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Marshall ashford. What are you doing here? Hello, stella. Good to see you again… after all these years. Dr. Westbourne, just the person I was looking for. Lucky me. Hey, do you remember when you said things could only get better? Yes, I — did something prove me wrong? I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you. Hmve news on your brother. Is it his obituary? Close. He’s in the E.R., And he’s more dead than alive. What’s more painful, cyanide or strychnine? Man, I hope peter’s assassin took that into consideration. It’s possible the poisoning wasn’t intentional. I mean, I’ve seen inmates get botulism from drinking homemade prison alcohol. In solitary? Just speculating. Okay, could you speculate a best-case scenario? Like, what are the top three deadly chemicals in a prison, and which one could be killing peter august right now? If peter was poisoned intentionally… getting it to him in solitary would take real effort. I mean, who would go to that kind of trouble? Who wouldn’t? You have to know I am being persecuted for reasons beyond my control — persecuted the same way franco was. You bastard! No, no, wait! No, no. Finn: I’m sorry I got you involved in this. Elizabeth: I’m not. Peter doesn’t get to take another life. We won’t let him. I have so much work to do at the metro court. I can’t believe I let you convince me to blow it off. You know what? We — we need to take a break. Sasha and brando a-are going through hell. We got — michael is gonna be making a statement at brad’s parole hearing. Everybody’s climbing the walls ’cause peter august is back. Here’s hoping he dies quickly. Although, it seems to be taking forever. Can we focus on the fact that I’m just… home with my family and celebrate? Celebrate? What do you mean?

[ Sighs ] Christmas. If I have to stare at these walls much longer, I’m gonna scream.

[ Scoffs ] Do you think that’s how our little boy feels in the nicu? Does liam feel trapped in that incubator? No. Liam feels safe… and cared for and loved. Yeah? Yeah. You think he can feel that? How much we love him?

[ Chuckles ] Of course he can. Some people go through their whole lives and never have that. Whatever happens, whatever challenge we have to face… if our son can feel how much we love him… isn’t that enough? Are you nervous about the hearing?

[ Door opens ] I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.

We love our son so much thatife is aware of nothing else, he will at least know that. Mm-hmm. Even if his life isn’t perfect, even if it’s the hardest… liam will still know love. And with you as a mom, liam is gonna thrive.

[ Chuckles ] And I know that it’s — it’s not gonna be easy, and at times, it will feel impossible. But with you as liam’s dad, we’re gonna get through it. I’m not giving up. Me, neither. And between the two of us, we will do whatever it takes to give our boy a fighting chance. Finn: Elizabeth. Hey, wait. So what happened? Did someone attack peter in prison? I’m not clear on the details. Should I not have told you? Are you kidding? That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. I had to tell terrible news to anxious parents. I have a very dear friend who has his parole hearing today, and I can’t be there to support him. And I was just recently told I’m a bad influence. Well, I’m sure your friend knows that you would be there if you could. And as for you being a bad influence… mr. Corinthos. Ms. Wu, it is a pleasure to see you again. I’d like to introduce you to willow tait, wiley’s mother. An honor, ms. Tait. For me, as well. I want you to know in no way do I condone what my nephew did. I also wish to assure you that should fortune fall in brad’s favor, I will be responsible for him. He will never again disturb your family. I appreciate that. But once the board hears my statement, there’s no chance in hell that your nephew sees the light of day. Pilar is bringing the girls down from the nursery. How did you manage this right under my nose? Well, it’s a gift. You like it?

[ Chuckles ] I love it. It’s beautiful. Have you checked the calendar, though? We never decorate this early. Well, I missed, uh, christmas with my family, you know, last year, so… uh, one thing I’m gonna do is make up for lost time. Family is everything. It’s all that matters. Come on, auntie, have a seat, okay? Seat. You alright? I’m fine. It’S… it’s just the shock. It really is you. Stella, I didn’t mean to startle you. That comes from showing up in places when you’ve been asked not to. I came here to see you. Now, how could I have known that your aunt stella would be here? That’s beside the point, okay? Your presence is unsettling and unwelcome. My auntie is recovering from a stroke. What? I-I’m sorry to hear that. How’s your recovery coming? I’m sure a lot better before she saw you. She thought you were dead, okay? So seeing you alive after all of this time — we’re lucky she didn’t have a relapse. Actually, curtis, that’S… that’s not exactly true.

Look at all those presents, waiting to be opened on christmas morning. Daddy, are y ou gonna be hereon christmas morning? You know what? There’s nowhere that I’d rather be. And he’s gonna be here on christmas eve so he can help set out the treats for santa. And I’m gonna read you “the night before christmas.” I’m gonna tuck you in. You know, uh, last year, I W… I wasn’t able to be here, right? But that was not my choice. Then whose choice was it? You know what? It’s so amazing… that I’m with my little girls today, and I can tell you one thing — I’m gonna make up for lost time, and I’m never gonna let you down again. Okay? Can I get a hug? Baby?

[ Chuckles ] Honorable members of the parole board, thank you for the opportunity to address you today. Three years ago, I laid to rest a child who I, uh, thought was my newborn son, jonah. My family mourned with me as we buried my baby boy… and grieved for the life that he would never have. Later, we discovered that he was actually alive… now being called wiley and being raised by mr. Cooper. Now, it was only when mr. Cooper was forced to tell the truth that we learned that he intentionally misled me, my family, and even his then-husband, dr. Lucas jones. And the worst of all, the day that I got my son back… was the day that willow tait… realized that hers was gone forever. Are we ready?

[ Sighs ] Are we ready? Are we ever?

[ Chuckles ] I feel like since the day we met, we’ve always been scrambling. And now with liam coming earlier than expected… here we are scrambling again. It’s not in the manual, is it? When something like this happens to your child… they don’t prepare you. Hey, nothing can. I mean, not for this. Well… we are done scrambling. We need to be ready. For liam. Mm-hmm. I want to start planning. I want to plan his best life. How about you? How do you feel? Like it’s time to get some answers. I have not been at G.H. For a long time, but I’ve been watching you and I’ve seen you with your patients and your staff. And you have a better bedside manner than you think, and you’re always fair with the staff. You were more than fair with me when my career was on the line. And I hold maxie in high regard, and she holds you in high regard. She respects you. She comes to you for advice. She listens to you. So I don’t know who this individual is who says that you’re a bad influence, but maybe they just don’t know you at all. Doctor? Sorry. [ Chuckles ] What? Uh, it’s just that when people list the reasons I’m terrible, it usually doesn’t sound nice. I don’t think you’re terrible. You do realize that it’s my job to bolster the staff, not the other way around. Okay, well, I won’t tell if you won’T. Excuse me. Dr. Westbourne, do you have a minute to talk? Excuse me. About liam. I’ll leave you to do what you do really well. Yes, if you and sasha are ready, I’ll tell you everything you need to know. What isn’t true, auntie?

[ Sighs ] You see, while… I certainly am surprised that marshall… no, no, no. Curtis, you’re right. I — listen, there was no way for stella to find out I-I was still alive. Now, had i respected your wishes, I wouldn’t have endangered her health. Marshall… I’m fine. I just need a moment to process your return. And some water, please. Coming right up.

[ Clears throat ] It really is you. Yeah. So here we are. Look at you, girl. It’s like not a day has passed. How are you here now? I asked the same question. He wasn’t very forthcoming, so maybe you can have better luck at getting to the truth. You don’t need that.Finn… it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m gonna take that from you right now, okay? No. You don’t understand. I do. I know. And I understand. Austin: Hi. Oh. Am i interrupting something? No. Okay. No, not at all. Um…no change in the patient. Uh…blood and tox is on the way. Nurse baldwin? Oh, hello. What are you doing here? I have rounds I have to do. You can’t see patients like this. But I’m — I’m already behind and — come — come — come — come with me before you do something you regret. How did olay top expensive creams? By staying on top of our game with derm-recommended ingredients in every jar olay regenerist with niacinamide has hydration that beats the 100, 200, even $400 cream for smooth skin, try retinol24 for visibly firm skin, get collagen peptide for 2x brighter skin, get new vitamin c can’t top this skin shop now at olay.Com no one can deliver your mom’s homemade short ribs. That’s why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. And you add the love. Super emma just about sleeps in her cape. But when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide hygienic clean free. It’s gentle on her skin, and out cleans our old free detergent. Tide hygienic clean free. Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. You have always loved vicks vapors. And now you’ll really love new vicks’ vapostick. It goes on clear and dries quickly. No mess. Just the soothing vicks’ vapor for the whole family. Introducing new vicks vapostick.

Marshall will sharehis truth when he’s ready. Curtis: Am I really hearing you say this, auntie? Because you never had such a liberal view of truth telling when you were raising us. Didn’t I? Absolutely not. Look, if my memory serves me correctly, your stance on honesty was pretty cut and dry. Lessons are made simple for children. Everyone here is grown. Curtis, I know… I can’t take credit for the man you are today, but i can thank your aunt for her part in it. In my absence, she made sacrifices. She took responsibility for my family. Girl, I owe you. We all did our best at the time. Aunt stella, how could you say that? We don’t know what this man did after he abandoned his family. Curtis. Aunt stella, I’m sorry, okay? Out of respect for you, I allowed this man [Sighs] A chance to say his piece, but he’s saying nothing. So, sir, could you please leave? And this time, make it for good. Well, what’s the latest? Nice to see you, too.

[ Sighs ] Is peter going to die? Maxie. Please just tell me he’s going to die. Now, ms. Tait chose… mr. Cooper and dr. Lucas jones as her son’s adoptive parents. Unfortunately, the baby succumbed to sudden infant death syndrome within hours of being brought home. Then mr. Cooper conspired with my son’s biological mother, the late nelle benson, to switch the babies… convincing me that mine had died while giving my son to brad to raise. Complicated? Yes, admittedly so. But the consequences are still felt to this day. Now, should you grant mr. Cooper parole… a man who has shown a staggering lack of character and judgment, you will be reopening a wound that has just begun to heal. Look, ms. Tait and I implore you on behalf of our sons, the one who is gone and the one that we are raising together, to protect this community and deny… brad cooper parole. Thank you. Commissioner whitlock: Mr. Cooper. Before we question you, would you like to make a statement? Thank you, commissioner. First, I want to apologize again to mr. Corinthos and ms. Tait. I-I say “again” because I’ve done so before, but I know that… no amount of contrition will ever be enough. Today, I’m asking for a chance to try and redeem myself. You have statements from several cos and the warden detailing that I’ve been a model prisoner. You also have a letter of support from my dear friend dr. Britt westbourne. Now, one line from dr. Westbourne’s letter has stayed with me. “Despite his mistake, brad cooper is infinitely more capable of virtue than vice.” I am more than my mistakes. Please… grant me parole, and I promise to live a life of virtue.

[ Clears throat ] Hey. The girls are decorating cookies with graciela and pilar, so they’re gonna be bouncing off the wall. Oh, that’s okay. The sugar crash will make them sleep like babies. Yup. [ Chuckles ] Look at you. You’ve been sampling the icing yourself, huh?

[ Both laugh ] I-I see that you found the, uh, ornaments. I was thinking of inviting a bunch of people over. We could trim the tree together. Oh, I would love that. But we can get a head start — you, me, and the girls. Yeah. Yeah. What’s wrong? Last year, we trimmed the tree without you, and it…wasn’t right. Well, you know what? I know that coming home has — has not been seamless. But it’s been a dream come true. Can you just promise me… something? Anything. I want you to know that, um… it’s alright to… share your feelings about jason. – Oh…oh. – What’s going on? – Oh, darn! – Let me help. Lift and push and push! There… it’s up there. Hey joshie…

Oh, my god. I can’t believe what I almost did. That look on your face, I, um… I recognized it — same thing I felt… when peter dangled the antidote that could save chase in my face and then threw it off the roof. It’s the rage that made me want to push him down the stairs. But if you hadn’t stopped me… I just wanted to spare you the regret I felt thinking I almost killed someone. Spare me? Peter murdered my husband. He’s the reason jason is dead, the reason my boys are in a constant state of grief. If you hadn’t spared me, then maybe I could have given my sons some semblance of justice. But no, peter’s still alive because I couldn’t rid the world of the monster that you tried to kill. Austin: You know I can’t discuss peter august’s medical condition with you. Please, austin, I have the right to know if this nightmare that I’m living is going to end. Alright. Here’s what I can say. Wow, the guy behind that curtain — he’s in really bad shape. Uh-huh. And? And whoever did this to peter… it was intentional, wasn’t an accident. Someone wanted him dead. That doesn’t surprise you? Jason gave me that keychain… years ago.

[ Inhales sharply ] When I showed up on his doorstep pregnant with michael, I told him that carly roberts was really caroline benson, bobbie’s long-lost daughter.

[ Chuckles ] And we spent that christmas together. Every year, I put it on the tree, and I, um…remember.

[ Voice breaking ] I know… things have been hard for you. You know, with how complicated things got with jason. No, I mean… but listen to me. As much as I miss him… …there is only one man in my heart… and it’s you. It’s you. We’re gonna get through this. We are. We’re gonna get through this. We just have to… keep being open with each other. Inmate cooper. The panel will deliberate and inform you of its decision at the earliest opportunity. Mr. Corinthos… thank you for your statement. This hearing is adjourned.

[ Handcuffs click ] I won’t tell you again — get out of my club… and stay out of my life. Take care of yourself, stella. Marshall, stop. Curtis, I know your father’s reappearance in your life has thrown you. That man hasn’t been my father for a very long time. He has always been your father. Whether he’s been around or not, and whether you like it or not, this is — marshall ashford is the only father that you have. And by some miracle, he’s standing here, whole and well. So what do you suggest, auntie? That we just pick up where we left off? I’m a little too old for toy lawnmowers.

[ Scoffs ] I’m not saying that at all, baby. But what has it cost marshall to show up here? Maybe you could’ve just at least hear him out. He has nothing to say. He’s a ghost with no public record who makes sketchy references about some unexplainable danger. Curtis… curtis, hear me. Just hear me. As much as it killed me to go, every minute I remained in your lives, I put you, I put tommy at risk. Had I stayed… what kind of father would that have made me? I’m happy to answer as many questions as you can think of… but I need to provide a more thorough explanation of your son’s prognosis. Liam’s brain is severely impaired. Yes, yes, we know that. That’s already been explained to us. Still, I-I-I think I need to clarify what that means. Liam will never breathe on his own. He will never open his eyes, never recognize your voices, or have any awareness of his surroundings. Life for liam will entail permanent ventilation, a feeding tube, and around-the-clock care. We know that it’s a lot, and if it is too much for us, I-if liam can’t get the care he needs at home, then he can get it here. General hospital is not set up to care for what your son needs. Then where? We would have to transfer liam to a long-term care facility. Away from his parents? No, no, no. He needs love. There must be a way for liam to come home. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but… liam’s quality of life — no, no. He won’t have any quality of life without us. Look, if you refuse to help us, dr. Westbourne, then we will find someone who will.

So, it wasn’t safe for you to come back when tommy died. It still wasn’t safe when my mom died, and all those years, it wasn’t safe for you to come back when aunt stella took on your responsibility. Oh, but now it’s safe for you to waltz back in here, and we’re required to do what? Give you a captive audience? Curtis, curtis, you have every right to answers, and hopefully someday, your father will provide them. But can — can you consider just for a moment that he has been trying to protect you? From what? A complex situation that would have had repercussions on the entire family and still could. What situation? What repercussions? Go ahead and tell me. I can take it. Just know I didn’t leave because I wanted to. I left because I had to. Still vague. See? This is bull. That’s all I have to offer you, son. That’s it, at least for now. Well, it’s not enough. It was enough for tj. I thought I asked you to stay away from him. Curtis, I came here… to reconnect with my family. And blood or no blood, tj is my family. And if tj, tommy’s son, wants to have a relationship with me, that’s his call. And if you want to have one… well… …you can find me at the harbor view inn. I’m so sorry. W-wait a minute. Why? Why? What do you have to apologize for? Hello, wylie. Hi. Yes, yes. Hi. Hi. How did the parole hearing go? Uh, michael was very eloquent. Oh. You would have been proud. I don’t — I don’t doubt that. Yeah, I just wasn’t expecting to give my victim-impact statement in front of selina wu. Is that right? Well, she is brad’s aunt. Wiley, do you want to go say hello to grandma carly? Sure. Okay. Let’s go this way. So I, uh — I hope that all this doesn’t make things awkward for your business relationship. Well, I t– I told — I told her, I said, you know, you have every right to oppose brad’s release. She understands. I’m just glad this hearing’s over. I just want to put all this, this business with brad behind us. Oh, I love your hugs! Hey, wiley, do you want to go in the kitchen and have cookies with donna and avery? Yes, I do. Go, go.

[ Laughs ] Aww. Wow. It is like a wonderland in here. You really went all out. Oh, I can’t take any credit. Sonny did it all. Really? Yeah. Good for him, getting back into the swing of things. Well, he missed last year, so he thought the family could use a big dose of christmas.

[ Both chuckle ] Any word about brad? Not yet. But michael spoke so passionately, I’m — I’m sure he got through to the parole board. Whatever happens, wiley has the full protection of this family. I know. And I appreciate that. But? No buts.

[ Sighs ] I know that you always have wiley’s best interests at heart, even when… we don’t see eye to eye. I may tend to chime in when it comes to my grandson. I appreciate your grace. Well, your instincts tend to be spot-on. My boys loved franco, and not because I loved him, but because he earned it. He reached jake through art. He helped aiden get comfortable with who he is, and cameron — god, that was a battle and a half, but franco was willing to give his life for that boy. And peter ripped him away… from all of us. So yeah. Yeah, I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me. But you know that’s not how it would have gone. If you had succeeded, you’d go to prison, and then you allow peter… to take from cameron and jake and aiden, take their mother on top of everything he’s already taken from them. I don’t think franco would want that. I don’t think jason would want that. You know, when I thought I had killed peter, I was gonna go to the police and…and confess. Do you remember that? You stopped me. You stopped me from making a choice that would have taken my daughter from me. So right now, I’m just returning the favor, whether you like it or not, and if you want to be angry, be as angry as you want to be. That’s not gonna drive me away from you. Dr. Westbourne, um, sasha and i are frustrated with the situation, not with you. We — we appreciate your time. Yes, yes. I’m — I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have — please don’t apologize. I can’t possibly imagine what you two are going through. And believe me, I-I would help you look into everything you would need for at-home care… if it were feasible. And if you want a second opinion or a third or a fourth, or if you want to talk to every specialist on the planet, I will reach out and I will make that happen for you. But…you should consider liam’s likely life-span and quality of life. Life-span — how — how long? He could live for years. Years? But in a permanent vegetative state. And his quality of life? He would have none, as liam is being kept alive by machines. And his little body would be vulnerable to seizures, pneumonia, pneumothorax, sepsis, septic shock, contractures… and a high likelihood of bedsores. I’m so sorry to be so direct with you, but I can’t leave you to make this decision without you seeing the full picture. Well, how can we make a decision when we — we don’t know all the options? It sounds like what dr. Westbourne is saying… it sounds like there’s only… one option. And what is that? To take your son off of life support. And let… and let liam go. No.

[ Sniffles ] No. No. It’s okay.

what are you thinking? I’m thinking that… even though he’s only been here a very short time… I can’t imagine the world without liam in it. Me, neither. Then — then we don’t have to, right? There must be something we can still do. This can’t be the end of the road. Next time you need to unload, you can…unload on me. You want to punch it out,my shoulder’s all yours. Anything you need to move forward, I’m right here.

[ Door closes ] I hope it didn’t rattle you to see him after thinking he was long dead. Look, I promise you, I will not allow that man to haunt or guilt you or tj. Curtis, marshall gonna do what he gonna do.

[ Scoffs ] And tj — he’s got a good head on his shoulders. And it’s not like he can surprise me again, right? Yeah, well, even so — look, what you need to do right now, curtis, is to give me a tour of your beautiful club…

[ Chuckles ] …Live your life, and free yourself from all the burdens of the past. That’s what your mama would want, wouldn’t she? Yeah, she would. How about I make you a promise. Okay. As long as there’s breath in my body, I’m not gonna allow anything or anyone to upend this family. Okay? Yay! There you go. Good job, wiley.

[ Laughter ] Oh, that’s great. Alright, you guys, who’s next? We got to pick out some more ornaments. Um, let’s do — hold on. Excuse me one second. Um, what is this? What is this? Uh, you got — you got to wait for christmas. No, no, no. I don’t want to wait for christmas. Yeah, yeah. You’ve got to.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hold on. Hold on. Hello? The parole board made their decision. My nephew is to be released in a few days. You have my gratitude. Deal’s a deal. What’s going on? Everything okay? Yeah, yeah, everything — everything’s good. Okay. Alright! Everybody, we have more ornaments to put on the tree, so let’s start looking. You know what, girls? I think there’s some angel ornaments in there.

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