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 you were right. I should have taken it easy, like you said. Just so frustrated about being on suspension. Now this is where you say, “you shouldn’t have punched valentin, chase.” Come on. I know you got an “i told you so” locked and loaded. Are you, um… implying I like to rub it in when you blow it? No, I’m saying you’re a know-it-all. You never miss an opportunity to trash-talk me. Obviously, something’s on your mind.

[ Scoffs ] You have got to be kidding me. Ugh. Terry: What’s going on? Stacey canceled the yoga class. It’s been a week since I’ve been able to take a class, and now it’s canceled? I was looking forward to it, too. Well… it looks like we have the room. And you are just as good as stacey. Why don’t you lead us through a class? Really? You think I’m that good? Absolutely. Tell her, elizabeth. Anything you need to move forward, I’m right here. Portia: Elizabeth? What? Are you up for a do-it-ourselves yoga class? Oh, I-I mean, I don’t — I don’t know. I-I guess. I think she’s gone straight to the meditation phase.

[ Chuckles ] What’s your mantra? I still can’t believe brad was paroled. Yeah. I wanted to throw the phone after I got the call last night. I don’t understand. After hearing your statement, I was totally convinced that brad would and should remain in prison through the end of his sentence. Well, ms. Wu had more pull than I realized. She obviously got to the parole board. It was a done deal before the hearing even began. It’s a good thing you suggested kelly’S. If we’d stayed home, wiley might have picked up on our anger. Lord knows we’ve had to sit on it a lot these last few weeks.

[ Both sigh ] We’re just going to have to figure out a way to make peace with brad being back in port charles. How long until he’s released? Uh, they told me within a few days. Whenever it is, brad better not come anywhere near wiley. Um, yeah, I-I’m not really feeling this. Uh, walking into carly corinthos’ restaurant right after being released is not a good look. Hold your head high. Sonny corinthos and i have an agreement. You do? About me? You have nothing to fear from sonny or his family as long as you don’t attempt to see wiley. Okay, I-I know I have no place in wiley’s life. And the last thing I want to do is cause him any more harm. I’m just grateful to have a fresh start, and I’m grateful for your help in making this happen, although I don’t know whether to call you ms. Wu or — or auntie. I mean, we’ve never even spoken before yesterday, but here you are collecting me from prison and taking me to breakfast. Call me aunt selina. That’s what I am. You’re my brother’s son. Since you were adopted, I wanted to respect your adoptive parents, but I’ve always kept tabs on you. So why have you reached out now? Well, it became clear you needed help when you went to prison. Now that you’re out, I can help you get back on your feet. Arrange for you to have a place to stay and a job. Wow. Thank you, but I fully — I see great potential in you, bradley, potential I want to encourage, if you listen to me. Britt! Brad?!

[ Laughs ] Hi! Whoa, what’s all this? Sam’s here, and is that molly? In the daylight? I must be hallucinating. Okay, yes, I know I’ve been working a lot, but this is my first solo trial, and I have to be ready. Alexis: I’m so proud of you. Really. I remember, oh, my first trial, how excited I was. I worked for days, for weeks. It’s — and I will have that enthusiasm again about something else when I — when I find the right fit. You know, I feel that rush when a case starts to come together. Maybe you will learn to love it as much as I do. Whoa, wait, you’re going to be a P.I.? You and sam are going to be working together? We’re thinking about it. Could be interesting. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Why did you choose an outdoor holiday fair when we could be inside the, uh, nice, cozy, warm restaurant?

[ Chuckles ] I like supporting the local artisans. And once I’m shopping, I won’t feel the cold. But if you’re cold, you can take off. Ah, I’m — I’m in no hurry, as long as I get to keep my arms around you. Aww. But then I’ll feel guilty, enticing you to slack off work. Entice away.

[ Laughs ] Go. I’m fine. Olivia should be here any minute. Well, have fun shopping. Thank you. Olivia: Oh, hey. Hey, honey, I’m here. I’m here. So sorry I’m late, but look who I found.

[ Laughs ] I just love a holiday fair. Mind if I tag along? The more, the merrier, right?

[ Both chuckle ] Oh, it’s so good to see you.

[ Both laugh ] When did you get out? This morning. I missed you at the hearing yesterday. Why weren’t you there? I m-meant to come, but there was a sensitive situation at the hospital, so… very sad, actually. But I guess my letter of support made a good impression on the parole board? Made an impression on me, too. And I’m gonna try to live up to those words. I know you will. Selina: Bradley, our table is ready. Oh, uh, right, uh, ms. — Uh, aunt selina, this is my best friend, britt westbourne. I’m very well aware of who dr. Westbourne is. Britt: You want me to abandon brad? I appreciate you looking after him now and then, but you’re no longer needed. Yeah, I had an interesting conversation with your aunt the other day. Yes. Our table is ready. And I don’t want to keep you. I’m sure you must be very busy. Um, actually, I have nowhere pressing to be, especially when my best friend just got out of prison.

[ Both laugh ] Whoa! Have you been working out? Stop. Come here, girl. Oh! I’ve missed you so much. Are you with me? Uh-huh. Yeah, I’m listening. I’m listening. Uh… valentin, right? Valentin. Well, who doesn’t want to punch that guy in the face? I’ve wanted to punch him a few times myself.

[ Chuckles ] I just hate knowing that I have six months of suspension ahead. I was just about to get out from behind a desk. I know. But, you know, isn’t it really the perfect time? You get to spend all this really good time with your new baby girl. Think about it. You know, I — I remember how things were with willow, right? There was a little tension there about you weren’t sure if you wanted to have kids or not. Now look at you. You and brook lynn, you have a beautiful daughter together. I mean, that’s got to be a lot to process, bro. Finn, stop. Stop looking for something that isn’t there. Bailey, she’s an amazing, beautiful, precious baby. And when I hold her, I want — I want nothing more than to protect her with my life. That — that sounds good. Yeah, but it seems like when you talk about your feelings about your daughter, you’re holding a lot of stuff inside. And, look, if you’re having doubts about being a father, that happens to all of us. You can talk to me. Actually, we were just looking over a missing person’s case. Todd worth’s daughter. Actually, it’s more of an estrangement than a missing person. Todd worth. Todd worth. Why do I know that name? ‘Cause he’s the cfo of d&e shipping partners. Were you aware? Yeah. So? Well, h-his company was responsible for the big oil spill in the arctic. D&e shipping partners have a horrible environmental record. I am kind of surprised you took him on as a client. I’m working for worth, not d&e shipping partners. Right, but what if he’s using you to find the whistleblower, claiming that she’s his daughter so you’ll find her? Do you think that I haven’t vetted my client to make sure that the daughter was real? Mom, I know how to do my job. Hmm. Three minutes. Longer than I thought.

Elizabeth, something is obviously on your mind. Are you sure you’re up for this today? Yeah, yeah, I-I am. I need this. Yesterday was an intense day. I can only imagine, especially with peter august being brought in while you were working. That must have been jarring to see him. Okay. Palms together. Interlock the fingers. We’re reaching down and up. Stretch. And release those arms slowly to the sides. Finn: Elizabeth. I reacted badly.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. I wish I could have been there with you to support you. Me, too. It’s okay. Finn was there. He was very supportive and understanding. I felt like I could lean on him. Uh-huh. Sounds like the two of you are getting closer. I-I knew something was going on between you two. Well? I kissed him.

[ Both gasp ] Mm, highly recommend the french toast or the eggs benedict and the — whatever you’re about to say, yes. Everything looks amazing. I’m here for all of these things.

[ Laughs ] Watch out. You don’t want to ruin that beach bod you been working at.

[ Chuckling ] True.

[ Clears throat ] So, have you found a place to live? My nephew will be staying with me. Uh, for the time being. Mm. How generous. Mm, I cannot wait for you to catch me up on all the G.H. Goss. Uh, speaking of which, is, um… lucas seeing anyone? Bradley, it’s important for you to look forward, not backward. Who your ex-husband is seeing shouldn’t matter to you now. I agree, brad. You know I understand how hard it is to let go. But that’s what you should do now. Finally and completely. That means no holding out for hope, my friend. I know. I know lucas and I are over. What I did was unforgivable. Lying to him, to — to everyone about wiley being our son. Hey, hey. Just let it go. Guilt, the shame. I know you can get through this. And in time, people will forget all about what happened.

[ Elevator doors open ] Okay. What the hell are you doing here? I love this time of year, especially now with wiley. Oh, yeah, I’ve always loved christmas, especially when there’s little ones around. I already got all my christmas shopping done, but there’s always room for some stocking stuffers, right? Or that special something that catches your eye. Brook lynn: Have you bought a gift for monica yet? She’s always the hardest to shop for, but maybe if we put our heads together — michael and I already have something for monica. Oh, okay. Guess I’m on my own. Well, what about leo? He won’t stop talking to me about octopuses — well, octopi. I just want to get him, like, a cool t-shirt or something. Yeah, I know, he talked to me about it, too. You could try an online shop, I guess. Right. Okay. Okay, ladies, what’s going on between the two of you?

[ Sighs ] Willow hates me because of chase.

[ Scoffs ] You mean that willow is upset because you lied about bailey being valentin’s child when, in fact, it was chase’s daughter? Yes, that. I’m still processing. It’s hard coming to terms with what you put valentin and chase through. The whole family, actually. You said you’d get over it. Yesterday. It’s going to take more than a day for me to work it out, brook lynn.

[ Both sigh ] You just had to push it. That’s why you’re here now, isn’t it — ’cause you — you knew that i was coming here to meet willow. That’s why you practically knocked me down waving your arms around in the parking lot. I just want us all to get along for christmas. Yeah, I want us to get along for christmas, too. For all the holidays, actually. But it seems like maybe it’s an impossible dream when you’re a quartermaine. But you’ve forgiven me. I am being cool in the spirit of the season. I have not forgotten what you’ve done. And you can’t expect anybody, willow included, to just shrug their shoulders and go, “oh, well.” Okay, we are here to shop. I’m going to start over there. Uh, no. Let’s get everything out in the open. I have said everything I need to say. There is no room for you to judge me. You cheated on chase while you were still married to him.

you to knowthat I think you are such a competent and such a responsible P.I. A-and what you do, it’s just so necessary and important. You know, mom, you don’t have to placate me. I know that I’m good at my job, and I like what I’m doing. You’re terrific at your job. Not just good — terrific.

[ Sighs ] I’m oversensitive. I-I just don’t want you to wind up like me, ending up making the wrong choice, thinking you’re doing the right thing. What are you saying, mom? I just don’t trust my judgment right now, that’s all.

[ Sighs ] I lost my law license over neil. What was I thinking, right? So, you know, I get self-destructive when things get normal. Normal isn’t normal to me. Well, do you think that you’re the same person that you were when that happened? I’ve been through a lot, so probably no. So chances are you wouldn’t make the same mistakes, right? I mean, if a small child can learn not to touch a hot stove after burning themselves once or twice, I would think that your life lessons could impart some wisdom. One would think. No matter what, I will never be as wise as my “soon to be victorious in court” daughter.

[ Sighs ] You are such a show-off. What? Me? Yes, you.

[ Chuckles ] I got out this morning. My release was expedited. Yeah. And what did you do to leverage the parole board? Selina: I assure you, I did nothing. Yeah, we’ll see. And you had the audacity to come to my mother’s restaurant? Carly is the co-owner of this establishment. And the two of us are friends. Michael, can I speak to you for a moment, privately? Oh, yeah, most definitely. So what’s — what’s really going on here? Why are you using brad? If you’re trying to stick it to carly and sonny, clearly, you have no idea who you’re messing with. I thought I’d made my wishes clear. You have no place in my nephew’s fresh start. Yet here you are crashing our breakfast. Seems like we have a problem. You know, finding out you’re a father, it’s — it’s overwhelming, especially when you didn’t have nine months to wrap your head around it. No, it’s not that, I swear. I’m good with being bailey’s father. I know she needs me, and I want nothing more than to be there for her. In fact, I’m honored. Honored? Well, that’s one way of looking at it. A little detached, but honored is good. Okay, is there anything I can say to get you off of this? Okay. Alright, mr. Sensitive. I, uh — no more questions, alright? Well, just one. When do we get to meet her? I mean, dad and jackie would be on a plane so fast, it’d make your head spin back here. Which is precisely why I haven’t told them. Look, I’m — we are still settling in, and the quartermaines are a lot to handle. But I promise I will tell my mom and dad. Okay. Well, what about — what about violet? She was talking again last night about a baby sister. It’s her new favorite subject. Really? ‘Cause last time I talked to violet, she was going on about you and elizabeth. Something about wishing on a wishbone at thanksgiving? I’m sorry. Weren’t we talking about bailey? Actually, no. Now we’re talking about violet.

[ Sighs ] And you and elizabeth. How’s that? How’s that? Honestly, I — I don’t know how that is. I don’t even know what to say. I… there was one thing. She kissed me. That’s what I’m talking about. Go after what you want.

[ Chuckles ] If that is what you really want. I didn’t plan on kissing finn. It just happened. I think he was as surprised as I was. And then I ran out of his office. Oh. Well, I’ve been known to make a hasty exit, too. But if you would have stayed, maybe you guys — he would have kissed you back. That’s not where I was going with this. Well, we’ll never know, because all I could think about was getting out of there. Okay, I hear you. But maybe this is about more than just a kiss. I notice you’re still wearing your wedding ring. Yeah. I haven’t been able to take it off. I still love franco. I always will. Of course you do. That’s perfectly understandable and healthy. So should I be getting involved with finn if I still feel this way? You’re right. I wronged chase. I’m guilty of living a lie. Good. Then you realize you’re in no position to throw stones. My reasons for marrying and staying married to chase were a lot more complicated, and you know it. How do you know mine weren’t? Okay, okay, ladies, we’re standing out in the middle of rice plaza right now. Let’s just say that nobody has any room to throw stones at anybody else. Brook lynn, I personally feel that your lie had a bigger effect on the family as a whole. You may need to work a little bit harder to regain the family’s trust. I just wish for once, I would be the one to get the benefit of the doubt, especially because I was just doing what I thought was right for the family and to protect bailey. How could passing bailey off as valentin’s daughter ever be the right thing to do? How is that protecting her? You weren’t in my shoes, so you’ll never know what you would have done. Well, I know that I went to jail rather than tell shiloh where to find my son. You used your daughter as a bargaining chip. Oh, never mind. You’re right. You’re all right. Willow’s a better person than me. I’m just the family screw-up. Okay, okay, ladies, everyone just take it easy, okay? I didn’t pick this fight. Alright. But maybe we all just need to take a breath and cool down. Wow. Okay. Well, you still in the mood to christmas shop? I just need a minute. Okay, honey. I’ll be right over there, okay? Okay.

[ Sighs ] Willow? Hi.

What you guys are saying is true. After franco’s funeral, I felt like I was walking through a nightmare. Life didn’t feel real. And then I had to snap back for my boys, and it was off to the races. I mean, not that I didn’t welcome it — anything to keep me busy, anything to keep me from feeling the emptiness I felt when I closed my bedroom door. I even slept on the couch for a while, until I realized it was making jake and aiden really sad to find their mom there. You’re such a good mother. And you’re more than that, too. You’re a woman with needs, and being loved and letting yourself be loved is one of them. But is it fair to get involved with finn? Fair to whom? Um, finn? Franco? Myself? I don’t know. I don’t know what to feel and think right now. I am just so confused. That’s completely understandable. But as long as you’re figuring it out, there’s nothing wrong with taking it slow. Oh, well, there’s slow, and then there’s glacial. Okay, but that’s what I mean by fair. Should I be stringing finn along while I’m trying to figure things out? Finn is a grown man.

[ Chuckles ] And he can make his own decisions. It sounds to me like he’s decided that you’re worth the wait. No matter how long? Well — hey, I can see the two of you when you’re together. You both light up. There’s obviously a connection. I think if you’re honest with each other and talk about your feelings and concerns, it’s gonna work out the way it’s supposed to. What if we can’t? Talk about our feelings and concerns? Why would you think that? Because after I kissed him, neither of us knew what to say. I’m glad you and elizabeth are moving forward. Violet must be thrilled. Violet may be jumping ahead a few steps. What do you mean? You just said elizabeth kissed you. I mean, clearly, things are moving in the right direction. I don’t know. What’s the problem? Talk to me. I have no idea what the kiss meant to elizabeth. I — why? She go around kissing people all the time? I would hope not. No, of course not. She — it’s just, she was emotional at the time. She was going through something heavy, and then afterwards, she… ran away. Oh. Alright, well, that’s not the best response. No. No, it isn’T. Not good at all. Um, and now I’m just wondering if she didn’t feel like she got caught up in the moment and… now she regrets it. No. Absolutely not. I am not letting you do this again. Oh. Hi. I’m sorry, honey. You know what? I didn’t mean to bother you.

[ Chuckles ] No, wait. I’m sorry. I’m not — I’m not mad at you. I just…had a thing.

[ Sighs ] It’s good to see you. Really?

[ Sighs ] I’m really glad to see you, too. Um… I hope you don’t mind, but, uh, I couldn’t resist, and I got a gift for wiley. So, you know, you can tell him it’s from santa or whatever makes you comfortable. No, no, I’m not going to pretend you don’t exist for wiley. I want him to know his family, especially now that his other grandmother won’t be anywhere around him this year. Alright. What did I miss? Just a crisis of confidence. I’m all better. Okay, thanks for trying to help. Clearly, this P.I. Thing is not a good idea. Well, that means you’re not busy, right? You can look over my opening statement? Oh, honey, you don’t want my two cents. Uh, mom, I would love your two cents. Your 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents — s-stop — stop before she makes it to a dollar, please. Mom, you are the most amazing lawyer that I have ever known. Okay, stop. Hand it to me. Thank you. Thank you. Awesome. I thought you were an intelligent person, dr. Westbourne. Was I mistaken? Not at all. I am intelligent. And brave, loyal, and amazingly resourceful. That’s why I have no intention of abandoning my best friend. Bradley is with his family now. We’ll provide for him. A family he’s known all of, what, 48 hours? Come on. Let’s be real. Brad barely knows you. It’s time that changed. I don’t want any trouble with you or with your family. Oh, yeah? Then why have breakfast at my mother’s restaurant? That was my aunt selina’s idea, not mine. You know, your aunt selina has taken quite an interest in you. What — what does she expect in return? I’m not sure. I’m — I’m just glad to be out. Look. We both know that your father could have blocked my parole if he wanted to, but he didn’T. For whatever reason, sonny’s giving me a second chance. You are only out as a transactional arrangement between your aunt and my father. Right. Bottom line is my dad made a deal, but I didn’T. You get no second chances with me.

How have you been doing? Keeping busy. I’m enjoying my work at spring ridge, actually. Is that it, just work?

[ Chuckles ] Well, what else is there? Well, it’s good to have a social life, too. Don’t you have any friends? Mm, I tend to keep to myself. You know, my — my friend group was a little limited to begin with. And then after I got out of prison and dawn of day dissolved, I opted to stay away from that crowd, you know. Good decision. Mm-hmm. Still, it must have been lonely. Oh, don’t worry about me, willow. Yeah, I needed to focus on myself without distractions. And, you know, I respected your need for space, so don’t think I’m trying to make you feel bad or anything. I support the decisions that, you know, you made for yourself and wiley. I still — I’m sorry I overstepped and showed up at his birthday. We’re past it now. I’m happy you’re doing so well with michael and making a loving home for wiley. It’s important that we live our truth, isn’t it? And that’s what I intend to do. I want more out of life, and I feel more sure of myself. So, hopefully, when you’re comfortable, I’d like to have a relationship with my grandson and my daughter. You think that might be — be possible? Michael, I swear to you. If I even see wiley, I will turn around and go the other way. Never speak my son’s name again. Or I will end you. Where’s brad? Processing. I gave him a lot to think about.

[ Sighs ] Excuse me. You know, bringing brad to my mother’s restaurant was a sign of disrespect. You’d be wise to remember that. Mr. Corinthos, are you threatening me? I remember obsessing over a spontaneous kiss I gave curtis. I was mortified, and I bolted, too. Terry: Just talk to finn, biz. And say what? I didn’t know what to say then. I obviously don’t have the words now. God, it’s gonna be so awkward the next time I see him. You’re overthinking things. You probably both feel the same way. Terry’s right. Curtis wanted to talk about it just as much as I did. What did you say? We both said what we were feeling.

[ Sighs ] It’s all the what-ifs and the worst-case scenarios rolling around in your mind that will drive you crazy. You don’t need yoga to be still and listen to your heart. You just have to trust what’s there. It won’t steer you wrong. Great job laying out the evidence, but don’t get too detailed, ’cause it’s just the opening. Right. And I think admitting that the neighbor is an unreliable witness, that’s kind of gutsy. Well, I know, but the defense is gonna go after her, and I was trying to draw the — no, no, no, no. It’s a good strategy. It is. But, um, maybe if you… just ignore me. You’ve got your own style, honey. Really. You got this. You’re gonna be great. Really? Mom, thank you. It is so good to have you back. I second that. I third it. And, mom, if private investigation isn’t your thing, I’m sure we can come up with something that you will enjoy. Unless you want to chill. I mean, you just got out. There’s no rush. You know, maybe you should just take your time. Mm. I have an errand to run. Wait, I-I thought you said you had the morning free. Mm, I forgot that I had something I got to do, and I could use a little fresh air. But thank you, guys. Oh, thank you so much for everything, for your help, for the food, for your love. We do love you. And we support you. And we’re here for you. I know that. Whatever you need. I love you. I love you. -Love you. -Love you. Okay. Bye. Okay, we need to get a few things straight. Look, I get why you’re gun-shy with how things ended with anna, but I’m not gonna let you talk yourself out of something potentially great with elizabeth, for both you and violet. That’s exactly what I have to be more careful this time, alright? Violet is becoming very attached to elizabeth. As are you. It’s why that kiss rattled you so much. Ah, it’s just so confusing.

[ Sighs ] Elizabeth, she’s become this — this really, really good friend, and we work together. We work really well together. I don’t want to ruin all that. So that’s why you let her run out without following her? First, I was in shock, you know? I mean… her lips… and then second, I didn’t want to push. Okay, well, there’s — there’s pushing her away, and there’s letting her know you’re still interested. You deserve to be happy, finn. Doesn’t elizabeth make you happy?

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] There you are. Why haven’t you answered any of my texts? Because I don’t keep my phone on me in the steam room. You know, the men’s steam room, the place you really shouldn’t be in? I’ve seen it all before. Well, that may be true with chase, but — never mind. I’m leaving. Hey, you know, um… my brother’s a good man. Bailey’s lucky to have him as her father. You never should have kept her from him. Message received, over and over. Your towel is slipping. Oh. That. That is exactly the problem. What are you talking about? You need to defend me.

I’m not sure what to make ofmy aunt’s sudden interest in me. She’s kind of scary. I think she’s definitely used to getting her own way. Yeah. When we had our little chat, she threatened me, telling me I should stay away from you. Are you gonna listen? Mm… of course not.

[ Laughs ] You forget yourself. There’s an agreement in place with your father. No retaliation against my nephew. Well, the agreement only lasts as long as brad stays away from my family. Hey. Ladies, everything okay over here? Yeah, yeah. My mom and i were just getting caught up. Okay. I’ll find you in a minute. Okay. It’s really nice to hear you call me mom again. Um, here’s wiley’s present. Uh, keep it. Maybe we can arrange a time when you can give it to him yourself.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, anytime. I have zero plans.

[ Chuckles ] You’ll be alone during the holidays? Oh, my gosh. I’m fine, willow, really. I’ll just be counting down the days until I can see my grandson. I’ll speak with michael, and I’ll let you know when we can set up a visit.

[ Sighs ] Thank you, baby. You have given me the best present of all. Bye, mom. Bye. Hi. Hi. I thought you weren’t working until this afternoon. I’m not. But I wanted to see you. Oh, you guys, I didn’t expect mom to sign on as a partner forever. I just wanted to give her something to do. She’s floundering without a purpose. Well, I wish you would have given us a clue. I wouldn’t have opened my big mouth. Are you really that worried about mom? This is a really hard time for her, and she’s vulnerable. And if we don’t help her find her way, who will? Alexis. Whoa. I almost didn’t recognize you without the fluorescent light. Yeah, you too. Yeah, it’s nice to see you out in the wild. Yeah, I break free every now and again. So, how are you coping now that you’re back? I got to be honest, I’m not quite sure what I’m to do with myself. Yeah, I get that. I usually dive into work, but I am resolving to find more balance. So if you are in need of a friend, I’m available. Do something. About what? Everywhere I turn, I’m getting grief. Even willow is mad at me, and she gets along with everyone. Okay, I don’t know what you want me to do. I’m supposed to be the injured party. This was your idea. Not all of it. Well, I am tired of being painted as the bad guy when all I’m doing is protecting bailey. God, it is sweltering in here. I thought you were just coming to the gym to work out. I was, but then my shoulder hurt, so I thought I’d steam. How did you find me? The attendant told me. Whew. Okay, well, not to be a prude, but can we discuss this after I’m showered and changed? Gladly.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Door banging ] The door won’t open. I think we’re stuck in here.

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