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hey. Hey. Whatcha doing? Oh, uh… I know it, uh, doesn’t really compare to the big one in the foyer, but I just haven’t had a tree or lights or anything christmas for a couple years, so… I think it’s perfect. Yeah? Yeah. I brought someone along who I think might agree.

[ Chuckles softly ] Take a deep breath, curtis. I’m breathing. Not deep enough.

[ Exhales sharply ] Better? You tell me. I just can’t believe how willing my family is to accept this guy into their life. Tj is already calling him grandpa. And I thought after the initial shock, that aunt stella might invite him over for sunday dinner. Would that really be so terrible? Um, yeah. The man deserted his family and let us think he was dead for decades. And then when he shows up, he shows up without even a shred of an explanation. Can I ask you a question without you getting angry?

[ Sighs ] Okay, okay. Angrier. Is trust really the issue here? Or are you just afraid of getting hurt? Cards on the table, huh? Since when did a nice churchgoing lady like yourself take up poker? The stakes are much higher than a card game. Well, uh, your secret is safe with me. You just don’t get it, do you? Tell me what I’m missing. You’re making this about me when it’s about you and your choices to walk away from your family, have my sister raising those boys without you. And then you asked her to lie and tell her children you’re dead. And she did and kept her word until her dying day. And what about you, stella? How is it possible that an innocent baby has to die while peter gets to live on? For now. Hopefully not for long. Still, I will never understand. Sometimes it’s a blessing. Sometimes it’s a curse. But it’s not our job to pick or choose. In this case… I wish it was. No, no.

[ Clears throat ] No more wallowing or feeling sorry for myself. I need to be at my best today… for liam. Our son needs us. Yeah. And — and we will — we will be there for him. Okay? Mm-hmm. Mm, what if I’m not strong enough? What if I don’t have the courage to do the right thing? That — that’s why we’re doing this together, okay?

[ Shakily ] Okay. Thank you for setting me straight about this neurology appointment. I didn’t set you straight, I just gave you a pep talk. Pep talk, whatever you want to call it. I just — I just want to be solid, because if leo sees that I’m nervous, then he’s gonna be nervous and it’s — you’re gonna be great. And I’m gonna pull myself together, and I’m gonna be there for sasha and brando. Let’s go. When we came back home to port charles, you said the man you were in nixon falls wasn’t real. But he was. He is. They’re one and the same. And both mike and sonny are men that your father would be very, very proud of. Remember what you said about pulling your punches.

Hey, scout. I, uh… I know it probably feels a little bit strange, us getting to know each other again. But I’m just hoping it comes back to us, you know, kind of like riding a bike. I don’t know how to ride a bike. You don’t? Well, I’m gonna have to teach you.

[ Gasps ] Cookies! Hi, leo. -Hey. -Hey, ned. Uh, just one. Uh, do you mind? Leo’s going to the doctor. Ah, oh, and you’re bribing him with cookies? Uh, guilty as charged. Listen, do not apologize. I was just telling scott I needed a little help, uh, eating those, so thank you very much, leo. You’re helping them out. Anytime.

[ Chuckles ] You ready to go? Okay, let’s go. Ned: Jacket on. All right, thanks. Good luck at the doctor, buddy. Marshall doesn’t have the power to hurt me anymore. The damage was done when he took off and let us believe that he was dead. Some wounds — they never heal. Sure, you can stitch them up, put on a bandage. Sometimes there’s a scar, but deep down — that wound never would have reopened if he hadn’t decided to return. Okay, okay, but he has. So now what? Now he’s — he’s worming his way into tj’s life, and he’s cozying up to my aunt stella. And you don’t like that? That’s an understatement. But what happens now in regards to you? I don’t know. Do you think that eventually you could maybe find a place in your life for your father? You know, I just — I-I can’t see him as that until I know where he’s been, what he’s been doing, and why he’s here. You’re making it sound like marshall is dangerous. We don’t know that he isn’T. Joey novak swears that — that he didn’t see who jumped him outside of my club. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You think that that was your father? Stella: Yeah, you’re right. When my sister turned for me to help, I went along with the lie. And heaven help me, it has haunted me ever since. I hope you know I never meant for you to be part of this. Oh, please. You knew how close irene and I were. You really think she would keep something that big bottled up? One night when it — it just became too much, she told me you were alive but had your reasons for leaving and not wanting the boys to know why. I did it for curtis, I did it for thomas… and I did it for you and irene, believe it or not.

[ Scoffs ] Doesn’t matter what I believe. You and my sister had an agreement. She hated it, but she went along with it. And so did I. But only because you said you would never come back. I kept my end of the bargain pretty well. Wouldn’t you say? I didn’t even come back when irene passed. Well, why now? Why are you here now, marshall? I got this. I got this. Nina. Hey, didn’t you get my messages? I’ve been trying to reach you. No, I-I’ve been busy, so I haven’t even checked. Uh, you know what? This will only take a second. We don’t need to do anything until you’re ready, okay? Ah, ready. Mm. Yeah, I-I — is that even a thing? I-I mean, dr. Fleming said that we could take as much time as you need. Time won’t change anything. Sonny helped me see that. He did? What did he say? Um, he, um… he mostly talked about mike, about how, um, difficult it was to make the decision to let him go, how, um, he didn’t want to, but in the end, he realized that — that that was about him. Sonny. How, um… that would make him feel better, when — when in reality, he — he needed to focus on what was best for his father. Yeah, I mean, that’s all true, but, I mean, mike had a long and fulfilling life. Liam — liam’s never gonna have that, you know? Yeah, sonny — sonny said that, too, that — that there is no comparison.

[ Breathes shakily ] But, you know, loss is loss, right? And there will never be enough time. No. We named our son after mike. So let’s be as brave for him as sonny was for his father. Can we do that? I can if you can. Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can stand down, olivia. I’m not gonna cause any problems for carly and sonny. And yet you’re here, where they are and they have no desire for you to be. I’m here because I’m supporting sasha and brando. Not that I owe you an explanation, because it’s none of your business. I disagree about that. Carly is my friend, and she’s my business partner, and what affects her — affects the metro court. Don’t even pretend that this is about business. Listen, I’m doing you a favor right now, okay? Do you have any idea how close you just came to getting wiped off the map? Maybe you haven’t been in town long enough to know, but I know from personal experience. Carly corinthos takes no prisoners. Is that a threat? That’s a fact. The only reason that you are still breathing air right now is because she loves having her husband back and alive more than she wants you dead. We were just talking, I don’t want to talk about nina. All right. Sasha, brando, and liam are all that matter.

So, scout, what do you think of this guy right here? It’s pretty. Right? I think it’d be prettier with some ornaments, but the problem is I just can’t find any. They’re probably all up on the big tree.

[ Chuckles ] She’s right. And I doubt monica would mind if you borrowed some. No, I’m sure she wouldn’t, but actually, I’m looking for one in particular. It was my favorite, and, I don’t know. It’s not on the big tree in the foyer, so… what is it? It’s — is it the…star? The — the star, yeah. Yeah. You remember. Of course. Yeah, it’s not, like, very shiny. I don’t know what it is about it. I just kind of love it. Well, I’m sure we need to check all the ornament boxes. No. Wonder where it went. I don’t know. Maybe just got lost or broken or something, or maybe annabelle the second ate it. What? Dogs do not eat ornaments, do they? Have you met annabelle the second? She eats just about everything. Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t we go online and — and you can help me shop for some new decorations? What do you say? I’m gonna go find grandma. I’m doing this all wrong, aren’t I? A man can change his mind, can’t he? Like a musician can improvise in the middle of a tune. A good musician, anyway. This is not a gig, marshall. It’s real life. You don’t have to tell me. Tommy’s gone, and curtis — curtis is a grown man, and I have a grandson who’s a doctor.

[ Chuckles ] He has this big, beautiful life ahead of him. Can you blame me for wanting to be a part of it? No, but I can blame you for walking away in the first place. Oh, you know why.

[ Sighs ] Yes, I do. Stella, I’m not trying to change the past or even — even be forgiven. I’m just — just hoping to — to be understood moving forward. You really think there’s a way forward? I think this homecoming was meant to be.

[ Chuckles ] Careful now. You talk like you know what the good lord has planned. Well [Chuckles] I’m gonna leave the good lord to you, but think about it. Curtis owns a nightclub now. So? Come on. As much as music was a huge part of my life, that can’t be a coincidence. Sasha: This isn’t how it was supposed to be. We were supposed to raise him, to love him, and watch him grow into a man.

[ Chuckles softly ] Liam would have had an incredible life. Yes. Yes, he would have. And he would have been so lucky to have a dad like you to show him the way.

[ Chuckles softly ] What do you think, uh… family-owned body shop?

[ Laughs ] Maybe. I’m not talking about teaching him about cars. Talking about teaching him how to be a — a good, decent, caring person, the kind who comes into a new town and takes a bullet for a total stranger.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. You’re right. Liam — he would have been lucky.

[ Chuckles softly ] But not because of me. Because he had you — to dazzle him with your beauty, of course, but mostly… to teach him what real love is — real, unfiltered, true love, so he would never settle for less. Ugh! [ Sniffles ] How is this happening? I don’t know. I don’t know. He just got here! And now — now it’s over? It’s not over yet. I’m not ready. And I can’t even begin to explain how much I don’t want this. But we can still show liam what real love is. And when we do, we will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they never settled for less. Message delivered. Thank you. For your sake, I hope it was received. You know, if carly even knew what I was trying to do for her… what the hell is that supposed to mean? Nothing, nothing, nothing, olivia. But let me tell you this — next time you have an impulse to weigh in on your friend’s marriage, from what I hear, you might be better served to worry about your own. Merry christmas. You don’t have to stick around ’cause, uh, you know, I’ll stay here as long as brando and sasha need me. I’m not going anywhere… oh. …Unless you’re trying to get rid of me.

[ Chuckles ] Never. Okay.

Nice accommodations, right? I don’t know how you did it, drew… being in there for so long, staring at nothing, all alone. Yeah, it was tough. It was — it was really, really tough, but the thing that kept me going, the thing that, um, gave me the strength to believe that I was gonna get out of there someday, was scout. I saw that you scratched her name in the wall. She’s all I thought about, sam. It was as if the most important part of me was missing. Good, ’cause now you have her back. Mm. Yeah, I do. Not quite the perfect fit. Yet. But it will be. It will be. First, joey novak shows up causing trouble at the savoy, the kind of trouble that gives a nightclub a bad name. Fast forward to him being beaten and jumped between the pier and the savoy. Yeah, but that doesn’t prove that that was your father that — right. The nightclub’s reputation takes a hit. The musical act that was booked suddenly cancels. And then the new one magically appears. I know marshall had a hand in joey’s beating. You don’t know that. I don’t know for sure, but we do know he’s a proven liar, portia. Well, that doesn’t make him a criminal. Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’T. But I am damn well going to find out. Curtis may have inherited some positive traits from you, like your love of music. You still play? Sure do. Don’t tell me you still have that old clarinet. I like to think of henrietta as vintage. But no, no. I lost her, too. I lost her a long time ago. Henrietta. Almost forgot your first love. You know, you never forget your first.

[ Laughs ] But in any case, I learned my lesson. This baby never gets left in a car. I’m sure they’ve made some improvements over the years. Yeah, yeah, the newer models are nice. They just don’t feel the same. I don’t know. I don’t know, stella. Maybe it’s me. My — my — my fingers, they don’t — they don’t fly like they used to. But I gotta believe that if the mood was right and — and I was holding henrietta, I could still make her sing.

True hey. Hey. There’s my guys. How you doing? Good. Good. Just doing what everyone does at a doctor’s office — wait. Hey, leo. Do you know why we’re here, honey? Cookie. Ah. It’s a family tradition — pay to play. Oh, really? If, uh — I guess if he’s gonna take the quartermaine name, I’m gonna have to accept the family traditions, huh? I’m going to take a wild guess here and assume you’re leo. That’s the guy. I’m dr. Newman. This is nurse myers. How you doing today, leo? -How are you doing? -I’m good. Would you like to play some games and talk for a bit? I love games. I think that’s a yes. Great. Come with me. Oh, should I — no, no, you can wait out here. We won’t be long. Okay. Have fun, leo. Honey, if you — if you need anything, I’m gonna be right out here. It’s no big deal. It’s just an evaluation.

[ Chuckles nervously ] Come here. Come here. Hmm. Hey. You okay? Yeah, I’m just, um — I’m just worried about sasha and brando, you know, how they’re doing. Yeah. This must be difficult for you. Me? Yeah. A reminder of nelle being taken away from you. Not getting to know her until it was too late. I mean, I know it’s not the exact same, but it’s still losing a child. And all the mistakes I made because of that. Oh, my god. If I’m this tied up in knots, I can’t imagine how sasha and brando feel. Well, you know, I understand now why you stood up for sasha. Behind that face, she’s got a lot of grit. Yeah. She’s gonna need it. And I understand why you feel so close to brando. I mean, I know he’s family, but he was practically raised by your father. There they are. Follow me.

You and scout — you’re gonna find your way back to each other. It’s just gonna take some time. Gotta get through the holidays. Then in a couple months, it’s her birthday. So I’m buying my way back into her life.

[ Laughing ] No, that’s not — that is not what I’m saying. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. There are gonna be so many moments, drew, little ones, big ones, and all the ones in between. I like the sound of that. You’ve gotten wiser in the last couple of years. Hmm. And younger, huh?

[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah, that was the next thing out of my mouth, too. It was! You’re such a liar. You actually have. Stop. Curtis. Hey, what’s up? Hey, drew, uh, remember when you said you would help me look into my father’s reappearance? Yeah. Does that offer still stand? I’m determined to put down roots and get back with the family I left behind. You can be as determined as you want. Doesn’t mean that curtis will let you in. Okay. Curtis may — may say no, but I’m sensing a definite maybe from tj. And I’d like to build on that, have a relationship with my grandson. But I could use some help… …if you’re willing to give it. For a minute there, I was wondering if you had balked and canceled the appointment. It crossed my mind.

[ Sighs ] I’m proud of you, olivia. I really am. Yeah, well, you might not be when we get our diagnosis.

[ Chuckles ] If we get a diagnosis. We’re getting a diagnosis. Most likely. And that’s okay, because our son is alive, and he’s strong and he’s thriving. And that’s more than a lot of people get. And…if leo is unique, that just makes him more special. Absolutely. I want you to know that I’m all in on this. You know? Whatever they tell us today, I am here to give leo all the help that he needs. I know you will. Can you forgive me? For what? For making you the bad guy because I was too afraid to look at the facts. You know, I was afraid, too. Yeah. The unknown is scary. And that’s why we’re here… right. …To figure out what’s going on, come up with a game plan. If we have that

[Chuckles] And each other… we have everything. Yes, we do. So you, um, hungry or thirsty or anything? No, just — just maybe some water. Be right back. All right. Ah, man. Hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus. Once we disconnect the respirator, we’ll give liam an injection of morphine. So he won’t be in any pain? No. That’s why we’re doing this, so there’s no pain, no suffering, so he can be with his namesake. Mike will look after him. With everything he’s got.

[ Sighs ] Can I hold him? Once he’s off those machines, can he be in my arms until he… I don’t want him to be alone. Of course. He was with me when he came into this world. I want him to be with me when he leaves it. Nurse baldwin. Yes.

[ Monitor beeping, pump hissing ]

That sounds good, man. We’ll talk soon. Okay, bye. I would ask what that was about, but I’m assuming it’s confidential. It’s just a background check. Seems pretty cut and dry, actually. How many times have I said that, and it’s been anything but? Don’t worry. Oh, it’s too late. Look, I did not go through all of that hell just to show up and put a bunch of trouble on your doorstep, okay, or mine. No more risks. No more risks… within reason. I’ve got too much to lose. There she is. Mm. Hi. I was just about to fire up the laptop and start shopping for some new ornaments for the tree. You want to help me? Mommy, can we go home? Well, if there’s any dirt on marshall, I trust drew to dig it up. And, uh, what if he comes up empty? He won’T. Now, I may not be a P.I. Anymore, but those instincts — they don’t just evaporate. Marshall is hiding something. What? No, no, no, no. Nothing. It’s not nothing. This is definitely something, so say it. I know you’re prepared to hear the worst about marshall, but what if the big discovery is that he just wants to be your father? Are you prepared for that? Leo! Hey! Hi! -Come here. -That was fun. Yeah? Did you have a good time with dr. Newman? We had a really great talk. Oh, and? We’ll schedule a follow-up to discuss everything. Just call my office. Okay, we will. Thank you, dr. Newman. Goodbye, leo. It was very nice to meet you. I hope to see you soon. -[ Chuckles ] -Bye. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Do you know how much I love you? Hmm? Do you? I know.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, well, don’t you ever forget it, okay?

[ Chuckles ] There you go.

[ Sighs ] So did anything happen while I was gone? Oh, gosh. Come on. Hey. Is it over? Liam mike corbin. You were here for such a short time, but you made quite the impact.

[ Sniffles ] And you were so, so loved. I have to believe that you have felt that. And I hope with everything in me that you still do. I love you forever, sweetheart.

[ Sobs ] Our firstborn. Our son.

[ Sniffles ] Look after him, okay, mike? Like you said…

[ Twinkling ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Plays slow tune ]

[ Sobbing ] I can’t reach. Nice job.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Wailing ]

[ Twinkling ] Are you ready to go, liam? Me, too.

[ Twinkling ]

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