about a dream Nick had. Nick said it wasn’t a big deal, and he barely remembered it. Nick admitted that some of the things he’d been struggling with may have bubbled to the surface in his dream, but he didn’t want to talk about it. Sharon said she was always there for Nick if he wanted to talk. He knew.

Devon and Nate talked on the Crimson Lights patio. Devon brought Nate up to speed on how things went at the Chancellor house. Chance had said he understood where Devon was coming from. Nate thought that was a good sign. Devon hoped they’d see it would be good for the baby to spend more time with his godfather. Nate had to go back to helping Elena pack, and he urged Devon to come with him and say hi.

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