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Shopping. What do you say we celebrate with some hot chocolate? Ooh, yay.

[ Chuckles ] I thought you’d say that. Well, if you could, just schedule the meeting for 10:00 tomorrow, okay? Oh, and make sure you tell edna. Wow. Sonny’s got you working already. Mrs. Corinthos. Oh, please, call me carly. Carly. Sonny’s counting on me to make this place a success, and since there’s no time like the present… I think sonny is so excited to have you here in port charles, and if you make charlie’s a success, that’s just an added bonus. Can I get you something? Oh, I don’t want to interrupt you while you’re busy. I have time to talk. What’s on your mind? Well, sonny’s told me so much about you, so I thought we could get to know each other one-on-one. I was wondering when I was gonna run into you. I’m glad you’re back.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Austin. Oh. Wow, you give bobbie spencer a ride to work and then you pick her up after her shift? You’re a good friend. Actually, I came here to talk to you. Okay, what’s up? Well, I don’t like how we left things. I mean, you’re obviously angry with me, and I’d like to know what did I do.

[ Shower running ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Ringing ] Please, dante, please pick up. Dante: Hey, it’s dante.

Sorry I missed your call.

Leave a message

and I’ll get back to you. Honey, uh, it’s me. It’s mom. Leo is missing. When you get this message, please come to ava’s gallery right away. I need your help. Any word? Leo’s gone.

Bravissima, trina. Congratulations on a job well done. Thank you. Thank you. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous, but the exhibit went off without a hitch. It really did. So amazing. Uh, ms. Jerome? Yes? Have you seen sasha? No, no, I haven’T. Okay, I guess she must still be in the ladies’ room. Well, a pregnant woman in her third trimester, that’s a solid guess. Is everything alright? Yeah, yeah. No. I just — I found some amazing news about our baby, and I-I-I can’t wait to talk to sasha about it. Gladys: Oh. Damn it! This door is jammed tight. This place is a fire trap.

[ Gasps ] Oh, no! Oh, listen. Look on the bright side, as soon as we get out of here, we can sue ava jerome for endangerment. Make a nice little bundle, get some free art in the process. Then I’ll sell that, too. That’s not what I meant. Oh. Oh, what? W-what is it now? My water just broke.

I’m not angry with you, maxie. This is just what disagreement looks like, and you and I have agreed to disagree when it comes to brook lynn. And gladys. Okay. I won’t run down your friend in front of you anymore, okay? I promise. I appreciate that. I know what brook lynn did to you was unforgivable, but… oh, no, there’s no “but” in that sentence. What she did was unforgivable, period. At least brook lynn was looking out for her family. Of which I am a part of. And gladys only looks out for gladys. Brook lynn screwed you to the wall to score points with daddy darling, right? Something like that. What’d she do to you? I’m not a gossip. Mm. And, you know, it’s not about what she did to me. I can take care of myself. It’s what she’s doing to a dear, kind, extremely handsome friend of mine. Valentin cassadine. Who told you? Maybe she just needs someone to talk to. Really? ‘Cause I kind of think she already talks too much. I just don’t understand why this bothers you so much. Because of brook lynn. So, kristina called me, right? Told me that you had been released from prison and she was so happy that she almost blew my eardrum.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Well, the lengths that I’ll go to to have our daughter miss us. I’m sorry. For what? For what I did to dante. You wouldn’t have picked up the syringe if you — I wasn’t drunk out of my mind? No, if — if you didn’t get worked up over peter august, you know, writing that article that franco was dangerous. Thank you for making excuses. You don’t have to do that. Yeah. How you doing? I just came from a meeting, so if that’s any indication. Well, it indicates that you’re committed to staying sober. Today. What are you doing here? I had A… doctor’s appointment. Oh, good. Yeah, ’cause this is a good place to come. There’s a lot of doctors here. I’m more concerned about you. Rough re-entry? Yeah. I’m hoping in time, you know, things will get back to normal.

[ Chuckles ] That’s not gonna happen.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Thanks for the pep talk. Well, look, you know… …when things change… …they change for the good. I want a second layout on that desert piece. Okay, thank you. I’ll see you in a bit.

[ Gasps ] You’re here. Grandma! Oh!

[ Laughs ] Sonny’s been so good to me. I’m looking forward to getting to know his family. Yeah, and we’re all looking forward to getting to know you, too. I was told that you moved out of the metro court. Did you find an apartment? Not exactly. I moved in here. Here?

[ Chuckles ] Into that dingy old office of julian’s? It’s a perfectly good room. Oh, it’s not. Please move back to the metro court, and I will help you find an apartment. Thank you, but the back room is fine. I like to keep things simple. Too much time in a small town, I guess. A rather nice small town. Sonny told me that things were good in nixon falls. They were. Will you tell me about it? I can’t be stuck in here. My water broke. I’m in labor. I have to get to the hospital.

[ Stammers ] Are you having contractions? Uh, I was having some discomfort before, so maybe.

[ Laughs ] You’re adorable. No, no, no, sweetie, when you have a real contraction, you will know it. The good news is, we have some time. Babies don’t just pop right out. Okay. Still I have no service. Um… well, uh, let’s try your phone. I left it with brando. Okay. Not a problem. Back to plan “A.” Hello! We’re stuck in here! Ahhh! Oooh! Contraction. Okay, okay, okay. Hey. Just hold on to me. You can do this. You can do it.

[ Groans ] Hey. Oh, dante, thank god you’re here. Sorry I missed your call. Oh, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re here now. We got to find leo. Okay. Dante, I’m so glad you’re here. Yeah. C-can you walk me through what happened? Well, I was right over there with leo, and I turned around for a second and he was gone. I checked the back room, the hallways near the bathroom. My dad is outside checking the parking lot in case leo forgot something in the car. Good, you’re covering a lot of ground. What’s going on? Leo’s missing. Oh, my god. What can we do to help? -Um… -okay. The valet saw leo outside. Oh. He just let him wander off? Well, there were other people leaving, and he just assumed leo was with him. Oh, god. Anyone could have walked off with him. Oh, ma, don’t borrow trouble. Calm down. No, no, no. I know. I know you’re right. You’re right. My son is fine. I’m sorry. Yeah, look, he — he said that leo didn’t seem upset, that he was calm, and so… okay. I want to talk to the valet. Okay, let’s go. Yeah, I have security cameras outside. I’m gonna go check the footage. Okay. There’s an ice cream truck on the corner. Kids love ice cream. Yeah, let’s go. Alright, I’m gonna go check around the gallery. Okay, okay, I’m gonna do the same thing. I’m gonna go in the opposite direction. Okay, so let’s start in the front and then we’ll meet back around, just so we know we covered the same ground. If you see anything, you scream bloody murder. They will hear me in montreal. Olivia, we will find leo. Damn straight we will.

[ Sighs ]

how is me being friendly to gladys — I mean, what — what does that have to do with you and brook lynn? Well, gladys hates brook lynn. Can’t imagine why. I’ll tell you why. Gladys is brook lynn’s assistant, and brook lynn has this crazy notion that gladys should, I don’t know, assist, like, as in do her job. Mm, working for brook lynn, I can’t imagine that’s a picnic. Who knows? Gladys sure doesn’T. All she does is complain. She’s a terrible employee and an even worse human being. Why not just fire her? That’s beside the point. What is the point? I-I don’t understand. What’s the point? I need a cease fire between you and brook lynn. Why, though? W-why is it so important to you that I get along with brook lynn? Because if you keep going after her, I might be collateral damage. It’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you so much. I’m s– I’m sorry, little guy, but, um, I have to go. No, grandma nina. I know, I — I want to stay, too. Are you warm? But I am — I have to go. Nina, no, we were just — we were just going to get some hot chocolate. You should stay.

[ Gasps ] Then the bartender walked right out an hour into his shift. Lenny was — was so mad. We really had our hands full. What did you do? Adapted.

[ Laughs ] Does anything like that ever happen at the metro court? Well, we have had our share of walkouts, but we have such a large staff, there’s always someone there to cover. Must be nice. Well, I can tell you this, even with the five-star rating, it’s hard to find good help. It’s not every day that someone like mike comes along. I’m sorry. I’m still getting used to calling him sonny. It’s okay. You didn’t know that mike was really sonny corinthos. Nina knew it. Oh, god. Where could he be? Where could my baby be? We’re gonna find him. Okay, we checked all around the building. Twice. Even the dumpsters. No luck. Okay, I put out a missing child alert. Spencer: We checked the ice cream truck. And we looked around, up and down the street. I’m sorry, but… nobody remembers seeing leo. Ava: Leo showed up on the security footage. Was he okay? Yes, he seemed absolutely fine. He was walking down the sidewalk, calm as can be. Dante: Okay, what direction was he headed? Um, south. South — south toward the harbor? Was anyone with him? No, not — not that I saw. No. Where the hell could he be going? Okay, brook lynn, uh, let’s go over this one more time. When was the last time you saw him? It was right over here. What were you doing? Leo wanted to show me these pictures. And while we were looking at the pictures, I got distracted for like a second by some cater waiter, and I turned around and by the time I turned around, leo was gone. I, uh — I think I know where leo went. Where?

[ Pounding on door ]Hello! Help! We’re stuck in here. Woman in labor!

[ Groans ] Why — why’d you give brando your phone? We were gonna wait to find out the sex of the baby, but the nurse accidentally revealed it in an e-mail. Oh, so you know? I do, and that’s why I was giving brando — well, don’t hold me in suspense. I got baby clothes to buy.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll tell you, gladys, but only after brando knows. Oh, s-so you didn’t tell him yet. No, no. That’s why I gave him my phone so that he could decide for himself whether he wants to know or not.

[ Laughs ] Of course he wants to know. Help! We’re in here! Woman having a baby! Help! Are we having a boy or a girl? A — [ Screams ] Please! In here! Brando: Hello! Oh! Brando, is that you? Ma? Yeah, the door is stuck. Yeah, just a second. Oh. Oh, whoa, you made quick work of that, my big, strong son. Uh, yeah, actually, the, uh, door was wedged shut. Are you saying somebody locked us in? I’m off the clock.

[ Sighs ] Little snake. Aaahhh! Sasha. Hey, you okay? Ohh. Brando, we have to hurry. The baby’s coming.

for better or for worse remains to be seen. And I know that you seem a little lost, but you’re gonna find your way. And how do you know that? Because you’re alexis davis and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Right. So… word on the street is that, since you’ve been back, you’re a little nicer.

[ Chuckles ] You cannot believe everything you hear. Well, that’s what I was thinking, too. Okay, maybe a little more mellow. Alright. I’m thinking that because for the better part of a year, you weren’t living like a criminal. Mm-hmm. Yeah, that’s true. Mm-hmm. Yeah, it’s true. Alright. So correct me if I’m wrong. You lost your memory. Mm-hmm. You’re a man without a past. Mm-hmm. So you’ve got a clean slate, right? Yeah, something like that.

[ Sighs ] You have no idea how appealing that sounds to me. Just so you know, I’ve got you. I’m fine as long as I’m not having a contraction. Sasha, what’s going on? Did something happen with the baby? Just that it’s coming. Right now? That’s fantastic. Here, have a seat. Yeah. Who’s your ob? Dr. Navarro. We called her on the way over. She’s waiting on four. Okay. I know this is a really weird thing to say right now, but I love your outfit. We were at the photo art exhibit at the jerome gallery. One last night out before the baby. Made it just under the wire, didn’t you? Oh, my god, maxie. When I leave this hospital, I’m gonna be a mom. I don’t think I’m ready. Oh, sasha, you already are a mom. You’re just getting ready to meet your baby.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Chuckles ] Alright. Sonny told me that he and nina knew each other in nixon falls. She knew him and never said a word to him about his family back home. And the worst part is that nina came back to port charles several times while sonny was there, and she saw me, she saw sonny’s family, she saw us mourning, and she lied to our faces. What nina did was terrible. Yeah. I’m sorry. That’s not why I came here. W-we should stop talking about nina. You sure you want to? You seem to have a lot to get off your chest. Because I cannot let it go. Every time I see nina, every time I think about her, I am filled with so much anger and rage. Sounds like a hard burden to carry.

[ Laughs ] It is. It is. I-it’S… then I have to ask, is all this anger at nina worth your energy? I hope mr. Quartermaine was right about where leo went. I ran away once or twice when I was little. I was always okay. Granted, I was a little bit older than leo is. Joss and cam told me you had a chauffeur named chandler that was with you most of the time. Not when I ran away. I had him drop me off first. Of course you did. I just love the idea of little spence up to no good. Yeah, I’m not sure that the people who had to live through it would agree with you. What was up with sasha and mrs. Corbin getting stuck in the back room? How did that even happen? And of course, poor sasha goes into labor. It’s a good thing that brando found sasha and got her to the hospital. Otherwise, she would have been stuck back there having the baby. You were in the back room right before they were, right? Yes, I had to get the check and the flowers for mr. Sartore. Well, you’re lucky you didn’t get stuck back there with them. That would have been awful. I know, right? Just terrible. Olivia: Leo! Ned: Leo? Honey, please answer me! Leo! God, ned, do you really think he would come down here? It’s so…dark and scary.

[ Screams ] Oh!

you know what? A clean slate isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Hmm. I had a lot of time to sit around in prison and catalog all my mistakes, and… …I think it’d be good to forget all that. I didn’t just forget my mistakes, I forget everything — all the good things. My wife, my — my kids, you. And I know you don’t know lenny and phyllis. They were great. Hmm. They took me in and… that was nice of them. I was happy. I was really happy in nixon falls. But then I got my memory back, right? And I couldn’t run fast enough to get home. Yeah, I get that. I do. I wouldn’t want to forget my daughters. Right. My love life, that’s an entirely different story. I mean, the last two alone — one tried to kill me and the other one died in my bed. Who’d want to remember that? Well, think of it this way. You — it’s got to be better next time, right?

[ Laughs ] No, really, it’s so cute that you think there’s gonna be a next time. I’m done, alright? Finito. Alright. The store is closed. If you say so. I say so. Actually, I should start looking for love ’cause you know the saying, “when you stop looking for it is when you find it”? Mm. Wiley, you remember cindy from daycare at the hospital, right? Hi, wiley. She’s gonna take you to see tom the turkey while mommy and grandma nina have a little chat, okay? Okay. Thank you, cindy. Thank you. I did it for wiley. I know. I just hope that michael isn’t too angry when he hears. Just so you know, nina, I agree with michael about you not seeing wiley, at least not right now. But chances are our paths are going to cross from time to time, and I didn’t see any point in dragging wiley away after he was so happy to see you. He’s missed his grandma. Yeah, I’ve missed him, too. He also missed sonny when he was gone. Of course. I just want to let you know that I am very grateful for whatever time I can spend with wiley. I really hate what you did, nina. I don’t know if I can forgive you for it, but I’m also not going to make wiley pay for your actions. I’m not sure I understand your question. I certainly don’t expect you to forgive nina, but I do hope you move on for your sake.

[ Chuckles ] That’s really hard for me. I know. But it seems your anger at nina is only hurting you. Nina stole more from me than just time with my husband. I’ve known sonny for decades. I know him better than anyone. And now, thanks to nina, there’s a nine-month gap where sonny lived his life as someone else. Some guy named mike. And I’m never gonna know that guy. There’s a part of sonny’s life… …where he’s a stranger to me, and I hate that. Of course you do. But even though that gap exists, it doesn’t mean you have to get stuck in it.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it would be a lot easier if nina left port charles, you know, if her offices weren’t in my hotel. I understand sonny spoke to nina, told her to stay clear of him and his family. Yeah. And has nina complied? More or less. I mean, I’m her landlord. We’re bound to cross paths. It seems to me that both sonny and nina are trying to move forward. Can you try, as well? Ma. Oh, there you are. It took me forever to find a parking spot. Uh, dr. Navarro is in with sasha now. Oh, good. I want to — I want to see what she has to say. Wait, ma. Ma, ma, ma, ma. Let’s give sasha some privacy. Sorry. You’re right. I’m — I’m just so excited. A baby! You haven’t mentioned any names yet. Please tell me you’re not naming that kid feather or storm or some wacky thing with all consonants. You’ll just have to wait and see. So everyone tells me. Well, how’s she doing? Uh, contractions are getting faster now. I just — I hope sasha’s not in labor long. Why, got someplace to be? No, I just… I just hate seeing her in pain. You know, especially when I can’t do anything. Are you kidding me? You’re doing plenty already. Out here in the hall? Yes, yes. When she needs to be alone, you’re leaving her alone. You’ll be right by her side when she needs you close. And when that baby does come, you’ll be right there holding her hand. Just be careful. Sometimes women squeeze so hard, they can break your hand. It’d be worth it.

[ Chuckles ] Well, at least you’re in a hospital. No place better, right? That’s one way to look at it. I can always find the silver lining.

[ Sighs ] Um… I meant to ask you, uh… you said the door to that back room at the gallery was wedged shut? Yeah, it was. Yeah, like someone was locking us in on purpose? Well, it was definitely put there on purpose. Whoever did it must not have realized anyone was inside. Maybe. Ma, why would anyone want to lock you and sasha in? Oh, I have some ideas. Olivia: Leo! Answer me! Ned: Leo! Honey, please. Oh. Please. Oh, my god. What happened, honey? Talk to me. There’s no bump. No bump? No bump. No bump. Okay. Come here. Let’s get away from the water. Honey, what were you thinking wandering away from the gallery like that all by yourself? Hey, hey, hey, hey. We heard a scream. Oh, thank god. Is he okay? Yeah, he doesn’t appear to be injured. We found him just lying on his stomach over the edge of the dock there. My heart just stopped. Oh, my gosh, what happened? I don’t know. Hey, leo, leo. Look at me. Look at me. Can you tell me what you were doing down here? Looking for an octopus. Out in the dark? All by yourself? Honey, you’re not even wearing a jacket. Aren’t you cold? I like it here. Leo, were you trying to find an octopus like the one in the picture, sweetie? Honey, you cannot just wander off like that by yourself. It’s dangerous. We were all frantic about you. Look at me. Can you see how scared I am?

Need anything? A good book? I could run down to the gift shop and get you — don’t you dare. What’d the doctor say?

[ Sighs ] Dr. Navarro said that I’m only 2 centimeters dilated, so it’s gonna be a while.

[ Sighs ] Um…I am sorry I wasn’t there to help. I’m just glad that you weren’t stuck in there with us. We might have never gotten out. Well, I hope my, uh, mom didn’t make things worse. Actually, gladys was really helpful. Gladys who?

[ Laughing ] I know! She kept her cool and — and kept me calm. Huh. Well, will wonders never cease.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door opens ] I brought us some distractions. We can catch up on the celebrity dirt while we’re waiting for the kid to arrive. Thank you, gladys. That is exactly what I need. Of course it is. Now let’s get this show on the road. I’m ready to be the best grandma ever. I noticed you weren’t at the courthouse with michael when I got extradited to pennsylvania. I didn’t know. Oh, you didn’t know. Well, would you have gone along with it if you had? All I can say is I understand michael’s anger, his need for you to answer for what you did. Yeah, michael has every right to be angry at me. If I were him, I’d have a hard time forgiving me, too. The way I see it, you’ve been charged in pennsylvania and the court will decide your punishment. That’ll be that. I just hope I’m not causing any problems between you and michael. You aren’T. Whatever happens between michael and me has nothing to do with you. Of course. It’s just, willow… I’m truly sorry if I caused you pain. You kept my son’s grandfather away from him and you lied to our faces about it. I’m not ready to hear your apology. I get it, but it’s important for me to tell you that I never intended to hurt anyone. I just wasn’t thinking about the childr– I wouldn’t intentionally ever hurt a child. I just wasn’t thinking. And now everyone is paying the price. Good news. Leo’s been found, and he’s okay. Where was he? Down by the harbor. He walked all the way there on his own in the dark? Terrifying, isn’t it? There really is nothing worse than thinking your child is in danger. Can I ask you a question? It might be kind of sensitive. That depends. What’s the question? Well, seeing sasha come in here to deliver her baby, made you think of louise more than you usually do? Yeah. Seeing sasha go into labor definitely brought back memories. But at least sasha gets to have her baby in a hospital. I didn’t have that luxury with louise or james.

[ Chuckles ] I have every faith that louise will be returned to you. Yeah, I miss her very much. But most importantly, I want her to be safe. I’m sorry. You have a very soft heart. I didn’t used to. Not even sure I do now. What makes you say that? Well, for one thing, you seem to want everybody to get along. Why make more discord in a world that already has more than enough? Okay, fair — fair enough. Here’s what I’ll commit to — I will not be unkind to gladys, but I won’t go out of my way to see her, okay? I think that that’s best for everyone. I’ll have to take your word on that.

[ Chuckles ] Can I ask you another question? How sensitive is this one? Eh, sort of, kind of sensitive. Before sasha came in here, you were saying that if I didn’t get along with brook lynn that you would somehow be collateral damage. What did you mean by that? Hey, uh, how did you know to look at the docks? Well, I’ve been doing some reading… on missing kids? …About children on the autism spectrum. Many of these kids are really attracted to water. In fact, first responders are taught to search the nearest body of water whenever a child with autism goes missing. Yeah, that’s true, ma. We are. I’m gonna go check in on my little brother, alright? Are you alright?

[ Voice breaking ] No. No, ned, I am nowhere near alright. Look, I am not saying that leo is definitely on the spectrum. If you hadn’t done the reading, we wouldn’t have known where to look for him. I’m scared, ned. Hey.

[ Sobbing ] I’m right here. I’m right here. I’m scared.

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