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Making the snow fall. Yeah, that was a very thoughtful gift from your uncle chase. Where’s anna? I want to show her. She’ll be here. You know, anna’s almost never late. She was late for your wedding, daddy. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Hi! Oh!

[ Smooches ] Sorry. I hope I’m not late, am I?

[ Both laugh ] Drew. I heard you were back. I mean, I heard you were alive. Alive and well, and so happy to see you, old friend. Come here.

Oh, what fun it is to ride

and sing

a sleighing song tonight look at this little tree, bailey. I know, it’s smaller than the rest of the ones in the house, but there’s just something charming about it. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it’s one that drew decorated with his daughter. This time next year, you’ll be celebrating christmas with maxie. I’ll be fine. Just fine.

[ Knock on door ] Mind if we come in? Who’s “we”? Charlotte has a gift for bailey. Beautiful scarf. But knowing your fantastic taste in art, I’m not surprised. A martini — vodka martini, please, dirty, filthy. Uh, make that two. Oh, my goodness, you kids look like you’re ready to meet santa claus. Okay, well, he’s gonna be here very, very, very soon. Sit tight, okay? Hey, I’m all for costumes. You should’ve seen my wardrobe when I played hamlet. But I’m feeling more preppy than santa’s helper right now. If you need to get into the holiday spirit, just be grateful that you’re missing out at your shift in kelly’s to volunteer. Well, I might find something else to motivate me. You like my outfit? Yeah, I think I know what I want for christmas. That depends if you’re nice… or naughty. Okay, everybody. You look fantastic. Places, please. Santa’s about to appear. Go, go, go, go.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Okay, everybody, guess what? Guess what time it is? May I introduce, direct from the north pole, the one and only santa claus!

[ Applause ] Ho, ho, ho! Merry christmas!

No, no, you’re, uh — you’re right on time. Isn’t she, violet? Yes, right on time. Okay, fine.

[ Laughs ] Look what happens when you shake it. Oh! Oh, I know. That is so magical, isn’t it? Your daddy is so good at finding things like this. Daddy didn’t give me this. Uncle chase did. Yeah, uncle chase is a good guy. What I did do is book you the special holiday tea for two because I know you both love high tea so much. So, sweetheart, I’m gonna leave you with anna, but I’ll be back in plenty of time to take you to the tree lighting at rice plaza, okay? Why don’t you stay? It will be more fun with the three of us. Please? Laura. Wow, that was certainly a splashy entrance. Uh, and welcome back, by the way. But, hey, uh, listen, santa here does have a job to do. I think the kids will be fine for another five minutes. So [Clears throat] I am thrilled to see you. But why didn’t you let me know you were coming home? Uh, well, I’ll explain it all later. Eileen, thank you for minding the store while I was out of town. Oh, it’s a gift to the people of port charles to have you back, mayor collins. How is jake doing? I’ve been thinking a lot about him, obviously, because of jason. He’s got to be having such a tough time. Jason’s death hit him really hard. And even though he wasn’t a hands-on, day-to-day dad, he was still a presence in his life. Jake always knew he was there, and now he’s not. Look, I wouldn’t blame jake, or you, for that matter, for resenting me because jason died trying to save my life. Jason was the kind of man who always ran toward danger, not away from it. He died a hero, and even if jake can’t appreciate that right now, one day, he’ll be able to see the amazing legacy his dad left him. You know, it’s just really bad timing — almost a year to the day when the boys lost their stepdad. That is a lot of loss. The kind that makes kids grow up fast — probably too fast. Yeah, it’s been rough. What about you? Not only did you lose jason, you and franco were really close when you were little boys. It’s a lot to wrap my head around. I mean, I’m so incredibly grateful to be home with my daughter, but to lose jason and franco… …it’s a lot. Relax, it’s just a friendly visit. Charlotte and i have discussed, and she knows that bailey was never my daughter. Bailey’s not my sister, but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving her. Funny thing is, when papa first told me I was gonna be a big sister, I wasn’t excited. I didn’t like the idea of having to share my father. But then bailey was born, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

[ Chuckles ] I know the feeling. I mean, look at her. She’s just lightened up at the sound of your voice, charlotte. Yours, too, valentin. I bought this for bailey when I thought she was my sister, but I still want her to have it. Trina: I’m sorry, mr. Cassadine, I don’t have time to talk. I need to get back to campus. Trina, wait, please. Just five minutes. That’s all I’m asking. What do you want? Ava values your judgment. I have a choice to make, and I’m not sure which is the right one for ava’s christmas present. I don’t know how to choose. The emerald… …or the rubies. Which one says ava? You know what? I’ve changed my mind. Forget the drink. Not on my account? Oh, no, I do wish you wouldn’T. After all, it is the festive season, and we are family. Shouldn’t we be getting to know each other a little better? Did you follow me here? I did. I cannot lie. I was gonna drop by wyndemere and, uh, leave these gifts under the tree, but since my last reception there, I thought, um, well, maybe I could just leave them with you. What is that? Some kind of trojan horse?

[ Scoffs ] I wouldn’t know.

Ya russkiy. You have no idea how much I miss my family, and I want to hear everything about your freshman year at pcu. You will. And you, young man… I know. I know I’m a disappointment. No, not at all. Kevin told me that you made some mistakes. Right, kevin? And, uh, you were taking responsibility for your actions, and I’m proud of you for that. Welcome home, mayor collins. I’m not sure if you remember me. How could I forget my grandson’s special someone? Excuse me. Hey, you know, I just love family reunions and all, but right now, just a gentle reminder there’s a line of kids waiting to talk to santa. So could we, you know, hurry up a bit? I’m gonna pass out deception samples to the parents to buy time. You guys go entertain them. Could you just, like, juggle, throw things? I don’t care. Just do something. Make them happy. Happy, happy. Thank you. Oh, I hate to disappoint anyone, but santa could use a little one-on-one time with mrs. Claus. Me, too.

[ Chuckles ] So I brought santa’s understudy. Psst! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! And a belly full of jelly and all that — that seasonal jazz.

[ Laughs ] Alright, you two, go, beat it. Santa baby’s got this. Let me at ’em. Thank you, martin. Merry christmas. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Merry christmas, y’all!

Can I go see the gingerbread house? It’s even bigger than last year. Yeah, it sure is. Is it? Okay, you can go have a look, alright? But, hey, don’t touch! Okay.

[ Chuckles ] I’m watching you. Aw, come on. I think she’s — she knows better than to stick her finger in the gingerbread, especially since she has you wrapped around it.

[ Chuckles ] I’m not gonna try denying that. My daughter has a place in my heart I didn’t even know it existed. It’s lovely to see. You’ve made a wonderful home for her. She’S… given me more than I could ever give back to her in return. Aww. Well, that’s what kids do. You know, no one’s ever gonna replace robin for me. But they do grow up and have children of their own and maybe even sometimes their own christmas tree. Are you trying to make me sad thinking about violet as an adult? It’s inevitable, whether you like it or not. Makes me wonder who’s gonna sit around the fire with you on those long winter nights. Or have you already found her? I know if franco were here, he’d say you repaid him 10 times over for his protecting you when you were little boys. All I did was offer my friendship. Yes, but to most people, franco was still an outsider, and you always treated him with respect and kindness. And that was everything. Hmm. I’m just sorry that I got stuck in that prison in crete. I mean, just maybe if I had… escaped earlier, I could have stopped peter from doing his worst. The boys would still have their stepdad, and…jake would still have his father.

Noel but at least you’re back home… and it’s over, thank goodness. That’s my fault for looking backwards. I vowed… coming home, that I would not be a prisoner of the past. Sounds like a very smart idea. So how about you? Is it too soon, or are you ready to turn the page and find someone special? Why don’t you put this gift under the big tree in the foyer? Okay? I’ll make sure bailey gets it christmas morning. Uh, we have another gift, as well. You didn’t have to do that. I didn’T. That’s for monica. That’s from yuri. How sweet. Guess he didn’t realize monica doesn’t drink. Can I give bailey a ride in her stroller? I promise not to go too fast. Sure. I think she’d like that. I’m gonna show her the big tree and teach her how to say “merry christmas” in french.

[ Laughing ] Okay. Thank you for letting charlotte spend some time with bailey. She’s putting on a brave face, but this has not been easy for her, letting go. Yeah, know the feeling. Brook lynn, are you sad? I don’t know why, because this christmas, you have everything you could ask for. Don’t you? Trina: If money’s not an object, don’t break up the set. Nothing says christmas like red and green.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you not only have ava’s taste, you have her nerve. No wonder she likes you so much, and you’re right. She can wear one on christmas and the other on new year’s eve. Thank you. Wait, you said there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for ava, so why can’t you do the same for spencer? I’m so glad you didn’t cancel your drink. I don’t blame you for being skeptical, but, uh, well, the best christmas gift I have is not in the shopping bags. You’re leaving town, are you?

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] You’ll have to wait and see. It’s a surprise. But if it brings peace and goodwill to all men, then, well, perhaps it’s the perfect gift for the whole family. Unless, of course, you think it’s in nikolas’ best interests, and your own, for spencer to remain at odds with his father. Well, that’s between nikolas and spencer. Oh, now, you know better than that, ava. Nikolas is torn between love for his wife and love for his son. I thought you could see past spencer’s transgressions, chalk his, um — his theatrics up to just being part of his cassadine dna. He used my little girl. That’s more than a transgression, as far as I’m concerned. Call it a mistake, call it a bad decision, but that young man has a lot of potential. The real crime — peter let it go to waste. From where I see it, it’s up to his elders to do what’s best for him. Oh. The way you did what’s best for hayden and her mother? Alright, let’s stay good while we’re in line, okay? It’s almost time. We don’t want to be added to the naughty list this late in the year, right? Okay, good. Wow. Seems like your talents are really wasted waiting tables at kelly’S. You have a bright future as a traffic cop. Well, you heard what mayor collins said. Spence does have a bright future ahead of him. Well, if great uncle victor comes through for me, I think you might be right. What do you mean, “come through”? Guys, would you just look at kevin? He is really giving it his all. I think this is the best year ever. Um, well, lucy, you should know that — you know what? I just remembered — treats. We’re almost out of all the christmas goodies. Could you guys dash over to kelly’s, just grab a few in case the kids try to stampede, you know?

[ Cameron stammers ] No, please, just treats, anything. Candy canes would be really nice! Alright, I’ll take care of it. You go back to your daddy now. Thank you. Okay. [ Chuckles ] Why, santa, what’s come over you? Rudolph’s nose isn’t the only thing that glows. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Later, blitzen. I still have my civic duty to do. I have to light up the community christmas tree. I know. But tell me, how is it you were able to come home now after all this time? Well, um… as it turns out, uh, the, uh, safe house… …was not that safe. There was an attempt on our lives.

[ Scoffs ] What? Uh, yeah. The fbi have the woman who attacked us, and they say that it was just a one-off and there’s nobody else out there who’s coming after us. But yesterday… I took a little trip to the midwest, and I… I went to see cyrus in prison, and I confronted him. He swears that he had nothing to do with this. He told me that he’d found god.

[ Chuckles dryly ] Of course he did. He’s lying. He’s not lying? I don’t know. He was really convincing. I just — I can’t be sure.

[ Sighs ] Kevin… cyrus isn’t the only threat out there. There’s another one looming… and it’s right inside our own family. Ho. Ho. Ho. It’s santa.

Violet is so spellboundby the gingerbread house, she’s forgotten all about her dessert. Oh, way to dodge the question. What question? You know, you’re a wonderful doctor. You could be a genius, actually. Mm. But when it comes to your feelings, you’re a little clueless. Mm. I said to you that I was really glad that you and elizabeth didn’t have peter’s death on your conscience, not to mention any of the legal ramifications, but it really is just a lousy way to start a relationship. Hm. Awkward first date. Mm. Elizabeth and I, um, in that sense… don’t have a relationship. Oh. Okay. I’m sorry, I misread the signals. It’s really none of my business. Okay. But in the spirit of full disclosure, that could change, if and when she’s ready. Are you ready? Are we really gonna do this? Is that who we are now, exes that talk about our, uh, current love life? I don’t know if I’m ready for that. No? No. Oh. How about you? Are you…over me? You look over me. So are you seeing someone new? We’re talking about you and elizabeth.

[ Laughs ] Now who’s dodging the questions? Elizabeth: I’ve got my hands full with work, not to mention being a single mom to three willful, brilliant, and slightly impossible boys. So, in other words, there is someone. There might be. Hm.

If I was looking, but I’m not looking. And with christmas and new year’s, there’s just so many reminders of franco. You’re doing it again. Doing what? What we said we wouldn’t do — looking backwards at the past. You said that. I never did.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, your wedding ring says it all for you. Look, speaking as someone who knows what it’s like to love you and to be loved by you in return, whoever he is… he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Noel if I’m emotional, it’s because of the christmas blues. Haven’t you heard, for some people, it’s the most depressing time of year? Yeah, well, maybe for those people. They don’t have a beautiful daughter like bailey. Don’t get me wrong, I know how blessed I am, but… seeing the hurt on charlotte’s face, I just… I hate knowing I’m responsible. Believe it or not, I hate knowing what I did to you, too. Well, you got the elq shares. I didn’t do it for the shares. I mean, I — I did, but that wasn’t the only reason. And what is the other reason? I mean, maybe it would make sense if bailey’s real father was dangerous, was a threat, and you lied to protect her. Chase is about as upstanding a man as you’re gonna find, so what is your other justification for convincing me that bailey was my daughter? You once said that you were glad spencer had a friend like me, but you’re the one spencer looks up to. It’s your approval that means the world to him and your disapproval that crushes him. So while you’re giving out christmas presents this year, why don’t you give spencer what he really wants? And what’s that? A second chance. What are you doing here? What’s going on? I take care of my family. Don’t you do the same? Whatever it takes? I’m no threat to you, ava, only to those who threaten the people we both love. You’re good. Little too good for my taste. Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to meet nikolas for a little harmless holiday cheer. Ah, the tree lighting at rice plaza. I’m headed that way myself. Perhaps you’ll allow me to escort you. It’s quite all right. It’s a short walk. Oh, come on, ava, we’re both headed the same way. What’s that quaint phrase you americans have? Safety in numbers? It may be the festive season, but danger still lurks behind every corner. Tell me about it. Oh, by the way, the — the british accent, it’s a real nice touch. Oh, thank you. I worked hard to achieve it… as I do everything else.

In the new year well, I’m not sure I can get you everything on the list, but my reindeer and i will do our best. Merry christmas. Go on back to your — your mother and your father. They’re gonna need all the help they can get. Finally. Santa baby… guess what… …I want for christmas? So it’s true, then. Victor’s been released. Apparently. He made a deal with the wsb. Mm. Traded information for freedom. No surprise there. He’s a very clever negotiator. From what I hear, he’s been ingratiating himself with both nikolas and spencer.

[ Sighs ] That’s what I’ve been afraid of. So you think he might be up to something other than reuniting his family?

[ Sighs ] Experience has taught me that when the cassadines are playing nice… that’s when they’re the most dangerous.

Wait a minute. There’s something very different about you, santa.

[ Sighs ] Do tell. You are not kevin.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Uh, the tree lighting. Right.Ah. Yeah. Be right there. Sure. You know, if you’re right about victor, maybe you should sit this one out until we know more. No, no, no, no. I’m done hiding. I was away from you and my community for too long. Besides, victor is definitely gonna think that he’s untouchable, and I’m just gonna let him continue to think that until I know what game he’s playing. Haven’t you ever done the wrong thing for all the right reasons? I was trying to protect bailey. Is bailey in some kind of danger? I helped the baby nurse put bailey down for her nap. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing that. Papa, can we go now? Yes, you know what? Don’t — don’t let me hold you up. Charlotte, that was so sweet of you to give the gift. Thank you so much, and I do have something for you. It’s just — hasn’t come yet. It’s on back order. This conversation isn’t over. Merry christmas, valentin.

[ Door closes ] Anna: You’re right. I shouldn’t be asking you about your personal life any more than you should be asking me about mine. So you have one. No. Personal life? No, no, not at all. Uh-huh, uh-huh. Mnh-mnh. Since we broke up, you know… mm-hmm. …I’ve been halfway around the world and back trying to bring peter to justice, so I haven’t had time for anything else. Mmm. From what I understand, you’ve managed to, um… spend some time with valentin cassadine. He was with you, um, on your search for peter, and I-I know you didn’t leave his bedside after he was shot. I was concerned about him. Mm, mm-hmm. Hey, look, you know what I think of the guy, but that doesn’t matter. I probably don’t think anyone’s good enough for you.

[ Chuckles ] But… it would seem you guys have been… circling each other for years. Maybe you want to take some time to figure out why.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, my god. Drew. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You cannot tell me that this is cameron. Do not say it. You do not get to tell me how much I have grown. I wouldn’t dream of it. Get in here!

[ Chuckles ] Aw! I-I-I would love to to — catch up right now, but, um, as you can see, I’m currently in the service of santa, and the north pole is dangerously low on treats right now. If I know monica, I’m sure she’s already locked you in for christmas dinner at the quartermaines, but if you’re up for it, come by our house for dessert. Aiden’s baking up a storm. Oh. I would love that. Thank you. In the meantime, merry christmas, guys. Oh, um, I would leave through the back entrance, actually. I would not want to get caught between spencer and his dad right now.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Your dad was just asking for my opinion. About what? Me? Where I’m living? Where I’m working? No. He was asking about a gift for ava.

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