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[ Laughter ] To you

bad habits lead to you

[ Whispers ] Hey. H-heads up. Where am I going? You’ll find out soon enough. I can’t stop myself, which is why you have to stop me. I-it’s not gonna come to that. But if it does… I’d rather die at your hands than have to carry out another one of his orders. Are we clear? Yes. You know what I want. You said you would do it. It’s not gonna come to that.

[ Grunts ] I hate that you let victor strike a deal with the wsb. Yes, why didn’t you give us a heads up that this deal was imminent? It was the bureau’s call. Victor didn’t give them much choice. He knows all manner of damning information, and besides… his attorney threatened a press conference. Who’s his attorney? Scott baldwin. Scott baldwin is an ambulance chaser. Oh, of course. Yeah, well, the ambulance chaser’s smarter than he looks. He didn’t give them any room to negotiate. The bureau would have had room to negotiate if you had told us sooner. Robert, anna and i know where peter is and it’s a place I know like the back of my hand — cassadine island. I still haven’t heard from victor. You know, it’s possible he’s colluding with the wsb now, too.

[ Inhales sharply ] It’s not safe here anymore, britt. We need to leave. Leave the island? And go where?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Am I allowed to greet my mother? Go ahead. Oh! You’re welcome. Hey, um, how many more books would you like on the display table outside? As many as we can carry. They’re selling like crazy. I am so sorry for dropping the postcards outside on the floor. I — it’s fine. I nearly dropped a pitcher of water all over myself before you came in. Nerves? Can you tell? No, no. You look calm, cool, and composed. Liar, but I appreciate the support. If josslyn was here, she’d say the same. We’re both extremely psyched for you. Aww, thanks for the love. Anytime. Joel, these photos are amazing. Hey, thanks. You know, if you like these, you’re gonna love the frog over here. I love frogs. Wow. I can’t decide which one of these photographs I admire more. Well, you know there wouldn’t be any photos on the walls to admire at all if you hadn’t underwritten the exhibit. Thank you for making this more than just a dream for trina. And thank you for agreeing that the photo ark exhibit was worth lending your gallery. Elq always welcomes the chance to champion a worthy cause. Uh-huh. And if it helps you score points with olivia, all the better, right? Sasha: So, I did a bad thing. Brando: I know. After you left my apartment last night, I noticed the butter pecan was missing from my freezer.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, two bad things. You know how we agreed that we didn’t want to know the sex of our baby until he or she was born? You found out. I didn’t ask. But I know. Gladys: You’re not fooling me. You’re no more bailey’s father than valentin is. I am the father. Yeah, I-I — yeah. I’m just posing as a cater waiter and amateur actor to keep an eye on you.

[ Scoffs ] If you slip up, oh, there will be consequences.

[ Laughs ] Like what? Are you gonna spill your tray on me? Don’t bother “staying in character.” That gun you threatened me with was fake, wasn’t it? Come here!

Ie, hi. I-I didn’t expectto see you here tonight. Well, next time, pick a thespian that doesn’t have to pass out canapés to pay his electricity bill. So paulie’s got two jobs? It’s called a side hustle, gladys. I’m sure you’re familiar with the term, considering you’ve been hustling your entire life. And the fact that his fellow cater waiters call him kip?

[ Chuckles ] That’s only question number one. I have so many more about your real baby daddy.

[ Clears throat ] Well, these kebobs ain’t gonna serve themselves.

[ Chuckles ] No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. This little charade that you tried to pull just upped the stakes. I’ll assemble a team to raid the island. That place is a fortress. The wsb is gonna need help getting on the island undetected. I’m going with you.

[ Laughs ] Says the man who got himself shot and now can’t get to the bathroom without the help of a ventilator. Last I checked, district attorney wields more pencils than pistols. How about you go file a brief? Alright, thank you, gentlemen, but I don’t think there’s a plane big enough for both your egos. I will be going to cassadine island, and I’m not taking either one of you. I’m glad you came. Yes. Leo wanted to see the animals. Leo, I can’t wait to show you these photographs. You are going to love them. Yeah, hopefully leo’s favorite animal is here. What about you? What are you hoping for tonight? Can you, um… thank you. Yeah. So what were you two up to? What does it look like? Cam’s helping me. Looks like he was holding a lot more than just your books. What are you talking about? I just think it’s so sweet how cameron supports you. Um, hello. I’m right here. That’s what friends do. Not that you’d understand. Surprised to see you here tonight. I’m here to support trina. No other reason. Ava’s fine with that. And you? I’d love the chance to talk to you. I swung by kelly’s the other night, but you weren’t there. Now’s not a good time. I’m not gonna ruin the night with our family dysfunction. It’s nice to have a night off from serving tables. I’d like to enjoy it in peace. Baby steps, my love. I’m okay, mother. I’m okay. Please, sit. Let me check your bandages. Peter: Your mother was very well taken care of. There’s no sign of infection. Thank you for giving my mother and me this time together. See? I’m not really the monster everyone thinks I am. And now that I’ve done this little favor for you, you can repay me. Hector will record you and jason reading this statement — verbatim. Please tell me this is a joke.

Liebchen, what is it? What does it say? I don’t trust jason, well, naturally. And he was much too docile during my little demonstration with drew. You remember that part, right, britt? The part where drew almost killed jason, but then decided to hurt himself instead? I’ve got to give it to our late and unlamented father — he was the best at mind control. He really messed up drew. And now you get to reap the benefits. Kind of like finding a sports car waiting in your garage that you did nothing to earn, probably don’t know how to drive, but you take it anyway. Just make sure jason says only what’s on that paper, or this next time, drew will kill jason and I will make you watch. Britta! Not so fast. Don’t touch me, you schwein! If you harm my daughter, I will kill you. Ooh, calm down, liesl. You know, I’ve now secured the lab, so no more throwing any dangerous substances at me. Which I guess brings us to the part where I get to tell you there’s nothing you or anyone else can do to stop me.

Stick to the script. From peter.

[ Sighs ] “The date in port charles is tuesday, november 16th. I’m britt westbourne, and I am being held with jason morgan and my mother, liesl obrecht.” You crave power and control, just like your father. No, the only thing I crave is my family.

[ Scoffs ] Do you really think maxie would take you back after everything you’ve done? How many people have you killed, peter? How many lives have you destroyed? We’re not here for your opinion, dr. Obrecht. I need your medical expertise. Drew needs another checkup. I want him in tip-top shape. Why? Oh, because you, my friend, have another job to do — a job where failure is not an option. That is so striking, the — the way that he’s captured the — the gold in the feathers. It says here that dancing is part of their mating ritual. It’s breathtaking. I-I don’t know how joel sartore does it. Would you like to ask him yourself? Are you kidding me? You can make that happen? Don’t you know by now that I’d do anything for you? Brook lynn: What do you want, gladys? A raise? A spectacular vacation package? Shares of deception? How about a controlling interest? Okay, not only is that outrageous, but I don’t have the power to do that. Well, then make it within your power, or valentin learns he’s not the biological father of his beloved bailey. Hey, brook lynn. Hi! Uh, ned is gonna introduce us to joel sartore. You want to join us? I want to show you my favorite picture. Well, don’t you want to meet the photographer, honey? I want to go back to the picture. Sounds like leo has his priorities straight. You guys go ahead. I’ll show leo his favorite picture. Okay, you stick right by brook lynn, okay? You got it? Alright. Thank you. Got it. Give me a second, leo. We’ll talk terms later. I don’t think so. I don’t like your attitude, and my friend valentin deserves the truth. I bet he’ll be appropriately grateful.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] You’re right, trina. I don’t always understand friendship, especially since I haven’t had many close friends in my life. Not even at boarding school? No, it was always just spence and me. I think the other girls were jealous. I’m gonna put these books on the display table outside. You coming? Right behind you. Congratulations again on the exhibit, and getting elq to underwrite it? Very impressive. Thanks. You know, spence could help bankroll future exhibits, if only he had his trust fund. Spencer will make his own money by not relying on his dad and working hard. Spencer’s not gonna generate much of a revenue stream working at a diner. He’s making an honest living, something

you know nothing about. How do you know the sex of our baby? By accident. I swear, I fully intended to stick to our agreement. But? But a nurse at dr. Navarro’s office accidentally revealed the baby’s sex when she scheduled an appointment by e-mail. Hmm. Are you disappointed it won’t be a surprise? Actually, now that I know, I’m even more excited. The baby seems more real to me. This isn’t real enough? What about the constant trips to the bathroom or the — the butter pecan cravings? True, but now I can really picture our baby. So do you want to wait until the baby is born, or should I tell you what we’re having?

[ Sighs ] Congratulations, trina. The exhibition’s fantastic. I couldn’t have done it without ava support. She’s the one that green-lit my idea. Well, it was my pleasure to do so. Oh, I saw your mother earlier. She loves the photos, and she’s so proud of you, trina. As am I. Thanks. Are you at least enjoying your moment in the sun? Not yet. I really can’t relax until after the presentation. Do you still want me to give it? This is your gallery, after all. No, no, no. This is your exhibition. You take the credit.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, please, excuse me. I have to take this. My art professor came by earlier. He said I aced the class. Yeah, of course! That’s great. So your hard work and your dedication have already paid off. Now, please do yourself a favor. Enjoy this moment. I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises. Well, how are you? This is just as much as your night as it is mine. Is it going well? Well, I-it — it seems like my night might be taking a turn for the worse.

We’ve been treated…

[Clears throat] …Fairly, and have been assured by peter august that we will remain safe as long as his instructions are followed. Peter has no interest in hurting us. He just wants justice for himself.” “And while peter works to obtain that justice, this is his request to all of you.”

[ Sighs ] Mr. Sartore, these — these photographs, they are amazing. Just spectacular. Fantastic. Ned, help me out. I’m running out of adjectives here. [ Laughs ] I think what my wife is trying to say is, she loves your work. Yeah. Thank you. And are those your — your books on display over there? They are indeed. That’s “photo ark wonders: Celebrating diversity in the animal kingdom.” Oh, I’m gonna have to pick one of those up for my son, leo. He’s — he’s fascinated by animals. Hey, that’s outstanding. He might also like a children’s book. We did “photo ark abc.” It’s never too early to get kids engaged in conservation. I couldn’t agree more, which is why I already purchased both of those books. You did? Outstanding. Excuse me. I’m gonna go sign some books. Okay. Incredible. It’s just…incredible. Right? I couldn’t agree more. I mean, mr. Sartore’s mission is truly incredible. I’m talking about you. I… I know you were thinking about me and leo when you underwrote this exhibit, and then you bought the books. I… I’m running out of adjectives to describe you, too. That counts for something. Counts for a lot. Brando: You know, I’m — I’m torn. I-I want to know the sex of our baby, but I was also looking forward to the surprise. Well, you don’t have to make up your mind right now. We have a little time before the due date. Mm. So you’re just gonna be planning for the baby in secrecy? Mm-hmm. Like buying baby clothes, thinking about names. I thought we were gonna come up with names together. We will. What about charlie? Or parker? River? Those names can be used for boys and girls. Isn’t he beautiful? Yeah, so proud. Arrogant, even. Just like the cassadines. To think that we’re both on the verge of extinction. You’re in a mood. Let me cheer you up. Guess who I saw snuggled up in the back room of the gallery? And I should care why? Because it was cam and trina. I mean, poor joss, her best friend and her boyfriend? Whatever you think you saw, it couldn’t have been all that deep. Cameron and josslyn are happy, and trina would never betray a friend. Trina’s not as perfect as you think. No, but she is honest. She doesn’t deal in dirty tricks.

[ Scoffs ] Unlike me? Is everything okay? Well, apparently, scott baldwin convinced the wsb to cut victor a deal. What kind of deal? The kind that grants him full immunity. It’s possible that victor gave up peter or something else of value. Whatever it was, victor is walking the streets of port charles a free man. Where is victor now? Bureau’s got him under surveillance. He’s the former director. He created the surveillance protocol. He knows how to evade them. We can’t risk victor warning peter. Okay, I’m leaving now.

[ Beeps ] You got to see this. Jason: This is jason morgan. Do not attempt to find peter august and apprehend him. Do not attempt to find britt westbourne, liesl obrecht, or myself. Peter has the ability to monitor the activities of the wsb, as well as rogue individuals who think they can locate us. Any effort to capture peter and save his hostages will result in our deaths.

I hate leaving you. I got this. I know you do. And what if I don’t feel like being your trained lapdog anymore? Refuse, refuse. Refuse all you want. It won’t make any difference. You’ll still do what I say. I literally hold all the cards. You can go to hell.

[ Groans ] You’re incapable of earning loyalty, peter. You believe the stick is better than the carrot. How lonely you must be, surrounded by minions instead of friends. I heard the maxie can’t even bear to be around — maxie and i will be reunited, and you’ll be the one to make it happen, or you’ll die trying. So much for your assurances that victor wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t think my uncle threw me under the bus to ensure his deal with the wsb. Otherwise, I might be in custody now. Well, what about the mercenary? The one who worked for victor who’s being treated at G.H. Right now? Does he know anything that could implicate you in any way? We’re fine. I just wish I knew how victor managed his immunity deal. What’s that look on your face mean? It — it — it’s nothing. You know it’s not the best time right now. Would you feel better if I found out what victor offered for his immunity? It would mean leaving you now. Yes. Then go. Because I-I can’t — I can’t keep looking over my shoulder. If it’s not spencer stalking me, then it’s some other cassadine creeping out of the woodwork, ready to wreak havoc with our lives. I won’t let that happen. I promise. Congratulations again on your exhibition. I said that trina doesn’t play dirty tricks. I wasn’t implying that you did. Then what did you mean? That trina is not wired the way that most people are. She’s not petty. Really? You should have heard what she just said to me about not knowing what it’s like to work a real job. Sounded kind of petty to me. Baby, you don’t know what it’s like to work at a real job. I really have no interest in fighting with you, okay? Especially not when we have the opportunity for a rare night out. You look incredible. Not to mention, there’s free food. Champagne is flowing, and we don’t have to pay for any of it.

[ Sighs ] The exhibit’s not so bad, either. No, it doesn’t get any better than this. And trina arranged all of it. I believe that she probably had some help from ava. See, I can give credit where credit’s due. Why can’t you? You’re right. I hope trina has a night she never forgets. So this is your favorite photo, huh, leo? What do you like about it? Brook lynn?

[ Sighs ] I’m really sorry about what happened. Maxie and i told you to lie low. Working as a cater waiter at an art exhibition is not lying low. I know, but you never know who you’ll meet at these things. Chris pratt was discovered working as a server at a popular shrimp restaurant. Chris pratt had talent.

[ Sighs ] Did I ruin things with gladys? Just don’t worry about it, okay? It’s not your fault. I mean, who would have thought that gladys would show up here? Her idea of good art is kitten videos. So you’ll recommend me to your friends? Don’t push it. Okay. Sorry about that, kiddo. Leo? Gladys, are you enjoying the exhibit? You betcha. You wouldn’t believe how much I’m learning. Why do I get the feeling that my mother is up to something? Maybe because she is always up to something.

[ Chuckles ] How cute. Maybe we can buy a print. Put it in baby riley or billie’s nursery? Why not? The truth is, I don’t need to know who or what our baby will be to be prepared for their arrival. All I care about is that reese or jamie or blake… turn out just as magnificent as their mother. Are you okay? Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. Oh, hey, isn’t it about time for you to make your presentation to mr. Sartore? I just need to grab the flowers and check from elq. They’re in the back room. Okay, well, go and do that while I — while I make the introduction. Hey. Oh, can’t talk right now, cam. No, do you have a minute? There’s just — there’s something I need to clear up. So, ned, this is a big one. This is the 12,000th species in the photo ark. That’s an arabian cobra. He doesn’t like me too much. Can you tell?

[ Chuckles ] And, uh, this was photographed two weeks ago in the united arab emirates at the arabian wildlife center. So there he is. 12,000. Fantastic. Only 8,000 more to go. You’re gonna be busy. Yeah, I am.

[ Laughing ] Oh. Hi. Sorry. The ladies’ room is in the other direction. Ah, a-actually, I was hoping to make a call in — in private. The back room is off-limits to visitors. W– this is a matter of life and death and — and paternity, a-and I promise not to steal any of the artwork. It’s really not my taste, anyway. Alright, but please be quick. Thank you. Come on. Come on! I need to reach valentin. Well, apparently, this is a rescue mission now. Well, first we’ve got to make sure we’re not walking into a trap. Of course we’re walking into a trap! How the hell did peter get liesl, britt, and jason? I gotta make a call. The wsb is gonna have ground plans, schematics, but I know the island better than the bureau does. You just got out of surgery. I thought you knew me better than that, darling. I do. I know you’d risk your life for those hostages, and I prefer you alive rather than dead, if that’s alright with you. I hate to say this, but if you’re not gonna take me, then take robert. But I can make a contribution, though. How? I know how to get on the island undetected.

Ow. You alright? Yeah, it’s just a twinge. I get them every once in awhile.

[ Sighs ] We can leave if… are you kidding? This may be one of our last nights out before the baby comes. I’m not ready to cut it short. However, I do need the ladies’ room. Uh…the e-mail from the nurse is in my inbox, should you want to know what our future looks like. Look, I-I just want to say thank you for all the planning you’ve done for this weekend trip. Yeah, sounds fun. Let’s talk arrangements later. That’s what I wanted to get clear, actually. Um… I don’t want your opinion or your advice on whether or not joss and I share a room. Sure. Whatever. Okay.

[ Glass dings ] Excuse me. Excuse me, everyone. Hello. Hi. Hello. Thank you all so much for being here tonight. The jerome gallery is honored to present the national geographic photo ark, led by national geographic explorer and photographer joel sartore.

[ Applause ] The national geographic photo ark is really an extraordinary, multi-year effort to document all species living in zoos and aquariums and wildlife sanctuaries, and these awe-inspiring images around you, they’re just a fraction of the photo ark. In fact, joel announced today that he has taken portraits of over 12,000 species of animals on this planet.

[ Applause ]

[ Cheering ]

[ Sighs ] This isn’t working. Oh. Oh, gladys. What are you doing here? Ugh. Trying to get a phone signal. W-w-what about you? I told brando I was going to the ladies’ room, but I really need a place to sit quietly for a minute. Do you mind? Oh, be my guest.

[ Groans quietly ] Are you okay? I just can’t seem to get comfortable anymore. Mm. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I remember those days. Brando was a very active baby. I couldn’t wait for him to be born. I’m off the clock.

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughing ] Rude! For the life of me, I don’t know how you and maxie and lucy put up with her. I mean, the three of you actually make a contribution to deception. Blq just swans around giving orders and wasting everybody’s time. Thanks for being here. Unfortunately, about a million species now are threatened with extinction.

National geographic and i partnered about 15 years ago to start documenting all 20,000 that we think are in the world’s zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, aquariums. And we’ve turned a big corner with our 12,000th species recently, an arabian cobra you can see right around the corner. So the goal, really, is to engage the public and also to fund long-term conservation efforts on the ground. Uh, I want to take this opportunity to — to basically thank trina robinson for reaching out to our staff, which led to all this, and also to ava jerome of jerome galleries, and also to all of you for being here today and caring. So, thanks very much.

[ Applause ] Where were you? Long line at the ladies’ room. Well, now, I’m sure that you’re all very eager to buy a print or two of one of these photographs, and for such a worthy cause. But first, I know that trina robinson has something that she would like to present to mr. Sartore. Wow. As — as many of you know, it was trina that first made me aware of the photo ark project, and it’s only thanks to her efforts that this night is happening at all. So, uh, trina, wherever you are, come here, please.

[ Applause ] How can I possibly reunite you with maxie? You’ll be going back to port charles and bringing her to me. Dr. Obrecht: Are you out of your mind? Your plan is to kidnap maxie, bring her to this godforsaken island against her will, then what? Then… you’ll be using my father’s methods to influence maxie on my behalf. You’re mistaken. Cesar never told me how he did it. Oh, come now, liesl. Don’t be so modest. I know you’re up to the task. And then once you’re finished, maxie will know she belongs with me.

Trina, are you here?

[ Scattered applause ] I’m here. Thank you, mr. Sartore, for allowing the jerome gallery to display your fabulous photographs. Sartore: Thanks, trina. Yeah, I also wanted to thank elq for underwriting this. Thank you. Elq industries would like to acknowledge the great work you and national geographic are doing by making a donation to the photo ark. Wow. I’m sure this is very generous. Thank you, mr. Quartermaine. Your support is actually very critical to our work. All species deserve to be protected, no matter how big or small, they are all beautiful… what’s going on? Oh, I thought leo might be with you guys. He’s supposed to be with you. Yeah, he was, until he wasn’T. Wh… brook lynn, how could you be so irresponsible? I’m sorry. He was looking at a photo and I looked away for like one second. One second is all it takes for a little boy to disappear. Okay, let’s not panic. H-he’s got to be somewhere in the gallery, right? I already looked, top to bottom. Oh, my god. Where’s my little boy? Okay.

[ Applause ] How are you feeling now? Better. Thanks. The quiet helped. I’m — I’m ready to get back to the exhibit. You coming? Oh, yeah. Maybe I’ll get better service outside. Oh, what the…

[ Grunts ] What’s wrong? Well, the door’s stuck. Don’t sweat it. I’ll get us out in a jiff.

[ Door rattles ] Hey, uh, anybody out there? The door is stuck. Let us out! It’s all set. So the bureau will deploy a rescue team to cassadine island under my command. My flight’s arranged, and valentin is working on the intel to help me breach the island undercover. Hmm. I’ve secured time off from work, uh, and, uh… unless, of course, you feel my ego too big for the mission.

[ Scoffs ] Come on, anna. You know I have certain skills and expertise which are gonna be useful on this adventure. It’s just as well I saved you a seat next to me on the plane, isn’t it? Let’s end this, robert. Like, really end this… once and for all. There’s no way maxie’s coming back to you. Excuse me, sir. A word. Oh, uh, feel free to search the room for any lethal weapons to use for your escape. You won’t find any. Is he right? Can you condition maxie? I can. And peter knows it. He’ll threaten britta to force me to cooperate. It’s — it’s not gonna get that far. Jason’s gonna stop peter. Preparations are under way for relocation. Excellent. Begin the countdown for leaving cassadine island, we won’t be coming back. Is that all? We’re not sure about the restraints on jason morgan. Hmm. Tell the others that jason morgan won’t be a problem. He’s not coming with us.

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