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Recap written by Christine

Noah went to Devon’s with the pictures that he took for Tessa’s album. Noah said it had been awhile since he had to preview a project while he was still creating it. Devon said he’d hate for Noah to put in a bunch of work then find out it wasn’t what Devon was looking for. Noah set his own schedule in London. He asked what deadline Devon was thinking of. Devon suggested December 22. He didn’t want Noah to feel rushed though. Devon asked why Noah left London, and he said he did it for personal reasons. Devon didn’t pry.

Devon was impressed with the photos. He said Noah really captured Tessa. Devon was glad Tessa suggested Noah, which was something Devon had been hesitant about given their history. “You mean you dating Mariah, me dating Tessa before they fell for each other,” Noah said, smiling. Devon said it felt like a lifetime ago, and Mariah and Tessa were going strong. Devon said you could tell from these photos that Noah got Tessa. Devon always thought Tessa was a bit guarded and hard to read, but she was obviously comfortable showing an open side to Noah. Noah said it wasn’t him, it was the camera.

At their place, Abby told Chance that Dominic said he wanted to go out. She thought it’d be fun to take the two of them to Society and show them off. After joking about Dominic talking, Chance said that it sounded fun, but he wasn’t sure it was a good idea. He didn’t know if they’d be safe. She reminded him that his supervisor said they were safe. She thought a family lunch would be a good way to ease into normal life. He agreed, and she took the baby upstairs to get him ready. Chance looked troubled.

Abby, Chance and the baby arrived at the restaurant, and she promised they’d keep it low profile. Mariah and Tessa showed up. Mariah was shocked to see Chance out so soon. Chance was glad to run into Mariah, because he wanted to thank her for everything she did. He was sorry he wasn’t there to protect her. She said the kidnapping was in the past, and she was moving on, with the love and support of everyone around her, especially Tessa. Abby said they could never thank Mariah enough for keeping their baby safe. Chance invited the couple to join them, but Tessa said they were here for a working lunch. Abby wanted to throw Tessa an album release party, but Tessa said she’d let Devon handle it. Abby said she’d send Tessa and Mariah the same tasting menu Abby and Chance were going to have. Abby and her family went to the back to see the chef.

Mariah thought Chance seemed a little off. Tessa said that it’d take awhile for Chance to feel safe again, kind of like Mariah. Mariah said that what she went through was horrible, but what Chance went through was unimaginable. Mariah and Tessa looked over the photos Noah took. Mariah was quiet, and Tessa thought she hated the photos, but Mariah actually loved every single one. Mariah said these photos reminded her of Tessa’s early days, performing at the Underground. Mariah used to hide in the back and watch. Tessa joked that Mariah couldn’t hide because there were only three people there. Mariah thought Noah really captured something. Tessa said that Noah got her to relax by talking about Mariah, so anything special in the pictures was because of Mariah.

Abby wanted Chance’s honest opinion on the menu. They’d finally transitioned to Pamela’s food, while retaining some of the favorites Lola developed. Chance couldn’t believe Lola just walked away like that. Abby couldn’t stand in the way of Lola taking that stellar opportunity. Chance called Abby a good person. Abby said that she used to be selfish until Chance made her a better person. He said he was no saint, and she told him that what happened in Spain wasn’t his fault. That wasn’t what he was thinking about. Dominic cried out, and Mariah glanced over at the table.

Mariah and Tessa came over to say goodbye. Mariah was glad to see the Chancellor family together. She thought they made a beautiful picture. Chance said that Mariah could come visit Dominic any time. Mariah and Tessa quickly left, leaving Chance wondering if he said something wrong. Abby explained that Mariah developed a deep bond with the baby in captivity, and she had a hard time letting go. Chance wasn’t surprised because he understood how it felt. He was sure he would’ve lost his mind if Kim weren’t there for him after the explosion. Abby was thankful for Kim saving Chance. She wondered if he was thinking about the ones who weren’t saved. Chance thought about them every minute of every day. Abby wished there was something she could say to make him feel better. He said some wounds words couldn’t heal. She took his hand.

At Crimson Lights, Nick asked Sharon if she’d saved any of Noah’s old costumes from holiday pageants. He needed something for Christian to wear, and he’d recalled that Noah had dressed up as an elf and a wise man. Laughing, Sharon said that Noah was a grown man, so she didn’t have any of his childhood costumes, and even if she did, they wouldn’t be in good shape. She thought Nick knew that, which made her wonder why he was really here. Nick found a costume Summer made Christian a couple years ago, but it didn’t fit. He guessed Phyllis always handled this kind of thing for him. Sharon said she’d make Christian something. Nick didn’t wan to impose. Sharon said he wasn’t – she loved Christian. Nick called Sharon a lifesaver and everybody’s rock. Sharon wondered if Nick needed someone to lean on and if he was feeling a little lost after his breakup. He said he was actually surprised at how well the parting of the ways had gone. He was actually going to be taking Phyllis some of her things that she left at his place. Sharon said sometimes people did that because they were hoping to reconnect and sometimes the were hoping to punish the person. Nick said Sharon was reading too far into things. He was just trying to save Phyllis a trip. Sharon warned Nick that this could trigger some unexpected feelings. He left.

Amanda shared pictures of the old Victorian house with Phyllis. She and Imani just signed a lease on it to use as their office. Phyllis loved it. Amanda asked for Phyllis to lend her exquisite design tastes to fixing up the office. Phyllis was willing to help. Imani passed the Wisconsin bar on her first try. Phyllis was really happy for Amanda. Amanda noted that Phyllis seemed down in the dumps. Phyllis said Summer told her that Jack flew to NY for a meeting with Kyle. Phyllis thought it was weird that Jack didn’t tell her. She added that she and Jack had this really awkward conversation about their friendship. Jack said things had been kind of strange between them since she broke up with Nick. She couldn’t forget that he told her he had feelings for her, and she wasn’t sure what to do now. She said their friendship was so strong, and she had to wait for it to adjust. Amanda asked if Phyllis meant cool down. Phyllis meant get used to it.

Phyllis said she and Jack were good friends, and she didn’t want to screw it up. Jack said he didn’t want to get his heart broken by her again, and she agreed with him. She was sure she could get past this awkward phase and things would work out. Amanda asked Phyllis what she wanted, deep down. Every instinct Phyllis had told her to leave this alone. She wasn’t getting back together with Jack. She respected their friendship and didn’t want to hurt him. “If keeping things in the friend zone really was a mutual decision, then why were you so upset that Jack went to New York and didn’t tell you?,” Amanda asked. Amanda asked if Phyllis would expect a friend to tell her when they were traveling on business. “Or maybe the decision wasn’t mutual and it feels a little more like a rejection,” Amanda said. Phyllis reiterated that Jack said he didn’t want a relationship with her. It would kill her if she hurt him again. Nick showed up, so Amanda left.

Phyllis looked through the box Nick brought. He’d included a handheld video game, and she reminded him that she gave him that for Valentines day. He said it was loaded with her favorite game, so she should have it. She repeated that she gave this to him for Valentines Day, the greatest gift ever, besides that sign he gave her from Pepe’s Roadhouse. He said that was where they had their first wedding. She was glad the sign wasn’t in the box. He said it wouldn’t fit. He was sorry he brought this box and made things… She was glad he brought it because it showed they didn’t waste their time together. This was a sentimental process. He said that he never felt like the time they spent together was a waste, and he never would. She never would either. She asked if the tension in his family had eased up. He was mostly avoiding his relatives, and she noted that she’d been telling him to do that all along. She noticed that he left Chance’s party early. He said Victoria accused him of pushing everyone in his life away, including Phyllis.

Phyllis said that Victoria didn’t know anything about their relationship. Nick realized eventually, he was going to have to try and work things out with his dad, but for now he was happy to focus on New Hope, Christian, Faith was doing well, and he was glad to have Noah home. She said he was lucky to have his kids around. She missed Summer and Daniel. Nick got an text from Nikki summoning him to the ranch, so he left. Phyllis got a text from Jack. He was sorry for disappearing, but he had Jabot business. He’d try and make it up to her when he got back.

Amanda came home as Noah and Devon were wrapping up their meeting. Amanda recalled he did the light installation for Victor’s tribute. She wondered if he’d like to make a corporate ID package for her new firm, and he said he’d keep her offer in mind. Noah said he’d go talk to Tessa and show her the images. He left. Amanda liked watching Devon in work mode. She thought it took a certain skill set to manage artists. He noticed she was happy today. She said life was really good, and she wanted to take him out to lunch to celebrate.

Amanda and Devon ran into Abby, Chance and the baby, who were on their way out because Dom was fussy. Devon talked to the baby. Abby wished that she knew Devon’s secret, especially at 3 AM. Amanda said that when Dom was at their place, Devon had the magic touch. Self depreciating Devon said he was just boring. Abby, Chance and Dom left, and Amanda asked Devon if he was okay.

Amanda was already getting calls from potential clients. She asked if he looked at the paint colors she showed him. She loved dove gray, but Imani wanted something bold. Imani knew some paint guru who charged more per hour than lawyers did, but Amanda was sure they could choose a color on their own. Devon wasn’t listening. He thought Amanda was talking about a bird. She wondered if he was distracted because of Dominic. He was thinking about Chance, actually. Devon thought Chance seemed uneasy being out in public. Amanda thought it was more about Chance being a brand new dad who’d just met his baby. Devon was worried that Dominic would pick up on Chance’s stress, like he did when Abby was grieving.

Chance was holding Dominic at home, when Abby came in and said it was nap time. She took the baby upstairs. Chance sighed deeply. Nina called and Chance told her that he was okay. Abby was coming downstairs, and she looked at Chance with concern.

Noah went to Crimson Lights and asked Sharon if she’d seen Tessa. She hadn’t, but she wanted to see the photos he took. He wanted to show Tessa first. She thought this project was just what he needed. He said she didn’t have to worry because he was doing fine. She wasn’t worried, she was delighted he was doing something he enjoyed. He said the album had his creative juices flowing, thanks to Tessa, who made it easy. At that moment, Tessa and Mariah arrived. Noah smiled.

Mariah agreed that Tessa was an ideal subject. Tessa said she and Mariah picked a photo, and she hoped it was the same one Noah liked. Noah said he had a great meeting with Devon, and they agreed about a photo. Tessa was caught off guard – they chose a photo without her? Noah said it wasn’t like that – Devon just wanted to see where Noah was going on this. Noah said Tessa got the final call, he was just working in service of her decision. Tessa showed Noah the photo she liked, and it was the same one Noah chose. Noah said that they had a mind meld. Sharon took a look, and she loved it too. Mariah had to get back to work, so she left. On the patio, Mariah turned around and watched Tessa laughing with Noah and Sharon. Tessa saw Mariah and went out to check on her. Mariah said it was just nice to see Tessa laughing and happy. Tessa said she was giddy and in love. They kissed, and Noah watched them with a somber expression.

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