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Recap written by Christine

It was Christmas Eve. Lily came home from shopping, and Billy helped her with her bags. She told him not to peek, and he wondered if anything was for him. She said there was, if he’d been good. She noticed he put mistletoe all over the house, and they kissed. Later, she finished video chatting with the twins, who were spending the holiday with their dad and Sam. She was glad they were with their father and brother, but she missed them too. She asked where Johnny and Katie were. Billy said they were on a playdate. Before they left, Billy decorated gingerbread with them. He’d enjoyed spending time with them, since they were going to boarding school after the holiday.

Lily had something that she wanted to do alone with Billy. He got excited, but they weren’t on the same wavelength, because she was talking about opening their Christmas gifts now. He got her tickets to Intimate Apparel, the Broadway show. She got him VIP passes to Springsteen in NYC. They were both very happy and shared a kiss. Later, they basked in the afterglow, cuddled on the floor under a blanket. He said it had been a year since he was wrongfully accused of trying to murder Adam. She called that a mood killer. His point was that she’d been incredibly supportive in all that time, and she always believed in him. She said she always would. She noted that, last Christmas Eve, they decided to give this whole thing a start. They were in a separate hotel rooms, and now they had a home. He wished her a happy anniversary.

Billy said it’d be harder for him and Lily to sneak away for moments like this now that they didn’t work together. She hoped he was going to take her job offer, but he said he had his own path forward. She had every faith in him. They toasted and kissed.

Sharon and Nick chatted at Crimson Lights. She asked what the game plan was for Christmas day. He talked about Christian waking him up in the morning, then opening his presents. After Nick and Christian opened the gifts at home, they were going to the main house, then to Sharon’s. Sharon wistfully said it all went by so fast. Nick said they were making memories that lasted a lifetime. Nick offered to bring something to dinner. Sharon said she and Rey had it all under control. She couldn’t remember the last time they were all together for Christmas. Nick asked how Mariah was, and he was glad when Sharon said it seemed that Mariah and Tessa were in a good place. Sharon said Mariah seemed lighter on the phone, like she was truly happy. Sharon sensed something was bothering Nick. He noted that he never said that, but she told him he didn’t have to. She thought she knew what was going on.

Sharon said she was going on and on about all the family being together, when someone in Nick’s family was far away – Summer. Nick missed Summer, but he knew she was happy with Harrison and Kyle, and she was just a plane ride away. Sharon said Nick must be thinking about how different things were last Christmas when he was with Phyllis. He had bittersweet memories about that. Sharon thought he’d feel better if he opened up. He assumed it’d make her feel better. He said it wasn’t anything specific – he broke up with Phyllis and he was at odds with Victor and Victoria, and it made him think about his place and his purpose.

Sharon said Nick might not be sure of who he was, but she was. She told him he was a good man, thoughtful friend, a wonderful father to four fantastic children and an outstanding member of the community because of his commitment to New Hope. He said he must be a real catch, and she said he was. She told him that the simple things people did every day were important. She wasn’t going to talk about Phyllis, because she was biased, but she said when it came to his family and where he fit in, he should follow his heart. He admitted she had some flattering insights. She said that was because, after all these years, they knew each other better than anyone else. That was why she knew he’d work his way through this.

Ashland came to Victoria’s office. She thought he was early, but he said he was actually late, and she realized she lost track of time. He was there to pick her up, but she said she couldn’t leave. He said he never took her for Scrooge. She was planning to go, but she couldn’t leave this minute. He said he missed out on a lot of holidays and birthdays for work, but he saw things differently these days. She did too, and her life was better because of him, but she had some loose ends to tie up. He asked if she was toiling over the Locke side of the Newman/Locke affairs. She was. He was well versed in that, so he sat down to help her. She felt lucky to have him, but he felt he was the lucky one. They kissed.

Victoria and Ashland finished the work. She asked what they were going to do first. He said they could go for a walk and enjoy the decorations, then have dinner by the fire. That sounded perfect to her. He said this was their first Christmas Eve, then they’d have their first Christmas and New Years. He was grateful to spend this time with her.

Ashland and Victoria went to Crimson Lights. Nick flashed back to Ashland unsuccessfully extending him an olive branch. In the present, Nick went over and greeted Victoria and Ashland and said he had something to say to Ashland. Victoria didn’t want to rehash Nick’s issues with Ashland, but Nick really wanted to follow through on this. He didn’t apologize for being protective of his sister, but he’d been doing some thinking and he realized he needed to let go of some things. He didn’t want his resentment toward Ashland to harm his relationship with his sister. In the spirit of the holidays, he wanted to start fresh. Ashland wanted that too, especially for Victoria. He and Nick shook hands.

Chelsea and Connor were at the penthouse wrapping gifts for Adam. Chelsea bought two things for him, but she wasn’t sure which one to give him. One was a jacket, and the other one was a painting of a cottage on a lake. Connor thought Chelsea bought that painting for herself. She said if she didn’t give it to Adam, she’d keep it. Connor guessed it was a pretty picture, but he didn’t think it seemed like the right fit for his dad. Chelsea said when Adam saw it, he’d understand. Connor went upstairs, and Chelsea stared intently at the painting and said “It used to match us both perfectly.” She remembered Adam taking her to the cottage in the picture and telling her that it was their home. She’d loved it.

At the main house, Nikki told Victor not to mention business tonight or all day tomorrow. He promised to try his best. Noah dropped by to say hi, and Victor asked him to help wrap Connor’s presents. Connor asked for hockey gear, and Nikki said Victor went out and bought every kind of hockey gear known to man. Noah had been the recipient of Victor’s generosity for a long time, so he knew Connor would be thrilled.

Chelsea came by to drop Connor off. Victor told the boy to go to the stables, but it was too late – Connor saw the hockey gear, and he was excited. Connor asked if he could go try it out now. Chelsea wasn’t sure, because she didn’t want him getting hurt. Connor enlisted Noah’s help. Noah said he learned on the pond when he was younger than Connor. He offered to show Connor the basics. Victor was okay with it. Chelsea said Noah had better bring Connor back with all his teeth, and she told Noah to take a bunch of pictures.

At Newman Media, Sally told Adam he shouldn’t be at the office on Christmas Eve. He said that made two of them. She pointed out that he had a family, and she was flying solo. He asked if that was her attempt to snag an invitation to the celebration. Adam said he had a full night with Connor and Chelsea, and he was spending Christmas day with his family. She said she wasn’t angling for an invitation – she was a lone wolf. He had some time before he was meeting Connor and Chelsea, so he invited Sally to drinks.

At Society, Adam asked what a lone wolf did on Christmas. She liked to sleep late. He was jealous because Connor woke him up at the crack of dawn. She then opened gifts. He thought she bought them herself, but she said they were gifts from her Grams and sister, then they’d call each other and gossip. She’d probably watch It’s a Wonderful Life. He liked that movie. She said she’d rather live in Pottersville than Bedford Falls, and he agreed.

Chelsea came to Society and saw Adam and Sally. Adam waved her over. Chelsea brought Adam up to speed on what happened at the main house. She was worried Connor was too young for hockey and concerned he’d lose teeth, but Adam said he’d be fine. Adam told Chelsea to join them, and he pretended he and Sally were just discussing the fashion platform. Chelsea and Sally’s vision for the fashion platform seemed to align at first, but it didn’t last long. Chelsea asked what Adam thought. He thought they should put work on hold and enjoy the holiday. Chelsea made it a point to go on and on about how excited Connor was that he, Chelsea and Adam were spending Christmas together. Adam invited Chelsea to the ranch afterward. Chelsea said she’d pass. She asked if Sally would be spending the holiday with family or friends. Sally said she was practically married to her job, which was turning out better than she ever dreamed. She looked at Adam.

After Chelsea left, Adam commented on the way Chelsea and Sally kept one upping each other. Sally didn’t see it that way. She said she and Chelsea were feeding off each other’s energy and challenging each other. She said it’d be an exciting partnership. Adam said it wasn’t a partnership – his ex was used to being the boss, and Sally was subordinate to Chelsea and Chloe. Sally said that was the original plan, but her talent made Newman Media a household name. She said if he wanted her to be the face of the platform, the face would need a voice. He decided to stay out of it. She said that Chelsea was smart, talented and experienced, and if she wanted Newman Fashion to succeed, she’d come around. “Good luck with that,” Adam replied. Sally thanked Adam for hanging out with her. He kissed her on the cheek and left.

Chelsea went back to the main house, and Connor and Noah tricked Chelsea into thinking Connor lost a tooth on the ice. Chelsea pranked Connor back by telling him Christmas was canceled. He was relieved when he realized she was joking. Connor thanked Noah for the lesson and Victor for the hockey gear. Connor and Chelsea left. Noah said Connor was so much fun, and he wasn’t at all like Adam. Noah conceded that Adam went through the trauma of accidentally killing a man, which explained a lot. Victor said Adam grew up the hard way. Victor was glad that Noah saw Adam differently.

Victor and Nikki spent time together after everyone went home. She loved having the grandchildren over, and she was thrilled they’d have a house full tomorrow, but right now she wanted to enjoy him. She had a gift for him. He said she was the most cherished gift he’d ever received, and they danced.

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