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At the police station, Belle asks Shawn who ran the test to match Philip’s blood to the blood on the knife and argues that they could’ve made a mistake. Shawn assures that the lab tech ran the test twice and it’s a definitive match for Philip. Belle just doesn’t believe that Brady would do something like that. Melinda arrives and questions Shawn not being out arresting Brady.

Brady swears on his kids’ lives that he did not attack Philip and he would’ve remembered if he did. Chloe says it’s just Shawn’s theory right now. Brady doesn’t give a damn what Shawn thinks and only cares about what Chloe thinks. Brady asks if Chloe thinks he did something to Philip. Chloe doesn’t answer so Brady takes that as a yes. Brady tries to get out of his hospital bed, saying he will go find Philip himself.

Lucas goes to the Brady Pub to meet Kate. Kate notes that he’s late while Lucas complains that he had a busy day. Kate asks him what’s wrong now. Lucas remarks that everything is just fine and asks why Kate is so chipper. Kate says that’s because Rex is back in Salem and questions why Lucas is so morose. Lucas then reveals that Sami is back in town too.

Nicole jokes that she’s going to have to mull over whether sex with EJ was good enough to make her forget about Rafe. Nicole asks if he was able to forget about his passionate nights with Sami. EJ jokes that he doesn’t know anyone by that name. EJ and Nicole continue kissing in bed as Sami then opens the door and sees them. Sami clears her throat to get their attention. EJ is surprised to see Sami is back. Sami responds that she is back and can see just how much he missed her.

Maggie enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and suggests Victor come to bed, but she sees that Victor is looking through Philip’s old high school yearbook. Victor asks if Maggie has seen Philip. Maggie says no and asks if he’s worried about him. Victor responds that Chloe called and said she can’t find him anywhere so she wanted to know if he had seen him. Maggie asks what he said. Victor responds that Philip is dead to him.

Shawn tells Melinda that Philip’s blood is on the knife but they haven’t found anything in the river. Melinda argues that Philip is missing while Brady was found at the scene covered in Philip’s blood so that’s enough for her and she tells Shawn to go make the arrest. Shawn questions doing that without a body and asks what he’s going to charge Brady with. Belle wants to know that too. Melinda asks if Belle is here as an attorney. Belle declares that she is and she was just telling Shawn that Melinda’s entire case against Brady is entirely circumstantial. Shawn questions when Brady became Belle’s client. Belle says when Melinda walked in to the room.

Rafe thanks Ava for dinner. Ava suggests tomorrow they could go shopping for a Christmas tree as they could use some holiday spirit around here. Rafe agrees and jokes about living with the grinch in Gabi. Ava promises to try to ignore her. Rafe asks if Ava has thought about what she wants for Christmas. Ava responds that she has everything she wants as she and Rafe kiss.

Chloe follows Brady out of his hospital room and questions where he’s going. Brady responds that he’s going down to the river to help them find Philip. Chloe reminds Brady that he’s in a hospital gown. Brady says that’s better than waiting around for Shawn to build a case against him for something he didn’t do. Chloe says she’s not accusing him of anything. Brady argues that he can see it in her face so she might as well just admit that she thinks either Philip is badly hurt or dead and that he did it.

Sami remarks on Nicole’s past in porn and calls her a skank. EJ tells Sami to leave because he and Nicole were in the middle of something. Sami warns EJ not to touch Nicole again.

Lucas explains to Kate that Sami was kidnapped and locked in a room this whole time. Kate questions how he rescued her. Lucas tells her that he was with Allie when Sami managed to call her, so he went and got her. Kate calls it unreal even for Sami and asks if Roman knows. Lucas doubts it because she didn’t want any family involved. Kate questions what’s more important than her father knowing she was kidnapped. Lucas tells her it’s EJ DiMera.

Nicole tells EJ that she will go so he and Sami can talk. Sami calls it her best idea while EJ wants Nicole to stay and Sami to go. Sami refuses to leave until she’s had her say. Nicole decides she doesn’t want to be there for that. EJ questions why he should listen to what Sami has to say. Sami argues that she is his wife. EJ mocks her as his loyal wife and brings up her cheating on him with her ex-husband. Sami points out that he’s in bed with his ex-wife which EJ calls a perfect example of divine justice.

Maggie questions why Victor says Philip is dead to him when he doesn’t mean it. Victor insists that he does mean it and calls Philip a colossal screw up for getting involved with Ava twice. Victor complains that Philip almost cost him what he worked his entire life to build. Maggie knows Victor is disappointed in Philip but says he looked sad while looking at Philip’s old yearbook. Victor says he was just remembering the high hopes he had for him. Maggie feels he was also thinking about how much he loves and misses Philip since he has a permanent place in his heart just like Bo and Isabella. Victor doesn’t want Philip in the same breath as his other children. Victor questions God taking his other children from him and leaving him with the one son who has done nothing but bring shame to the Kiriakis name.

Belle tells Melinda that she won’t let her railroad Brady just because she’s hungry for another headline. Melinda wonders if Shawn is too close to this case for comfort since Victor is his grandfather, Philip is his uncle, and Brady is his brother in law while Belle is now representing the number one suspect. Belle argues that Melinda has a lot of nerve questioning Shawn’s integrity. Shawn assures Melinda that he is perfectly capable of separating his family from his work. Melinda tells him to do his job, find out what happened to Philip, and arrest the person who did it as she then walks out.

Chloe gets Brady back in his hospital bed. Chloe is glad he listened to reason but Brady blames the bump on his head. Chloe mentions that Kayla thought he hit his head on a rock when he passed out. Chloe questions Brady wanting to go down to the river when there’s cops all over the place. Brady asks Chloe again if she thinks he made Philip disappear. Chloe admits she doesn’t know what to think since Brady was drunk and sent those texts. Brady shouts that he wasn’t drunk and didn’t send messages. Brady insists that if he had a drink, he would’ve remembered it because he’s been clean and sober for a long time now. Brady pleads with Chloe to believe him as he swears he did not do this. Brady doesn’t care if the whole town thinks he did it, he just needs to know that Chloe still believes in him because that’s important to him. Chloe responds that she sees the sincerity in his eyes and hears it in his voice. Brady says that’s something. Chloe admits the Brady that she knows would never hurt anyone. Brady says he’s still that guy. Chloe says when he’s sober he is, but she’s seen what it’s like when he falls off the wagon. Brady insists that he didn’t touch a drop of alcohol. Chloe questions how it all ended up in his system. Brady doesn’t know and suggests someone poured it down his throat. Chloe recalls being married to him and remembering the mood swings, blackouts, and rage. Brady reminds her that he never laid a hand on her. Chloe cries there were times that she was really afraid that he would because he doesn’t know what it looks like when he was out of control and loaded.

Belle questions how Shawn can stand working with Melinda every day when she is such a bitch. Shawn reminds her that she told Claire that no female should ever call another the B word. Shawn wishes she would’ve told him that she was representing Brady before she told Melinda. Belle argues that Brady is her brother and Melinda was drooling at the idea of representing him. Shawn goes over how bad things look for Brady and says he can’t turn a blind eye to the facts. Belle points out that they don’t know that something bad happened to Philip. Shawn says that is why they are searching the area. Belle decides to go to the hospital to let Brady know he has an attorney whether he wants one or not. Belle asks if Shawn is going to stay here or go join the search. Shawn responds that he has to go tell Victor that his son is missing.

Lucas tells Kate that he couldn’t believe that they were back in Salem for five seconds and Sami couldn’t wait to go to the DiMera Mansion to see EJ. Kate guesses she’s looking for reconciliation but says with a man like EJ, that won’t be easy. Lucas says that Sami thinks her being kidnapped will make up for the fact that they slept together. Kate says maybe that could happen but questions if Sami will be able to forget about what’s happening between Nicole and EJ which shocks Lucas as he did not know.

Sami tells Nicole that EJ is basically admitting that he’s just sleeping with her to hurt her. EJ argues that Sami will say anything when she’s in fire breathing mode. Nicole complains that Sami hasn’t changed and still thinks the world revolves around her. Nicole tells Sami that she and EJ are both available, consenting adults so they both decided to start seeing each other again and have nothing to do with Sami. Sami remarks that Nicole is available because Eric finally wised up and dumped her. Sami shouts that EJ is not available, he’s her husband. Sami then calls Nicole a bitch and slaps her.

Lucas questions something going on between EJ and Nicole and asks how serious it is. Kate says she didn’t say it was serious but Lucas wants to know what she knows. Kate reveals that she ran in to EJ’s assistant and got her talking, so she let it slip that EJ and Nicole have been having dinner on a regular basis. Lucas can’t believe it and calls it amazing. Lucas says that Sami is going to lose it and he absolutely loves it.

EJ threatens to call security on Sami. Nicole tells Sami that this whole situation is Sami’s fault because she couldn’t help herself but destroy her marriage too. Sami asks if she was supposed to not tell Eric that she was slutting around with Xander. Nicole argues that if Sami minded her own business, she’d still be with Eric. Sami says she couldn’t let Eric live a lie. Nicole adds that Sami would still be with EJ but she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Sami argues that it doesn’t change that Nicole is sleeping with another woman’s husband. EJ declares that the only reason that he has the misfortune of still being her husband is because she vanished before he could serve her divorce papers. Sami is shocked that he filed divorce papers. EJ says of course he did after she cheated on him with Lucas. EJ reminds Sami that he told her their marriage was over before she left town but she refused to accept it. Sami calls him a pompous ass and reveals she didn’t leave town, she was kidnapped.

Rafe brings out a box of Christmas ornaments since they are going to get a tree tomorrow. Rafe says most of the ornaments are old since his mom handed them down to he and Gabi. Rafe shows her an ornament he made as a kid. Rafe asks if Ava has any ornaments. Ava says her family couldn’t afford them and weren’t always in a Christmas spirit, but she is this year. Rafe assures that he is too. Ava wonders if that has anything to do with them being together. Rafe thinks it does as they kiss.

Shawn goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Victor. Victor guesses it’s not a social call and asks who it is about. Shawn informs him that it’s Philip, so Victor asks what he has done now. Shawn reveals that Philip is missing and with the evidence they have, they have reason to believe he’s been a victim of foul play. Victor argues that he must suspect somebody and asks who. Shawn responds that given the evidence they have right now, their main suspect is Brady.

Brady guesses he finally understands why Chloe chose Philip over him because after all these years, she still doesn’t trust him. Chloe says it’s not that but what she saw last night brought back a lot of bad memories. Brady is sorry about that and tells her she can go home if she wants instead of staying with him. Chloe says it doesn’t matter what she thinks since she’s not a cop or a lawyer. Chloe tells him not to get all worked up until they know more. Brady argues that it will always matter to him what she thinks. Belle enters the room. Brady informs Belle that Chloe was just telling him that she’s still not sure if he did something to Philip or not. Brady then asks Belle if she thinks he has it in him to kill someone. Belle states that no one knows if there’s even be an murder. Brady mocks that being Belle’s vote of confidence. Belle tells him not to take that attitude if the police come to question him. Brady asks if that’s going to happen. Belle confirms that Melinda tried to talk Shawn in to arresting him, but she told her that she was his lawyer so she backed off. Brady calls this insane and argues that this can’t be happening. Belle warns him to take this seriously because the circumstantial evidence against him is accumulating. Chloe questions what evidence but Belle says as Brady’s lawyer, she has to ask Chloe to leave. Brady stops her and says Belle can’t kick her out of his room as whatever she has to say, he’s fine with her hearing. Belle warns that Melinda could call Chloe as a witness. Brady insists it won’t go to trial because he’s innocent. Belle then reveals that the blood on the knife matched Philip’s.

Victor questions Shawn officially saying that his son was attacked by his grandson. Shawn says it’s not official so Victor asks what he knows for sure. Shawn explains that Chloe was the last person to see Philip at the river bank and they have reason to believe Brady had been there as they found his watch on the ground. Shawn adds that Chloe left Philip to go find Brady but didn’t have any luck then when she returned, Philip was gone and Brady was lying on the ground covered in blood with a knife on the ground and the blood matched Philip’s. Maggie can’t believe it. Victor argues that he knew this was going to happen. Maggie encourages Victor to keep a cool head for Philip and Brady. Shawn asks what Victor means by knowing this was going to happen. Victor responds that he knew Chloe would be the death of Philip or Brady.

EJ questions Sami being kidnapped. Nicole doesn’t buy it but Sami says it’s the truth and explains that she went to Rafe’s to see Gabi about staying in the mansion but before she could, someone snuck up behind her and attacked her. EJ questions why he should believe her and not think she’s just spinning a story to get out of trouble. Nicole suggests Sami could have been soaking up the sun at a five star hotel. Sami points out that she doesn’t have a tan. Sami doesn’t believe this and argues that she’s EJ’s wife and mother of his children. Sami states that someone dragged her off and held her prisoner for three months. Sami questions this being how EJ reacts. EJ says if she wants a more horrified reaction, he suggests telling Lucas. Sami reveals that she did and that’s how she’s even standing here right now because Lucas is the one who rescued her.

Kate calls Lucas alarmingly happy over this whole thing and questions him getting his hopes up of getting back with Sami. Lucas talks about how Sami despises Nicole more than anything so this could really break the spell EJ has on Sami. Kate points out that Sami could also still fight. Lucas calls her a downer. Kate just doesn’t want him to get his hopes up again. Kate then gets a call from Victor. She wonders what he wants and answers the call, asking why he’s calling at this time of night and if everything is alright. Victor says he’s afraid it isn’t and asks Kate to come to the house now because it’s about their son.

Belle warns Brady to be very careful about what he says and does from now on. Chloe informs her that she had to keep Brady from going down to the river. Belle asks if he’s out of his mind. Brady says he’s going to do whatever it takes to clear his name. Brady argues that Chloe has doubts about what he did last night, so he can only imagine what the cops and the rest of the town thinks. Belle tells him that his only job right now is to try and piece together what happened after he left the Pub. Brady says he’s trying but there’s nothing there. Brady remarks that he would call Marlena to hypnotize him but she’s a little busy right now. Brady worries that if they find Philip at the bottom of the river, everyone will think he put him there.

Victor informs Maggie and Shawn that Kate is on her way over. Maggie asks how to break this to Kate when this is every mother’s nightmare. Shawn points out that there is still hope that Philip is out there, alive and well. Victor argues that if Shawn believed that, they wouldn’t be dragging the river. Victor asks if Shawn believes Philip is dead. Shawn then gets a call and says he’s on his way. Victor asks if it’s about Philip. Shawn reveals the divers have found something.

Lucas asks if Victor gave Kate any clue about what’s going on. Kate says no and just that he wants her to come over right away but she doesn’t think Philip is getting a citizen of the year award. Lucas offers to go with Kate but she thinks he’s been through enough today already. Kate suggests Lucas stay at the Pub until Roman gets back which he agrees to do. Kate says she will let him know how it goes. Lucas is sure Philip is fine. Kate says she is too as she exits the Pub.

EJ questions Sami calling Lucas while she was held prisoner. Sami clarifies that she called Allie and Lucas happened to be there, so he helped her figure out where she was and came to rescue her. EJ points out that she never called him but Sami reveals that she did but his phone was dead. Sami remarks that maybe he was sexting too much with Nicole. EJ asks why there was no ransom demand if she was kidnapped and questions who would want the aggravation of holding her captive unless there was money to be made. Sami accuses Nicole of having her kidnapped since she got her out of the way, so she could have her chance with EJ. Nicole says she’s had enough and tells EJ to call her if and when he gets Sami out of his life. Sami stops Nicole and says she’s not going anywhere until she’s through with her. Nicole slaps Sami and says she wasn’t going to stoop to her level but then she thought why not. Sami then tackles Nicole onto the bed. EJ pulls Sami off and shouts that Sami is not wanted here and this is no longer her house. EJ threatens to throw Sami out himself if he has to. Sami declares that this is not over by a longshot as she then storms out of the mansion.

Ava asks Rafe if he meant what he said about being in the Christmas spirit because they are together. Rafe asks why she would doubt that. Ava guesses she’s feeling insecure about being worthy of someone as wonderful as him. Rafe tells her not to say that. Ava says the more you care about someone, the harder it is and then you want the assurance that the other person feels the same way. Rafe thinks he knows a way to reassure her and kisses her. Ava jokes that might be working but he can try a little harder. Rafe says it’s definitely worth a try as they continue kissing.

EJ helps Nicole get her shoe back on. Nicole goes over what just happened with Sami. EJ asks if that upset her. Nicole says it wasn’t her finest moment. EJ tells Nicole that she doesn’t have to leave but Nicole says she does. Nicole says it was fun while it lasted. EJ argues that Sami being back changes nothing but Nicole says he knows that it changes everything. EJ disagrees. Nicole asks what if Sami was telling the truth about being kidnapped. EJ says for the sake of their children, he’s glad Lucas brought her back safely but as far as they are concerned, Sami is still his past and Nicole is his future. EJ then kisses Nicole and they hug.

Sami goes to the Brady Pub looking for Roman, saying she could use a cup of chowder and someone to talk to. Lucas appears at the bar instead and asks if he will do.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie and Victor offer her a drink but Kate declines and says she’s here so she wants to know what the emergency is. Victor suggests she sit down but Kate worries that means bad news and tells Victor to just tell her. Kate asks if Philip was arrested. Victor says it’s nothing like that but Philip is missing and the police suspect foul play as they think someone may have hurt their boy or worse.

Belle tells Brady that the best thing he can do is stay in the hospital and get better while leaving the investigating to the police and she will start putting his defense together. Brady thanks her for getting there so quickly and for everything. Brady says he owes her. Belle jokes for him to just wait until he gets her bill. Belle then gets a text from Shawn that the divers found something in the river. Chloe asks if it was Philip.

Melinda goes to the river to see what Shawn and the divers have. Shawn reveals a prosthetic leg and says the only person he knows that needs one of those is Philip Kiriakis.

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