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Lucas walks through the town square and finds Rafe. Lucas asks if there’s any update on Philip. Rafe says the search team is still working. Lucas wants the truth and asks if Rafe thinks Philip is dead. Rafe responds that they are working under the assumption that he’s still alive but they did find his prosthetic leg and the blood at the scene is Philip’s type. Lucas knows all that but doesn’t know why the hell he hasn’t arrested Brady yet.

Nicole calls Brady and leaves a message, saying that Chloe told her about this whole mess with Philip and asks him to call her back when he gets a chance. Nicole hangs up as there’s a knock at the door and Sami arrives. Nicole tells her that Allie’s not here. Sami says she will wait. Nicole tells her to wait in the car and tries to shut the door on her. Sami tries to stop her while Nicole argues that it’s her house. Sami shouts that it was her bed and husband that Nicole slept with last night. Sami complains about what Nicole did to her. Nicole then pulls Sami inside and decides they are going to have a little talk.

EJ brings Susan home to the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks if she needs a doctor but Susan says it’s her soul, not her body, that’s in trouble. EJ promises to take care of her now. Susan responds that she’s not worried about herself, but about Marlena since she’s possessed by the Devil. Susan says the thing that Marlena has become is after Ciara’s unborn baby.

Shawn hugs Ciara and is glad she’s back. Ciara notes that he’s kind of intense as Shawn questions where she has been. Ciara responds that she was with Ben and Marlena which Shawn questions. Ciara says there’s something she has to tell him about John. Shawn stops her and says to let him tell her something about Marlena first.

Ben tells Marlena that Ciara isn’t here and must have gone out the back way. Marlena worries that they can’t let her go back to Salem. Ben says he’s sorry as he knew she was upset but didn’t think she would run away. Marlena worries that if Ciara goes back, John will get the truth out of her and then he will come here to kill her. Marlena declares they have to stop her and opens the door of the cabin right as John arrives. Marlena shuts the door and tells Ben that John is here to kill her. Ben responds that he will have to get by him first. John then kicks the door open and enters the cabin.

Ciara asks Shawn what about Marlena. Shawn asks if she hurt her. Ciara says no and asks why Marlena would hurt her. Shawn realizes Ciara doesn’t know. Ciara demands to know what she doesn’t know. Shawn then reveals that Marlena is possessed again.

John warns Ben to leave them alone. Ben says there’s no damn way that’s going to happen and tells John to get the hell out of here. John asks if Marlena recruited Ben. Ben says all she had to do was tell him what John has been doing to her and that is over now. Ben tells John to either get out or he’s going to throw him out. John tells Ben to listen first. Ben tells John that he’s never going to hurt her again. John asks if he really thinks he would hurt Marlena and argues that Marlena is doing nothing but lying to him. Ben argues that Marlena doesn’t lie. John responds that she doesn’t, but that thing does.

Susan calls Ciara, leaving a message to call her and to not go near Marlena because she is not herself, she is the Devil and she needs to keep her baby away from him. EJ encourages Susan to calm down. Susan says she just needs to figure this out as she doesn’t know what to do. EJ says she’s done everything she could. EJ tells her to let him take care of her. Susan complains that the Devil doesn’t want people to believe her. EJ says there are a lot of people that will look after Ciara so he wants to look after her. Susan calls him such a good son. EJ feels he’s a terrible son, father, husband, brother, and person, but the Devil doesn’t bother him like he bothers Susan so he will fight him for her. Susan argues that EJ underestimates the Devil. Susan talks about the Devil making her choose between EJ and John and how she almost had to stab John.

Rafe assures Lucas that Brady isn’t going anywhere, but if they move too soon and they get Melinda to issue a warrant and try to build a case, they won’t be able to do it and it will be that much harder to bring charges later. Rafe tells Lucas to wait if he wants justice for Philip. Lucas complains that it’s killing Kate. Rafe says he’s sorry but they are not giving up. Rafe adds that he actually wanted to talk to him about Sami since he heard Sami was kidnapped right outside his back door which Lucas confirms. Rafe asks Lucas about finding Sami in Wisconsin. Rafe mentions that he’s been trying to get a hold of her because he thought she’d want to file a complaint but he hasn’t heard anything. Lucas tells him that Sami has been a little preoccupied. Rafe assumes he means because of worrying about Marlena. Lucas says you would think so but Sami’s lost EJ and that demands she make a total ass out of herself.

Nicole tells Sami that she slept with a man who is in the process of divorcing a woman that he despises, so she didn’t do anything to her. Sami argues that EJ is her husband. Nicole complains that Sami meticulously planned to destroy her marriage and it was personal as she made sure it hurt as much as possible. Sami argues that she was protecting her brother. Nicole argues that Sami doesn’t give a crap about Eric or she wouldn’t have put him in the spotlight with his mother there. Nicole says that Sami’s brother was just collateral damage to her. Nicole adds that Sami doesn’t care about EJ either and this is just a distraction from the clear truth that EJ didn’t need a nurse anymore and she wasn’t woman enough. Nicole declares that she didn’t do this, Sami did.

Rafe questions Lucas thinking that Sami is trying to get EJ back. Rafe will never understand what Sami sees in EJ. Lucas says all those years, she nursed EJ back to health and he treats her like dirt. Lucas suggests finding EJ in bed with another woman is the last straw which Rafe questions. Lucas reveals that Sami caught EJ in bed with Nicole.

Sami accuses Nicole of sleeping with EJ to get back at her. Nicole responds that she saw the divorce papers weeks ago and that EJ didn’t serve her because she was missing. Nicole says she didn’t break up her marriage because it was already over and Sami lost him. Nicole adds that EJ knows who Sami is and wants no part of her. Nicole tells Sami that she can blame her but unlike her and Eric, there was no outside intervention to break up her marriage as Sami did that all on her own. Nicole asks if Sami is happy now. Sami says no and turns away. Nicole doesn’t think this is a good time to talk to Allie so she suggests Sami go for a drive or take a walk or something. Sami gets upset and tries to slap Nicole but Nicole catches her arm. They call each other a bitch as they argue until Allie walks in and questions what the hell is going on here.

EJ asks Susan if she really thinks John and Shawn will let anything happen to Ciara or the baby now that they know the truth. EJ encourages that Susan did her job and now the baby is safe because of her so she literally beat the Devil. Susan says he knows just what to say. Susan feels Sami must be worried sick about Marlena, so she suggests EJ give Sami a call and make her feel better like he just did for her. EJ responds that as far as he’s concerned, Sami can join her mother in Hell and stay there.

Shawn talks to Ciara about how the Devil has been biding his time for the last 25 years, waiting for the right opportunity to take over Marlena’s body again but first he got to Doug. Ciara asks if Doug is okay now. Shawn confirms that he is and talks about how he called the Devil out on Thanksgiving. Shawn asks Ciara where Marlena is now. Ciara responds that she’s still with Ben.

John tells Ben that everything Marlena has been telling him is a lie. Devil Marlena argues that John is the one lying and that he’s not the person he claims to be. John brings up 25 years ago. Marlena claims to be frightened that John would actually kill her. Ben says that’s not going to happen. John tells Ben to ask anyone about 25 years ago. Ben warns that he’s giving John one last chance to get the hell out of here because he saw the way John showed up at his apartment, screaming and yelling, banging on his door while saying he was going to kill Marlena. John tells Ben that he’s late to the game as it wasn’t him, it was her. Marlena argues that it’s not true. John tells Ben to stop listening to Marlena and start listening to him. John says that is not the woman that made Ben well, it’s not Dr. Evans. Devil Marlena then raises her hand behind Ben and uses his powers to choke John, preventing him from saying that she’s the Devil. John tries to rush her but Ben knocks John out with a punch.

Lucas tells Rafe that he rescued Sami and when they got back, she went right back to EJ. Lucas says it may be for the best since that’s when she found EJ with Nicole. Rafe mentions running in to EJ and Nicole at the mansion last night but he didn’t realize. Lucas jokes about their sweet tender love affair and says it makes him sick. Lucas notices that it bothers Rafe too. Rafe states that Nicole is his friend and EJ is human garbage so it does bother him. Lucas gets it but selfishly he hopes it makes Sami open her eyes, because he wants her back.

Allie remarks that it’s so nice for Sami to drop by and suggests they go get a coffee or take a walk. Sami says she’s fine. Nicole decides she will go since she has errands to run. Allie tells Nicole that she’s sorry. Sami tells Allie not to apologize for her. Nicole says she knows Sami is upset but tells her to never do this again. Nicole then exits. Sami tells Allie that she came to see her and she didn’t start this. Allie mocks that she never does. Sami knows her feelings for Nicole and how she owes her so much. Sami informs Allie that she just found Nicole in bed with her husband last night.

Susan tells EJ not to talk about Sami like that after everything she’s done for him. EJ asks what about having sex with her ex husband which shocks Susan. EJ reveals that he has served her with divorce papers. Susan can’t believe it as she thought they were devoted to each other 100%. EJ says she obviously thought wrong and he doesn’t want to talk about this because he wants to make sure Susan rests and relaxes. Susan doesn’t want to rest and relax, she wants to hear about the story. Susan wants EJ to tell her about the whole thing.

Ciara tells Shawn that Marlena told them that John had been beating her, so she wanted them to take her somewhere safe and far away from Salem. Ciara says she was skeptical but Ben totally believed her and related to what he went through as a child. Ciara adds that John showed up and it was like something she’d never seen before as he was crazy and threatening to kill her. Shawn points out that it was as if it was on cue. Shawn doesn’t think that was John as the Devil has weird crazy powers. Shawn brings up how the Devil broke the handcuffs on Thanksgiving and threw him across the room to knock him out. Ciara and Shawn worry about what it was if it wasn’t John.

John wakes up tied to a chair and tries to tell Ben that Marlena is not herself but she puts a gag over his mouth and says that’s enough of his lies. Marlena then grabs a knife. Ben questions what the hell she is doing. Marlena declares that she’s going to make sure John never hurts her ever again. Ben tells her that John is tied up so he can’t hurt her or anyone else ever again. Ben assures that she’s safe. She argues that he needs to pay. Ben says that’s not up to them. Ben reminds her that she taught him that violence won’t help her but hurt her. She says it’s so good to hear her words coming back and she’s so proud of Ben and grateful. Ben is glad that he could help her for once after all she’s done for him. Ben asks Marlena to drop the knife. Marlena says she’s asked too much of Ben already so it’s time for him to focus on himself, his wife, and their baby.

Ciara tells Shawn that she has to get to Ben before Marlena hurts him. Shawn stops her and reminds her that Susan said the Devil is after Ciara’s baby, so he’s not letting her go anywhere near Marlena.

EJ explains to Susan that Sami was sleeping with her ex-husband and was going to try to hide it from him as well. Susan brings up that EJ has done that once or twice. EJ doesn’t want to go there and says they are talking about the present. Susan asks how he found out. EJ admits it was Kristen which doesn’t surprise Susan. EJ informs Susan that he’s already started divorce proceedings but Susan says no and urges EJ to forgive Sami. Susan brings up all the time Sami spent with him in Italy to save him. EJ says he doesn’t feel inclined to forgive her but it might be too late anyways because last night, Sami caught him in bed with Nicole. Susan says here we go again.

Allie tells Sami that she’s so sorry. Sami asks how she feels about Nicole now. Allie is sorry she went through that after everything she’s already been through. Sami complains that being kidnapped and thrown in a room isn’t as bad as finding Nicole in her bed, gloating. Allie reminds her that she and Lucas tried to tell her not to go. Sami questions if she knew. Allie says no but that’s not the point. Sami argues that the point is that Nicole is vicious and vindictive. Allie doesn’t think they should be talking about what Nicole did wrong. Sami guesses she wants to talk about her. Allie suggests talking about EJ and talking about everything EJ has done wrong will take a hell of a long time.

Lucas tells Rafe that he gets that Nicole going back to EJ is like him taking a drink, no good could come from it, but he hopes it opens Sami’s eyes. Nicole then approaches and asks what they are talking about.

Ciara explains to Shawn that Susan left Nashville around the same time they found out about the baby and she came to warn them about some evil presence. Ciara says she convinced herself Susan was just being crazy. Shawn says he will go get Ben from Marlena and tells Ciara to stay here. Shawn says he will have Belle come over and that she is not to answer the door for anyone else. Ciara questions how she’s supposed to know if it’s even Belle after what happened with John. Shawn gives Ciara a safe word that Belle will know. Ciara continues to worry about the Devil. They apologize to each other. Ciara cries that she’s really scared as Shawn hugs her. Ciara tells Shawn to be careful as he exits.

Devil Marlena thinks to himself how it would be fun to finish John off, but Ben would be shocked to see Marlena Evans eviscerate her husband. The Devil laments how fun Ben used to be but says he needs Ben to get him to Ciara. The Devil adds that Shawn has probably already told her that Marlena is the Devil and the Devil is bad. The Devil remarks that this whole clan is nauseating. Marlena then tells Ben that they need to go to Salem, to the police. Ben thought she said they won’t believe them. Marlena declares that it’s time to trust that the truth will set them free. The Devil thinks to himself about the things he does for hate.

Allie tells Sami that she saw first hand what EJ did to her in Italy. Sami argues that he was in pain. Allie brings up when Sami was sad and alone and went back to Lucas, EJ showed no compassion and kicked her out of his life. Sami argues that it doesn’t mean that EJ doesn’t love at her. Allie yells at Sami to wake up and see that EJ has treated her like crap but she makes it everyone’s fault but his. Allie remarks that if EJ wanted a woman in his bed, he could just snap his fingers, but there’s nothing he could do to hurt her more than sleeping with Nicole. Allie adds that if Sami didn’t walk in on them, EJ would have made sure she found out. Allie tells Sami that Lucas has walked through fire for her and he loves her. Allie argues that Lucas likes and respects her and he’s on her side. Allie knows Sami and EJ was a love for the ages, but from where she sits, that love for the ages looks a lot more like life in prison with no parole.

Lucas tells Nicole that he and Rafe were just having guy talk. Lucas says he has somewhere to be but tells Rafe to let him know if he hears anything about Philip. Nicole mentions that she just heard about that and tells Lucas that she’s so sorry. Lucas thanks her and walks away. Nicole then sits with Rafe and guesses that they weren’t talking about Philip, but about her and Sami. Rafe admits that she’s right. Nicole guesses that Lucas told Rafe about her and EJ sleeping together last night.

Susan asks EJ if he and Nicole are serious. EJ responds that they are taking things slowly. EJ guesses that Susan doesn’t think Nicole is good enough for him, but she doesn’t think anyone is good enough for him. Susan responds that she changed her mind about Nicole. Susan argues that EJ wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Sami. EJ admits that and says he tried to come back to start over with her, but then he found out she was unfaithful and would do whatever it takes to make sure he never found out. EJ guesses she intended to go on being unfaithful. Susan asks if EJ would’ve forgiven Sami if she was honest about it and argues that EJ had been doing the same thing. EJ argues that they were married but Susan calls him hypocritical. Susan argues that the Devil told her that EJ has already secured his place in Hell, so he needs to find the love in his heart to save his soul. EJ responds that the love in his heart is no longer for Sami. Susan doesn’t believe that and says Sami just hurt his feelings and wounded his pride, but he’s acting like a spoiled brat. Susan states that Sami was unfaithful, not to hurt him, but because she was grieving. Susan questions EJ turning his back on Sami and tells him to examine his conscience and ask if he still loves Sami. Susan says if he does, there’s still hope for his soul. Susan tells EJ to get himself together and walks out of the room.

Sami asks if Allie hates EJ. Allie responds that she hates the way he treats her and that Sami lets him. Allie understands after everything she went through to try to save him, it’s hard to think that was all not worth it. Sami says it was worth it but Allie feels EJ doesn’t think so. Allie complains that Sami has forgiven EJ but now EJ doesn’t forgive her and thinks he has the right to punish her. Allie asks how Sami feels when she’s with Lucas, if she feels bad and unworthy. Allie knows she can’t tell her how she feels but suggests something happened between her and Lucas, not just because she was lonely but because there’s always been something between them. Allie calls Lucas the first great love of Sami’s and maybe her last.

Nicole asks Rafe if he’s going to talk about how horrible EJ is or how dumb she is. Rafe says no. Nicole talks about how she started the day by trying to find out if her business partner was going to be charged with murder, then Sami showed up so she left so that Sami could tell Allie what a whore she is, and now she shows up here and her two friends are swapping details about her sex life. Rafe apologizes. Nicole tells him not to worry as she’s used to her private life being in the public domain. Rafe says he’s sorry that she’s unhappy because he thinks part of it is his fault.

Sami tells Allie that nobody really knows what goes on in a marriage except the two people in it. Sami knows she’s just trying to help her and admits that Lucas is a wonderful guy and she does love him. Sami cries that she shouldn’t have come here to burden her with all of this as it’s unfair to her. Allie thinks she needed to get it off her chest too and for her to know how she feels about EJ and Lucas. Sami hugs her and says she loves her. Sami decides she has someone to see and jokes that she usually only gets this kind of advice for Marlena and then ignores it. Allie asks how Marlena is. Sami responds that she doesn’t know, but she hopes John finds her and gets her safe before she hurts herself or someone else. Sami then exits.

Ciara tries calling Ben but it goes to voicemail. Ciara then gets a call from Susan, who says she’s been trying to reach her. Susan says she needs to warn her. Ciara says she knows about Marlena and the Devil.

Ben takes John’s keys and tells him he’s not going anywhere until the cops get here. Ben asks Marlena if she’s ready which she says she is, while the Devil’s inner thoughts remark that he’s ready to take Ben and Ciara’s unborn child. Ben goes to leave right as Shawn arrives at the cabin.

Ciara assures Susan that she’s safe, alone, and with the doors locked while Belle is on her way over. Ciara adds that Ben is alone with Marlena with Shawn on his way there. Ciara asks Susan to pray for them.

Ben tells Shawn that it’s good that he’s there as they were just coming to see him. Ben tells Shawn to arrest John for terrorizing Marlena. Shawn responds that Marlena is the one terrorizing John among others. Ben asks what he’s talking about. Shawn reveals that it’s happened again and this is not Marlena, it’s the Devil.

Lucas goes to see Allie and asks if she’s okay. Allie knows he has a lot going on with Philip missing and she’s worried about Marlena, but she thinks she has good news to share. Allie informs Lucas that she just had a long talk with Sami and thinks she got through to her. Lucas doesn’t believe it and says that never happens. Allie says usually not and there’s a chance she’s being overly optimistic, but she put in a good word for him and told her that Lucas, unlike EJ, treats her with respect and loves her. Allie knows Sami and Lucas still love each other. Lucas asks what Sami said. Allie says she mainly listened but she thinks Sami might finally be realizing that things are over between her and EJ and if she’s going to be with anyone, she’s going to be with Lucas.

EJ opens a drawer in the living room and finds his wedding ring. EJ thinks back to Susan telling him to be honest with himself about if he still loves Sami. Sami then enters the mansion.

Nicole asks if Rafe thinking it’s his fault is egotistical. Rafe says maybe but brings up what happened between them. Nicole reminds him that it’s over. Rafe asks if it is as he then grabs Nicole and kisses her.

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