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[ Doorknob rattling ] The door won’t open. I think we’re stuck in here. It’s probably just jammed.

[ Sighs ]

[ Doorknob rattling ] It’s stuck. Way to mansplain, sherlock.

[ Clears throat ] It probably just needs some force. Excuse me, I am no weakling. It definitely feels like something’s blocking it. Okay, then, we will just have to keep pushing, then, won’t we? If my shoulder wasn’t bad… aw, geez.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Hi. I didn’t think you were working until this afternoon. I’m not. But I wanted to see you. Well, I wanted to see you, too. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us. So have I. Maybe it’s time to stop dancing around and just… acknowledge it. Stella. How nice to see you. Stella? Oh. I’m so sorry, dr. Robinson. I was just thinking about something. Have a seat. Oh, well, portia, please. Well, whatever’s on your mind must have been pretty important. You have no idea. Curtis: Hup! Hup! Hup! Nice. Nice. Though, remember to keep that opposite hand up. Mm. That’s what I keep telling him. Honestly, harmony, I have no idea why you even want to be friends with me. All I do is dump my emotional baggage on you. Don’t you have something you want to complain about? Oh, really, don’t worry about me. There’s not much going on in my life, but I get the feeling that is not the case with you, so come on, dump away. I’m here to listen if you need me. Oh, hey, honey. Thank you so much for rescheduling our meeting. It is impossible to get a doctor’s appointment during the holidays, I swear. Thank god the pediatric neurologist was able to reschedule leo, fit him in before new year’S. So ned’s gonna take leo over to G.H., And I’m gonna meet them later. Are you okay? I’ll keep you posted. I’m, uh… I’m a little nervous. I’m going to the hospital to see sasha. We can go together. I would really appreciate that. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. So, in the meantime, I need a distraction. What about you? How’s your life? What’s going on? I know that, uh, nina’s pretrial hearing is coming right up. I bet you cannot wait to see that woman go down for what she did to sonny.

[ Door closes ] Hey. N-need some help? I-I can do this. Thanks.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] Are you ready… to go to the nicu so we, uh… so we can… can what? Say goodbye to our son? No, brando, no. I am sorry, but I just can’t do that. Not now. Not ever.

Good morning to you, too, detective chase. Okay, would you mind just turning around, please? Oh, please. Are we better off now that I’ve seen…everything? You’re the one who told the entire world that we had a one-nighter. Okay, but I don’t think anyone’s going to quiz you on it.

[ Chuckles ] You’ve never been to a bottomless brunch with olivia. Hey, would you please just use your phone, call somebody to get us out of here? So, my phone is in my purse. My purse is outside.

[ Sighs ] Elizabeth: So… uh-huh. …About that kiss in your office… uh-huh. I was so surprised, I, um… I didn’t have the time to find my words. Well, I did kind of run out of there like my hair was on fire. That, too.

[ Chuckles ] I just — I figured you wanted your space. Instead of thinking I knew what you wanted, I should’ve just asked. So, what do you want, elizabeth? Olivia… I can’t see that woman without wanting to throttle her. I’m losing my mind. I’m having dreams about pummeling nina over and over again. Well… sometimes dreams really do come true.

[ Laughs ] Gladys: Sonny. Thank you for coming. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Oh, hello. Hi. Has there been any word about the baby? There has, though I’m not sure why you’re entitled to it after everything you’ve done. Gladys, nina’s here for sasha. We don’t need to hash all this out right — right now. Yeah. Okay? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I suppose — I suppose that’s right. Did brando talk to you about the baby’s condition? Uh… he said something about the baby… being without oxygen for so long. And that… because of that, my grandbaby… it’s all right. Come here. …He’S…

[ Sobs ] It’s all right. Sasha, I know how you feel. I do. I-I-I don’t want to say goodbye to liam, either. Then don’T. Don’T. As long as he is still breathing, okay, even with those machines, he is still with us. Our son is alive. Mnh. But, um… is he really, though? I-I’m not sure if what liam’s life would be is truly living. His heart is beating. Okay? That means that he is alive. Sasha, we — no, no.

[ Stammers ] Maybe it’s different for you. You know, you’ve got plenty of family and it’s growing by the day. B-but liam, he is my only flesh and blood. He is my baby. He’s my baby, too. And I’m only thinking about liam. Sash, we both want him here with us, okay? We want to love him and to hold him tight, but we have to think about what’s best for our son. Alright? And we — no. And what kind of life can he have if he’s on a ventilator? You know? Sasha? What are you doing

here? There’s no need for a showdown. I’ll go. Wait, uncle, I invited him here. I asked marshall to leave my family alone. Isn’t that tj’s choice? I’m his grandfather, and he wants to get to know me. I’m just trying to make up for lost time, curtis. You can’t reclaim lost time. By definition, it’s over. It’s gone. Now, you can make yourself useful by being straight with me for a change. How about that? Why don’t you tell us why you let us believe that you were dead? And where the hell have you been for the last 40 years?

Hello?! We are stuck in the steam room! Hello! It’s no use. Now, I can’t believe you left your phone outside. Yeah, I’m not exactly thrilled myself, even with your little striptease earlier. Okay, I am dressed appropriately for a men’s steam room. You’re the one who barged in fully clothed. You know, a steam room is a lot more tolerable if you weren’t fully clothed. Are you suggesting I strip down? We’d be on an even playing field. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? And speaking of being on an even playing field, you blew this whole thing up. I was handling my business. I was keeping bailey safe before you involved whatever kinky fantasy you have about me. Oh, my gosh! You know, it’s like whiplash talking to you. I mean, one second, you are grateful that I’m keeping your secret from valentin. And the next, you’re dragging me for doing it. The only thing being dragged is my name through the mud. Who cares? Brook lynn, who cares? You needed someone to help you, so I did. Why does it matter what people think about how things went down between us? Because this lie gives everyone permission to believe every horrible thing they’ve ever thought about me is true. Here’s the thing. Everyone wanted me to plead out, but I insisted on taking my lumps and doing penance. Then I was given a shortcut, and I took it. Everyone thinks that I should be grateful. But the truth is — you’re not. And you can’T. Because you feel like redemption was unearned.

[ Sighs ] How are you doing? I think I’m doing fine. Some things are still fuzzy, but I-I have been practicing self-care, and trying my best to stay calm. Good, good. Curtis didn’t even tell me that you were in town. Oh, I’m not surprised. He’s got so much on his plate these days. And not just the savoy. Oh. You know that marshall is alive and in town. Okay, let’s just go somewhere where we can talk things out. T, I’m done talking. It’s his turn to start talking now. What can I say that can justify my walking away from my family? You already said there’s no way I can bring back lost time. I know you want answers, curtis, but there’s no excuse — no excuse for me not being there while you were growing up. Well, at least we agree on something. Great. Then let’s start there. We agree. The past can never be made right. But we can focus on rebuilding a future together instead, can’t we? Gladys: Brando.

[ Sighs ] We still need to decide what’s best for liam. I was trying to talk to her, and sasha just walked out. She’s probably at the nicu. I wasn’t sure if I should go after her. I mean, I know she needs time, but I don’t think she should be alone. Hey, you know, you should just stay with your mom, and I’ll go. I’ll go keep an eye on her. I don’t want to upset her. You sure you don’t mind? Yeah, yeah. She shouldn’t be alone. Alright? Thank you. Oh, honey. I just don’t know, mom. Sasha isn’t sure what to do with liam, either, and I’M… I thought that I knew, but now I just, like… I’m — I’m questioning what the right thing to do is, myself, you know? Oh. Sasha: You know me. Don’t you, liam? You know my scent. You know my touch. I cradled you nearly the entire time you were in my belly.

[ Chuckles ] Like this.

[ Crying ] I know that you could feel me then. And I believe that you can feel me now, too.

[ Sniffles ] You have to know that your mommy is here with you. In your [Sniffles] Tiny, little heart… you have to know that you are not alone in the world, liam. Mommy’s here.

[ Sniffling ] Sasha. I was wondering if you want some company. Well, that depends. Are you here to tell me that I’m being selfish for not wanting to let my baby die? No, I would — I would never say that. I know how difficult it is to lose someone, someone you love.

You want me to get lost. I just thought maybe you’d want someone to be with you. He really is beautiful. I really hope that he knows I’m here. Yeah, I’m sure he does. Love’s powerful. I saw that my last days of my dad’s life. I see. My dad didn’t go through what liam’s going through. As a matter of fact, I just want to say that naming him liam mike was great. My father would love that. It’s become a real family name, hasn’t it?

[ Chuckling ] You know, I had a complicated relationship with my father. But I was very grateful that, the last couple years, that we reconnected. We had a great time, and it meant the world to us. But the illness was gonna prevail. In the end… he accepted it… …before, uh — before I did. Before I could. Um… at least you had that time with him. Yeah. My baby hasn’t even opened his eyes and looked at me. He hasn’t seen me smile at him… or felt me hold him in my arms.

[ Sighs ] I just pray that he recognizes my voice when I tell him that I’m here and that I love him. I don’t want to accept this. It’s not fair. Other people get — get miracles. Why can’t he get one? You know, I-I felt the same way about my dad. I wanted, you know, any way out, a miracle or a cure.

[ Sighs deeply ] And when I, uh — I knew that there wasn’t gonna be one, I had to make the decision. Put him on a feeding tube, or, you know — on a feeding tube or let him go. And it — it was the decision that I just… I couldn’t make, I could not bring myself to do because I had just gotten back together with him, and I felt — felt like I was giving up on him. How did you decide? You know, I, uh… I asked myself a question. Is prolonging my dad’s life the best thing for him… …or am I just afraid to have to deal with the pain?

[ Sobs ] I understand sasha’s in pain, but you are, too. She shouldn’t attack you. Sasha wasn’t attacking me, ma. Um, dr. Fleming is looking for you. If you’ve decided to keep the baby on a ventilator, we need to find an appropriate facility. Sasha needs to be in on this. Mom. Mom, wait. Hey, mom, give her a minute, please. Hey, brando, brando. Wait. Just let her go. Let her go. Your — your mom’s hurting, too. This is the way she’s coping. Come on. Let’s have a seat. Come on. Let’s sit down. It’s okay. You know, sonny’s with sasha, so he’s not gonna let gladys upset her. It’s okay. Just, sasha thinks it’s easier for me to let go because I have family and she doesn’T. Maybe she’s right not to give up hope. I mean, look at you. You were in long-term care, and you’re thriving now. Maybe — maybe my son, maybe liam, he can — he could have a life after all, like you. You know, it’s a lovely dream, but it’s one I’m gonna have to let go of because I’m trying to honor sonny’s wishes and not escalate things. I’m just hoping that the court will deal with nina.

[ Laughs ] What?

[ Snorts ] Uh… nothing. It’s just that it’s not in your nature.

[ Sighs ] Compartmentalizing it? That’s in sonny’s nature. That’s why the man can go to mass every sunday and still do whatever it is that he does for a living. But — but — but for better or for worse, that’s not you. You take action. You say what’s on your mind. You don’t bottle things up. This morning I told you if we got married,

I don’t think either one of us is expecting a lifetime commitment right now. But I’m not looking for something frivolous, either. I don’t want that. And I have violet to think about. She’s already over the moon about the two of us, and I have to very carefully manage her expectations going forward. Yeah, well, she’s not the only one confused. I haven’t even taken off my wedding ring. You’re right. It’s too soon. Forgive me if I…pressured you. You know, if you’re not ready, that’s okay. That’s good. Um… things don’t have to change between us. But I want to be ready. Because I’ve grown to care a lot about you. You had the right idea before. You should leave. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Uncle. Hey, come on. It’s fine. It’s fine, tj. Thank you for the invitation. I’ll see you guys around. You know that wasn’t your place, right? I know you might not want to know the guy, but i do. Tj, I’ve been in this game a lot longer than you, okay? So I need you to hear me. I need you to stay away from marshall. Just keep your distance until I check him out. If I find out that he’s all good and he’s no danger, then I’ll stay out of your way, okay? Alright. But what if you find out something, I don’t know, troubling? Then I’ll be damned if I let him hurt my family again. I stopped by the club last night to see curtis. And who should show up but marshall.

[ Sighs ] Are you okay? Seeing marshall alive must have brought up some painful memories for you. Yes, it does. But, look, I-I don’t want to keep you. You’re not. You’re not keeping me. I had a breakfast consult. It’s all over now. I can stay longer if — if you would like to talk. No, no. I know you’re needed at the hospital…

[ Chuckles ] …And I’m truly fine. You can go ahead. I’ll — I’ll see you soon. Okay. Alright. You take care. You, too. -I know you know. -Mm-hmm. Yeah, I do. I took a — I took a deal, too, remember? I told myself it was for the right reasons, that it was to look out for wiley and willow, but it was just an excuse. And even now, I feel like my purification cycle is incomplete. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And everyone thinks we’re nuts. Well, I don’T.

[ Both chuckle ] Alright, I’m gonna take my nutty self home and make some lunch. If you’d like to join me, I have an enclosed porch that I have to sit on because the rest of my house is commandeered by molly and tj in the living room and kristina in the other.

[ Sighs ] I forgot she was one of your dod victims. And the reason that I was in prison in the first place. Yeah. I thought I-I was motivated by love. I was so wrapped up in my own pain that I forgot that my dad had pain. He wanted to go, and he hung on for me. And it was up to me to give him the permission to go because I-I loved him too much… to leave him that way. So you let love decide. Well, I can’t tell you what to do. I made peace with that decision a long time ago, and I believe it’s the right one, but I’m not 100% sure. Not in this life, at least. Sasha? Dr. Fleming is looking for you and brando.

[ Sighs ] She wants us to make a decision, doesn’t she? Arrangements need to be made if you’re sending liam to a facility or… whatever you and brando decide, we got you.

I need to find brando. Thank you. You’re wrong, you know. Yeah. About what? I know you made the right decision about mike. You did right by him, sonny. Never forget that. Thank you. Now, would it kill you to give me some privacy?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I will take your word for it. If you think that you can keep bottling all these feelings up, then more power to you. But just know that trying to push all these feelings down is liable to make someone crack. I can bide my time until nina’s brought to justice, as long as she stays away from my family. What you and sasha are facing is unimaginable. And of course you’re looking for anything and everything to bring you a little bit of hope. Brando, I’m sorry. I’m not it. My situation was different than what your little liam is facing. I was able to breathe on my own. It’s a lot different than having a machine breathe for you. I don’t think the doctors would mislead you on liam’s condition and prognosis. They want to give you a happy ending just as much as you want to hear one. And if they could have found a way to give that to you… I wish they could. Yeah, me, too. Now is the time for you and sasha to come together. You have a big decision ahead of you. So, you know what I want you to do? I want you to scream, and I want you to cry. Maybe even pray. But you make that decision together. And whatever decision you make, we will all be there for you every step of the way. Thank you. The way I feel about you scares me. What if things don’t work out? I’m terrified of losing you. I ain’t going anywhere. You’re not getting rid of me that easy.

[ Chuckles ] In case it wasn’t clear, I feel the same way. I really care about you. And no matter how this winds up, my world is so much better for having you in it. Mine too. Here I am trying to protect my family’s legacy, and all I’m getting is shame and grief. And it’s so much more than that now. I just — I have to protect bailey. Nothing is more important than that, so I will just keep on taking the insults and bearing them. That’s it.

[ Sighs ] Hey. For what it’s worth, I recognize your sacrifice. Doing the right thing when it costs you, it’s a very brave thing. Brave? Yeah, brave. Look, the only reason that I stepped up when I figured it out is because I saw what you were about. I believed in you. And I see you… brook lynn. Yeah. You do, don’t you?

[ Doorknob rattles ] You were both trapped in here? The manager said nobody was in here, so I pressed my floor buffer against the wall, and I — well, you should be more careful next time. I should warn you, the, uh, hot water’s out. Hope you don’t mind cold showers. Not a problem. So, what happens next?

[ Pager beeping ] Excuse me. I have an emergency. I’m needed upstairs. I’m not gonna press the issue until you’re ready. But if and when you are, if you want to see where this could go… so do I. I may have gotten a little ahead of myself, harmony. It would be inappropriate for me to invite you to my home. Yeah. Alexis, honestly, you don’t — you don’t need to explain. It’s fine. Maybe some friendships, uh, in prison are just meant to stay there. I’m really sorry. Me, too. So have a good life and, uh… just take care of yourself.

[ Sighs ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hi. Hi. What are you doing here? Well, you know, I just dropped off tj. I thought I’d come and see you. Oh. Well, I’m glad you did. I saw stella today at the metro court, and we talked about marshall. You did? She made it out like she was okay, but I got the feeling she was a bit shaken up about everything. Yeah, I ran into marshall today with tj. Any luck getting any answers out of him? No. But he was right about one thing. There’s nothing he’d say that could ever excuse him letting us believe that he was dead this whole time. I got your message. Yeah, it’s just the two of us now. So let’s put all the cards on the table, shall we? Did you find sasha? Uh, yeah, she’s in her room. She’s looking for you. Thank you. And thank you, too, nina. How’s sasha? Uh, as well as to be expected. How are you? Well, this just hits home. Because it just reminds me of when I said goodbye to my father, mike. I don’t know if I told you, but before I ended up in nixon falls, I was dying in the woods. And I saw my father. He saved my life. He probably knew that you’d have to be here for your family right now. Or maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that I ended up in nixon falls… and my name was mike and I was a lot like him. My dad. Brando: Sasha?

[ Sasha cries softly ] Hi. Hi.

[ Door closes ] Um… I’ve been doing some thinking. So have I.

[ Sobbing ] When we went back home to port charles and you said that the man you were in nixon falls wasn’t real, he was. He is. They’re one and the same. Both mike and sonny… are men that your dad would be very, very proud of.

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