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Recap written by Christine

Jill, Ashley and Jack arrived at the party. Nikki, Victor, Victoria and Ashland were already there, as well as Abby and the guest of honor, Chance. Victor told everyone that Chance was a true hero. Victor explained that Chance’s colleagues were killed in a safe house explosion, and they couldn’t publicly discuss this situation until the case was closed. Ashley praised Abby for never losing faith in Chance. Abby said she never would, then she kissed Chance. Jack made his way to Phyllis. He hoped everyone would find someone to look at them the way Chance and Abby looked at each other. He was in awe of his niece. Phyllis said it was a special kind of love. Jack thought about what Chance endured. Victor joined them and thanked Jack. Phyllis excused herself. Victor owed Jack for going with Ashley to search for Abby. Jack felt he’d done what anyone would. Victor asked about Chance’s injuries. Jack said that Chance was quiet on the plane ride home. He thought it might take some time for Chance to adjust to life in Genoa City.

Chance and Abby were hanging off by themselves. She went to get him some water. Nikki went over and welcomed Chance home. She could tell that he didn’t want to be there. He said he’d been staying away from crowds over the last few months. Nikki said they were all proud of Chance, and Katherine would be too. Nikki said this night was supposed to be more intimate, but Victor thought he deserved a hero’s welcome. She noted that, since he saw everyone all at once, that would mean less people would drop by his home. He felt humbled that all these people showed up and that Victor thought so highly of him. Victor walked up. Chance said thanks for the party and for what Victor did for Abby and Dominic. Victor said Chance was a Newman now. Nikki said Katherine would insist on them celebrating the good times. Victor said Abby’s faith brought Chance home, and Victor hoped he stayed for a long time. Chance promised he’d make up for the time he lost with Abby. He was already second guessing some of the decisions he’d made that took him away from her. Victor said it was over, and Chance could leave all that behind.

Abby was with Victoria and Ashland. She was sorry she missed the wedding. Ashland knew what it was like to have a newborn. Victoria added that Abby had been a single parent. Abby said Dominic’s father was back, and she was going to cherish every moment with him. Abby called Chance over, and he met Ashland. Ashland praised Chance for his remarkable and rare sense of honor and duty, and he joked that he was just talking about Chance having the gall to marry a Newman. Things turned serious, and Victoria said Chance really was an inspiration to them all.

Victor made a speech about Chance, Dominic and Abby. He called Chance a hero. Chance seemed on edge, and he went into the vestibule and did some deep breathing. Devon arrived and asked if Chance was okay. Chance explained that he just wasn’t used to the adulation. He felt like Devon was the one who should be commended. Devon said he didn’t do anything. Chance said Devon created his son, rescued Mariah and he took care of Dominic while Abby was searching for Chance. Devon said it took a village. Chance was glad he wasn’t the only one uncomfortable with the hero label. Devon didn’t think he was a hero. He also didn’t think Chance should downplay the lengths he went to to protect people. Chance said he should’ve been protecting his wife and son.

Back inside, Victor wished Jill the best in her retirement. She said she’d be as retired as he was, because she was staying on in an advisory capacity. He thought it was interesting that she nominated Lily as her successor. Jill said that Lily wasn’t the first person to run a company without going to business school. Jill and Victor did it. Victor thought Katherine would be proud of how Jill honored her legacy. Jill asked if Katherine would be proud of Victor for selling Chancellor to Jill years ago. He thought so. He told her to keep Billy away from the reins of the company if she wanted it to prosper. “Lucky me. You approve,” Jill coolly said. They clinked glasses, and Victoria watched them interacting from afar.

Chance and Devon went in. Chance thought it was a shame Mariah couldn’t make it. He owed her so much. Abby asked about Amanda, and Devon said she was with her sister. Chance realized he’d missed a lot, and Devon said he’d have to catch him up. Devon said Amanda and Imani were negotiating a lease on a space for their law practice. Abby said she’d love to thank Amanda for playing such a big part in Dominic’s little world.

Victoria approached Jill and said Newman/Locke would pay whatever it took to buy ChancComm, and selling to them would help Chancellor save face. She said ChancComm had many outlets that were Newman property, so it’d show the public that this was more about balancing the scales than a failure on Chancellor’s part. She added that it’d be beneficial to Billy not to lose to Adam again. Jill thought it was fascinating that Victoria was focused on helping Billy when she was part of the plan to bring him down.

Later, Nikki asked Victoria if she’d heard from her brother. Victoria didn’t think Nick was coming.

Ashley asked Phyllis if she enjoyed the long-distance Thanksgiving feast with Jack. Phyllis liked it. It was a nice distraction. Phyllis said she had a dream, and Ashley was in it. Ashley wanted to know how big a role her brother had in the dream. Phyllis said he was in it, but they weren’t together, and there were worse fates for Jack than her.

Ashland asked Victoria what she learned on her reconnaissance mission. She said she learned that Jill loved the game as much as Victor. That meant Victoria and Ashland would have to up their game.

Chance thanked everyone for coming and his in-laws for putting this together. He felt blessed to come home to Abby and his baby. He recognized the team that laid down their lives, who weren’t just colleagues; they were family. Everyone raised a glass. Chance had spent more time away from Genoa City than in it, but he was glad he got to call this place home. Now he was husband to the most loving woman he’d ever met and father to the most adorable baby in the world. He promised he’d never go anywhere without them again. Once his speech was finished, he quietly asked Abby if they could leave. Abby told Victor, Ashley and Nikki that she and Chance needed to get home to Dominic. Everyone said their goodbyes.

Sharon wondered why Nick was at Crimson Lights instead of at Chance’s party. Nick didn’t want to ruin the celebration with his presence. She said he missed Victoria’s wedding, and he couldn’t miss Abby’s celebration too. He didn’t want to put Chance through any more of the Newman family drama. He told her that Ashland summoned him and basically demanded that Nick tell him all the reasons he didn’t like and trust him. Nick did so, and Victoria walked in. Victoria was the one to tell him Chance was alive, which was just further proof he was out of the loop in the family. Sharon had assumed Nick just didn’t run into Phyllis. Nick said he and Phyllis had kept things civil, but tonight, things could blow up, and he didn’t want a champagne bucket of ice dumped on his head. Sharon didn’t think Nick should let a little bad blood stop him from welcoming Chance home. She told him to go show Abby he was the great big brother she knew and loved.

Nick still didn’t want to go, and Sharon asked what was really bothering him. He asked if she thought he was pushing people away. She assumed Phyllis said that. He clarified that Victoria said it. Sharon thought Victoria was just being a sibling pushing her brother’s buttons. Nick asked if Victoria could be right. Sharon said Victoria was wrong, because Sharon was still Nick’s friend and she wasn’t going anywhere. She said he was a good man, and the problem was he expected other people to be as good. She said that if he was looking for someone to blame for his relationships being in a tangle, she could point him in the right direction, but sometimes nobody was at fault, and things just didn’t work out.

Mariah was going to come in, but she changed her mind when she saw Nick and Sharon having a talk. Sharon saw her and called her back in. Nick left. Sharon asked why Mariah wasn’t at Chance’s party. Mariah had spent the last two hours trying to talk herself into going. Mariah couldn’t be happier Chance was alive, but the party was for close family. Sharon said Mariah was family. Mariah said she just carried the baby. She thought it would be weird if she went to the party. She wasn’t sure he knew how attached she got to his baby. Sharon knew it might be awkward at first, but once they got past that, it could be a positive experience. Sharon said she just tried to convince Nick to go to the same party. Mariah didn’t think it felt right for her to go. She said this should be Chance’s moment to shine, and she didn’t want anything to take away from that, so it’d be best if she sat this one out.

Nick went to the party, and Devon said that Abby and Chance were already gone. Nick thought it must be nice for Devon not to have to rush home to a baby. Devon said it was quieter, then he excused himself and left the party. Nikki joined Nick and asked him to stay. He saw Phyllis from behind and Jack walking up to her. Nick said he had some things to do, and he left.

Jack told Phyllis that it was good seeing her tonight. He liked the party, and he thought she had a way of making things special. She was disappointed he was leaving already instead of having a drink with her. He thought it was a great invitation, but he had to pass because he was jet lagged. He wished her sweet dreams, then he left.

Ashley told Victor and Nikki that she was worried about Chance. Victor agreed. He thought Chance seemed psychologically fragile.

Chance and Abby were home, and she wondered if she was hovering too much. He said no. He assured her he had a great time at the party. He thought Ashland was a character. She was happy Victoria found her perfect match. He’d hoped to see Nick. Abby thought he skipped the party because he broke up with Phyllis. Chance said that was too bad, and Abby said not everyone was as lucky as they were. He was glad to be home. He promised he’d never put her through hell like that again – nothing was more important than being her husband and Dom’s father.

Chance spent time alone with Dominic and said no one would ever love him the way Chance and Abby did. Chance confided that he loved Dominic a little bit more because the baby made him a dad. Chance said it wasn’t a miracle that he survived – Dominic was the miracle. The voices of people calling Chance a hero and showering him in praise echoed in his head, and he looked shaken.

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