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Recap written by Christine

Devon brought Dominic to see Victor at the main house. “How was the first overnight with our little boy?,” Victor asked. Devon said it couldn’t have been better. The baby was at happy in Devon’s home. Victor said Abby may have left town, and Devon said that she’d mentioned that she might do that. Devon was worried he played a part in Abby leaving. He’d talked to her about his experience with grief, and he’d told her about the importance of not only leaning on your support system, but taking time for yourself. Victor was upset that Abby didn’t bring the baby to him and Nikki, but he understood why she chose Devon. Victor appreciated what Devon did for Abby and Dominic, but he said babies were a lot of responsibility. Devon was sure he was up for it. He was more than happy to take care of Dominic, but he was worried about Abby. Victor was concerned about Abby’s state of mind.

Victor texted Abby, and she didn’t reply. He asked if Abby said anything that would hint at where she went. All Abby said to Devon was that she might leave to clear her head. Devon was worried that Abby went to Valencia, Spain. Nikki came in and was happy to see Devon and the baby. Victor said Abby had gone off somewhere, which made Nikki worried. She thought Victor might be able to find out where she went. He knew she didn’t take the Newman jet. He said he’d have his people find out if Abby took a commercial flight. Devon decided to do some digging too. Victor left, and Devon was going to do the same, but Nikki wanted to talk to him. Nikki thought Devon was doing something kind and brave. He said that Abby and Dominic were his family now. Nikki said to ask if he needed help, because single parenthood wasn’t easy. He said he wasn’t alone – Amanda and Moses were supportive, thought he didn’t plan to lean on them, because he had it under control. Nikki said it took a village, and she was here to help. He said of course. She didn’t know how long Abby would be gone, but she wanted him to know he had support, jut in case he needed to keep Dominic for awhile.

Abby was in a motel room. She told Chance that she needed to get out of that house with everyone hovering over her like she was a piece of glass. She had a box with her that was filled with mementos that Chance had gathered. She thought that sorting through it would help her feel his presence. She picked up a medal, and she remembered pricking her finger when she was pinning it on his chest. He’d pricked his finger too, and he’d called it a blood oath that they’d always be there for each other. She believed him then, and she believed him now. She picked up another medal that he got after Iraq. He’d downplayed it, but she knew it meant a lot to him because it was in the box. “My modest hero,” she said. She looked through pictures, and she didn’t know who the people were. She assumed it was from his time in Iraq, and he hadn’t told her much about his time there. It was like he’d locked it away. She knew she told everyone she accepted that he was gone, but in her heart, she felt that he was alive.

Abby begged Chance to talk to her. She said this medal was for bravery, and now she had to be brave. She heard Chance saying that he didn’t deserve this medal and that some day, he wanted to give it to the people who really deserved it. Abby remembered Chance telling her that this medal was for a rescue mission – he’d transported troops to the base after a bomb went off. Abby looked through the photos of the soldiers. He’d said the real heroes were the medics at the field hospital. She found a picture of a smiling man and woman, and on the back, it said they were Errol and Kim Dunaway. Abby heard Chance’s voice as the memory of what he’d said came back to her. He’d told her that Errol and Kim treated him like a son, and they were the medics who deserved the medal. She remembered he’d told her that he kept in touch with Errol and Kim, even after he retired. She jumped up and looked for the letters in an envelope, and she found them.

There was an envelope with Errol and Kim Dunaway’s address on it. They lived in Majorca, and Abby looked that up and learned that it wasn’t too far from Valencia. Abby called the operator and asked to be connected to the Dunaway’s phone line. A woman answered and Abby introduced herself, assuming that it was Kim. She asked if Kim or her husband had been in contact with Chance over the last six months. The lady said it was the wrong number. Abby said she had something that Chance said belonged to the Dunaways. The lady reiterated that it was the wrong number, and Abby said Chance had a son. The lady replied that they had a bad connection and ended the call. Abby called the operator again and reconnected to the line, but this time nobody picked up. Abby was sure the thing about the bad connection was a clue. The lady called back, speaking rapidly because she didn’t have much time. She confirmed that she was Kim, and she said that she’d stepped outside to return the call so “he” wouldn’t overhear. “Chance. He’s here. Alive, but he’s in a bad way. He needs you,” Kim said, then she ended the call. Abby smiled and digested the information.

Devon was back home, and Louise, the nanny was there. She left for the Chancellor house to grab more of Dominic’s things. Devon walked Louise out and found a note that had been slipped under the door. It was from Abby saying that knowing Dominic was safe with him was the only time she could do this, and she did need to do it, not just for her, but for the baby. She sent all her love to Dominic, and said that this was going to take longer than she thought. “Abby what the hell did you do?,” Devon wondered. Devon called Denise, the Private Investigator and asked her to come out of retirement once again, to find Abby.

An exhausted Billy and Lily were still at work, wearing the same clothes from the night before. She was about to publish something, and he asked if she was sure about this. She was – they’d already shown the words to the lawyers, and everyone was in agreement that this was their best option. It was just hard for him to believe that, after pulling an all-nighter, these were the best three lines they had. She read it to him again, so he could see if he wanted to add anything. “Chancellor Communications did not intend to publish yesterday’s expose of Ashland Locke. We were victims of an illegal hack and the article was published without our knowledge or approval. We are investigating the security breach and regret the error.” Billy and Lily acknowledged that the statement just looked like they were trying to save themselves. She said she had to go on record about this though, because it could help save them from future lawsuits. He wondered what it said about him that he wanted to double down. He noted that everything in the article was true. He thought they could stick it to Adam, Victor and Ashland by telling the truth and standing by the story. She knew, but she said they couldn’t prove it was true. She told him they had to publish, this, and he nodded, but he wasn’t happy.

Lily said that they were a media company, and as co-CEOs, the responsibility lay with them. “I couldn’t agree more,” Rey said, as he walked in. Billy didn’t have the time or patience for more baseless accusations. Rey was here because Adam said that Billy tried to blackmail him – threatening to publish an article unless Adam backed off ChanComm. Billy said this was a plot by Victor. Rey thought Billy made good on his threat, since he’d published the article. Billy told Rey that his email was hacked and message was sent to a reporter telling here to release a story that was never intended to be published. Billy said that ChancComm already printed a full retraction. Lily asked Rey why he was taking Adam seriously. Rey said Adam had a recording of Billy blackmailing him. Billy said Adam could claim what he wanted, bt the Newmans were the real criminals.

Rey produced the recording Adam gave him and played it for Billy and Lily. In the conversation with Adam, Billy said he wouldn’t publish the article if Adam, Ashland and Victor stopped attacking ChancComm. Billy said that was an out of context business negotiation, and it couldn’t be used in court because he didn’t give Adam authorization to record him. Rey said there was more – a video sent by Jesse Gaines that supported the claims of blackmail. Lily said that was enough. She asked if was this an official interrogation, and if they needed lawyers. Billy acknowledged that the Newmans covered all their bases. He asked if Rey was going to arrest him. Rey wasn’t here to arrest Billy. He was just here to do a thorough investigation before he submitted anything to the DA. He wanted to see any proof they had of the email hack, since that was a federal crime. Billy said the IT team was looking into it, but they hadn’t figured out how the breach happened yet. Lily said this was all a calculated move against ChancComm. Rey knew Adam and Rey weren’t saints, and the layers of deception and double-cross were clear, but he followed the evidence, so his hands were tied unless Billy and Lily had proof. Rey left.

Ashland went to Newman Media, and Adam said ChancComm just printed their retraction. “ChancComm looks as ineffectual as we knew they would,” Adam stated. Adam noticed that Ashland looked energized, and he hoped that mean there was good news at the clinic. Ashland said he was put on an experimental protocol, and he’d already received a full regimen of the treatment. Adam was glad, and he was sure Victoria was relieved. Ashland was happier for Victoria than he was for himself – she’d never admit it, but the illness took a toll on her. Talk turned back to the plot, and Adam said that it was time for Ashland to make his move. Ashland had already put it in motion. “I almost feel bad kicking Billy when he’s down. Almost,” Ashland stated, smiling.

Billy called Adam. “You’ve made your point. What do you want?,” Billy asked. Billy admitted that Victor, Adam and Ashland’s plan appeared to be working. Adam told Billy that it was a blunder to publish that article. Billy noted that Adam hacked into the system and published the article. Adam said that Billy shouldn’t have trusted Gaines – the moral of the story was to never rely on a blackmailer. Lily asked what Billy wanted. Adam wanted them to fold and close the business. He thought the retraction read like a pathetic attempt to create a defense. Lily said they weren’t going to hand over the keys that easily. Adam said Newman Media would pay a decent price to take the company off their hands. Billy said ChancComm wasn’t for sale, especially to the likes of them. Adam was sure that ChancComm would lose subscribers and ad revenue. Lily refused to go down without a fight. Adam was ready for that, but he told them they’d drown in lawsuits and legal fees, and they wouldn’t have time for journalism. Just then, a courier arrived and served Lily and Billy with papers. Ashland was suing for libel. Billy snapped that the gloves were off, and he hung up.

Billy ranted about the insanity of being sued for an article they didn’t intend to publish. And every word of the article was true. Lily wasn’t surprised the next move was to bury them in lawsuits. Billy said that if Newman Media destroyed ChancComm’s reputation, it’d destroy the company. Lily and Billy didn’t think Rey would back off. Billy thought Rey knew they were set up, though. Billy hoped that things would work out. Lily didn’t think they should rely on Rey. Billy suggested they should get a Newman on his side. He’d talked to Victoria, who’d called him every name in the book. He didn’t think Victoria knew what Newman Media was up to, but Lily suggested that Victoria was in on it. Lily called the legal team, and Billy called Victoria to ask if she was on board with this plan to destroy his company. Lily told the legal team that Ashland confessed to the Newman family, so maybe they could get one of them to go on record and admit he was lying now. Lily conceded that this was unlikely to happen. She acknowledged that they had no choice but to keep searching for evidence.

Lily went to Society and asked the waiter if they’d seen Billy. Ashland was there and asked if Billy skipped town because he couldn’t take the heat. Lily asked Ashland why he was trying to ruin them. She’d defended him to Billy, and she regretted that now.

Victor was at home, and he called someone and told them to find Abby. Billy showed up. He said he’d bypassed the other two minions and come straight to the source because this was really about Victor’s hatred for him. Victor said that Adam and Ashland had plenty of their own hatred for Billy. Billy had a proposal – all the attacks stopped, Victor convinced Ashland to withdraw the lawsuit, and Billy would step down from ChancComm. Victor asked why Billy would fold so quickly. Billy said that Lily didn’t deserve to be punished like this. “I failed,” Billy said. “You win.”

Rey went to Crimson Lights. Sharon worried for Abby. Rey wasn’t really focused on what she was saying. He explained that he was thinking about a case that was gnawing on him. It had low ethics, high stakes, but it wasn’t clear what side to believe. There might be enough evidence to arrest one party for blackmail, but Rey was pretty sure that would be playing into the other party’s hands, and he wasn’t about to be used as a pawn. It was clear to him that some underhanded business was in the works. Sharon said he could stop being vague. She appreciated it if was doing that to protect her, but she knew this was about Billy and Adam.

Rey said Adam and Billy were lobbing accusations at each other and engaging Rey in the battle. Sharon suggested Rey stay out of it if it was just business warfare. Rey wished he could, but it seemed Billy’s tactics were illegal. Rey was trying to stay impartial, but neither Billy nor Adam looked innocent. There was evidence against Billy, but Billy had made some valid counterclaims against Adam, though he had no proof. Sharon said Rey convinced her to stay out of the conflict between Billy and Adam, and maybe she should do the same for him. He wished he could, but this was his job. She knew that, but she was worried about him. She knew that Adam and Victor would go to extremes to damage Billy’s reputation, but wouldn’t Rey’s reputation be damaged if he didn’t arrest Billy? He never said he wouldn’t arrest Billy, but he didn’t want to jump the gun. He wanted to talk things through with the DA. He’d rather end the war, not facilitate it. She admired that, but she suggested that wasn’t his job.

Faith and Moses were at Crimson Lights. He told her about Dominic staying with Devon because Abby couldn’t take care of him. Faith worried for her aunt Abby when she heard this. Faith told Moses that Abby lost her first baby. They felt for Abby – she’d lost her her husband, and now it was like she lost Dominic. Moses hoped it’d make Faith feel better to know that Dominic was okay. He said Devon was in full on dad mode. Moses thought Devon was the best – he’d been a father figure to Moses. Moses was sure Devon would be there for Dominic too, since he was kind of the baby’s dad now. Faith said Dominic would never meet or remember Chance, but Abby was different, and there was no telling how long it’d take for her to get over this.

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