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Recap written by Christine

When Billy went to bed last night, Lily was poring over documents for Chancellor Industries. When he woke up the next morning, she was still in the same spot. She said she got a few hours of sleep on the couch. She didn’t mind the work though, she was learning so much about the company, and she was brimming with ideas for modernizing it and boosting profitability. Billy was glad that Lily had gotten over her self doubt. Lily was prepared to rise to the challenge, but she noted that Jill was a traditional and conservative leader. Billy said no one would accuse Jill of having his risk taking sensibility, but this about Lily, not him, and he loved seeing her shine. Lily respected Billy’s decision, but she really wished he’d come to Chancellor with her. She could see how much they could accomplish being CEO and COO together. She knew he wouldn’t have the voice he wanted right away, but in time… Part of Billy wanted to get in the trenches with Lily, but he wasn’t going to. He promised to be her biggest supporter and personal consultant day and night. He was proud of her and appreciated that she wanted to work with him, but he was focused on his plan for Victor and Adam.

Adam was at work. Someone sent him a video of Billy from yesterday. Adam watched it and smiled. Victor entered. He was glad Adam hired Noah. Victor knew Adam was disappointed they didn’t pursue ChancComm, but there were a lot of good things in store for Newman Media. Adam stated that he received some unsolicited candid footage of Billy drinking alone. He showed it to Victor. Adam was surprised at how quickly Billy started coming apart at the seams. Victor said Billy had two solid parents, but he’d always been a loser, and even when he got success while holding onto someone else’s coattails, he always lost it. Victor told Adam that Victoria was thinking of sending her kids to boarding school. He’d gotten this news from Nikki, Victor wasn’t sure he liked it, but he thought it was for the best. Adam said at least the kids wouldn’t be subjected to what was going on with Billy, because this was just the beginning. Victor agreed – he’d seen this all before with Billy, first the drinking, then the gambling, then the erratic behavior, embarrassing himself and his family, then he’d blame everyone else for his mistakes. Adam said Billy needed to be put in his place.

Victor asked what Adam was thinking. Adam said Billy set himself up for humiliation, and someone could take advantage of that. Victor wondered who sent the video. Adam didn’t know, probably a freelancer looking for a payout, or someone from Billy’s past looking to take him down a peg. Victor said to be careful because they didn’t need another greedy blackmailing bastard like Gaines. Adam agreed. Victor had a meeting, and he told Adam to keep him informed. Adam texted the anonymous person to ask who they were and what they wanted. The reply was that they didn’t want anything. They just wanted to help.

Victoria walked into her office and overheard Ashland on the phone. He instructed someone to do something immediately and to only contact him at this number. He stressed that this person was not to call any of the Newman/Locke numbers. Ashland needed this handled with discretion. Victoria closed the door, alerting Ashland to her presence. His call ended. As his wife and partner, she wanted to know what was going on. He was afraid he couldn’t. He told her not to worry. She asked if she seemed worried. He admitted she didn’t, but he assumed she was thinking back to the secrets he kept and when he pretended he was buying her a gift when he was really getting money to pay Jesse Gaines. Victoria said a lot had changed, and she trusted Ashland. He was grateful. She was curious though, and she wanted a hint. He said he was arranging a present for her. Excited, she tried to get more information out of him, but he was mum. He felt happy and strong today, and he thought he owed it to her and his new treatment. He was going to get some work done, and he hoped to spend time with her. That sounded good to her. She had a meeting too, and she also had to talk to Billy about boarding school for the kids. She knew Billy would feel blindsided and he wouldn’t like that he was the reason she wanted to send the kids away. After Victoria left, Nate visited Ashland. They hugged. Ashland said there had been no further spread of the cancer. Nate thought that was fantastic. Ashland had almost been afraid to believe it. At Nate’s suggestion, they made plans for a double date.

Billy was at Crimson Lights. The blonde woman in the dark clothes and sunglasses who recorded him yesterday, at Society, was there. He glanced over at her as she took a seat in a corner booth. Victoria came in and asked how he was. He said he was fair to middling, and he’d do better once he got something stronger than coffee. She thought it was a little early. He said that he was going to go gambling and lose a small fortune, like she expected him to. He sarcastically said he wouldn’t want to disappoint. She was worried he was falling into a dark place. “That’s what I do, Vic,” he said. She hoped this was his anger talking. She said she thought the kids should go to boarding school after the holidays.

Billy asked if Victoria thought this or if she’d already decided it. Victoria already found a school and both children had already been accepted. She knew it wasn’t easy to hear, but she believed it was for the best – there had been so much family drama, and Billy was obviously going through a lot. She said it wouldn’t be forever, maybe until the end of the quarter or the end of the year. It was a fantastic school, and she thought the kids would love it. She was caught off guard when Billy said he thought it was a good idea. She was grateful for the way he was handling it. He said not to read too much into it because it didn’t mean that everything was copacetic between them. He said even if she bought ChancComm so he didn’t have to watch Adam bleed it dry, it didn’t negate everything that came before this. She asked like what. He said he was right about her husband’s past, and he told her not to deny it because he knew she was involved in the plan to set a trap for him. That was what hurt him the most. He knew the others were capable of that, but he didn’t realize that she was too. “I thought you were better,” he said. He walked out.

Billy went home and called the boarding school that Johnny and Katie would be attending. He asked the head of the school to shield the children from any publicity about the Newman and Abbott families.

Chelsea surprised Chloe at Society. Chelsea was home for good. Then she clarified that it was for now. After a happy reunion, Chloe asked if Adam knew Chelsea was back. Chelsea had started to tell him several times that she might be coming home, but he kept cutting her off saying it wasn’t a good time. Chloe thought Adam should make time for the mother of his child, but she conceded that he did have a lot on his mind – he and Billy were at war again. Chelsea sighed that some things never changed. Chelsea wanted to know what was going on at Newman Fashion. Chloe asked if Chelsea was ready to come back to work with her. Chelsea needed a moment to breathe. She also needed to meet Sally first. And Connor was her priority. Chloe suggested that Chelsea could bring Connor by the office and talk to Adam about going to work. Chelsea said she’d talk to Adam soon enough, but her son came first.

Chelsea went to the main house and talked with Nikki. She said Anita was doing better and didn’t need her help. Chelsea wanted to see Connor as soon as he came home from school. Nikki asked about Chelsea’s emotional state. Chelsea said she completed her therapy, and the court lifted all the restrictions. Nikki thought that was reassuring. Chelsea felt centered and grounded. She hated being away from Connor, but being away from some of the other people in Genoa city had been helpful for her counseling. Nikki asked what the doctor thought. Chelsea said she wouldn’t be allowed to be here if he didn’t approve. Nikki was curious about Chelsea’s plans and expectations.

Chelsea’s goal was to reconnect with her son. Nikki asked if Chelsea spoke to Adam. Chelsea stated that what she discussed with Adam was her private business. Victor and Adam entered unexpectedly. They were there because the ranch guard alerted Victor that Chelsea was on the premises. Chelsea said she came in peace, and Adam noted that no one said otherwise. Chelsea was glad Adam was here so they could talk before Connor got out of school. She was excited to spend the holiday with Connor. At Nikki’s suggestion, she and Victor stepped out. Adam said Connor would be excited. Adam just wished Chelsea told him he was coming. She said she tried more than once, but he was always too busy to talk. He had a lot going on, but he was sorry he didn’t make time. She said Chloe told her about a war between Adam and Billy. He said Chloe was always over-exaggerating – it was just business. Adam said seeing Chelsea in person was better than video chatting. He thought she looked happy and confident. She was all that and more. She knew it’d take time to convince him of that, but for now, she was happy to be back. He was glad she was back too.

Lily ran into Chloe at Crimson Lights. They talked about their kids who were all doing well. Lily congratulated Chloe on the buzz that Sally generated for the platform. Chloe congratulated Lily on becoming CEO of Chancellor. Lily said thanks, but it wasn’t a big deal. Chloe assumed Lily was downplaying it because of Billy. Chloe was sure Billy was thrilled, but knowing him the way she did, she bet he was freaking out and swearing vengeance on his enemies. Lily asked why Chloe was so interested in Billy’s state of mind. Chloe didn’t have a hidden agenda. She was just concerned. Chloe knew about the Ashland story being retracted and ChancComm being for sale. She was worried bout the implications for Billy. Lily said it had nothing to do with Chloe. Chloe disagreed. She always used to think she’d never get over what happened with Adam – she’d wanted him dead, and she was willing to do it. Lily said Chloe found a way to coexist and work with Adam. Chloe said she worked with Victor too, but she’d never fully trust him or Adam. She would never forget what Adam did, but she found a way to move forward. She didn’t think Billy ever found a way to let go of the past. But maybe things were different this time, because of Lily.

Lily felt she and Billy were lucky to have each other. Chloe said Lily had two attributes – Billy adored her, and she wasn’t a Newman. Lily thought Billy would get through this latest chapter in his life just fine. Chloe knew loving someone meant believing in them, but she said not to let it become blind faith. Chloe said Billy was brilliant in his own confounding way, and he had this self confidence that spilled over onto people who cared about him. It made them think he had everything under control, until they realize he didn’t and it all fell apart. Lily thought those days were behind Billy. Chloe hoped that was right, and she hoped for the best for Lily and Billy.

Ashland, Nate and Elena had a meal at Society while they waited for Victoria. Ashland talked about the importance of making time for friends. Victoria arrived. Elena watched Ashland and Victoria interacting, and she thought it was cute how they were still such newlyweds. Ashland said when he received his diagnosis, nothing was guaranteed, but he made it to his wedding, then Thanksgiving and now he was closing in on Christmas with the love of his life. Ashland and Victoria kissed. Elena asked about Ashland and Victoria’s Christmas plans. They were staying in town so Ashland could experience a Newman Christmas. Ashland was making the day extra special. Victoria resumed trying to figure out what Ashland’s surprise was, and he said she’d have to be patient. Elena and Nate had to work, but she’d requested the same days off as Nate, so hopefully they could spend the holiday together. Elena and Nate had to go to work now, but the all made plans to see each other again soon.

Victoria said that was what she needed. Ashland could tell something was bothering Victoria. Victoria said that the talk with Billy was civil, but profoundly disconcerting. She was relieved Bill was okay with sending the kids to boarding school, but it concerned her that he didn’t put up much of a fight. She said he loved those kids more than anything in the world, and she blindsided him with a unilateral decision to send them away. Ashland didn’t understand why Victoria was disappointed Billy agreed with her. She said she knew it sounded ridiculous, but Billy was a jerk for the rest of the conversation, and he’d been ready for a fight the moment she got there. Ashland was glad Victoria didn’t give Billy a fight. She said it wasn’t easy holding back. Billy had expressed his extreme disappointment in her and lingering suspicion and disapproval in Ashland. Ashland was sorry Victoria had to deal with that, but they could handle Billy. She wasn’t sure what they were handling. She could tell there was something going on with Billy.

Elena and Nate went to Crimson Lights because she forgot her work ID upstairs in her apartment. He said that if she lived with him, he could’ve reminded her to bring it. Startled, she asked if he was inviting her to move in with him.

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