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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis went to Crimson Lights for coffee. Sharon said that she was getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner for the unhoused and lonely, so there would be no special orders today, but Phyllis could help herself to the coffee pot. Phyllis said that The Grand Phoenix wasn’t doing their dinner until late, and the managers were taking care of it, so she volunteered to help Sharon out. Just then, Nick came in with a box of supplies and told Sharon that he was sending over a couple vans full of seniors from New Hope who didn’t have any family to spend the holiday with. Nick and Phyllis’s eyes met, and they said Happy Thanksgiving. Nick turned back to Sharon and talked to her about what was in the box. He mentioned that Christian, Faith and Noah would be coming to help. She was delighted to hear that Christian was interested in helping. Nick was hoping it’d become a family tradition. Sharon said she wanted to find something fun for Christian to do so he didn’t get bored. Phyllis changed her mind about staying, and she claimed that something came up at work that she had to handle. On her way out, she ran into Billy. He asked if she had plans. She wondered if he was curious, and he admitted that he was only trying to be polite. She was sure he’d be spending the holiday alone fixing the mess at ChancComm. He said he put all that aside today, because it was all about Lily and the kids. Phyllis pointed out that he was alone. He explained that Lily’s plans to visit Mattie and Charlie fell through because of the weather, and when he left, they were on a video call. Phyllis could only imagine how the article affected negotiations for the kids with Ashland and Victoria. He said that it wasn’t stress free, but everyone was trying to be fair, and the kids were going to spend half the day with each parent. He said that the kids deserved as much family vibes and love as they could get on Thanksgiving. Everyone did. She looked forlorn. He wished her Happy Thanksgiving and he continued on.

Phyllis went to work and ran into Gloria, who was in between spa treatments. Gloria felt transformed, like a golden goddess. Gloria felt bad that the masseuses had to work on the holiday, but she’d tip them generously. JCV was doing phenomenally under her watch. Phyllis said she was giving all her employees extra pay today and sending them home early. Phyllis asked if Gloria was spending the say with Michael and Lauren. She wasn’t, because they were with Fen. Phyllis asked if Gloria was flying solo, and Gloria said of course not. No one wanted to be alone on Thanksgiving. Gloria was going to be with Kevin, Chloe and their angels. Gloria asked if Phyllis would be alone on Thanksgiving, and Phyllis said that she was working.

Phyllis put on a cheerful facade for a parade of guests who happily told her about their plans with their families. After all that, she trudged into her room and ate a bag of potato chips. She called Summer and left a message wishing her, Kyle and Harrison a Happy Thanksgiving. She poured wine and drank it while she called Daniel and told him she missed him and Lucy. She claimed that she was doing great when he asked. After the call ended, she got into bed and turned on the television. Phyllis drifted off to sleep, even though the light still streamed into the windows.

In Phyllis’s dream, Gloria burst into the room wearing a gold turban, gold sunglasses and a sparkly boa. Gloria said to call her Golden-Glo. She was there to turn Phyllis’s Thanksgiving around. Phyllis claimed she had plans, but Gloria knew that wasn’t true. She could see the chips, wine and that Phyllis had been watching true crime stories. It was hardly the way to usher in the holiday season, Golden Glo said. Phyllis said that if Glo didn’t leave, she’d be the victim of a true crime. Glo was offering Phyllis a do-over and a happy Thanksgiving. Phyllis was skeptical. Glo clapped her hands and Phyllis disappeared from the suite and teleported back to Crimson Lights.

Phyllis looked for Gloria, whom she refused to call Golden Glo. Gloria was nowhere around. Phyllis wished Gloria brought her to Hawaii or Bali instead. Sharon walked in, and she was annoyed Phyllis didn’t help earlier. Phyllis said she’d help now, but Sharon didn’t see or hear her. Phyllis realized that she was dreaming and that people wouldn’t say or do anything unless she wanted them to. Phyllis called Sharon, who suddenly noticed she was there. Sharon said Phyllis was one of the people she was most grateful for this year. Phyllis was skeptical that Sharon would say this, even in a dream. Sharon hadn’t forgotten the support Phyllis gave her during her cancer treatments. Phyllis said that was life or death and bigger than the issues they had in the past. “I was entirely responsible for all of our dust-ups,” Dream Sharon confessed.

Sharon said that yesterday, she was rude and out of line to probe Phyllis about her break up with Nick and her relationship with Jack. Phyllis wondered if she was forcing Sharon to say this in her dream or if Sharon meant it. Sharon was trying to be nice. She thought it was about time. Phyllis agreed. Sharon asked if Phyllis could spare a little time to help feed the hungry, and maybe Sharon and Phyllis could heal old wounds. Phyllis served the guests, and they broke into a round of applause for her. She basked in the adoration until Golden Glo appeared and took Phyllis to the main house at the ranch. Phyllis was dressed for a party now, and she was upset that she was in the belly of the beast. Nikki and Victor appeared. They were also dressed for festivities. Victor held a knife, while Nikki clutched a serving fork. Alarmed, Phyllis said that she didn’t come here of her own volition. Despite the menacing poses, Dream Victor and Nikki just wanted to let Phyllis carve the turkey. Nick joined everyone and said he was glad she was here. Phyllis didn’t believe that. She said she despised them, and they despised her. It was creeping her out that they were being nice, and she was leaving. Nikki and Victor urged her to stay. Nick said he and Phyllis weren’t a couple, but they were Summer’s parents, and they were friends, and he owed her a huge thank you. He finally took her advice. Nikki chimed in that it was very wise advice. Nick was referring to Phyllis’ advice to stay out of his family’s drama. Ever since he did that, some amazing things happened – Adam left town, Victoria forgave him, and Victor accepted him for who he was. Nikki was grateful to Phyllis for putting up with their family and for always being the voice of reason when she stubbornly refused to listen. Phyllis said that they should get the party started. Everyone had a great time, and Phyllis wondered why it took them so long to get to this point. Nikki said that Phyllis broke Nick’s heart, and she turned on Nikki and Victoria during the JT murder investigation. Phyllis and Nikki decided not to go down memory lane. Nikki said they were grateful to Phyllis because the guidance she gave Nick saved the Newman family. According to Nikki, they were happy and finally united, all thanks to Phyllis and her sage advice. Victor raised a toast to Phyllis, and everyone followed his lead. “Hip hip hooray!,” the Newmans exclaimed.

Phyllis found herself dropped into the Abbott celebration at Society. Jack, Traci and Ashley didn’t notice Phyllis watching from across the room. He’d had found love with someone, and his sisters were glad. Phyllis wondered who it was. Jack gushed about this woman, who was a former love he’d rekindled things with. Ashley said it could be magical to reunite with an old flame. Phyllis thought it might be her, but then she changed her mind because she knew Traci and Ashley wouldn’t be this happy about her being with Jack. Jack knew that this woman had never been his sisters’ favorite, but he thanked them for their kindness. He thought the relationship would work this time. Traci said they wanted it to. Jack noticed that his lady had arrived. Phyllis thought it was be her, and with a smile, she started to approach Jack, but then Golden Glo appeared, and she embraced Jack. Phyllis was stunned. Ashley was thrilled this incredible woman put a smile back on Jack’s face. Traci said that anyone who made their brother happy made them happy. Jack said Gloria gave him a new appreciation for life. He was grateful that Gloria took him back.

Glo saw Phyllis glaring and went over to her. “Some fairy godmother you turned out to be,” Phyllis sniped. “Oh darling, I am much too young to be any kind of mother to you,” Gloria retorted. Phyllis called Gloria Golden Ghoul. Gloria said it wasn’t her fault Jack was with her – this was Phyllis’s dream. Gloria thought that Phyllis’ subconscious set up this scenario because Phyllis was intimidated by Gloria. “Deep down you think you know I’m the one who holds the keys to Jack’s heart,” Gloria said. Phyllis thought that was crazy. Gloria pointed out that they were inside Phyllis’s head, and Gloria was relieved she didn’t have to live in it full time.

Phyllis said this dream was a mash up of irrational incidents. The Abbotts wouldn’t have dinner at Society instead of their home, and Traci and Ashley wouldn’t support Jack and Gloria. Gloria said it was happening before Phyllis’s eyes. Phyllis vowed to put a stop to it. She marched over to the table and said that there had been a mistake. “When you’re talking about the great love of Jack’s life returning, you’re clearly talking about me and not Gloria,” Phyllis announced. Phyllis pulled out a chair to sit, and all the Abbotts yelled “No!” Ashley said there was no room for Phyllis here at this table. Phyllis was sure that Traci, the kind one, would welcome her. Traci wished she could, but it wasn’t her place. Jack said maybe they could find room; it was Thanksgiving. Ashley said that was exactly why Phyllis shouldn’t be here. Ashley asked if Jack forgot how many times Phyllis broke his heart. Traci noted that Phyllis cheated on Jack with his own brother. Phyllis countered that everyone made mistakes.

Phyllis didn’t understand what happened. Her dream had been going so well, but everything changed. Traci said that was life – everything changed, and either you were driving the train or a passenger on your own journey. The Abbotts talked amongst themselves. Jack intended to ask Gloria to return to Jabot after she got back to the table. Traci and Ashley loved that idea. Traci said Gloria always had a good business sense. Phyllis disagreed, and she said that Gloria was a grifter. Billy arrived. Phyllis met him at the door and asked what he was doing here when he said he was going home to Lily. Billy wasn’t sure why he was here, and he reminded Phyllis that this was her dream. Phyllis guessed Billy was here to annoy her. Billy apologized for the way he screwed things up between her and Jack. He knew that was one of the many reasons she didn’t like him, but they weren’t all that different. He said they did good things when they worked together, like when they exposed Sally and Tara. Phyllis agreed, but she didn’t want to rehash everything and hurt Jack.

Phyllis said the dream was going well until she saw the Abbotts. Billy suggested it was the guilt busting through. Phyllis said she didn’t feel guilty, but Billy said she exiled herself from Thanksgiving because she felt like she deserved to be alone. He asked why she didn’t spend time with Summer and Daniel, and she said her kids lived far away now. Billy said her kids were doing great, and that was hard for Phyllis because she was a fighter, and fighting for her kids was second nature. Dream Billy knew Phyllis missed Nick, but he thought she was at the Abbott celebration because she missed Jack. Phyllis was near tears. She said that Jack was in Spain with Ashley. Billy said Jack was fighting for Abby, because like Phyllis when it came to family, he was all in, and when it came to love, he was relentless and that included Phyllis. Phyllis thought Jack was amazing. “And you’re not?,” Billy asked. He told her she deserved love, whether she admitted it or not.

Phyllis said Billy was hardly the expert in relationships – he couldn’t wait to toss her aside when she slept with Nick. Billy thought that worked out the way it was meant to be. He fit with Lily, so maybe his relationships with Phyllis and Victoria had to blow up. He belonged with Lily, and he thought Jack brought out the best in Phyllis. He said she was more honest with Jack, and she didn’t lash out as much. He said she trusted Jack’s advice because she didn’t question his agenda. He thought she liked who she was with Jack, that is until the guilt ruined things. “If I chose to get Jack back, I mean what would I do,” she asked. She didn’t want to ruin things. Billy was about to give his take, but Gloria appeared and said time was up.

Gloria brought Phyllis back to her suite. Phyllis was desperate to get back to Society to hear Billy’s advice. He was about to give her the answers about what to do with her life. Laughing, Gloria said that Phyllis chose very odd confidants. “Yes I do, don’t I because I chose you,” Phyllis replied. Gloria asked why Billy would have the answers. Phyllis said she and Billy were similar – they were both reckless and wild, and he figured it out and she hadn’t. He figured out how he could be a screw up while still being with the person he loved. She begged to go back to Society, but then someone knocked on the door and woke Phyllis up.

A waiter had brought up dinner with all the trimmings. Phyllis didn’t order it, but the waiter said someone did. She told him to go home to his family, and she wished him a Happy Thanksgiving. Jack video called from the plane. He was the one who sent up the food. Phyllis was so touched she almost cried. She said she had this wild dream so she wasn’t sure the food was real at first. He promised it wasn’t a dream. He’d landed in Spain, and Ashley was dealing with the airport security. It was night there, and it was too late for him to do anything regarding Abby tonight. It wasn’t easy, but Jack had managed to get a Thanksgiving meal onto the flight. He thought he and Phyllis could have Thanksgiving together. He said he would’ve invited her to the Abbott family dinner if he were in town. He asked if she wanted to have Friendsgiving, unless he was intruding on another plan. Phyllis didn’t have any other plans. They ate “together.”

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