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Jake helps Gabi zip up her dress and asks where they are going. Gabi thought they could have a nice dinner. Jake reminds her that they are both unemployed. Gabi says they just had a big win so they need to celebrate that Victor fired Philip. Jake thought they were going to talk business. Gabi assures they will but feels they’ve earned the right to gloat. Gabi mocks Philip getting fired. Gabi has Jake help her put on a necklace which was Sami’s. Jake jokes that he’d rather be helping her out of her clothes than in to them, so Gabi drops Jake’s towel and they kiss.

Rafe comes home to Ava cooking. Rafe says she didn’t have to cook, but Ava says she wanted to. Ava talks about how they talked about a fresh start and taking things slow. Ava thought if they could slowly get back to a routine, they could slowly get back to being them again. Ava adds that she thought cooking might help the kitchen not look like a crime scene anymore. Rafe is sorry she had to go through that and that he wasn’t there. Ava says it’s okay as he was working and doing his job. Rafe thinks back to having sex with Nicole that night. Ava adds that Rafe was serving and protecting the citizens of Salem.

Nicole goes to the DiMera Mansion which EJ calls a nice surprise. Nicole asks for a martini so EJ asks what is bothering her. Nicole doesn’t know why she let this upset her as she knew it was coming as she shows EJ that she got divorce papers from Eric. EJ reveals that he got his divorce papers from Sami on the same day, but he can’t serve them because Sami is still nowhere to be found.

Marlena’s call is from an unknown number but she answers it. It turns out to be her daughter Sami, who says thank God she picked up and that she has to help her.

Devil Kristen talks about Kristen and John being together in the past. John tells her to call off this seduction while she still has a shred of dignity. Devil Kristen responds that she can’t do that because this party is just getting started.

Ava and Rafe joke around as she cooks and they get close until Gabi and Jake walk in. Gabi gets upset and asks Rafe why he hasn’t kicked this bitch to the curb.

Nicole questions EJ still not knowing where Sami is. EJ asks why everyone acts like he’s lying. Nicole points out that he kind of lies all the time which EJ laughs at. Nicole says it just seems like if EJ could find Kristen, he should be able to find Sami Brady. EJ responds that the difference is that he wanted to find Kristen, while he doesn’t care if he ever hears from Sami again. Nicole tells him that he’s going to have to find her in order to serve those papers, unless he doesn’t want to get a divorce. EJ assures he does not want to be trapped in that marriage any longer as it’s like being buried alive…

Sami is excited to hear Marlena’s voice. Marlena is thankful that she called. Marlena says she has to talk to her but they don’t have much time. Marlena asks if Sami is in Salem. Sami responds that she’s in a room but she has no idea where it is as she was drugged and kidnapped back in August. Sami explains that she was attacked and chloroformed when she went to Rafe’s house to talk to Gabi about staying at the DiMera Mansion. Marlena says that doesn’t make sense since Sami has been texting her this whole time but Sami reveals it wasn’t her but whoever drugged her and she has no idea who it is.

John tells Devil Kristen that there’s nothing she can do because he loves Marlena. Devil Kristen says they don’t have to make it about love, but about sex which she’s really good at it. She insists on being John’s type. Devil Kristen that John resisting is stimulating her. She suggests trying something less angelic. John tells her to just go away.

Gabi questions what Ava is doing and argues that she can’t stay here after there was a mob hit in Rafe’s kitchen. Ava calls that self defense. Gabi asks Rafe how he thinks she feels living in the same house with the woman who tried to steal her company. Ava says she admitted that she was wrong. Gabi argues that’s only because she got caught. Gabi complains about Rafe sleeping with a murderer. Ava asks who Gabi is to talk since she has a prison record. Gabi claims she’s been rehabilitated. Ava questions the necklace Gabi is wearing and accuses her of stealing it. Gabi says that she found it. Ava asks if she didn’t try to find who it belonged to. Gabi says that she thought that might have been embarrassing for Rafe. Ava gets that Gabi is still trying to make her believe that Rafe slept with Nicole. Ava declares that is never ever going to happen because she’ll never believe a single word from Gabi. Gabi asks if Rafe is going to let Ava talk to her like this. Rafe points out that Gabi hasn’t been warm and welcoming. Rafe suggests they have a big family dinner. Gabi declines and says she and Jake are going to have dinner elsewhere. Gabi warns Rafe to hide the knives because she wouldn’t want him to be Ava’s next victim as she exits with Jake.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s flattered that she sought him out in her hour of need instead of Rafe. Nicole jokes that it’s just because he makes a better martini. Nicole adds that there’s another reason she came to him that’s fairly intimate. Nicole says if she shows her divorce papers to someone else then she’s airing her dirty laundry while EJ already has a low opinion of her. EJ assures that’s not true and he always respected her. EJ agrees to represent Nicole if she lets him take her out to dinner tonight. Nicole jokes that she gets advice and dinner. EJ says they can negotiate terms later and they exit together.

Sami tells Marlena that she has no clue who did this and that there are guards who bring her food, but they won’t tell her who they work for or why this is happening to her. Sami says she finally managed to steal one of their phones but they are going to figure it out so Marlena has to come get her. Marlena responds that she’s not the only one who is in trouble right now.

John tells Devil Kristen that this isn’t going to work. Devil Kristen continues to come on to him. John wants her to let him go and asks how else he would make love to her. She asks if that’s really what he wants or if he’s just trying to escape.

Rafe tells Ava that he’s sorry about Gabi. Ava says it’s fine as Gabi is right that she tried to steal her company so she doesn’t blame her for wanting her gone, but she does blame her for starting their war when she first moved in. Ava says she tried to rise above but fail. Ava feels she shouldn’t let Gabi get in her head as she knows what she’s doing but she still makes her feel so insecure about Rafe and Nicole. Rafe argues that they are so past that. Ava feels bad that Rafe and Nicole feel they can’t be around each other. Ava calls Nicole her only friend and says Rafe has been completely upfront with her. Ava suggests they all hang out again and offers to invite Nicole over but Rafe stops her and asks to please stop talking about Nicole.

EJ and Nicole go out to eat at the Bistro and look over her divorce papers. EJ argues that it’s a problem that Nicole is not asking for anything and insists on spousal support since Eric walked out on her while she’s taking care of his niece and her kid in Salem. Nicole notes that Xander said something like that too. EJ says Xander isn’t always wrong. EJ declares that by the time he’s done, Nicole will look like the lonely victim of an uncaring husband. Nicole argues that she’s the one who blew up the marriage. EJ says that’s what Eric wants her to think, but from now on, she will be dealing with him. Gabi and Jake arrive. Jake sees that EJ is there and suggests going somewhere else but Gabi says she’s not afraid of him. Gabi confronts EJ and Nicole to tell EJ not to get too comfortable in the mansion because she’s still having her lawyers look in to how EJ stole it from her. EJ brings up hearing Philip fired them after their attempt to overthrow him. Gabi says that Philip is paying for that while Gabi Chic is coming back stronger than ever and she will get her house back. EJ then sees the necklace Gabi is wearing and remembers giving it to Sami, so he asks where the hell she got that necklace.

Sami asks what Marlena is talking about. Marlena reveals that she is locked up too and chained to a wall in the DiMera Crypt. Sami asks if EJ did this because of her. Marlena says it wasn’t EJ so Sami asks who did it. Marlena responds that she won’t believe her when she tells her.

Devil Kristen asks John how she knows he won’t try to escape if she frees him. John says she will have to trust him. Devil Kristen calls it a big risk but notes that it will be a lot more fun if she didn’t have to do all the work, so she snaps the chains off of John. Devil Kristen starts kissing John but he shoves her off and asks her to let him go because he needs to get Marlena. Devil Kristen insists that John wants her and not Marlena.

Rafe apologizes for snapping at Ava. Rafe says they are finally alone to have a nice dinner so they don’t need to be talking about Nicole. Ava says she was just trying to be nice. Rafe gets that but says they need to focus on themselves and not let Gabi come between them. Rafe adds that Gabi only brought up Nicole to get under Ava’s skin. Ava points out that Rafe got so mad and doesn’t normally blow up like that. Rafe reminds her that there was a homicide in his kitchen and he had to put Eli on the case because his girlfriend was the main suspect. Rafe adds that Ava and Gabi have turned his house in to a warzone so he’s sorry for being a little edgy. Ava feels she turned his life upside down. Rafe jokes about having to talk about feelings and says he’d like to have a boring night. Ava goes back to cooking and talks about buying a case of tomatoes, asking if that’s boring enough for him as she laughs.

EJ asks Gabi again where she got that necklace. Jake warns EJ about how he talks to Gabi. Gabi asks EJ why it matters to him. Gabi asks if it’s Nicole’s and guesses she was right that Nicole was sleeping Rafe. Gabi adds that she found it outside and told Ava that it belonged to a woman Rafe didn’t want her to know about. Nicole says it’s not her necklace. Gabi asks why EJ is so bothered by it then. EJ then reveals that it’s Sami’s necklace and he bought it for her in Italy. Gabi explains that she found it a few months ago about the time that Sami left town.

Marlena informs Sami that she’s been possessed by the Devil again which shocks her. Sami thought she’d never have to worry about that again. Sami asks why Marlena is telling her if she’s the Devil. Marlena explains that she’s gotten a temporary reprieve as the Devil took over Susan Banks to get to John. Sami asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena responds that she’s so scared as she’s afraid they might lose John.

Devil Kristen tells John how they were so in love and she knows he remembers, causing a flashback to when they were together. John says he remembers so she suggests they relive the past. Devil Kristen tells John to make love to her as they then kiss. John ends up biting her. She calls him a son of a bitch. John asks if she really thought he’d give up on Marlena. John tries to run but Devil Kristen throws him back in to the wall, knocking him out. Devil Kristen then declares that he will pay for that.

Rafe and Ava eat dinner together. Ava tells Rafe that when she thought she was going to prison and he didn’t believe her about Carmine, it dawned on her that she could lose him and it scared her. Ava says that living with Rafe has been the happiest she’s ever been. Ava jokes that she’s had a miserable life so the bar was low but assures that she really loves their life together. Ava loves talking to Rafe about everything. They joke with each other about taste in movies. Ava says what she loves most of all is Rafe. Ava tells Rafe that she loves him. Rafe doesn’t know what to say. Ava asks if he’s overwhelmed or if he doesn’t feel the same way.

EJ tells Gabi that he wants the necklace back as it’s his property since he paid for it. Gabi responds that the mansion was her property but he took it so she’s taking this and walks off. Nicole tells EJ that she almost had a heart attack thinking Gabi knew about her and Rafe. Nicole asks if EJ is okay. EJ recalls the last time he saw Sami, he kicked her out and she said she was going to see Gabi about staying in the mansion but when she never returned, he figured she changed her mind and never went to see Gabi but if Gabi found the necklace, then Sami must have been there. Nicole doesn’t think Gabi would lie about not talking to Sami. EJ wonders what happened and how the necklace ended up on the ground.

Sami wants Marlena to loop the police in to this call, so they can come help and rescue her then trace the call to come get her. Marlena says she doesn’t seem to be able to make outgoing calls. Sami encourages her to keep trying. Devil Kristen then takes the phone from Marlena and greets Sami, saying it’s been a long time. Sami asks who this is and what they have done with her mother. Devil Kristen responds that Marlena can’t help Sami with her problems as she’s in enough trouble of her own. Devil Kristen then hangs up the phone, leaving Sami worried. Devil Kristen tells Marlena that she’s been a naughty girl. Marlena says she had been careless. Devil Kristen calls Sami the most useless person on the planet and now that she’s being held captive, she can’t do her any good. Marlena asks if she knows who kidnapped her. Devil Kristen responds that her lips are sealed. Marlena asks if John is alright. Devil Kristen claims that he is basking in the afterglow of their love. Marlena says they know she’s lying and that John never touched her other than shoving her away because she can still feel the unbreakable bond that she and John share.

Ava apologizes to Rafe for putting him on the spot and says he doesn’t have to answer the question as she did not say I love you to force a reply. Ava suggests they go back to eating and talking. Rafe gets what Ava is saying and says it’s been great having her here and he’s been so happy. Rafe says they fit. Rafe adds that if he doesn’t say what she wants, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about her a lot because he does. Rafe promises Ava that he’s committed to her and only her.

Jake asks if Gabi is really going to keep the necklace when it’s Sami’s. Gabi responds that Sami isn’t here and no one knows where she is so she can’t give it to her. Gabi adds that Sami owes her for giving Kristen’s letter back to her. Jake points out that EJ ended up with the letter anyways. Gabi notes that wasn’t her fault but it was really funny to see it wipe the smirk off EJ’s face for once. Jake comments that EJ seems to have rebounded fine. Jake asks about EJ and Nicole being back together. Gabi can’t believe EJ being over Sami as he always seemed obsessed with her. Gabi says that EJ claims to despise Sami but she still thinks Sami is his Achilles heel. Gabi thinks Sami could be the key to paying EJ back.

Nicole suggests EJ that maybe Sami dropped the necklace on accident. EJ questions her never calling Gabi or Rafe to ask about it. Nicole wonders if Sami threw it away since their marriage was over. EJ points out that it was worth money so Sami would have pawned it. Nicole acknowledges that it does seem out of character. EJ says there is something strange about all of this. EJ then gets a call from an unknown number. Nicole guesses it’s a telemarketer. EJ decides to find out and answers. Sami says thank God he answered. EJ asks who this is.

Ava tells Rafe that she’s really glad they talked and got all their cards out. Rafe admits he liked it too. Ava toasts to putting mistakes behind them. Rafe toasts to a fresh start.

Jake thought they were talking about getting Gabi Chic back but now they’re talking about getting revenge again. Gabi says she’s multi tasking. Jake asks how Sami will help them pay EJ back. Gabi doesn’t know yet but says they’ll start by tracking Sami down, bringing her to Salem, and then figuring it out.

Sami asks if EJ heard her. EJ asks if anyone’s there. Sami asks if he can hear her but the phone battery dies. EJ guesses there was no one there. Nicole figures it was a telemarketer. EJ calls it strange as he could swear he heard Sami’s voice and then the phone went dead.

The Devil possesses Marlena again and transforms Susan back to herself. John assures that even under Satan’s spell, he remains true to Marlena. The Devil says he never had much hopes for that plan anyways so he’ll go to plan B. Susan asks what that is. The Devil declares that’s where Susan and John both die.

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