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Recap written by Christine

Sharon and Rey talked at Crimson Lights. Sharon raised Rey’s suspicions when she started questioning him about a book he’d recently read. She admitted that she was trying to get the author’s name because she was going to buy him the rest of the series for Christmas. She said he was a great husband, but impossible to buy gifts for. He said he didn’t need gifts; all he needed was her. She was determined to get him something, but she had no idea where to start. She noted that he didn’t wear the shirts she bought him. She just wanted to get him something he liked. He suggested a vacation for two. She didn’t think that would work, since his partner, Chance just came back. He said last year she gave him the perfect gift – the wedding. She said they couldn’t top last year because they weren’t getting married again, but they could try.

Jack went to the Grand Phoenix, and Phyllis started to strike up a conversation, but Billy walked in, and that was who Jack was here to meet. The brothers stepped into the lounge. Billy woke up with a great idea that he needed Jack’s help with. He asked Jack to join him in buying ChancComm from Jill. Billy was hoping his mom would give him a family discount. Jack asked why they’d want to buy ChancComm when it was facing a major lawsuit from Ashland. Billy said Ashland’s lawsuit was based on a lie. Billy thought there was evidence out there to prove Ashland was a criminal, and Billy wanted to fight. Billy added that Jack would get a big win over Victor, which he’d been wanting. After the way Victor and Adam treated Billy, he didn’t want to give them the win they so desperately wanted. “I am asking for your help one last time,” Billy said.

Jack turned Billy down because he thought it was a bad idea. Billy pointed out that Jack was willing to invest when ChancComm wanted to buy Cyaxares. Jack was open to buying Cyaxares because he’d thought that was what Billy needed in his life at the time. Billy said everything was fine before they went after Cyaxares; business was great, and he and Lily were in a happy healthy relationship. Jack said Billy couldn’t keep it going. Billy disagreed – he and Lily were still happy and healthy, and business was going fantastic until Adam and Victor set their trap. Jack noted that Billy walked right into the trap. “Billy I am not going to enable your latest addiction,” Jack said. Jack thought Billy was addicted to power or vengeance or taking a gamble. Billy thought that Jack was taking everything and twisting it into some narrative that he was addicted or obsessive. He said he was only doing his job, looking for a story, and he found the truth. Jack said Billy exploited the story until Adam and Victor turned the tables. Jack told Billy to let it go. Billy felt like he couldn’t count on Jack for anything. Jack told Billy to listen to himself and how desperate he sounded. After what Billy did at Victoria’s wedding, Jack didn’t think going after ChancComm was the right path for Billy. Jack said there were too many temptations and triggers. Jack asked if Billy had thought of something else to do. Rey walked in and overheard Jack say that Jill was handing control of Chancellor to Lily. Jack told Billy that there would always be a place for him at Jabot. Jack urged Billy to seek balance in his life and give up the need to hurt Adam. Billy said that wasn’t what this was about. He tried to make his pitch again, but Jack’s mind was made up.

Jack went back to Phyllis. He told her that Billy had his priorities confused again. Phyllis said there was no doubt Billy had to get his priorities straight. She didn’t judge because she’d been the same way sometimes. She rambled about priorities without actually making a point, while he listened with a confused expression. She said that if she had a friend, she’d be loyal to the end. He asked if everything was okay, and he asked if they could go somewhere private to talk.

Rey joined Billy and guessed things didn’t work out how Billy thought it would. Billy said he got played and walked into a trap he should’ve seen coming. Rey asked about the trap, but Billy said to relax because it didn’t concern Rey. Billy said that he didn’t blackmail Adam, Adam misread the situation, and he wasn’t the only one to do that. He looked over at Jack. Billy offered to buy Rey a bloody Mary. Rey passed. Billy suspected Rey was there to arrest him. He maintained that he never blackmailed Adam. Billy said that he was the one who should be pressing charges for the hack into ChancComm’s server. Rey wasn’t there to arrest Billy – the DA didn’t think there was enough to bring it to court. Rey had advice – bending the law never worked out. Billy asked if Rey told the Newmans that. Billy thought he and Rey both wanted to end this conversation forever. Rey never wanted to arrest Billy again. Billy assumed it was a different story for Adam.

Phyllis and Jack went up to her suite, and she continued to ramble about nothing. Jack stated that Phyllis could read the phone book and make it interesting, but she seemed anxious and jittery. Jack blamed himself. He said something shifted when he said he still loved her. He’d noticed some confusion between them ever since she broke up with Nick. He apologized. She assured him there was nothing to be sorry for. She said he’d been so kind and generous and supportive of her relationship with Nick. She said he rescued her from an abysmal Thanksgiving. “So my confessing my love for you didn’t change anything,” Jack asked. Phyllis said maybe it did, but that was life. She stated that their friendship was stronger than ever, and she wanted it to stay that way.

Jack agreed with Phyllis about their friendship. She said they were good at talking things out. He thought that was because they’d been through so much. He stated that what they had was rare. Who’d think they’d be able to maintain this kind of friendship after the hell they put each other through, he asked. She admitted she put him through hell. He wasn’t trying to blame anyone. He just thought they needed to establish some firm and clear boundaries. Despite what he said about the feelings he had for her, it didn’t mean he though they should try again. In his experience, what the heart wanted and what reality could provide were different. He said he wasn’t going to try and rekindle things if it meant glossing over the pain from their past. Even if it was possible, he couldn’t afford to make that mistake again. It took a lot for him to put his heart back together, and he wasn’t going to put himself in the position to get it broken again. He couldn’t handle that.

Adam ran into Sally at Society, and he joined her. He was thinking about her run in with Billy yesterday. Sally recalled Adam telling her to stay out of his business. Adam had a change of heart. Lily happened by, and she ducked behind a corner and eavesdropped when she overheard them discussing Billy. Sally thought Adam was asking her to spy. He wasn’t asking her to be Mata Hari, but he figured that since she seemed to have some rapport with Billy, she could let Adam know if Billy did anything strange or concerning. No pressure, and this wasn’t an assignment. She said that was good because she was in fashion, not gossip. Despite his assurances that this wouldn’t negatively affect Newman Media or her career, she felt worried. He said this wasn’t corporate espionage, since Billy wasn’t involved in a corporation anymore. Sally said Adam bested Billy, so she wanted to know what was driving his continued interest. He suggested that he was genuinely concerned. He said it wasn’t his intention to push Billy over the edge. Adam stated that he wasn’t that vicious, and Lily rolled her eyes.

Sally asked if Adam was saying he suddenly had empathy for Billy. Adam said Billy had far more reason to hate him than he had to hate Billy. Sally pointed out that the last time they talked, Adam said not to feel too badly for Billy. Adam said that was a reflexive response. Adam liked to think he was more evolved, and he thought he went too far. He and his dad liked to say that this was just business, but it was impossible to deny that it was personal, maybe too personal since Billy was the father of Adam’s niece and nephew. Sally noted that Adam was expressing regret. Adam said he didn’t want this battle to get worse, and Billy could get hurt. Sally asked why Adam went after Billy so hard in the first place. Adam did it because he thought he could shut Billy down and end the war between them, at least for now. “Because I don’t think Billy could take another loss like that,” Adam said. Lily left.

Sally and Adam went back to his office. She asked what kind of information he needed her to get from Billy to quash this battle. He told her to forget he asked. He didn’t think he should drag her into this. She asked if he didn’t trust her. He felt that she was right to be wary from the beginning. He said they had no control over whether Billy was self destructing, and they shouldn’t insert themselves into it. He said that Billy had Lily and his family and friends to help him. Adam just hoped that Billy didn’t drag too many people down with him. From what Sally heard, Billy did drag people down with him, and she didn’t want to be one of them. She’d worked too hard to get her career back on track, and she thought she succeeded. He told her to focus on her job and not to let Billy’s potential stunts distract her. He said to forget they ever had this conversation, then he swiveled his chair around so he wasn’t looking at her anymore. She got up and left.

Lily went home and told Billy what she just overheard. Billy said he’d fed Sally a few tidbits for her to repeat to Adam, and she did just what he’d expected her to do. Billy said that Adam clearly wanted more information, which meant Billy’s plan was going to work. Billy thanked Lily for spying on the spy. She said she wasn’t trying to be a spy. He wasn’t asking her to – he wasn’t Adam. He asked her to put what happened today out of her mind because it wasn’t her fault. He thought that what she saw today was Adam primed for a fall, which Billy was going to hand to him. She had no problem with his plan working. She was actually concerned it’d work too well. She said this could have lasting effects on him. He knew, but he was willing to take the risk and he hoped she could trust him. She wanted to, but she thought he must understand her reservations. He did understand, but he’d tried other options, and Jill was a dead end, and Jack wouldn’t help him buy ChancComm. He felt like he was running out of time because if Adam was trying to recruit Sally, that meant that the Newmans weren’t resting on their laurels. Billy didn’t think Adam and Victor would stop until he was broken. He said he had to defend himself, and he’d do her best to keep her out of this, but he wanted to know he had her support. Lily knew she and Billy were in the right and that Victor and Adam pulled shady maneuvers to come after ChancComm and to help Ashland get away with his crimes. She just knew how dangerous Adam could be, and she didn’t know how far he’d go to hurt Billy. Lily had misgivings about Billy’s plan, but she believed in him and she loved him. He kissed her and said he couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

Esther went to Crimson Lights after Rey left. Esther was having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gifts for her grandchildren even though she lived with them and watched them while their parents were at work. Sharon felt better about herself because she was having the same problem with Rey. Sharon noted that Kevin worked at the police station. She asked Esther if he ever said anything about Rey that could point her in the right direction. The only think Esther remembered Kevin saying recently was that Rey was happy Chance made it home safe. Sharon said they all were.

Sharon mentioned that Rey was going to visit Chance today. Esther wanted to visit too, but she didn’t because Jill was in town. That was one of the things Esther didn’t miss about the Chancellor mansion. Esther remembered when Chance was a baby. She couldn’t believe he had a son of his own. When they thought Chance died, her heart broke for that little boy who’d grow up without his daddy. She was glad Chance was alright. Sharon hoped Chance wouldn’t have any lingering effects. Esther didn’t realize he was injured. Sharon heard Chance made a fully physical recovery, but she was concerned about his emotional state. So much had changed since he left – a year ago he was a newlywed, and he spent all this time away, and he was suddenly a father.

Abby and Chance relaxed at their home, while Dominic slept upstairs. He noticed she got new throw pillows. She replaced them because Dominic spit up on the old ones. He was sorry he missed out. He looked around and he saw little things that reminded him of the moments he missed, and it made him feel sad and guilty. She didn’t want him to feel that way. She assured him there were plenty of precious moments to come. Nina video called in, and they all chatted. She couldn’t wait to get back to Genoa City to see him with his son. Chance said he wasn’t going anywhere, and Nina noted that she’d heard that before. He promised he meant it this time.

Chance watched Dominic on a monitoring app, and he loved it. Rey showed up and hugged his partner, Chance. Rey passed along a message from the chief that Chance was welcome at the GCPD whenever he was ready. Everyone at the station missed Chance and couldn’t wait to see him. Abby said it was up to Chance, but she thought he needed time to recover. She wanted to spend more time with him before he joined the force. Chance added that he wanted to spend time with his new son too. Rey left, and Chance watched the baby on the phone again. He wanted to know everything about Dominic. She asked where to start, and he asked about the first day she brought Dominic home. Abby said she’d show him, and she left the room. She came back with the video journal, and she said making it helped her feel close to him. He understood because there were so many days when he could hear her voice in his head.

Chance and Abby watched an emotional video Abby recorded when she said she needed him home with her, and hated that she was going through this all alone. Abby thought they should skip this video, but Chance said he wanted to see what she was going through. In the video, Abby said she didn’t understand why she hadn’t heard from Chance in awhile.

Abby apologized because she didn’t remember what was in those videos, but Chance said she had nothing to apologize for. He was glad he saw them because he was learning how much pain he caused her. He promised to find a way to make it up to her. She leaned in for a kiss, and Dominic cried. She was going to go upstairs, but he said he’d do it because he needed to learn to do this.

Rey went back to Crimson Lights after Esther left. He told Sharon that Chance was physically recovering, but Rey wasn’t sure when Chance would come back to the force. Sharon said it could take some time. She knew the situation wasn’t the same, but she’d seen Mariah struggle with what Stitch did to her. Rey wished he could help his friend. Sharon said sometimes spending time with friends and family could do wonders. They could do that for Mariah and Chance.

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