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laura: Yummy. I see why hummingbird cake is your mother’s favorite. I’ll have to remember to order one when I get back home. Maybe. Or maybe we could just order another and have it brought here. I still have to get back home. And you still can’T. Not while there’s a threat out there. If I choose to assume the risk, that is my business. I’m sorry. You know, laura, we don’t really need to keep going over this, do we?

[ Sighs ] Do you really want me to go outside and tell agent silva you’re planning to make a run for it? Your devotion to me is appalling. You are right. I am devoted. Live with it. We are stuck here, and we are going to make the best of it. Matter of fact, I’ve got a surprise for you later.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sniffles, sobs ] I didn’t want to wake you. Sorry I got here so late. It’s okay. I wasn’t sleeping. How are you holding up? Sasha: Brando. I’d like to see michael, too. I think this conversation calls for privacy. Well, sonny and I thought we had privacy in the chapel, but that turned out not to be the case. You were there. And I wish to god I hadn’t been. I wish I hadn’t heard a single word. Hi, maxie. Can I come in? Yeah, of course. I’m just a little surprised to see you. That’s all. You here to tell me I’m wrong again? I mean, you wouldn’t be wrong. I was wrong. I really shouldn’t have interfered with brook lynn and valentin. Right. Why are you here if we’re not friends? Well, I don’t know where I am with that, but there is someone who thinks we’re friends. Maybe even more than that. Your ex. Peter august.

[ Door slams ] How’d you get in here?

[ Laughs ] Funny thing about jason. Some of the cops hated him, some of the cops liked him, but… they all respected him. Come on, corinthos. You really expect me to believe the police thought jason morgan was an honorable man? I don’t give a damn what you think. Look around. Nobody’s in here but you and me. You killed jason. All rules go out the window. Nobody wants to protect you. Everybody wants to see you pay. So it looks like I’m gonna do the honors.

[Mallet banging]

[Drums banging]



[Mallet banging]

[Drums banging]

[Inhales] You checked out with the management office. It seems nancy, our regular maid, called in sick. You’re good to go. I’m sorry you had to wait and stay later. Oh, that’s okay. I could use the overtime. Well, nothing in the news about victor cassadine’s release. But then again, I suppose they wouldn’t — they wouldn’t tell the press. But, I mean, most people don’t know him anyway. But I assure you… laura, there is nothing you can do about victor cassadine from here. You’re not leaving. That’s final. It’s too dangerous. Okay, it’s not just victor cassadine. I miss my family. I empathize. I even feel bad. I mean, selfishly, I have you here to myself. It’s not like I have anybody to miss at home, like you do. I’m sorry. And you know what? I think I ought to make sure that our trusty agent silva gets a slice of this wonderful, yummy hummingbird cake, as he is the one who arranged it. Mm. Whoa, martin. What are you doing? Close the door and stay inside. Relax. I just want to make sure you got some hummingbird cake. Enjoy.

[ Door closes ] I was on duty when peter came in, so I treated him, and he saw my name on my I.D. Badge, and he recognized me as the man who delivered your baby. And then he insinuated that I kidnapped louise. He did what? Mm-hmm. Oh, my god, I am so sorry. Um, what did you say? Well, I reacted with professional detachment… until I didn’t, because I kind of reacted like an angry middle schooler. I stuck him with a syringe a couple extra times when I was drawing blood.

[ Both chuckle ] What did you say about me? And you? And our friendship, or lack thereof? I told him the truth. I told peter that I would do anything to keep him from hurting you. Sonny: Don’t you get it? You’re all out of friends, peter — people willing to believe in you. They all want you gone. And I have the power to make it happen. I didn’t kill your precious jason. You shot at him! And you caused the cave-in, and he was buried in that godforsaken island. You don’t deserve another breath. Yet here I am.

[ Breathes deeply ] Still breathing. Not for long. You’re not gonna kill me. You know why? Because if you do, your little secret will come out. I know it must be terrifying to see your grandson like that.

[ Sniffles ] I wasn’t prepared. I-I-I knew there were issues, but I was trying to be good about giving brando and sasha space. I didn’t visit. And then brando gave me the okay, and I came straight here. He’s so little. I know. Hooked up to all those tubes and machines. Yeah. It’s overwhelming. This is the first time I’ve seen him, too. I was up visiting with sasha, and brando brought sonny here. Did you see the name they gave him? Liam? I think it’s a nice name.

[ Sighs ] It’s not rugged or stylish, like brando. It sounds like a character in a fairy-tale book. I mean, brando, you know, reminds you of one of the most fantastic movie stars of all history. Liam neeson’s a pretty big movie star, too. Not like brando. I mean, I tried to offer names. Did they listen? No. Liam. It’s such a lackluster name. Ah, must be a millennial thing. Probably sasha’s idea. I got this for liam. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] I love getting gifts for liam. I can’t wait to see him in his nursery playing with all of them, making a mess. Maybe his big cousin wiley can show him how to play blocks. I seem to remember wiley was a whiz at them. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. No, I can’t wait to see them together. Is willow here? I’d love to see her. I thought she’d be here by now. We showed up together, but when I was talking to my parents, she must have wandered off. Well, maybe she stopped by earlier and thought we were sleeping, like you did. I’m sure she’ll be here soon. You probably misunderstood what you heard. Or maybe you just took it out of context, willow. You know, sonny and I, we were talking about peter, and we were both really upset, because I don’t know if you know this, but peter tried to kill me. He set a bar on fire when I was in there, and sonny, he rushed into the burning building, and he saved my life. So we had a friendship, you know, back in nixon falls, when he didn’t know who he was. And we had a bond when he thought — can you just — can you just tell me what you overheard? Enough to know that you and sonny fell in love, and you don’t regret it because it was the purest thing you’ve ever known.

Well, I appreciate chivalry, but I’m afraid peter might have interpreted it as something more. Yeah, he kind of fished around about that, and I told him that I would be proud to be your friend. And what did he say? I think that he senses that I’m not really in that hallowed circle. And he told me he was gonna do everything he could to keep it that way. He threatened you? He mewled like a cornered little kitty cat…

[ Chuckles ] …Kind of yowling. Maxie, what’s going on here? Why are you asking me all these questions? I went to see him. Why would you do that to yourself? Because I needed to prove to myself that I could stand in front of peter and show him I’m not afraid of him anymore. I wanted him to know that he means nothing to me, that I feel nothing for him but contempt. How’d that go? That’s a great name, by the way. I love it. Liam. Liam mike corbin. Mike lives on. He was a hell of a guy. That he was. Alright, well, I’ll go put this with the rest of your collection. Yeah. Um… would you just hold on for a minute? We’d like to ask you something. Yeah, sure. Anything. What’s up? It involves willow, too. And, um… it would mean so much to us. Woul d you two do us the favorof being liam’s godparents? I-I think I can speak for willow when I say yes. Absolutely. We would be honored to be there for liam. Thank you. Thanks, franco. Oh. I like the “mike” part of his name. I’m gonna call him mike. Maybe you should let sasha and brando decide what they want people to call their son.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I’m not “people.” I’m the grandma. The one and only. I don’t have to share him with anybody. I’ll bet you hate having to share that grandson of yours with that awful nina reeves after what she did to you and sonny. I’m just glad wiley has a lot of people who love him. Depends on the people. Well, you know what? Liam’s gonna have a big extended family. He’s gonna have tons of people who love him. I can’t wait to take him to the park. Or show him off at your restaurant.

[ Laughs ] I want to be there for his first smile, his first steps, his first word. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it was “grandma”?

[ Laughs ] I bet you’ll stop at nothing to make that happen. I was so young when I had brando. I wasn’t ready for a baby. And I missed so much. I hope I can make up for it.

[ Monitor beeping ] He looks like brando. Don’t you think? I can see both sasha and brando in him. Both of his parents have strong fighting spirits. You deserve to know the truth. You’ve been good to me when you didn’t have to be. You mean when I didn’t know the whole story. Yes, I was willing to bend the rules and let you see wiley, even though carly kept pounding it into me how toxic you were to her family. I just didn’t realize

how toxic. And, my god, sonny’s been insisting that michael and carly let go of their hostility toward you. Is it because you’re in love? Have you been sneaking around all this time? Are you and sonny having an affair? No, no, it’s not like that. It… yes, we were in love, but you know what? As soon as sonny found out who he really was, it ended. Oh, so you had an affair in nixon falls? No, no, no, no. We never went that far. It never went to that level. Willow, it’s exactly what you heard me say. It was pure. It was…just love. Just… it was just love. And you’re not over it. You think you can run a bluff on me, peter? Look at you. So calm and cool and collected. Nothing like mike in nixon falls. No, no. Poor mike. You know, he was too simple to even know he was being duped by nina. Do you remember? Can you remember how righteous you were? Telling me all about how you found yourself in that little town. I’ll tell you what you found for yourself. You found a whole lot of nina. And guess what, sonny? I recorded it. All of it. I got a great picture of that kiss, too. It’s all on a thumb drive, safe in a vault, locked away, ready to be opened upon my death. So you kill me, you’re just gonna breathe life into that little secret about nina and you.

well, I don’t know how you do it. How I do what? Maintain a stable marriage. I never could. Why not? Simple — I’m a terrible husband. You know, do you think maybe it’s because your father was a terrible role model? Possibly. Possibly it’s because I was always a little too overly attached to my mama, especially after the family went sideways.

[ Sighs ] On the upside, if it wasn’t for my daddy’s philandering ways, I would be without my magnificent sister. To you, beautiful. Mm. If you’re trying to cheer me up, it’s working. Excellent! As I told you, there is something else. Are you ready for your surprise? Is it a new video game? Nope. No. Something to get us in the holiday spirit. We are going to enjoy everyone’s favorite holiday classic christmas film.

[ Orchestral music playing

on television ] Oh, no, no. Not “christina comes home for christmas.”

[ Sighs ] Martin, I can’t watch that movie. I’m sorry. I just can’T. I just can’t believe I didn’t see through him until now. I used to try to protect him. You know, change him. Such a fool. I mean, I don’t think so. Don’t beat yourself up. I mean, you’re just — you’re a generous person. You’re very kindhearted, and peter took advantage of that. And, hey, from the little time I spent with him, that guy can turn the charm on when he wants to. What do you mean? Well, he has this way of talking — this, like, heightened language and pretty words and… I don’t know. He does seem certain that the two of you are gonna be together someday. Yeah, that’s all peter’s got — dreams and delusions. Fate. He mentioned fate. I don’t believe in fate. I told him so. I wish you wouldn’t have done that. Why not? Well, you’ve probably made yourself peter’s newest obsession. Yeah, I’m not worried about that. Uh, make no mistake — peter sees you as a rival for me. That could be dangerous for you. Between you and me, carly won’thave to know anything about nina as long as I stay alive. Carly will know everything when the time is right, so keep your little threats to yourself. And I don’t believe for a second that you have anything stashed in a vault, and even if you did, do you think I’d let you hold nixon falls over my head? This is bigger than nixon falls. You took jason away from me and my family. You terrorized maxie. You think I’m gonna let you hurt anybody else? What are you gonna do, sonny? Are you gonna kill me right here in the police station? No, no, no. Because I’m gonna let you wait and wonder. When you hear those… those footsteps approaching your cell, you’re gonna think to yourself, “did he send somebody? Am I gonna die tonight?” Hopelessly obsessed with a woman who despises you, never even met your daughter. Don’t even know where she is… dead or alive! Don’t say that! Don’t you dare say that to me! Sit down. Relax. ‘Cause wherever she is… …she’s better off there than with you. My brando was born so healthy. I didn’t know how lucky I was. And then when he succumbed to drugs, I told everyone he was dead… instead of supporting him through it. How could I have done that to my own son? I mean, maybe this is punishment for me being such a bad mother. No, gladys, this is not punishment. You were a young mother, and you probably didn’t have the support you needed, and you were doing the best you could under the circumstance. Brando: Mom. Hey. We were wondering when you’d get here. Oh! Oh. I-I was giving you space. Thanks. Your baby is gorgeous. And, um, oh, how are you feeling, sasha? I should be up and around in a day or two. Thanks for asking. That’s good, honey. That’s great. Now, will the two of you tell me when my sweet little grandson gets to come home? It doesn’t matter how I feel about sonny. He doesn’t love me. He never did. It’s mike who fell in love with me. Because you never told him who he really was. That he had a family here waiting for him, missing him, grieving him. I swear, willow — I didn’t want it to happen. I fought against it. I did. I tried leaving nixon falls, but it would always draw me back. When I left port charles, I was in such deep pain and confusion, and I… I found peace in nixon falls. A new life, a new me. And mike was part of that. And then michael, he called, and he told me that I could be part of wiley’s life again. So I thought, “okay, well, I’ll just go back to port charles, and then what? I’ll tell the truth?” But that didn’t happen. All that time… you knew sonny was alive, and you never told us. You — you played with our son and never said a word. I wanted to tell you about sonny. I did. But then mike would call, and he would say that he missed me, or phyllis needed support, and I couldn’t turn my back on them. I went back to nixon falls, and there he was — mike, behind the bar. This man that was so sweet and good. He didn’t want to know who he really was. I tried to stop it, but, yeah, I fell in love with him. I know. And you’ll never, ever regret it. But what about carly? I understand why you haven’t said anything, but why hasn’t sonny? Because it’s over. Why would he tell her when there’s no reason? Why would he do that? Because it’s the truth. Because you’re still sneaking around, having hushed conversations. Okay, willow. Okay. You know the truth now. What are you gonna do? Are you going to tell michael and carly?

I’m gonna go, uh, find michael. Oh, he’s in my room. Michael was kind enough to offer to pack up all the gifts we received and take them to liam’s nursery. Then I’m gonna go lend him a hand. I want you to call me if you need anything. You too. Sometimes she’s not so bad. Now, what’s the matter with my little mikey? Um… he was deprived of oxygen, and sasha had a problem with her placenta. And n-nobody knew it was happening until she was in labor, and that’s when things turned serious for her during the delivery. But sasha’s okay now, right? And — and what about the baby? He’s okay, too, right? Aren’t you taking little mike home soon? You don’t need to worry about me. You don’T. I mean, he’s under constant supervision. You got the pcpd, the wsb. And even if he does somehow manage to escape and come after me, I’ll just kill him and call it self-defense. Yep. I think peter has a lot of enemies, so probably somebody else is gonna do him in before it comes to that. Sonny: You really messed up this time, peter. You know, having two little girls is a delight. Thank god that your daughter never has to know the horror show that you are. And when I’m playing with my little girls and my whole family’s loving me back, you’re gonna be meeting your maker. You’re gonna be in your cell alone… asking for mercy, and you ain’t gonna get it. And you feel… you, of all people, you feel like you’re qualified to judge me and to end my life. Is that it? I’m doing this with peace in my heart in the name of all the people that you hurt and killed. And jason is at the top of that list. So I just want you to remember that when they come for you, that I sent them. And they’re gonna tell me when it’s finished, and I’m gonna smile. And guess what? What? Everybody’s gonna be so happy that you’re done… it’s the end. Especially maxie. They never have to think of you again. Have a nice life, peter. Whatever’s left of it.

[ Door opens, closes ] This is so unfair. I mean, sasha and brando, they should be laughing and having fun, you know? Planning where they’re gonna put all this in liam’s nursery. Not terrified that he’ll never get to play with any of it. It’s hard. And I’m sure it brings up painful feelings for you over jonah. Yeah, I grieved for over a year until I got my miracle. I hope that sasha and brando don’t have to wait as long for theirs. I know about running away and starting over. I also know something about secrets and lies. I’ve been both the recipient and the perpetrator. I know how they can fester and grow. And I know how you can feel trapped in them and by them. That’s exactly right. That’s how I feel. But the thing is, nina, someone always gets hurt, and that pure love of yours, it was based on deceit. You kept sonny’s identity and whereabouts a secret. Was it because you fell for him and didn’t want him to leave? No, not at first. But then towards the end, it just… it just got really confusing. And then the lie just… willow, I know what I did was wrong. There’s no excuse for it. Keeping sonny away from his family caused so much pain, but why compound it by telling people what you overheard, that sonny and I fell in love in nixon falls, when it’s over? But is it? Yes! He’s with the woman that he loves. He’s with his wife and his family, and I respect that. Willow, the fallout of all of this has been brutal. Why make it worse for carly and the family? You mean why make it worse for you?

Ho. Ho. Ho. It’s santa. We got a problem. Wooooooo! Ho! Ho! Ho! I don’t understand. Everyone loves “christina comes home for christmas.” Why don’t you? I do. I love it. I watch it every year. It’s part of our family christmas tradition. But I can’t do it this year. Oh. ‘Cause you watch it with kevin. No. [ Sighs ] Because it reminds me too much of home. It reminds me of my children and my grandkids, my family, my friends, and everything. Everything that I am missing right now. You know? I mean, just going out christmas shopping and the tree lighting in rice plaza. I can’t watch a movie about a woman who is struggling to get home, but I can’t go home! Maybe it might be cathartic. Okay? So, you know, how about we watch it tonight, we have a good cry, and we wake up feeling better tomorrow? No. But we’re not gonna feel better tomorrow, because christina gets to go home. She gets her happy ending. We are gonna be stuck here in this damn house. I know. I understand that. I’m trying to make the best of the situation. No, you’re not. Yes, I am. You know what? I can’t take this anymore. Please stop talking about it. I need my life back. No! I’m getting out of here. No! Stop talking about it, damn it! I’m going. Don’t do this! Laura, please, I’m begging. You got to hold on just a little bit longer, okay? I can’T. No, no. Listen to me. You got to do the right thing. You got to do the responsible thing. And that means keeping the faith and sitting tight. I — listen to me. This, too, shall pass. But not if you do something stupid. What good is it going to do all those people in port charles that you love and miss, who’d love and miss you if you get yourself killed? You’re a pretty good lawyer. I have my moments. I do, too, apparently. I’m sorry I freaked out. Okay? I want to do the responsible thing for you and for myself, but I cannot watch that movie. Alright. Point taken. Understood. I’ll tell you what. Okay. Okay. How about I pour you a nice glass of cognac and you have a nice hot soak in that oversized tub in there?

[ Laughs ] For about two hours? So you’re totally gonna watch that movie, aren’t you? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay, sure. Pour me a glass.

[ Sighs ] I’ll give you the room. It’s true. If you share what you overheard — in nixon falls, that sonny and i fell in love with each other — it would make my bad situation even worse. Carly, she already despises me, but sonny loves carly, and carly loves sonny. Willow, do you want to really drive a wedge between that? One that doesn’t need to be there? The secret is driving the wedge between them.

[ Scoffs ] How good is that for a marriage, nina? Could you just please stop with “the secret” already?! I’m sorry, but haven’t you ever heard that it’s best not to confess everything to your partner if it’s gonna hurt them? It might even be selfish t-to do so. I am begging you — willow, please, just keep quiet. Not for my sake, okay? Not for me, because I can take whatever carly throws at me. She already hates me. And michael, he got me arrested, and he told me that he didn’t want me to see wiley anymore. But I’m begging you to keep the secret, because, listen, you don’t owe me anything, and what you think about me, I get it. At this point, I get it. But I’m begging you, I’m praying… just let me do this one good thing, okay? Please. Just keep it to yourself. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have to go.

[ Door closes ] So how are you doing, mom? I know the situation’s hard enough without nina hanging around. I’m not gonna let her get to me. There are more important things to worry about. I mean, I just came back from visiting little liam. Have you seen him? It’s heartbreaking. No, no. No, just, I wanted to give sasha and brando some alone time with their son, so… well, they’re not alone. Was willow with them? Mnh-mnh. Gladys. I thought willow was with you. No.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey, there she is. Hi. Hey. I told sasha and brando we’d bring these things to brando’s place for liam’s nursery. Sure. Yeah, that’S… that’s so nice. Wait, liam — that is such a beautiful name. How is he? And sasha? Sasha is on the mend. She and brando, they’re hanging in there. They’re just waiting on word about their baby’s health. They’ve got a long night ahead of them. Yeah. We were wondering where you were.

You know, maxie, I’m gonna keep an eye on peter. I volunteered to be his physician. What? No. Yeah. Undo that. No, no, no, no. I’m gonna do that. I want to do that, maxie. I want to do that for your sake. Please. And there’s nothing you’re gonna say that’s gonna change my mind, so save your breath. Please. It’s the least I can do. What do you mean? Well, this whole brook lynn/baby daddy thing. I mean, I gave you a really hard time. And I’m still not entirely sure why you’re so invested in bailey’s paternity. But it doesn’t matter. I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry. And I can see now that for whatever reason, you and brook lynn are very close. -Can we stop talking about that? -Yeah, that’d be great, ’cause it’s been on my mind a lot. And like I told your ex, I would do just about anything to get back in your good graces. And could you stop talking to peter and asking so many questions? About what? Anything. Everything. Okay. No problem. Cool. Can we be friends? It’s an honest question. Sure. Great. Congratulations, by the way. On what? Facing peter. Thanks. Feels pretty good.

[ Door opens ] You raised a terrific son, gladys. I could not have gone through this alone. I-I can’t believe I even considered it. Being a single parent must have been really hard for you. I can understand why you were worried that I wouldn’t be prepared. It was okay. Thank you. I was just saying to carly — I-I hope I can make up for my mistakes with brando with my new grandson. I don’t want you to worry. I’m gonna be around all the time to take care of our little guy. Mom… we need to wait and see what liam’s prognosis is. And then we’ll know when we can take him home. So were you checking your nursing school schedule all this time? I… should have known I’d get caught up in things. I wish I would have come straight here instead. It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re here now. And, uh, well, I hope you don’t mind, but sasha and brando, they asked a big favor, and I took the liberty of answering for both of us. They want us to be liam’s godparents. And I said yes. And I’m so glad you did. Of course we will. Alright. Well, our first official act is, we should get these gifts to the car and then go see the baby together. Okay. And we’ll take these here. Alright. Alright. Here. I’m gonna keep this one. And I just — I’m so happy that you guys are so supportive of brando and sasha. I mean, they really need to be surrounded by us right now. Family’s really important. Yes, it is. -Hey, maxie. -Sonny. Oh, my gosh, I’m so happy to see you. Are you coming from sasha and brando? ‘Cause I was just gonna go up and see them. No, no. I’m planning on visiting them tomorrow. I wanted to talk to you about peter. Yeah, I just saw that son of a bitch. What’s on your mind? What are you gonna do about him? Are you gonna kill him? Hey, you know something? Hmm? I’m really glad that we’ve gotten this time to, well, make up for the time we lost by not growing up together. Mm. On the other hand, we might have driven each other crazy. There’s still time. Love you. Mm. You too. Mm. Mm. Mm. Mm, mm, mm.

[ Orchestr al music playing

on television ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Knock on door ]

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