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Recap written by Christine

At the penthouse, Amanda ended a call with Imani. Amanda was excited because she was spending Christmas Eve with her family this year, as opposed to last year, when she watched it all from the sidelines. Devon was wrapping presents for Abby, Chance and Dominic, and Amanda sat down to help him. Devon thought Dominic would enjoy seeing the Christmas lights. Devon said it would be nice to think Dominic recognized him enough to miss him, but he was too young. Devon didn’t wake up last night thinking he heard Dominic crying, so he thought that he’d finally accepted that Dominic wasn’t here anymore. Amanda said it was clear that Devon still missed Dominic and wanted one on one time with him. She asked if he’d given more thought to what they talked about, not that the holidays was the right time to ask if he could bring Dominic to the penthouse for visits. Devon would love to have extended visits with Dominic, but he wasn’t sure how Abby would feel about that. Amanda didn’t think there was harm in asking. Devon wasn’t sure about that. He thought that Chance needed to spend this time bonding with Dominic. Amanda thought that Devon was hurting himself. He disagreed, and he said that this wasn’t about him. She said his selfless heart made her admire him even more.

Mariah and Tessa both ran into each other at Crimson Lights after shopping. They froze when they saw each other – Tessa had claimed she was running errands, and Mariah had pretended she was going to work. They agreed not to peek into each other’s bags. Tessa bought a onesie for Dominic, which lead to Mariah to confess that she bought him more than a few things. They gushed over how cute baby toys were, prompting Mariah to raise the topic of having a baby of their own. Mariah then apologized for bringing it up, because she didn’t want to push it, especially today.

Jack bumped into Phyllis at Society. Phyllis was dejected because she screwed up and didn’t send out Daniel and Lucy’s gifts in time to make it before Christmas. Jack could see that Phyllis was hurting. She fought back tears and said she missed her kids. She was proud of Summer’s success, but the video chats weren’t enough for her. Jack knew how Phyllis felt. Phyllis even missed Harrison, even though she hardly knew him – Summer, Kyle and Harrison were just so cute together. Jack asked if Phyllis missed anyone else. She asked if he meant Nick. He did. She said yes and no. She was sad about the breakup but it didn’t break her. She missed Nick and Christian, but that breakup had to happen. She hated wallowing. He invited her to the Chancellor house with him. She said Abby wouldn’t want her there. He told her that the hotel wars were in the past, and Abby was on cloud nine. He said time with Dominic made things better.

Chance and Abby were at home. Abby read their Christmas cards. One from Esther to Dominic and one from Summer, Kyle and Chance to the family. Abby wanted to go to midnight service because she and Chance had so much to be thankful for. She said their dreams from last year came true. They looked at the baby’s first Christmas ornament Chance bought last year. She said it took love and hope to make their dreams come true. Chance added that they went through a lot of pain, but Abby said the worst was behind them. Traci showed up with two huge gift bags. She hugged Chance while Abby put the gifts under the tree. Abby and Chance teased Traci about all the gifts, and she clarified that some of them were from Jack and Ashley, because they wanted all Dominic’s gifts to be under the tree for his first Christmas. Abby and Chance pretended that they were donating money to charity instead of buying anything for Dominic. Traci tried to hide her disappointment, and she was relieved when they said they were kidding. Abby said they had donated some money in Dominic’s name, though. Traci said that the older generation didn’t buy Dominic many toys, there were some Abbott family heirlooms in the packages and some sentimental things. Abby asked what time Ashley would get here, since the flight was delayed. Traci said Ashley promised she’d make it by tonight. Dominic cried, and Chance went upstairs to him.

Traci asked how things were going. Abby said things were going really well. It was a process, but Chance was eager to connect with Dominic, and she knew it was going to happen. Abby wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Traci didn’t want Abby to put too much pressure on herself – things didn’t have to be perfect, and she thought Abby should sit back and enjoy her lovely family. Abby said she wasn’t the kind of person to sit back, and making sure this Christmas was perfect was more of a gift than a burden. She wanted to make sure Chance didn’t want to go away again. He hadn’t mentioned leaving, but she wanted life here to be just as fulfilling for him as going on a mission. Traci had concerns, but Abby said she had this under control. Traci and Abby went to the kitchen to discuss the menu. Chance immediately descended the stairs with Dominic in his arms. He may have overheard some of the discussion.

Chance was glad he didn’t miss Dominic’s first Christmas. He read Christmas cards to the baby. One was from Kim, and he told Dom that she saved his dad’s life. Kim told Chance to put the past behind him and enjoy the new life with his family. Chance hoped Dominic could forgive him for being gone so long. Chance had really wanted to be there. He promised they’d have so much more time together. The rest of his team wasn’t that lucky, and they wouldn’t have another holiday with their kids. Abby and Traci returned, and Chance put on a happy face.

Mariah and Tessa arrived. Abby commented on all the gifts, and Mariah said it was her obligation and privilege to spoil her godson. Mariah smiled watching Tessa interact with Dominic. Jack and Phyllis arrived, after Mariah and Tessa left. and Abby greeted them both and gave Phyllis a stiff smile. Phyllis brought eggnog from The Grand Phoenix, which she added was her hotel. Jack came with even more presents, even though Traci already brought presents from him. Phyllis noted that she hadn’t seen Chance since his party. He said he was spending time with Abby and Dom. Phyllis looked into the bassinet and said Dominic was an angel.

Traci and Phyllis talked in private, and Traci asked how Phyllis ended up doing Christmas Eve runs with Jack. Phyllis said not to worry because she and Jack were just friends. Traci didn’t want to stand in the way of her brother’s happiness. “Are you and Jack not together because he won’t go there or because you won’t?,” Traci asked. Phyllis decided not to answer that question, because it would be fun watching Ashley and everyone else think it was a possibility that Jack and Phyllis would get back together. Traci shook her head and laughed. After Traci walked away, Abby came to Phyllis to see what was going on with her and Jack. Phyllis said they were just friends, so Abby didn’t need to freak out. Abby said she had higher priorities these days. Abby couldn’t believe she’d spent all that time and energy fighting Phyllis over the hotel. Phyllis said it wasn’t their finest hour. Phyllis objected when Abby said the hotel was a building. Phyllis said it wasn’t a building, it was her hotel, the Grand Phoenix. Abby said she had Dominic now, and when she looked in his eyes, she knew she needed to be a good example for him. Phyllis said being a good mom didn’t mean being an angel. Phyllis thought her kids were amazing, and she had an amazing relationship with her daughter, because Phyllis was always herself. Phyllis said Abby didn’t have to be the Naked Heiress with her son, but she should just be her authentic self. Abby said her authentic self was physically and emotionally exhausted. Phyllis said it’d be like that forever, even when the kids were adults with families of their own.

Jack talked with Chance, who was holding Dominic. Jack sensed Chance was struggling because he wasn’t around for the early parts of his son’s life. Chance did feel that way, but he knew he was lucky to have Dominic. Jack said to focus on that. Jack said Dominic had been loved from the day he got here, and even before that. Jack knew what it was like to miss part of your child’s life, but he made up for it, and he was proud of the relationship he had with Kyle today. Chance thought his situation was different and that he should’ve been there for Abby and Dom. Jack told Chance to let go of the guilt and celebrate and cherish the fact that he was here now.

The guests were gone, and Abby cuddled up to Chance and enjoyed being alone with her family. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Devon and Amanda with more gifts. Chance went to get the gift for Amanda and Devon. Devon asked if he could give Dominic his present now. Abby asked Chance to help open it, but Chance thought Devon should do it. Devon opened it. It was a music box that Neil had purchased for the baby Devon and Hilary were supposed to have. It played Neil’s favorite song, which happened to be a song Dominic really liked too. Abby didn’t think they could accept something that special. Devon said that was exactly why he wanted Dominic to have it. Abby and Chance thanked Devon. Dominic was crying, and Amanda told Devon to play the music box. Dominic was fascinated by the music, and he calmed down. Everyone except Chance grinned.

Later, Dominic slept on Abby’s shoulder while she and Chance walked Devon and Amanda out. Nina video called from Australia to say Merry Christmas. Nina wished she was there in person. Chance took the phone over to the angel that Katherine gave him for Christmas when he was little and showed it to Nina. He said the angel was watching over them, and it was like Nina was there. Abby and Chance talked after the call ended. Chance went upstairs to wrap something. Abby put the music box on, and she told Dom that she prayed so hard for him, and she knew there was a guardian angel watching over them. She went to the tree and looked at the baby’s first Christmas ornament. Chance came downstairs and smiled at her and the baby.

Phyllis and Jack went to the hotel. She thanked him. He hoped Traci wasn’t too pushy. Phyllis thought Traci was just being protective. Jack invited Phyllis to Christmas Eve dinner. She turned him down because of Traci and Ashley. He said she just got along well with Traci. Phyllis said Traci was polite, but Ashley would draw blood, and it’d be a holiday disaster. He didn’t agree. She didn’t want to wreck this friendship the way she wrecked relationships. He still wanted her to come to dinner.

Mariah and Tessa were at Society. Mariah thought Bowie was flourishing because Chance was home. The baby seemed taller to her, and she thought he’d grow hair soon. Tessa asked if Mariah wanted a biological baby, or if she’d consider adopting. Mariah didn’t have all the answers yet. She was too amazed that they were having this conversation to even have that answer. Tessa asked which one of them would be the carrier. She knew that Mariah couldn’t get pregnant for awhile, but they weren’t in a rush, and what about a donor? Mariah loved the enthusiasm, but she said Tessa needed to slow down because these were things they needed to go over step by step. Tessa thought they should do that now. Tessa said she didn’t want to have a baby to replace Bowie. She only wanted them to have a baby if this was what they both truly wanted. Mariah asked what changed Tessa’s mind. Tessa watched Mariah today, and it it seemed like she’d made peace with Bowie and his mom and dad. Tessa knew it was hard, and she was so proud of Mariah for putting the baby first. Now, maybe they could put their own child first, Tessa said. Tessa wanted to start a family.

One of the reasons Tessa was hesitant was because she didn’t have a good childhood. Mariah said it was scary for her too, but she thought that was the way it was supposed to be. Adoption interested Tessa because she and Mariah could break the cycle and get a kid out of a bad situation like Tessa and Mariah grew up in. Mariah marveled at them being at a place in their lives where they could provide a child with stability. Tessa said they could give a child the most important thing of all – love. Mariah said despite how hard they tried to be perfect parents, they were going to mess up and at times things would be crazy. Tessa said even with that, the idea of a baby of their own would be pretty cool. They kissed.

Amanda and Devon opened the gift from Abby and Chance. It was a copy of Dominic’s footprints.

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