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Recap written by Christine

At the main house, Chelsea thought Connor would be back from school by now. Adam said he’d be home on time. Chelsea digested the fact that the ranch was home for Connor and asked how that was going. Adam moved here to give Connor some stability after he got out of boarding school, and living at the ranch had given him that. Chelsea asked how it was for Adam living on the ranch, with Victor and other people who lived on the property. He assumed she meant him and Sharon. She wasn’t trying to pry. She completed therapy and left those dark thoughts behind, but she couldn’t help but be curious. He said he’d put her mind at ease – he barely saw Sharon anymore. He was focused on Connor and Newman Media. She said he sounded good. Adam would prefer to live somewhere other than the tack house. He saw enough of Victor at work, and he’d like to live closer to the office, but Connor loved the ranch and being close to family. Faith had been giving Connor riding lessons, and Grandpa Victor and Grandma Nikki could do no wrong in Connor’s eyes. Chelsea asked if Connor was really okay – he seemed fine in video chats, but that was such a small window into his life. She noted that Connor had been dealing with so many changes. Adam assured Chelsea that Connor was handling it like a champ. He said Connor’s biggest concern was that he missed his mother. Chelsea recalled that earlier, Adam said he was glad to see her. She asked if he missed her too.

Adam didn’t know how to answer that. Chelsea didn’t intend to put Adam on the spot. Her therapist encouraged her to be more direct. He thought he made his feelings clear. She felt that he seemed more at peace today, like he might be willing to get past what she did. He did feel more at peace, but as far as forgetting and forgiving her framing him, he didn’t think that was a conversation to have when Connor was about to come home. She said he was right. At that moment, Connor came in and was excited to see Chelsea. He said Grandpa told him there was surprise, and he’d hoped it was her. Victor came in and watched the reunion.

Chelsea marveled at how big Connor had gotten, and Victor credited to life on the ranch. Connor said Chelsea being here made it perfect. Adam said it was a good day for them all. Connor took Chelsea to the stables. Victor said he needed to know what Chelsea’s return meant to Adam. Adam stated that he and Chelsea didn’t have a future as a couple. They’d always be co-parents, but they’d done too much damage to each other to get back what they once had. Victor was relieved. Adam was concerned about how Connor would take the separation. Victor said that Connor was strong. Adam thought Connor needed all the love he could get, especially from his mom. Victor respected that Chelsea was a protective mother, but he thought she was toxic for Adam. Victor added that Sharon’s relationship with Adam was toxic too.

Adam wasn’t crazy about getting love life critiques from his father. Victor was impressed by Adam’s work at Newman Media, but he said Adam’s romantic entanglements screwed up his life. Victor wondered if Adam was going to the stables. Adam didn’t want to hover over Chelsea. He thought she deserved time alone with her son. Adam got a video of Billy from the anonymous sender. It was a video of Billy and Victoria at Crimson Lights, and it had audio too. Victor wondered who sent this video and whether they could be trusted. Adam intended to find out.

Chelsea and Connor came inside. The boy wanted his mom to spend the night. Chelsea explained that she was going to be staying at the penthouse, but she’d see him a lot. Adam added that they loved Connor even though they weren’t together. Victor said that the whole family was here for Connor. Adam said Chelsea could take Connor to her place tonight.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon gave Rey a coffee. According to Rey, Chance was meeting with the chief this morning, earlier than planned. Rey was wondering if Chance was going to be his partner again. Sharon was surprised Chance might go back to work already. Rey said the doctor cleared him. Sharon was thinking about Chance’s mental health – this was a stressful job. She said even if he hadn’t had such a terrible ordeal, it wouldn’t be unusual to take paternity leave. Rey wanted Chance to do what was best for him, but Rey also wanted his partner back. Rey had almost gotten Chance into soccer, and he planned to finish that project. Sharon hoped it worked so Rey wouldn’t go back to trying to make her watch soccer. He said that he’d never give up on that. She assured him that one day, he’d be on a stakeout with Chance talking about soccer, then they’d catch the bad guys.

As Sharon buttoned Rey’s jacket, she teased that she was wondering if she should be jealous of the way he was rhapsodizing about his relationship with Chance. He said she was much cuter than Chance, she was the most kind and compassionate person he’d ever met; she was warm and beautiful and the love of his life. He’d been thinking of going to the station to offer his moral support to Chance, until she made fun of him. She said that she thought that was a sweet thing to do, and she encouraged him to go. They kissed, and he left.

Devon was at home. He thought back to his conversation with Chance last night. Chance had admitted that he wasn’t okay and that he wasn’t telling Abby everything he felt. Chance said he failed Abby. He was trying to live up to the commitment he made to her and the baby, but he wasn’t sure he could. In the present, Amanda found Devon staring off into space. She noted that he left while she was sleeping, and she asked what was up. He was worried about Chance. Devon confided that Chance felt guilty about abandoning Abby throughout the pregnancy, he felt bad about Mariah’s kidnapping and he’d lost every person on his team. Devon understood why Chance wasn’t in a good place, but Devon didn’t want it to affect Dominic. Amanda asked if Devon was concerned Chance’s mental state would cause him to neglect the baby. He wasn’t worried about that. Chance had always been a responsible guy. The only thing Devon knew was that he wanted Dominic to have the best life possible. He also wanted to be there for Chance, since Chance opened up to him. He thought he knew how to achieve both things – he needed to spend as much time with Dominic as he could.

At the Chancellor house, Abby was concerned because Chance was meeting with Paul sooner than she’d expected. He assured her he was still planning to ease back into work because he wanted to spend as much time as he could with her and Dominic. He said this was the happiest he’d been in a long time. She asked where he went last night. Before he could answer, Christine showed up. Thanks to Chance’s intel, the people who set the bomb had been caught, and the bombers turned on the man that Chance had been trying to track down, and the individual had been apprehended. The case was officially closed, and Chance and his family wouldn’t need security anymore. Abby was delighted they could get their lives back.

Christine left. Abby felt like this was the start of a new chapter. Chance agreed. He’d love to stay and talk, but he had to go. Devon showed up to see the baby. Chance had been planning to call and thank Devon for listening last night. He was sorry if he felt a little off balance. Devon said there was no need to apologize. Abby told Devon the news. Chance was a little disappointed he couldn’t bring the criminals in himself. Abby pointed out that Chance provided the information that was needed to close the case. Devon suggested that they go celebrate with food, but Chance had an appointment. He left.

Abby had exciting news of her own – Dominic sat up today. Devon said Dominic was advanced. He revealed that Dominic had been trying to sit up when Abby was gone. He asked if she had a video. She did, and she said she’d text it to him. She asked how Chance seemed last night. He didn’t think it was a secret that Chance was still trying to adjust to being home. She was optimistic that he’d get past it. She hated that Chance kept beating himself up for going away. She said he felt bad he wasn’t there for her and Mariah, but no one held that against him. One of the things she loved about Chance was that he was dedicated to the greater good. Devon said maybe spending time with Abby and Dominic would make things a little easier on Chance. Abby kept telling herself that Chance would get back to his old self; it would just take longer than she thought.

Rey and Chance went to Crimson Lights. Sharon called Chance a hero. Rey said all the criminals on the case Chance worked had been caught. Chance didn’t think he was a hero, since he didn’t finish the job. Sharon and Rey thought Chance was heroic. Sharon wanted to give Chance a hero’s drink. Before Sharon could make something for Chance, Christine walked in, and Chance went over and thanked her for everything she did while he was gone. He’d been too overwhelmed to say it earlier. Nina and Abby told Chance what a great source of information and support Christine was. Christine had been happy to pass on what she could, up until she got the inaccurate information that he’d died. It wasn’t easy for her to tell Nina and Abby that Chance died. She didn’t blame him for that though. Chance left because the baby was due to wake up from his nap soon.

Sharon told Christine she was glad Chance and Abby got a happy ending. According to Christine, Paul thought it might be a little too soon for Chance to go back to work. She asked what Rey thought. He wasn’t sure if Chance was ready, since he’d only seen Chance twice since his return. Rey was rooting for Chance to rejoin the force at some point, but he thought the mission may have taken more out of Chance than he realized.

Chance got home and overheard Devon talking with the baby about sitting up for the first time. Devon promised to visit all the time.

Bill and Lily went to Society just as Ashland and Victoria were getting ready to go. Billy quietly told Lily to follow his lead. Billy, proceeded to put on a drunk and belligerent act. He approached the other couple and mentioned that, now that the kids were going to boarding school, he had no responsibility at all. Billy said he owed Ashland a thank you, and he insisted that Ashland join him in a drink. Ashland declined. Victoria thought Billy already had enough. Billy said that he didn’t have a job, but he was an Abbott, so he had plenty of money in the bank. Lily told Billy to stop, and Ashland said that Billy should listen to her. He said he did all the time, and she accepted him for who he was. He said Ashland knew the feeling, since Victoria forgave Ashland for many things. Billy added that Victoria forgave him for many things too. Billy thought he and Ashland had something in common, because Victoria liked a little bit of risk taking. Billy asked Ashland to play a fun poker game with him.

Lily seemed concerned and disapproving of Billy’s behavior. Billy said that Ashland owed him one. Ashland countered that he didn’t owe Billy anything. Ashland said he wasn’t going to feed Billy’s addiction. Billy countered that Ashland had no problem setting a trap and stripping Billy of his dignity. Ashland said he’d warned Billy that digging around in Ashland’s past would be a losing proposition. Victoria told Billy to go to a gambler’s anonymous meeting. He scoffed. Victoria couldn’t watch this anymore, so she and Ashland left.

Billy thought that went well. Lily thought it went almost too well. His drunken tirade felt a little too real to her. The venom in his voice when he was accusing Ashland of blackmail was chilling to Lily. Billy thought Ashland had it coming, but it was all part of the act. Lily was concerned Billy would get too deep in the act and lose sight of his goal. He said he’d never been more focused in his life. She wanted him to do something, and she knew he wasn’t going to like it. He thought she wanted him to drop the plan. She was on board with the plan, but she wanted him to tell Jack that the downward spiral was a charade. She already felt bad that they were lying to Victoria. He said Victoria sat back while Victor, Adam and Ashland tore him down. He asked why he should feel remorse about rubbing the consequences of what they did to him in Victoria’s face. Lily didn’t think it’d be fair to keep Jack in the dark. Billy said that his self-righteous brother would never go along with this plan.

Billy said that Jack was going to try and help fix him, which would add legitimacy to Billy’s act. Lily said it’d inflict emotional pain on Jack, especially since he was an addict too. Billy said it wasn’t ideal, but it would be fine since he wasn’t actually spiraling. Lily said that Jack might not be able to forgive the lie. Billy appreciated Lily’s view. He said they were in this together, and Jack was out of town, so they had time to make up their mind about how to proceed. He asked if there was another reason she wanted to bring Jack into the circle of trust? Was she looking for someone to hold Billy accountable? She said no. She trusted him when he said he had things under control. The blonde lady with the dark clothes appeared again, and Billy discreetly told Lily that he thought this woman was following him. Lily thought it was Sally in disguise. She’d overheard Sally and Adam talking about spying on Billy. Billy said that Sally had no idea she was playing into his hands. Billy thought they should give Sally a show.

Billy pulled out a deck of cards. Lily was surprised he was carrying cards as a prop. He said his motto was to always be prepared. He asked if she’d help him out. She played along and raised her voice, telling him to put the cards away. He refused, and the mystery lady filmed the argument. Lily yelled that she was done, and she stormed out. Bill finished his drink and went after her. The mystery woman’s back was to the door, so she didn’t see that Lily waited by the coat check for Billy and that they left together.

Victoria and Ashland went to her office. She was sorry he had to deal with Billy’s latest scene. He didn’t blame her. He almost felt bad for Billy because he’d fallen back into his old habits. It reinforced her belief that the kids should be in boarding school. Ashland wasn’t worried about Billy; he was Lily’s problem now. Victoria worried that Lily would leave Billy, and he’d get himself in trouble because he wouldn’t have anyone to rein him in.

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