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Recap written by Christine

Ashland went to Victoria’s office and gave her a large bouquet. Delighted, she asked what the occasion was. He said it was about him being thankful for every day of his life with her. He just got his results from the oncologist, and there had been no further spread of the cancer. She hugged him and was thrilled. He clarified that he wasn’t in remission, but it was the best they could hope for this early in the treatment. She wanted to celebrate. At that moment, Lily arrived wanting to talk to Victoria. Ashland left. Victoria congratulated Lily on her new job. Despite everything, Victoria had tremendous respect for Lily, and not just as a businesswoman. Lily appreciated Victoria trying to buy ChancComm, because Lily didn’t want Adam to end up with it. It was hard for Lily to say this, and she hadn’t been sure that she should discuss this with Victoria. Lily knew Billy well, and even though he was trying to hide it, she could tell he was devastated. She’d never been down this road with him before, but she knew Victoria had. Victoria understood that Lily was worried Billy would fall back into his old addictive and self destructive behaviors.

Lily was sure that Victoria had considered the possibility that Billy could backslide if he lost ChancComm. She assumed that was one of the reasons Victoria offered to buy it. Lily said if Adam bought ChancComm, he’d rub it in Billy’s face. Victoria felt that Billy brought a lot of this on himself when he used that damning and unsubstantiated evidence to blackmail her father and brother. Lily thought they should acknowledge that the information on Ashland was true. Lily didn’t condone the way Billy used it, but she asked if Victoria really thought the punishment fit the crime. Should Billy lose everything? Victoria didn’t know Billy was going to take the initiative and step down. Lily countered that Victoria made it clear that if she bought ChancComm, Billy would be out. Sometimes Lily felt like Victoria only wanted to help Billy when it benefited Victoria. “Doesn’t the father of your children deserve better?,” Lily asked. Victoria wondered if Lily was here for advice or to rake her over the coals. Victoria wouldn’t justify her actions as CEO of Newman/Locke, but she’d tell Lily what to look for if Billy suffered a relapse. Lily appreciated that. Victoria said Billy would go missing at times if he relapsed, and when he returned, the story he gave wouldn’t add up. “You’ll know that he’s lying to you,” Victoria said. Victoria said that Billy would start drinking at odd hours of the day and night, but mostly he’d be on a manic high, feeling invincible and like everyone was wrong and he was the only one who was right. Lily knew it would be bad, but this sounded ugly. Victoria said any combination of those signs meant Billy was headed for a fall. Due to the children, Victoria hoped Lily would let her know if Billy did something concerning. Lily said she would. She thanked Victoria and asked her to keep this conversation private. Victoria agreed, and Lily left.

Ashland returned, and Victoria said Lily was worried about Billy and what this huge reversal would do to him emotionally. Ashland recalled that Victoria had the same concerns. Victoria said Lily never dealt with Billy falling off the wagon, so she wanted Victoria’s advice and insight. Ashland said it must not have been easy for Lily to come to Victoria. Victoria thought it showed how concerned Lily must be about the place Billy was in. She said Lily asked her not to tell Billy about the talk. The whole conversation reminded Victoria how bad things could get. Victoria was more convinced that it was best to send the kids to boarding school after the holidays. She hadn’t told Billy yet, but she had to make him see it was for the best.

Adam saw Billy drinking at Society. Adam thought it was a little early. Billy sniped at Adam. Adam said nobody could blame Billy for losing it a bit after that spectacular fall. Billy said he was going to make sure Victor and Adam didn’t get ChancComm. Adam didn’t think Billy had the leverage to stop it. Billy said goodbye. Adam asked why Billy couldn’t leave well enough alone. He wondered why Billy had to mess with Victoria’s future – did he really think she’d appreciate that he still had a protective streak? Adam said Ashland didn’t respond well to attacks, so Billy pretty much set himself up and blew his one chance to prove he could be a leader. Adam said it was too bad, especially given everything Billy had to face. Billy said it didn’t matter what he had to face, it was still better than being Adam. Adam left. Billy revealed what he’d really been drinking when he asked the bartender for another apple juice.

Lily met Billy at ChancComm. She was sure he was feeling awful. He was fine and focused on getting back at the bastards who were responsible for driving him out of here. He laid some groundwork for his plan by making Adam believe he was a mess. He thought Adam loved every minute of it. Billy thought Adam was currently trying to figure out a way to exploit Billy. “Adam and Victor were pretty sure that I was gonna spiral out of control and that’s what I’m gonna let them believe. That I am blowing up my life.”

Lily told Billy about her conversation with Victoria. It bothered Billy that Lily thought he’d backslide. He expected that out of Victoria and Jack, but not Lily. Lily said she went to see Victoria as part of Billy’s plan. To plant the seed that Billy was headed for a fall. Billy thought that was very clever of Lily. To be honest, the conversation with Victoria gave Lily some doubts. She clarified that she loved and trusted and believed in him though. She wished he was coming to Chancellor with her, but she understood why he couldn’t. “I realize now that this wasn’t about business or a company takeover. This was a personal attack on you, which makes it a personal attack on me. And I don’t think Adam should get away with that,” Lily said. She wanted Billy to be able to clear his name so he could move on. She also realized that Victoria was a part of this – whether she was a willing participant or turned a blind eye, she was willing to let this happen to him. Meanwhile, Victoria’s husband was getting away with all his crimes. She was sorry if she made him feel like she’d broken trust with him even for a second. He said she didn’t; given his past he thought it made sense that she’d want to know what she was in for. Lily promised she wasn’t giving up on Billy the way Victoria did. She said she probably should’ve talked to him before she went to Victoria, but she did this for his plan. Billy was sure that this would get back to Victor and Adam and reinforce the narrative they thought about him. “That’s actually kind of perfect. You are kind of perfect,” he said, and he kissed her. He loved her and was grateful he was in this with her. They kissed again.

Mariah was at The Grand Phoenix. After she finished a work call, Victor showed up. He told her she was missed yesterday at the party. She blamed work obligations. She thought it was amazing that Chance was alive and well, and she said Bowie was luck to have both his parents. Victor asked about that name. She explained that it was the nickname she gave the baby when she was carrying him. He thought it was cute. He knew Abby and Chance were grateful to Mariah for delivering the child safely after everything she went through. She asked how Chance was, noting that he’d gone through an ordeal. Victor acknowledged that Mariah had also gone through an ordeal. He was going to see to it that she got justice, and he was there if she ever needed anything. She was fine, she was just trying to move on. He said that she and Chance would always be loved and supported by the entire family. He thanked her, then he parted ways.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Tessa for guidance on buying a Christmas gift for Mariah. Unfortunately for Sharon, Mariah hadn’t told Tessa what she wanted. However, Tessa thought Sharon would be able to find the right gift. Tessa was sure Sharon would be happy to have Noah home for Christmas. Sharon said it would be wonderful having the kids with her. She always encouraged the kids to follow their dreams wherever it took them, but she hoped Noah would make this move permanent. Noah walked in and asked what was going on. Sharon said they were talking about Christmas gifts. Noah wanted to take some pictures of Tessa to use in the album art. He wanted the pictures to be at her most honest and raw, like her songs, stripped down and simple in a beautiful way. Sharon said Tessa came a long way from that young woman busking by the patio. Tessa said there had been a lot of changes, but that person was still inside her.

That gave Noah the idea to take pictures of Tessa on the patio. Tessa loved it. Sharon closed off the patio to customers. This was how Noah liked to work, no one looking over his shoulder and micromanaging him. Tessa did too. He said Adam asked him to do more freelance work for Newman Media. Tessa asked if that was a good thing, and Noah didn’t know. Sharon thought it was a wonderful opportunity for Noah to showcase his talents, plus he’d get well paid and contribute to a family business. Noah wasn’t eager to work with Adam. Sharon thought that Noah could at least give Adam some credit for the positive changes he made. Noah stated that Adam did terrible things to them. Sharon knew better than anyone how toxic any relationship with Adam could be, but she was sincerely convinced he was working hard to overcome his destructive ways. She thought Noah saw some of that too. Noah appreciated what Adam did for Faith, but he didn’t know if he bought Adam’s change. Sharon asked Noah to approach this like any other job offer and to focus on who Adam was now and not his past.

Later, Tessa and Noah were alone on the patio. He snapped a few pictures, and he asked how it felt to recreate the past. She felt like she was tapping into something she didn’t know was still there. He thought it was nice to let the soul guide you sometimes. She said was how she wrote – the best things came from her heart. That was how he worked too. Mariah was on her way out to the patio, but she stopped when she heard the conversation. Noah talked about what an incredible artist Tessa was. He saw her gift at the first session at Devon’s studio. She laughed, remembering what a nervous wreck she was. Mariah smiled at Tessa, who didn’t notice her. Noah said Tessa worked through it, released her first single and the rest was history. Noah was so proud of Tessa that day, and he knew Mariah was too. He said that Mariah was there that day in the studio because Devon knew Tessa would want Mariah there. Noah guessed Devon saw that connection back then. Tessa said Mariah had been there this entire crazy wild ride – they’d been through so much together. Noah asked Tessa to tell him about it.

Tessa said that Mariah believed in her when she barely believed in herself. Noah thought everyone needed a Mariah in their life. Tessa said that there was this music producer who tried to give Tessa this image that wasn’t what she wanted. Mariah was the one who gave Tessa the courage to stand up to the producer and be who she was. Tessa said Mariah produced a video where Tessa performed in public places. Tessa didn’t think she knew what it was to be in love or to be loved unconditionally – it was exhilarating and hard. Especially when you saw your person hurting and you didn’t know how to take the pain away. All you could do was hurt with them and feel what they felt, including the kind of love that consumed you. When times were good, it made you so happy that your heart ached. Mariah was choked up.

Mariah went to the counter and chatted with Sharon. She said she didn’t want to interrupt the creative flow on the patio. Sharon wanted to talk about why Mariah skipped Chance’s party last night. Sharon sensed that Mariah felt the feelings of attachment toward the baby were something bad or to be ashamed of. That wasn’t how Mariah felt. The feelings were just incredibly overwhelming, but she was dealing with them. Sharon was proud of Mariah, but she said Mariah shouldn’t feel like she should suddenly be over the traumatic ordeal. Sharon thought Chance, more than anyone, understood that. Mariah mentioned that Victor said something incredibly similar. Sharon told Mariah that no one was judging Mariah, and she shouldn’t think of herself as a problem. Mariah didn’t think of herself as a problem, and she was no longer obsessing over the baby. She said Abby and Chance had a lot to deal with, and Mariah didn’t want to be another complication. Sharon said Mariah wasn’t a complication. Mariah didn’t mean that she was a complication, but the situation was. She said that life went on while Chance was gone, and now he’d been dropped into a life he’d been AWOL from, plus there was a baby involved now. She said it had to be hard for Chance to adjust, and Bowie had to be picking up on that. Sharon was sure it was hard for all of them to adjust, but it was important that they support each other for the sake of the baby. Mariah said Dominic would always be at the forefront of her mind, and they had to make decisions on what was best for him.

Back out on the patio, Noah thought that they got some great work today. Tessa usually hated photo shoots, but Noah made it natural and easy. It was special. She smiled and turned away. “Yeah, it was,” he murmured while watching her from behind.

Mariah and Tessa went home. Mariah said Tessa was beaming, and she could tell Tessa felt good about the photo shoot. Tessa did. She said Noah had a such a creative eye, and she couldn’t wait to see what he came up with. Tessa saw Mariah and Sharon talking earlier and it seemed intense. Mariah was feeling a bit in limbo, and she was wondering if she made the right call skipping the party. She wanted to be there for Abby and Chance, but she didn’t want her issues to be a distraction. After talking with her mom, she felt really good about deciding not to go. Tessa said Mariah could’ve come to her about it. Mariah felt like all she did was talk about things with the baby when she should be focusing on Tessa’s career and album. Tessa said nothing was more important to her than Tessa. Mariah knew. She saw Tessa and Noah, and she heard all the wonderful things Tessa said about her. Tessa meant every word, and Mariah felt like she might start crying again. Tessa said she loved Mariah and they kissed.

Back at Crimson Lights, Noah smiled at the photos of Tessa.

Victor went to work and said hi to Adam. Adam thought Victor was avoiding him. Victor said he’d been busy with Abby and Chance’s return. Victor asked why Adam needed to see him. Adam said they had to put together an impressive proposal for ChancComm that would knock Jill’s socks off. Victor said he’d decided to let Victoria bid for ChancComm without their interference. Adam was upset. He said Victoria was going to use ChancComm to go after Newman Media, just like Billy did. Victor wanted Victoria to have ChancComm, since she never should’ve sold it to Billy in the first place. Adam griped that Victoria said she sold ChancComm as a business move, while what she really did was make a gift to Billy. Victor said that ChancComm would go back to Newman Enterprises where it belonged. Adam complained that Victoria’s lousy decision was being undone, while he was being forced to be the scrappy underdog. Victor said people always root for the underdog. Adam wondered if Victor had a secret motive – was he hoping for a media war with his children? Was this another test? Victor walked out.

Victor went to Victoria’s office. Victoria said she and Ashland had good news. Ashland was happy to report there had been no further spread of the cancer. Victor was glad to hear that. Victor said he decided that Newman Media wasn’t going to compete for ChancComm. He wanted ChancComm to return to the fold of Newman/Locke. Victoria asked if Adam was on board with it. Victor said that Adam had no choice but to go along with it. Victoria suggested that Adam might make his own bid. Victor said that Adam didn’t have the financial wherewithal to make his own bid, so Victor didn’t care what Adam thought.

Meanwhile, Adam was back at the office making phone calls and trying to find investors. So far, he wasn’t having any luck.

A woman entered Society wearing all black and, large dark sunglasses and a hat to hide her face. Her black painted nails were visible as she snapped photos of Billy holding his drink.

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