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Rex forgot his phone in the town square and goes back to retrieve it right as Xander and Gwen are walking through the square, so Rex ends up coming face to face with Xander and Gwen. Rex greets Xander and asks who his friend is. Xander says it’s none of his business and asks where Sarah is.

Kayla is in her office at the hospital, on the phone saying that Sarah hasn’t worked there in months but she can refer them to another doctor. Kayla hangs up as Steve arrives. Kayla asks if there’s any news on Marlena. Steve reveals he talked to Shawn and found out that Shawn, John, Ben and Ciara had a dramatic run in with Marlena. Kayla asks what happened. Steve says she won’t believe it but Marlena told Ben and Ciara that John was physically abusing her.

Belle checks on John at home. John says he’s okay but Belle wants him to go to the hospital. John says he doesn’t need a doctor, he just needs to find Marlena. Belle still can’t believe what she walked in on. Belle knows it’s not Marlena. John is glad she showed up when she did because she probably saved Shawn, Ben, and his life. Belle says they have to get Marlena the help she needs before they lose her forever. John guarantees that they will. John asks if there’s any news on Philip or if they found a body yet. Belle says not yet but she’s praying that they don’t.

Kate heads on in to her room and is shocked to find Philip sitting inside. Kate rushes up and hugs him as she can’t believe it. Kate says they thought he was murdered and had him declared dead. Philip remarks that Victor’s been waiting to do that since the day he was born. Kate assures they were both worried sick but Philip finds that hard to believe. Kate can’t believe he is here and asks if he’s okay. Philip says he looks okay. Kate questions how he survived Brady’s attack. Philip then reveals that Brady didn’t attack him, but he went after Brady.

John tells Belle that it’s possible Philip is still alive which is a good thing. Belle continues to worry about John. John assures that he will be okay as soon as they find Marlena and bring her home safely. Belle says until then, he’s going to have to accept a little extra TLC from her. John then agrees to whatever she says. Belle gets a call and says she’s on her way to the police station. John asks if it was about Marlena. Belle informs him that Chloe just told her that Brady has been arrested.

Kayla can understand Ben believing the worst of John since Marlena saved his life and he’ll believe anything she says, but Ciara grew up with John and Marlena. Steve notes that Ciara was skeptical at first but apparently the Devil made Marlena morph in to John, so he could threaten Marlena right in front of them. Kayla asks if this could be more horrifying. Steve then reveals that the Devil almost strangled John and Ben to death without even touching them.

Rex calls Xander rude. Xander asks again where Sarah is and brings up finding him in bed with her on his wedding day. Rex responds by asking how the hell he should know where Sarah is. Xander asks what kind of game he’s playing and if he thinks this is funny. Rex has no idea what he’s talking about. Xander says that everyone knows Sarah left town with Rex. Gwen tries to pull Xander away. Xander asks Rex what he’s hiding. Rex responds that he hasn’t seen Sarah in months since right after that wedding day. Xander questions him saying that he and Sarah haven’t been at Doctors Without Borders as a team. Rex confirms that they never were.

John wants to go to the police station with Belle because he can’t just sit here and wait. Belle urges John to rest because Marlena will need him to be strong. Belle says she will take care of Brady and she’ll call as soon as she knows anything. Belle then exits.

Brady is handcuffed to the table in the interrogation room. Chloe comes in and asks if he’s okay. Brady responds that he’s been booked for murder. Chloe is sorry this is happening. Brady says it’s okay and asks how she got in. Chloe tells him that Eli said it was okay if she just stayed for a little bit. Chloe mentions that she called Belle so she is on her way. Brady thanks her but doesn’t know what good Belle can do since Melinda has it out for him to book him for Philip’s murder. Chloe questions Brady not remembering anything from that day. Brady wishes they could go back to the river because he was starting to have flashes of memory but it’s all fuzzy and out of reach. Chloe wishes she could help. Brady figures John is probably climbing the walls right now so he asks Chloe to go let John know that he’s okay, so he doesn’t freak out about his situation. Chloe agrees to go check on John. Brady thanks her and says he’s very thankful to Chloe for everything, especially for believing in him. Chloe responds that she knows who he is and she knows his heart, so they will get through this together as she holds his hand.

Kate says that Brady attacked Philip, the police found him covered in Philip’s blood with the bloody knife and he blacked out from drinking. Philip calls it pretty convincing which Kate questions. Philip doesn’t blame her for thinking that Brady killed him because that means his plan was a success. Kate doesn’t understand. Philip then reveals that he staged the whole thing to make it look like Brady had killed him. Kate then slaps Philip and calls him a bastard.

Gwen tries warning Xander about missing their flight but Xander tells her to let it go. Xander tells Rex that this doesn’t make sense since Sarah told him that she was leaving Salem with Rex. Rex says it didn’t take her long to change her mind. Rex admits he thought they were going away together and he finally had her back, but when it came time to leave, she jilted him like she did to Xander.

Philip asks Kate if that slap was really necessary. Kate feels like she could kill him herself. Philip calls that extreme. Kate asks if he has any idea what he put them all through and why the hell he would do something like this. Philip calls it obvious that Brady and Chloe were having an affair behind his back, so he had to make them pay by framing Brady for his murder. Kate questions putting the rest of them through hell to torture Brady and Chloe. Philip says he didn’t do it to hurt them and he came back to let her know that he’s okay. Kate thinks he should’ve just told her before or not done it at all. Philip apologizes for what he put her through but asks if she’s not a little impressed by how he pulled it off. Philip asks if she wants to know how he did it but Kate says she doesn’t care. Kate then asks Philip to tell her how he did it. Philip says he’s been dying to tell someone. Philip explains how he followed Brady to the Pub and hid while he and Chloe chatted. Philip complains about how they looked at each other and after a while, Chloe left and Brady got a phone call. Philip says Brady was out there all alone, so he never saw him coming as he then knocked him out with a crowbar in front of the Pub. Kate says anyone could have seen him but Philip assures he was careful. Kate asks how he got him down to the river covered in Philip’s blood. Philip tells her to be patient because the story of Brady Black’s downfall is just beginning.

Belle goes to see Brady and asks how they are treating him in the interrogation room. Brady complains but Belle says he’s not the only one dealing with drama. Brady asks what’s going on. Belle explains that she had to knock out her demonically possessed mother so she wouldn’t kill John, Shawn, and Brady.

Chloe goes to see John to update him on Brady. John mentions that Belle just went down there but he hasn’t heard from her so he asks how Brady is holding up. Chloe says he’s good considering the circumstances. John almost falls so Chloe asks if he’s okay. John assures that he’s fine and just had a little run in with El Diablo which Chloe questions. John reveals that he, Shawn, Belle, and Ben mixed it up with Marlena in the cabin and he’s a little worse for wear. Chloe asks if John needs to see a doctor. John says he’s more concerned about Brady. Chloe says Brady is concerned about him. John asks Chloe what it’s looking like. Chloe admits that it seems like Melinda is out for blood, so Brady is in a tough spot. John questions how Melinda got an arrest warrant when they don’t know if Philip is alive or dead.

Steve tells Kayla that it sounds like John and the others are lucky to be alive as most people don’t survive an encounter like that. Kayla asks if they were badly injured. Steve says no but they are shaken up after coming face to face with a power like that. Kayla hopes Steve and John find Marlena to get her the help she needs so that no one else gets hurt. Steve says he wants that more than anything. Steve and Kayla kiss until “Steve” suddenly transforms in to Devil Marlena. Kayla tells the Devil to stay away from her and calls him sick. The Devil jokes that he thought they had chemistry in their kiss. Kayla asks what he wants. The Devil says he wants so many things. Kayla questions why he would pretend to be Steve. The Devil says she can figure that out. Kayla asks what he’s done to Steve. The Devil says he hasn’t done anything to Steve because it’s Kayla that he’s after.

Brady questions Belle saying Marlena would have killed John, Shawn, and Ben. Belle doesn’t want to think about that as it was terrifying to see her going crazy on the people she loves. Brady encourages that it’s not Marlena. Belle just can’t believe this is happening again as they heard the stories. Brady says John must be a wreck. Belle says that’s why she’s here to see him since she knows the one thing that will help John sleep easier is getting Brady out. Brady wants to know how Melinda could have him arrested when all the evidence is circumstantial. Belle reveals that Melinda was able to pull off something that changed everything. Brady asks if they found Philip’s body. Belle says no but in the eyes of the law, Philip Kiriakis is dead.

John questions Chloe revealing that Kate and Victor had Philip declared legally dead. John can understand Kate being out for blood but questions why Victor would agree. Chloe says she can’t understand anything Victor does. John argues that Victor had to know Melinda would use that against Brady and asks what is the matter with him. Chloe tries to encourage John to stay calm. John asks how to do that when his son was just arrested for murder and his wife is running around with the Devil in her.

Kate tells Philip that she’s had it with his cryptic riddles and asks how he got Brady from the Pub without anyone seeing him. Philip takes that as she is interested in his story. Philip explains that once he took Brady down, it was just a matter of dragging him in to the bushes. Kate comments on Philip being proud of himself. Philip says he’s just getting to the good part. Philip reveals that he took Brady’s credit card from his wallet and charged a bunch of shots from the Pub to his name. Kate remembers the police said Brady had three times the amount of legal alcohol in his system and asks how he managed that if Philip bought the alcohol. Philip says that was the easy part as he couldn’t exactly pour the liquor down his throat, so he injected it right in to his system. Kate worries that he could’ve killed Brady. Philip declares that was a risk he was willing to take.

Xander questions Rex saying he and Sarah have not been together since he left. Rex asks what he’s not getting and confirms that he and Sarah were never together. Xander says it doesn’t make any sense. Gwen wants to go but Xander insists. Rex tells Xander that it’s been special reconnecting about how Sarah dumped them both but they both have to go. Rex tells Gwen it was a pleasure to meet her and tells them to enjoy their trip as he then walks away. Gwen tries to leave but Xander calls out to Rex, questioning where the hell Sarah is if she’s not with him.

Brady tells Belle that he’s not surprised that Victor sold him out. Belle is sure Kate was the driving force. Brady says that explains why Melinda felt she had enough to arrest him. Belle says Melinda will do anything for a conviction. Brady asks how they avoid having him as another notch on her belt. Belle wants to go through the facts again. Belle states that the very last thing Brady remembers is picking up lunch for John at the Pub. Brady confirms he got a phone call and then it’s blank. Brady adds that he started to feel like he was regaining memories at the river but then Melinda showed up and arrested him. Brady says it was sketchy and just voices. Belle doesn’t think that will help. Brady wishes he had more to offer. Belle says they really need something concrete to help discredit all the circumstantial evidence they have. Brady guesses they would need an eye witness outside the Pub. Belle suggests maybe they do. Brady asks who since no one was there. Belle points out that the Pub has a security camera out front so maybe it caught what happened to him after he blacked out.

Kate questions if Philip didn’t care if he killed Brady. Philip says he wasn’t trying to kill him but he had to inject him with booze so he’d be drunk enough to start sending awful threatening text messages. Philip reveals he took Brady’s phone to send the texts to himself, making Brady sound like a murderous psycho who would stab his own uncle. Kate says she’s almost afraid to ask what he did next. Philip responds that he stuffed Brady in the trunk of his car and drove him to where he and Chloe planted their tree which he calls a joke now. Philip argues that Chloe was leading him on the whole time, so he left Brady’s watch there for her to find. Kate asks about him saying Brady destroyed their tree. Philip admits it wasn’t easy to make Chloe believe that. Kate realizes that Philip destroyed the tree himself, not Brady. Philip confirms that as he remarks that she knows him so well.

John tells Chloe that he appreciates everyone trying to take care of him but he just needs his family to be safe. Chloe says she can’t help him with Marlena but she can try to convince Kate to withdraw her request. John reminds her that Kate hates her guts. Chloe says the feeling is mutual but they both care about Philip and want to see whoever did this brought to justice. John asks if Chloe think there is no possibility that Brady might have done it. Chloe admits that in her heart, she thinks Brady is innocent. John says he does too and he just wanted to hear Chloe say it. Chloe is not sure she can convince Kate but she will try. John says Brady is lucky to have Chloe in his corner. Chloe cries that Brady has been there for her so many times that she owes it to him and Philip. Chloe says she will pray for John and wishes him luck with Marlena. John says he will call Steve for an update. John thanks Chloe for stopping by as she then exits. John calls Steve but it goes to voicemail. John decides he better try Kayla again.

Kayla questions why the Devil is here and what he wants with her. The Devil says ever since coming back to Salem, Kayla has been a thorn in his side along with Steve, Shawn, and Belle. Kayla argues that Belle loves Marlena with all her heart. The Devil remarks that he should’ve killed them when he figured they were trying to challenge his plans. Kayla argues that John defeated him before and will do it again. The Devil argues that John is not as strong as he used to be, while he has become so much stronger. Kayla says John is not alone in the fight as she won’t allow him to kill the people she loves. The Devil responds that he’s not going to kill anybody yet but he is going to put Shawn and Belle through a fate worse than death and Kayla will be the key to helping him do that. Kayla refuses to do anything to help him. Kayla’s phone rings but the Devil uses his power to have the phone tossed across the room. The Devil warns that now she’s really made him angry.

Kate can’t believe Philip would go this far to punish Brady. Philip says like mother, like son which Kate questions. Philip asks if he should call Vivian to ask her how far Kate has gone for vengeance. Kate calls Vivian a monster. Philip brings up Jake and Gabi and how Kate pretended to be blind to punish them. Kate says it’s not the same because she caused Jake to lose his job at DiMera, she didn’t frame a family member for murder by drugging them. Philip asks why they always take everyone else’s side. Philip questions if he made a mistake in trusting her. Kate says no and that it’s okay. Kate tells him to just finish his story. Philip continues explaining how he dragged Brady to the river side after Chloe left, then he took out the knife and cut his own hand with it as that was the only way to get Chloe and the police to believe that Brady murdered him. Philip adds that he smeared the blood all over the knife and Brady then carefully tracked blood down to the river and threw his prosthetic leg in to the middle of the river. Philip reveals he kept his old one when he got his replacement a few years ago which he calls pretty brilliant.

Belle goes to the Brady Pub and is surprised to find Rex. Belle tells him that she’s sorry about everything with Philip. Rex hears Belle is defending Brady which she confirms. Belle says she came to talk to Roman about checking the security footage from the night Philip disappeared. Rex informs her that Roman isn’t here. Belle asks if Rex could help her find it. Rex brings up that Philip is his brother while Belle is defending the guy who might have killed him. Belle assures that Brady didn’t kill anyone and it’s because Philip is Rex’s brother that he should want to help find out what happened to him.

Xander tells Gwen that everything he thought he knew about why Sarah left is a lie. Gwen supposes in the end, Sarah decided she wanted to be on her own. Xander gets why she would lie to him but questions why she would text Maggie that she was with Rex at Doctors Without Borders and that they were happy. Gwen asks if he’s sure that Maggie wasn’t just playing along to protect Sarah. Xander assures that Maggie believed Sarah was with Rex, just like he did. Gwen is sure there’s a logical explanation. Xander feels like he has to go talk to Maggie. Gwen doesn’t think they should worry her. Xander argues that Maggie’s daughter has been lying about where she is so something could be really wrong. Gwen says they don’t know that but if they don’t get to the airport, they won’t make it to London in time for the holidays. Xander declares they can’t possibly leave now as he has to find Sarah and talk to her directly. Xander states that Sarah lied to him about where she’s been and where she went, so he has to find out why.

Brady tries to remember what happened and recalls telling Philip to get his hands off of him. Belle comes back in to the room. Brady asks if she talked to Roman. Belle reveals that Roman wasn’t there so Rex tracked down the security footage, but someone erased it.

Kate tells Philip that she can’t wrap her head around the fact that Philip did all of this because of Chloe. Philip argues that he loved Chloe and she said she loved him too but they made a fool out of him. Philip adds that even Kate said she thought Chloe and Brady were sleeping together. Kate says she said that in hopes that he would break up with her, not do something crazy like this. Philip complains that Chloe lied to him over and over again. Philip says he watched them walk in to the Salem Inn together and then overheard them talking about having sex in the Basic Black board room. Philip thinks back to listening in on that conversation, which was about Rafe and Nicole, and tells Kate that Chloe made Brady promise not to tell anyone about their secret sex on the conference table which he calls humiliating. Kate says she never said he shouldn’t feel betrayed. Philip asks if they should just get to walk away from this. Philip argues that they are getting exactly what the deserve and they will never know that he’s behind it. Kate asks if Philip plans to stay dead forever. Philip says for now. Kate doesn’t think she can keep a secret like that. Philip argues that she can. Kate feels Victor deserves to know he’s alive. Philip says to hell with Victor since he told Chloe that he’s dead to him. Kate argues that Victor always says things like that. Kate reminds Philip of how many people love him and are mourning his death now. Chloe then knocks on the door, asking if Kate is inside as she needs to talk to her. Philip tells Kate not to answer the door.

John calls Kayla and leaves another message, saying he’s getting kind of worried as he’s trying to track Steve down for an update on Marlena. John asks her to call him back when she gets the message.

Kayla is knocked out on the floor of her office with blood on her head as her phone lies nearby and a chair is knocked over.

Devil Marlena has stolen Kayla’s key card and uses it to enter the Coma Unit of the hospital where Jan Spears lies in a coma. The Devil goes to Jan and declares that it’s time to wake up.

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